10 Top Twitter Tip Blogs I Love Reading

With the Buffer blog it is our goal to provide you with the best Twitter Tips and Tools insights we can find from across the web.

So I thought that today instead of writing a tip post I would just tell you about the amazing places I take inspiration from and love reading Twitter Tips on.


1# TheNickyBlog

Even though only recently discovered, Nicky’s blog is a fantastic resource on all actionable Twitter Tips and helpful tools you can use.

I particularly enjoyed her recent interview with Twitter influencer @2morrowknight.

Great recent posts include: 8 Things Twitter Can Teach You About Life and 4 Best Chrome Extensions To Mute Any Tweeter. I hope Nicky continues writing awesome Twitter Tips.


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How to be successful on Twitter with Buffer and Google Reader

This is a guestpost from Kevin Sablan alias @ksablan. If you want to write a guestpost about anything Social Media, Twitter or Buffer related, hit me up.

How I use Twitter

The way I use Bufferapp works for me because I’ve done two things over the course of years. First, I’ve subscribed to hundreds of blogs and organized them into folders/categories in Google Reader.

Second, I decided long ago to use my @ksablan Twitter account to discuss and share links related to journalism, links and how social media and SEO relate to those specific topics. So I’ve built a small group of friends who have come to expect links about those topics in particular.

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8 Lessons for Twitter and Life From My Twitter Mentors

Along my Twitter journey there is an incredible bunch of people helping and supporting me on the way.

In this post I tried to narrow down the most valuable lessons I learnt from each of them, I hope you too can learn and start following them from here onwards:


1# @TweetSmarter – Perseverance and humbleness is your road to success

Reaching the top may take a while - don't stop climbing


If there is only one thing you will take away form this post, then I hope it is you follow and learn from Dave Larson alias @TweetSmarter.

Dave’s passion for Twitter in addition to the non-stop and sustained Twitter presence make him the top person to learn from on Twitter for me. Day in day out, since he joined Twitter with @TweetSmarter in 2008 he is providing his followers with top notch Tips on all things Twitter and Social Media. He is a great example that there are no quick wins on Twitter. Only real commitment and understanding of the environment will bring you further.

Another fascinating point is that even though Dave boasts such a massive account he continues to answer questions from anyone. So feel free to hit him up at any point.

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5 Features Of The Brand New Buffer Firefox Plugin

We are glad to tell you about the latest development happenings over here at Buffer. As of this week we have published the fully fledged Firefox plugin for you available to use.

You can install it here or via our goodies page of course.

It boasts about the same features as the Chrome extension and I hope if you have been using the Bookmarklet for Firefox to date, then this is a good update for you.

1# Buffer any webpage you come across

Similar to the Chrome and Safari extension you can hit the Buffer icon at any time and add a tweet to your Buffer. The only real difference is that the placing of the icon is in the bottom right in the Firefox add-on bar.

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5 Twitter Powered News Apps To Reduce Clutter

Recently I have seen a fantastic amount of great new Apps, which are all going in a completely new direction. One I think is very useful. They take your Twitter and Facebook stream and order your news in a social savvy way – clutterfree!

Here are my 5 picks for you and I hope the way they aggregate news is equally helpful for you as it is for me.


1# StrawberryJam – Only the best news in your stream

I have to say, with Strawberryj.am and me it was love at first sight both because of its design and functionality. It shows you all news of your Twitter stream ordered by most mentioned. So it will literally take you a few seconds to see what’s hot and most discussed. You can currently signup for invites.

Best Bit: You can not only order your own stream by most mentioned. You can do the same with lists, #tags or simple searches. Pure awesomeness.

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How To Make The Most Of Twitter Beyond The Obvious

What does it really take to get yourself out on Twitter and use it to its fullest? In the past few months I have tried many different approaches I was recommended from my Twitter mentors that I came across on the web. And I couldn’t be more thankful.

Here, I want to establish 3 pillars which are the results from my learning and I hope they contain a few tips for your own Twitter usage too.

1# The Engagement Part – Go beyond the usual

The first emphasis I would like to put on any Twitter presence is the engagement part. The most basic things you can do here are interact with your followers in a sincere and genuine manner. Retweet them thoughtfully, mention authors of posts or simply jump in when questions are asked.

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5 Ways To Maximize Your Use Of Buffer [From Our Users]

Today’s post is a guestpost from Neil, running Scribas.com where you can start sharing your memories online and enjoy a warm glow of nostalgia every now and then. Connect with him @Scribas.

Be Awesome On Twitter With Buffer

In March, we opened our new site, Scribas.com. While scouring the net for ways to better use Twitter, we saw a few recommendations for Buffer App and hoped it would allow us to more effectively use Twitter to increase our exposure and share our content.

I found Buffer and gave it a whirl and have been impressed with our results so far.

So, here are a list of five things that helped me greatly whilst using Buffer.

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10 Stunning Twitter Statistics, Facts And Stories

Update: We’ve written an updated version of this post about the latest Twitter stats and Twitter statistics. Found out more in this post.

Twitter is one amazing eco-system filled with lots of stunning facts, figures and stories. Here are 10 that I found particularly amazing.

1# Twitter adds 5 new users – every second

Twitter’s latest growth figures show that every day, they are adding around 460, 000 users. If we break that down it gives us about 5 new users every second, or 320 every minute. Quite impressive if you ask me, more juicy stats here.

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10 Handy Twitter Tip Posts

Swiss Army Knife of Twitter Tips

Over the past few months there were quite a few guestposts I wrote for several reputable Social Media sites.

I thought summing them up for you in a concise way here might be a good resource to check on some of them.

Thankfully they all received very good exposure and feedback from readers. So hopefully some of them will be useful for you too:


1.) Are Your Twitter Efforts In Vain? on Social Mouths

This post talks about which goals you are setting yourself on Twitter. Are you here to get more followers? More Clicks? More sales? Or are these not quite the best objectives to build your Twitter strategy one? I reflected on which behaviours helped me to both realize and state goals clearly to work with them.

You can read more here.

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