Over the course of the last few years, I’ve come across a huge number of articles that list “The Best Marketing Blogs of 201X” or “Social Media Blogs You Cannot Miss Out On!”

I find that a variety of the blogs that I would really like to see on these lists often get overlooked.

Often, a fair amount of the mainstream blogs and their content is meant for those starting out in the marketing industry.

That’s not a bad thing. These are important lessons, and there are plenty of social media marketers out there that are just starting out and could use this information.

But as a result, intermediate and advanced marketers often struggle to find quality, in-depth and useful content.

I’ve always shared my opinion on this in the comments on these type posts, talking about how there are far too many blogs out there that are never mentioned. I saw a similar article on Buffer, and shared my thoughts in the comments of that post.

And then this happened:

Courtney Comments on the Buffer Blog
Courtney’s response to my comments on a Buffer Social blog post in December 2014

After I offered up some feedback on Buffer’s list of marketing blogs to follow, Courtney solidified the amazing Buffer spirit by asking me to put together my own list! Over the last month, we exchanged a few e-mails and now here we are!

What makes a great blog

There are literally hundreds of marketing blogs out there. In my mind, to stand out and be noticed, a marketing blog needs to:

  • Create a continuous stream of fantastic, fresh, thought-provoking articles—even if it’s 3 posts a month
  • Regularly challenge beliefs set in stone in the social media and marketing industry
  • Provide new insight into a trend, or present a new way of thinking
  • Showcase content that can potentially affect the way marketers work on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Create content that will help marketers and strategists hit their KPIs
  • Understand that their content needs to have huge value

Let me expand a little on that last one. If a marketer spends 20 minutes reading your content, what do they get out of it?

Before you hit “publish” on your article, what if you considered these questions:

  • Is this piece of content worth someone spending 20 minutes reading and absorbing?
  • Will this article somehow help a marketer accomplish their goal?
  • At the end of the year, when the marketer has his yearly assessment in the organization, will this article provide knowledge that will have a positive effect on the outcome of the assessment?
  • Will this article make the marketer come back to my blog every day?
  • Have I actually talked about something new here, or has this already been discussed plenty of times?
  • If this has been discussed plenty of times, is my outlook on the situation refreshing and something that will help the community?

It might seem impossible to answer all of these questions in the affirmative, but the 10 blogs below repeatedly do all of the above.

10 marketing blogs

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The top 10 overlooked marketing blogs you need to know

First things first – I’ve left Buffer off of this list.

It’s obviously not because I don’t think the Buffer blog should be here, but it’s because, well—you’re already here. You know Buffer, you know that Buffer has quality content, you know you can count on Kevan, Courtney and the amazing Buffer team and contributors to continually produce a stream of amazing, useful and actionable social and marketing content.

With that out of the way, these, in no particular order, are my favorite marketing blogs, and ten that I believe deserve a lot more love and recognition from the marketing community.

1. Mark Schaefer’s Businesses Grow: Thought-provoking marketing reads

Mark Schaefer is no small fish in the marketing world. He has a continuous stream of fantastic articles that are all fresh, thought-provoking and often based on Mark’s experience with massive brands.

Posts here range from list-based articles on things you can do to be a better marketer to trends you should be focusing on, to 200 word short-snippets about Mark’s conversation with someone in the industry who challenged his beliefs.

His most famous piece of content (in my mind) is Content Shock. He challenges the belief that content marketing is the way forward, and puts forth a very sound and concrete argument about content marketing by sticking to the basics of economics—supply and demand.

The post garnered a massive outcry from the content marketing community, and the 350+ comments on that post attracted the bigwigs of the content marketing industry that came to protect their livelihood as Mark stood by his words and backed up his points time and time again.

That post made me a fan, and since then Businesses Grow is probably the first blog on which I look for new content every day.

Recommended Article: Content Shock, Why Content Marketing Is Not a Sustainable Energy

2. Jon Loomer: Deep data on Facebook advertising

Jon Loomer is a Facebook ad expert. And that’s an understatement.

Jon Loomer

The best thing about Jon’s Facebook advertising blog is that he’s always happy to share numbers. Dollar values. Most marketing blogs talk about how you should spend your money, how you should segment your audience, what you should do with your Facebook ad sets and what the best practices are.

But Jon, in addition to doing all of that, literally puts his money where his mouth is and tests out his recommendations and shares the Facebook ad reports.

He tells you that website clicks from Audience A cost him $X, and website clicks from Audience B cost him $Y.

Like a true influencer should, Jon shares thought-provoking ideas about Facebook advertising and talks about new ways to get your audience to notice you.

Whenever Facebook announces a change in their advertising platform or introduces a new feature, I wait till Jon posts about it and shares his insights. More often than not – within a day or so he’s actually used it, tested it and shared his results.

And more importantly, when there are updates to the platform, he goes back and edits the post to make sure it reflects the current platform.

Recommended Article: Website Custom Audiences: Target Visitors With Facebook Ads

3. AdWeek’s SocialTimes: Top industry news

When I was thinking about putting together this list, I had both InsideFacebook and AllFacebook listed here. David Cohen and Justin Lafferty have combined these two blogs into the SocialTimes section of AdWeek.

Social Times

Most of the posts here aren’t “thought-leadership” articles, but are in fact news-based articles, with a mix of the top news from around the industry thrown in for good measure.

I follow this blog to stay on top of the news. Facebook’s made newsfeed changes, Twitter has launched a new feature in their ad-platform, Pinterest just revealed interesting data, Instagram has added on another 100 million users or Tumblr hired a new COO. Most of the articles here also have a little bit of insight from Justin, David and the rest of the contributors at SocialTimes.

It’s vital for marketers to stay up to date with the latest information, trends and news, and SocialTimes does a fantastic job of delivering that to you.

Recommended Article: Hoax-Free Facebook News Feed

4. eConsultancy: Data-driven and actionable

eConsultancy has a ton of data-driven posts and example-driven posts. The majority of what they post is actionable and rooted in the real world, giving you examples of what other brands and companies are doing to supercharge their marketing.


eConsultancy also create their own research reports, from which they showcase certain bits and chunks of data that can be a massive help when you’re trying to come up for some solid reasoning behind your content and social strategy.

Don’t follow eConsultancy if you’re looking for lightweight articles that you can read on the bus or train ride home—you’ll need to perhaps make notes when going through them!

Recommended Article: Why do People Abandon Online Travel Bookings?

5. eMarketer: Data, data and more data

eMarketer is my no-nonsense data reporting pal.


Don’t expect these posts to contain analysis and interpretation, because you’ll seldom find that. They report the data to you, and that’s all that matters.

They do however, always couple their reports with some interesting forecasts. Almost all their growth charts (at present) pan out till about 2018, giving you an indication of what they feel will grow and how much it’ll grow by. To me, their policy seems to be: here’s the data, you make sense of it and decide if it’s worth your while.

Your clients and senior management are always interested about the future, and if possible, want you to show some numbers to support your strategy for the next year (or more). eMarketer does a great job of giving you all of this and more.

Recommended Article: Facebook Closes in on 1 Billion Mobile Users Worldwide

6. Stone Temple Consulting: Business-ready SEO advice

When it comes to SEO, most people head straight for Moz, Marketing Land, Search Engine Land and the rest, which is awesome.

Stone Temple Consulting

But more love should be given to Stone Temple Consulting’s blog, a firm that has been providing SEO Consulting Services for 10+ years. Spearheaded by Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen, Stone Temple Consulting has a weekly flow of great content centered mostly around SEO.

The thing I like the most about Stone Temple’s blog is that they provide straight advice about SEO in a very “business-ready” manner. The reasoning behind their logic and suggestions is very clear to you, no matter how long you’ve been in SEO.

Their advice is usually based on their own research, studies and what they have found conducting practical tests.

Recommended Article: Twitter Engagement Unmasked: A Study of 4,000,000+ Tweets

7. Socialbakers: Social media analytics experts

With an absolute trove of data and possibly the largest collection of social media analytics on the planet, Socialbakers shares some incredibly useful content on their blog.


Social marketing, or any other marketing for that matter – eventually comes down to the cold hard numbers.

And Socialbakers gives you the numbers. With monthly reports on Instagram and Facebook, they tell you which brands are performing the best on these platforms and what strategies they’re using.

Their regular Social Customer Care reports talk about the state of customer care in social and let you know which brands are better at providing customer care via Facebook.

It gives you insight into the best brand’s best practices, allowing you to study them, learn from them—and incorporate them in your own practices.

Recommended Article: How Engagement and Social Interactions Correlate With Reach

8. GlobalWebIndex: Trends and demographic data

Do you like trends? You’ll love GlobalWebIndex.


There was a time when I would share almost every single chart GlobalWebIndex released on my LinkedIn and Google+ streams. I would always get incredible interaction on them, lots of questions and a lot of discussion.

If you talk about the right metrics, you get the right response. And GlobalWebIndex does a great job of talking about the right metrics and the right figures.

The thing about GWI is that they give you over-arching figures that inform you about shifts in certain trends and demographics. What’s SnapChat’s user base like? How much has SnapChat grown compared to WhatsApp? What’s the average age of people on Tumblr and how much time do they spend on the platform?

These charts, insights and answers are always paramount each time someone asks you, “Should we explore Platform X? Why, or why not?”

Recommended Article: 40% of Facebookers Have Unfollowed a Brand in the Last Month

9. Shopify’s Blog: E-commerce optimization

An e-commerce web solution, Shopify takes its content marketing incredibly seriously and has worked hard to build a community of e-commerce marketers.


I first came across a piece of content from Shopify when they broke down visitors by social media network and showed which ones bought more. My jaw dropped. It was by far one of the most insightful and useful pieces of content I had seen that year.

Shopify’s regular content focuses on optimization of e-commerce platforms for better conversion rates, but they build a great amount of content around larger topics, such as cashing in on major customer trends, analyzing buying behavior, and creating the right images to inspire people to buy and showcase your products.

While Shopify’s main target audience is probably people that are running an actual online store, every single marketer can gain a wealth of knowledge from their very useful content.

Recommended Article: Which Social Media Platforms Drive the Most Sales?

10. ConversionXL: Advanced testing and optimization

Initially, ConversionXL was the place I used to go to tell myself that there are far too many marketers out there who will always be better than I am. And that’s the challenge.

ConversionXL tends to be a little “heavy” for some users because the content dives into deep analytics, testing and conversion. It’s not for the faint of heart.


I used to be nervous going through the paragraphs of content on ConversionXL, because I was in awe of exactly how much testing these guys can do to optimize their campaigns and to make sure that every single dollar spent is spent logically and you can trace ROI back to every cent.

Their content can be a little hard to follow, and often overwhelming, but advanced marketers always pump their fists in the air when they see a new post up on the platform.

Recommended Article: How to Calculate and Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Interested in keeping tabs on all these sites? Go here to add them all to your Feedly account in one click!

What do you think?

This article came about because I felt a better list could be made for advanced marketers, and Courtney very graciously gave me the opportunity to go ahead and try to make one. Thank you for this opportunity, Courtney and Buffer. 🙂

These 10 blogs are just my personal picks, and no list is perfect. There are most definitely a lot more blogs out there that are doing amazing things and adding great value for their radars. If I have missed out on a blog that deserves to be here, tell me about it in the comments!

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Written by Avtar Ram Singh

Someone who enjoys crafting content and user experiences, Avtar splits his time managing digital, social and content strategy for brands and cheering Tottenham Hotspur. He’s an EDM and Sci-Fi fan, and is often mistaken for Ryan Gosling and Charlize Theron, depending on how he’s wearing his hair that day. Find him on Twitter, @AvtarRamSingh.

  • Todd Lyden

    Really great list

  • Hey Guys, Avtar here. Thanks once again to Buffer and Courtney for letting me put this list together. And of course – props to all the blogs that are on the list for their continued hard work and great content.

    Happy to discuss additions that can potentially be made to this list in the future!

    If you feel like I missed out on a blog that should have made this list – please do share which one and your thoughts as to why! 🙂

  • Mario Kroll

    All great blogs in their own right, but surprised none of my favorites made the list: Jim Connolly’s Marketing Blog, Nick Reese’s blog or Seth Godin’s.

    • Hey @mariokroll:disqus, fair point. Seth’s blog is fascinating, inspiring and thought-provoking, there is no doubt. His should be on every list, and it almost always is – which is why I thought that it wouldn’t be of much value putting it here because everyone already knows a lot about Seth and his blog!

      Jim Connolly’s style is similar to Seth’s I believe, quick, simple, straightforward tips, and not the kind of style I was going for in this list as you can possibly tell perhaps. As for Nick Reese’s blog, personally – I’m not a big fan. I feel like a lot of what he has to say is for entrepreneurs and the way they think and should act, rather than specific targeted advice for marketers.

  • Wow, thanks, Avtar! Honored to be on the list, but I appreciate the thorough props even more.

    • Mojca Marš

      As a faithful reader I can definitely say you deserve to be on that list! Great content EVERY TIME.

    • I meant every word @jonloomer:disqus! I’m not exaggerating when I say that I tend to blindly take your word for all things Facebook advertising. I know it’s not a healthy practice, but it hasn’t let me down so far! Like I mentioned, the best part of your posts is seeing the actual results, it’s one thing to read “Do A, do B, use these images, make sure your text is this long” and so on and so forth, but completely another to see $400 spent on it, and to see that website clicks actually cost 40% less when certain rules were followed and others ignored. Fantastic stuff and do keep up the great work!

      • Thanks, Avtar, and you’re right. Don’t blindly take my word!

  • PJ Howland

    Awesome list Avtar! I’ve got my share of homework for the week now. Kudos to buffer for doing this. Awesome idea!

    • Thanks @pjhowland:disqus, glad the list has been of value to you, do let me know if going through these resources regularly makes a difference for you!

  • Hey Avtar, great list. I encourage you to checkout SocialTriggers and Viperchill. They often throw some amazing content out there.

    • Hey @gonsnchez:disqus, haven’t heard of both of them! Just checked them out. At first look SocialTriggers doesn’t look too inspiring, is there a link you can pass on for a particular post that stood out for you? ViperChill on the other hand seems to have some interesting in-depth case studies, but their last post seems to have been put up about 100 days ago.

      • @avtarramsingh:disqus – I haven’t read Social Triggers in a while so I can’t find a specific post, but I used to love the writing style. Viperchill is amazing, most posts/case studies are extremely detailed. It’s not Glen’s main ‘business’ at all, so he doesn’t post that much, but to be fair, he warned his readers about it. He emailed his list a couple weeks ago telling that a ton of posts were coming. He always delivers, so I’m looking forward to reading them!

        • Good stuff, thanks for coming back to reply. I’ll keep an eye on ViperChill and go through some of their older posts. Since they’re about SEO – I’m sure they’re relevant even after a few months of being up. 🙂

  • Jennifer Irizarry

    I love Amy Schmittauer of Savvy Sexy Social. Her videos are great and to the point!

    • Thanks for the recommendation @jenniferirizarry:disqus! Someone linked me to her blog a few weeks ago and going through it I found that it’s a fascinating blog, but geared primarily for beginners in marketing (based off what I saw). Happy to be proved wrong – has she created videos or studies a little more advanced in nature?

  • Great list! There are some gems there for sure. Don’t forget Marcus Sheridan at The Sales Lion, though!

    • Thanks for the recommendation Jamie! I’ll admit, I don’t follow The Sales Lion very regularly, I’ve only gone through a few of Marcus Sheridan’s pieces when people have linked to them from here and there. Just added The Sales Lion to my Feedly – will keep a closer eye from now on. 🙂

  • I’m really speechless. This is probably the best list I have been on because it’s not a popularity contest at all and the recommendation comes from a respected professional who “gets it.” I am considering a new badge for my sight with “Five stars from Avtar!” : ) Also thanks for introducing me to a few others I should have subscribed to long ago! Thank you so much.

    • So glad you see the point in this list Mark! Like you mentioned, this is definitely a list I put together not based on people I am friends with or to further their “social media influence” – but purely for the readers, the marketers, the viewers – those that spend so much time going through content.

      Haha – feel free to add in that five stars badge if you’d like Mark! And thank you for the kind words. “Respected professional” from someone such as yourself is very humbling.

      Keep up the fantastic work on the blog, it’s an absolute treat!

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  • Great list Avtar (and cool name by the way, I wonder if James Cameron used it as inspiration for his wildly successful blue-crittered blockbuster 😉

    My additions would be Groove (https://www.groovehq.com/blog), Quick Sprout (http://www.quicksprout.com/blog/), Moz (http://moz.com/blog/), and of course this very blog right here (Buffer) is pretty darn awesome.

    • @noyalizor:disqus, you have no idea how many times people ask me how come I’m not blue. *sigh*

      Massive fan of Moz, they create some fascinating content and Pete, Rand, Melissa and co. often have great content. The reason I didn’t put Moz on this list is because they were covered in the previous list that was put up on Buffer, and because Moz is a very well known brand (much like Hubspot) that everyone in marketing knows about and often visits.

      I just went and added GrooveHQ to my Feedly – going to keep a close eye on them but it looks like they’ll make it to the next list based on the stuff I’ve seen! Really good one.

      I’ll be honest about Quick Sprout. Close to a year ago, I used to visit Quick Sprout very regularly and found that a lot of the content there was a little basic and introductory to marketing / content etc. I did stop following Neil’s blog a few months ago and after you recommended it, I dived into it again and went through a few posts and I’ve just added it back to my Feedly. Going to pay close attention to Quick Sprout again.

      I did consider them for a previous list I’d made, but didn’t put them in because Neil’s made Quick Sprout such a popular destination that most people do know about it. 🙂

      • I hear ya Bluey 🙂 Following Neil is kind of unoriginal, he’s been around for such a long time so definitely no longer the ‘hip new marketing kid on the block’. But what can you do… his stuff is still really really good. There are few newsletters from marketers I subscribe to that I make a point of always reading, and Neil’s is one of them because I figure there’s always going to be a valuable insight in whatever he’s talking about, and there usually is.

        But I get that your list is about putting some lesser known marketing stars in the limelight and as most of the folks who have commented already said, it’s a much appreciated initiative.

        • That nickname better not stick, haha. I agree – some of Neil’s stuff is very thought provoking and often based on his own experiences, so yes – definitely one to continue to follow. 🙂

  • Emily Ahlbum

    Great list! I agree with Noya on Moz… don’t forget eMagine’s B2B blog – http://www.emagine.com/b2b-blog

    • Hey @emily_ahlbum:disqus – thanks for the recommendation! Any specific post on Emagine that you think stands out that I should go through? Skimmed their front page right now and didn’t see anything that made me want to immediately add them to my Feedly.

  • juliebessette

    Avtar! All I can say is I owe you heaps of candy. This is such a great contribution – thank you, thank you and more thank you.

    • Hey @juliebessette:disqus! So glad you found the list useful. 🙂 I will gladly accept all of that candy!

  • Great compilation. eMarketer is one of our favourite source of data, data comparison and insights about trends.

    • I agree. Great source of insights on little nuggets of data. My only complaint would be that they often have great numbers and insights on the UK and US markets, not a whole lot on other regions – such as Asia, where I’m based!

  • Thanks for curating this list here. Gonna watch these over the next few weeks. On purely a topographical layer, one thought jumps out at me — data is critical, yes. Improvements, efficiencies and optimizations are doomed to fail without adequate measurement, but data and measurement do not make marketing or marketers better. (IMO at least) Often times what I see out there is a draw towards the data trend because of the ability to check out of the process of actually being a human being attempting to connect and build a relationship with another human being. Learning to connect with an audience is the true dance of social media and marketing. Again, this is just my little ole opinion, but it’s one that grew a brand over 1200% last year alone. 🙂

    • You’re not wrong at all @sixsteps268:disqus. Going through my list again, I do realize that a lot of them are based on data, analysis, metrics, measurement and optimization – something that most intermediate and advanced marketers struggle with, which was my first thought when putting this list together.

      I would hope that it’s the novice marketers that struggle with creating an actual bond and relationship with their audience, but I could be 100% wrong. You’re right in saying that learning to connect with an audience is the true dance of social media marketing, which is why I’d expect marketers to take that as their first step.

      From the list – eConsultancy, Businesses Grow and Stone Temple often do create content that’s geared towards the building a relationship and communication side of things. But very good point you’ve brought up Josh. Thanks so much for adding to the discussion. 🙂

  • Wow, this is an amazing list. I have been to almost the blogs before but totally agreed on being overlooked..thank you so much for this. Bookmarked – Natwar M

  • Great list Avtar, thank you for putting it together and for sharing. Do you have a blog that you recommend for AdWords tips and techniques?

    • My pleasure @margebrown:disqus. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t dabble in AdWords as much as I would like to, but whatever I’ve learned, has come from PPC Hero and Acquisio. They’re fantastic, but I never deep dived into the world of AdWords marketing. Have you heard of these two? I’m sure PPC Hero is a common favorite among AdWords professionals – these guys are great.

      • Thank you for the suggestions, Avtar. I have not heard of PPC Hero or Acquisio but will definitely be checking them out immediately.

    • petergold99

      Perry Marshall.

  • Carmela Harris

    Great article but to be honest, I’m not sure how Shopify made this list as an intermediate to advanced marketing blog yet Kissmetrics didn’t. Intermediate perhaps but advanced, definitely not.

    Personal favourite is Conversion XL

  • Carmela Harris

    Great article but to be honest I’m not sure how Shopify made it on this list as an intermediate to advanced marketing blog yet Kissmetrics didn’t. Intermediate perhaps but advanced, definitely not.

    A personal favourite of mine is Conversion XL. Glad to see they made it.

    • Hey @carmelaharris:disqus, KissMetrics is definitely a respectable source for some very interesting insights and their in-depth guides and how-to’s are something I’ve often bookmarked for later reference. ConversionXL is the one that I directly pegged against KissMetrics, and in my mind – ConversionXL came out on top.

      The reason I put Shopify in there ahead of a few others is because of the fantastic e-commerce advice they give. In a time of ROI for marketers and digital being put to test for business effectiveness, I feel like Shopify’s blog is an importance resource.

  • My favorite part of this post is you made that handy one-click link so I could add them all to my feedly. That’s money and I appreciate it!!

    • Props to Courtney and the Buffer team for thinking of that! 🙂

  • Appreciate your list, Avtar. Jon Loomer for sure. As a small brand marketer cracking the code to being and staying successful on Facebook is still key to our survival. Not a blog, but we really like the Rainmaker.FM podcasts. They do a good job getting to the heart of a marketing problem quickly and usually give actionable advice.

    • Thank you for the recommendation @realclearii:disqus! I’ll be sure to give them a more frequent listen in the future, perhaps in a year’s time there will be enough marketing podcasts for a proper list to be made for expert marketers. Maybe a list of webinars as well!

  • Adam

    Surely SBBM by Tim Reid makes the top 10?? He’s #1 iTunes for marketing.

    • This one’s on me Adam (and maybe a little on Tim) but I’d never heard of that blog before. 🙂 Hasn’t been mentioned in the marketing circles I run in, but I’ve bookmarked it for now and will be sure to keep it on the radar for the next time I swing by the idea of creating this list! 🙂

  • Megan Kellar

    Wow, this is a great list and awesome timing!
    I have been stuck reading sites where the content is great but at that entry level. I am definitely moving into that intermediate level and this list has really got me excited to start reading more in-depth content. Especially as I am completely self-taught in marketing!
    Thanks Avtar!

    • Yay! Thank you Megan! I feel like you’re the exact kind of marketer that I was hoping would find this list and it would be useful to them, quite often a lot of people get stuck in that rut of reading the same kind of content repeatedly and eventually you’re in this place where anything more advanced just seems unnecessary because you manage to get by with the basics! Glad you found this list and I hope it’s useful. 🙂

  • My feedly just got a little more interesting. Thanks!

    As an FYI, the sample blog post link in the Shopify section is broken.

    • Ack, great catch Ashley; thanks so much for surfacing that one! Got it all fixed up now. 🙂

    • Thank you Ashley! Glad you like the list and thanks for pointing that out. And props to Courtney for fixing that! 🙂

  • Alyson Stone

    I have to congratulate you for recognizing Mark Schaefer — great choice!

    • Thank you Alyson! It was one of the easier choices to make of which blogs to put on this list. 🙂

  • Harrison Mann

    Some fantastic websites here! Thanks for the article


  • Stephanie Crist

    Thanks for a great list!

  • Nora Kamsani

    This is definitely a great list @avtarramsingh:disqus .Thanks. Will be checking those that I am not aware of.

    • Thanks @norakamsani:disqus, let me know how helpful they are after a few weeks! 🙂

  • Ed Troxell Creative

    Wow! I am really impressed with this article, thank you for sharing! The article is well put together with easy to click links and just the right amount of description for each. Thanks again for putting together this list. I will continue to watch over the handful of ones I picked out over the next few weeks. #etc

  • Wow! We were just having a FB discussion about how business and marketing blogs have become predictable and offer no insight (Maybe content shock = appeal to the masses and leave out insight). Thank you so much!!! And the the 1 click feedly link? Perfection.

    • Great to hear that @tierramwilson:disqus, that’s exactly why I put this list together. 🙂

  • joe

    Thanks for Your hard work for a compiled list of our favorite of some of the best market research blogs.Really helpful.

    digdev direct

  • Excellent list of blogs! I already follow a lot of those, but some are hidden gems! 🙂 I’ll be adding to my Feedly account!

    • Glad you found it useful @davidprochaska:disqus! The handy one-click links that @courtneyseiter:disqus put in there hopefully came into good use for you as well. 🙂

  • fares

    This list is really great

    كل يوم

  • Shian K

    Hi there, I’m newer to the world of marketing, and think eventually I may want to make it my profession. Currently I have a fashion blog that I am attempting to apply all of these tactics I’m learning to, and would eventually love to be able to monetize a bit more through affiliates rather than just sponsored posts. Do you have any blogs-to-follow recommendations for someone in my shoes? (Both for learning the field and my specific niche?)

    Thank you so much, and great post!

    • If you’re currently learning the ropes of marketing and picking up on things, I think you’re in the right space with Buffer. The articles here are generally straightforward enough for a beginner to pick them up, and quickly dive into the more complex things as the post goes along. If you’re not quite comfortable with this, I’d suggest SocialMediaExaminer. Perennial beginner friendly content in marketing.

  • Thanks for this great list! Marketers really need to be doing all of these, or at least a business needs to make sure their company has all of them! All of the tips are great and will keep them in mind for the future. Thanks again! http://www.nhmarketingcompany.com/

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    Late comment, but hey ho. Thanks so much for this post. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for — a list of blog that go beyond the beginner, “intro” type content.

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