Introducing Groups: The Easiest Way to Manage All Your Social Media Accounts With One Click

Introducing Buffer GroupsSocial media managers work pretty darn hard.

You’re keeping up with all the latest changes to Facebook and Twitter (and LinkedIn and Pinterest and Instagram). You’re checking out emerging new platforms. You’re posting links, answering questions, and engaging communities all over the place.

And when you’re doing all this with an ever-growing list of social media accounts, things can get kinda crazy.

We wondered if we could make things a little easier for all you hard-working, multi-tasking social media managers out there.

That’s where Buffer’s new feature, Groups, comes in. It makes it one-click simple to gather selected accounts into a handy bundle so you save time and energy when you’re posting to social media. And it’s available right now for all Buffer Business customers! Let’s take a closer look.

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Introducing Daily by Buffer: Content That’s Easy to Find, Easy to Share—Wherever You Are

Daily by Buffer - download on the app store

Buffer’s mission has always been to do one thing really well: make it super easy to share great content.

We think our web app and mobile app make it pretty easy to share, so what about the second part of our mission? How can you stock up on great articles and photos to share?

Finding great content—the kind that moves you, makes you think, or starts a conversation—can be a challenge.

We wanted to make it easier.

Our new iOS app Daily by Buffer offers an endless amount of amazing stories, each just a swipe away.

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Introducing Feeds: Share Links From Your Favorite Sites Right Inside Buffer!

Feeds launch image

Our community has always been great at driving us forward, suggesting new tools, helping us better understand the challenges and workflows of a daily social media user. Listening to our community is perhaps our best source of information and ideas, so when you asked for the ability to add feeds within Buffer, we listened. We got right to work to build a way to add great content from great publishers—quickly, easily, and efficiently.

We’re excited to announce the arrival of this much-anticipated Buffer tool: Feeds!

You can now add RSS feeds to your Buffer social profiles and share links directly from your favorite sites from right inside your Buffer dashboard. We’ll pull in the latest stories from whichever sites you choose, and you can decide which links to add to your queue and share with your followers.

You can try adding your feeds right now.

You have total control of your feeds—from finding and discovering to organizing and updating. Fresh content will always be at your fingertips.

We hope this makes sharing on social media a smoother, simpler, and all-around better experience for our amazing users. Come along and see how these feeds work and what’s in store for your new sharing experience.

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Introducing Buffer for iOS 7: The Easiest Way to Manage Social Media On The Go

launch-graphic-largeSocial media sharing doesn’t just happen at a desk. It happens in the car, on the train, during a holiday – anywhere and everywhere. At Buffer, our goal is to provide you with the easiest possible way to share to your social accounts – even on-the-go.

That’s why today we’re ecstatic to show you a project that’s been five months in the making here at Buffer: the completely redesigned Buffer app for iOS 7.

Complete details on all the app’s upgrades are below – or if you just can’t wait, download it right away for free from the App Store.

What’s new in version 3.0 of the Buffer iPhone app

  • New “Re-Buffer” button allows you to re-post key content
  • Support for Facebook Groups (in addition to Profiles & Pages)
  • New “share next” button
  • Team management: Invite and edit team members from anywhere
  • Deeper analytics: Know how your content performs, anywhere
  • Content suggestions: Keep your social media stream full
  • Advanced customization for your Buffer editor
  • Background updating to keep your queue total up to date
  • Revamped to boost performance
  • New design for iOS 7

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Introducing Powerful New Buffer Analytics: Google Analytics support, Tracking of Social Account Growth and More


We recently launched Buffer for Business and have been really excited to see how people are using it to manage social media for their businesses. Our aim is to make it the most robust tool for managing social media, while maintaining its simplicity.

Today we have some great additional features to announce for our Buffer for Business plans.

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Mention and Buffer Partner for a Better Way to Monitor and Publish on Social Media

We’re excited to announce a new partnership today between Buffer and Mention to make monitoring and reacting to mentions of your brand, competitors or industry-related keywords a breeze.

How Buffer and Mention complement each other

Many people have asked us about Buffer’s commitment to being the most simple yet powerful publishing tool for social media, without adding a stream to view new posts on social networks. We’re excited to continue down this path and focus our efforts on publishing, but we understand that this means you’ll probably need to use other tools to keep track of what people are saying about your brand around the web.

Mention covers this area so well that it makes perfect sense for us to team up. You can now monitor mentions of your brand and share them to all of your social accounts via Buffer. With our recent announcement of Buffer for Business plans, we hope that this will be especially helpful for those of you managing business social media accounts.

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Introducing Buffer for Business: A Simpler and More Powerful Social Media Tool

Today we’re thrilled to tell you about the next big thing we’ve been working on here at Buffer: Buffer for Business. It’s a brand new Buffer product, geared towards small, medium and larger businesses to make social media publishing a whole lot easier!


It comes with the same, simple and intuitive Buffer user interface, that so many of you have come to enjoy. On top of that, we’ve also added considerable power for you to help your social media management take off. Here is a quick overview of what Buffer for Business can do:

  • Detailed analytics, with comparison features, sorting and aggregated stats
  • Team collaboration, with approval features, admin rights and more team members
  • Exporting, grab all your data anytime and add them to your reports with the click of a button

Before Buffer for Business, we’ve always been very focused on the pure consumer and small-business customer. So why the expansion? In line with our full focus on company transparency, here is a bit of background:

Why did we build Buffer for Business?

Over the last year or so, we’ve tried a large number of experiments here at Buffer. Essentially, we wanted to figure out, whether we should steer the company and the product more towards the consumer and how that could work. So we did a number of integrations with amazing partners, such as Feedly, Echofon and a large number of others.

At the same time of pushing for the consumer side, we also gauged a more business focused route, with tons of incredible feedback that you and many other Buffer customers provided to us. As a result of that, in July we soft-launched a very early Buffer for Business product to just a few select users. The reception to this has been amazing and within just a few months, Buffer for Business generated more than 10% of our total revenue. With lots of demand, more awesome feedback and requests to build out the Business side of Buffer further, we decided to put a lot of our resources towards it in the last few months.

Which means that as of today, we’re launching it to everyone publicly, with a huge number of improvements and new features. Take a look at what we got in store for you:


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The Complete Guide to Smarter Social Sharing on Mobile: Buffer for Android and iPhone

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 8.17.25 PMAs the Buffer team grows we’ve been able to make some awesome adjustments to our mobile apps, including some great new features. In case you missed some of the recent additions, I’ve collected a run-down for you of how they work in our Android and iPhone apps.

We’ve also included a few features that are easy to miss and might be a good bonus, which should make your Buffering much easier. Look for them towards the bottom of the post!

Getting started with Buffer on mobile

If you don’t have our app installed on your phone already, you can download the iPhone version from iTunes or the Android version from Google play.

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The 10 Most Useful Buffer Features for a More Powerful Social Media Presence

When Joel started Buffer, its aim was to help you schedule Twitter updates for smarter sharing. It’s come a long way since then, and now we have lots of features to help you improve your social media presence across a whole bunch of networks.

To help you get the most out of Buffer, we collected 10 of the most useful features together into this post.


1. Using Feedly and Buffer: Keep your Buffer full with amazing content at all times!

If you enjoy reading RSS feeds and catching up on the news of the day, Feedly is an awesome way to do that.

Why people love the Feedly & Buffer combo:

  • Add what you’re reading to your Buffer without opening a new app or browser window
  • Grab all the details of the article (title, URL, etc.) quickly and easily
  • Make filling up your Buffer part of your reading time

Feedly is one of the smartest and most beautifully designed newsreading apps for iOS, Android and web. It syncs across all your devices and lets you find and read the best content for whatever topics you’re interested in.

Feedly now comes with Buffer integration built right into it. Any article you are reading you can easily add to your Buffer queue.

For the web version, each article carries a Buffer button that works just like our browser extension. Every time you find something worth sharing, hit the Buffer icon and you are good to go:

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