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10 Top Twitter Tip Blogs I Love Reading

With the Buffer blog it is our goal to provide you with the best Twitter Tips and Tools insights we can find from across the web. So I thought that today instead of writing a tip post I would just tell you about the amazing places I take inspiration from and love reading Twitter Tips [...]

How to be successful on Twitter with Buffer and Google Reader

This is a guestpost from Kevin Sablan alias @ksablan. If you want to write a guestpost about anything Social Media, Twitter or Buffer related, hit me up. How I use Twitter The way I use Bufferapp works for me because I’ve done two things over the course of years. First, I’ve subscribed to hundreds of blogs [...]

8 Lessons for Twitter and Life From My Twitter Mentors

Along my Twitter journey there is an incredible bunch of people helping and supporting me on the way. In this post I tried to narrow down the most valuable lessons I learnt from each of them, I hope you too can learn and start following them from here onwards:   1# @TweetSmarter – Perseverance and [...]

5 Twitter Powered News Apps To Reduce Clutter

Recently I have seen a fantastic amount of great new Apps, which are all going in a completely new direction. One I think is very useful. They take your Twitter and Facebook stream and order your news in a social savvy way – clutterfree! Here are my 5 picks for you and I hope the way [...]

5 Ways To Maximize Your Use Of Buffer [From Our Users]

Today’s post is a guestpost from Neil, running where you can start sharing your memories online and enjoy a warm glow of nostalgia every now and then. Connect with him @Scribas. In March, we opened our new site, While scouring the net for ways to better use Twitter, we saw a few recommendations for Buffer [...]

10 Stunning Twitter Statistics, Facts And Stories

Update: We’ve written an updated version of this post about the latest Twitter stats and Twitter statistics. Found out more in this post. Twitter is one amazing eco-system filled with lots of stunning facts, figures and stories. Here are 10 that I found particularly amazing. 1# Twitter adds 5 new users – every second Twitter’s latest [...]

10 Handy Twitter Tip Posts

Over the past few months there were quite a few guestposts I wrote for several reputable Social Media sites. I thought summing them up for you in a concise way here might be a good resource to check on some of them. Thankfully they all received very good exposure and feedback from readers. So hopefully some [...]