Update: We’ve written an updated version of this post about the latest Twitter stats and Twitter statistics. Found out more in this post.

Twitter is one amazing eco-system filled with lots of stunning facts, figures and stories. Here are 10 that I found particularly amazing.

1# Twitter adds 5 new users – every second

Twitter’s latest growth figures show that every day, they are adding around 460, 000 users. If we break that down it gives us about 5 new users every second, or 320 every minute. Quite impressive if you ask me, more juicy stats here.


2# Stephen Colbert sent most retweeted Tweet with 37,000 RTs

Quite crazy right? It was a tweet that Stephen sent to support a cause on environmental issues. Topsy reported that over 37k retweets were posted. Here it is:


3# Do you know which number of Twitter’s users you are?

The super smart @AskAaronLee found a clever way to discover how many users registered on Twitter before you. By using Twitter’s official Iphone App you are given a number. As Aaron found out, this number actually refers to the amount of all registered users. Here, Ev is #20

4# Tweetdeck is most expensive Twitter App sold for over 40 million $

As Twitter bought Tweetdeck recently it gave it the largest valuation of any Twitter tool to date. Other apps that went for a big number are UberTwitter bought by UberMedia and Tweetie being bought by Twitter.


5# Twitter has over 300 million users – you can see them grow – full Twitter stats

As of the moment I am writing this, Twitter has 307,634,538 users. Thankfully Kristof from Tweetreports provides you with the fantastic analytics. Hop over and see Twitter’s user figure grow, insanely fast, in real time.

6# Noah Glass, the forgotten Co-Founder gave “Twttr” its name

The story of Noah Glass is one that is often forgotten as Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Ev Williams are far more often in the spotlight. Yet, he invented the original idea together with Jack Dorsey and Florian Webber. There is a full story here.

7# Lady Gaga is the first Twitter user to hit 10 Million followers

As of this week Lady Gaga is the very first user to enter the 10 million follower club. Closely followed by Justin Bieber, who is thought to reach the 10 million mark in the next few weeks.



8# There are over 100,000 Twitter Apps available for you

Twitter’s eco-system is largely based on the number of Apps available. It’s also noteworthy that over 75% of all traffic comes from 3rd party apps and not Twitter.com itself. Here are more stats.



9# There were over 10 marriage proposals on Twitter to date – more Twitter statistics

This figure is based on my own research and I am sure it is possibly much higher. You can read up more fantastic stories on Wired. Love has no boundaries right?



10# Osama Bin Laden’s Death caused the highest sustained tweet rate

During and after president Obama’s speech about the death of Osama Bin Laden, Twitter saw the highest rate of published tweets over a longer period of time said Twitter. Between 10:45p.m and 12.30p.m. there were 3,440 tweets sent per second. This means about 22 million tweets in less than 2 hours


Do you have any other fantastic figures about Twitter that we missed here? Please share them with me below.

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder and COO at Buffer. I enjoy working on company culture, customer development and marketing. For more personal posts, check out leostartsup.

  • Neil

     I’d be wary of the stats about Twitter accounts. Here’s one of many articles out there that look deeper into this:


    About half of Twitter members follow 0-2 others!

    • Hi Neil, 

      Yes, I think you are making a great point. There exist a lot of idle Twitter accounts and I believe Twitter should be more open about the figures. 

      In the above post I tried to only mention “registered users”. Like you very rightly point out, that means that will deviate significantly from “active users”.  

  • Leo,

    This is a fun post. Twitter has most certainly made a name for its self. You can follow the NBA playoffs through Twitter. Every news channel reminds you to follow them on Twitter. Imagine having the job of Tweeting for CNN. I wonder if Justin and Lady Gaga have hired a Tweetmaster to keep their accounts going.

    •  Sheila, Thanks for stoppping by, it is fantastic to see you here! 

      Oh really? I didn’t know about that, that is very interesting indeed! You are very right, you can’t go anywhere anymore without Twitter by your side. I might actually try “watching” an NBA game through Twitter :). 

      Yes, that’s a great question, I always wonder too if they have anyone by their side to help them! Not sure tbh. 🙂 

  •  Great read, Leo. Both fun and informative. 

    • Thanks @dinodogan:disqus , I hope tomorrow’s post will be too for you 🙂 ! “3 Quick Networking Tips from @Dino_Dogan”

  • As always your blog rocks, had to post some on twitter, but not all.  Some are just to scary but hey I did post the Lady Gaga one and that one is scary to me.

    • @twitter-15871242:disqus  thanks for stopping by. Awesome, glad you found some of the things here worth sharing!

      Haha, absolutely, some are very scary aren’t they, and indeed the Lady Gaga one is too! 🙂 

  • this was awesome!

  • Sushil Krishna

    Interesting Information…!
    Love to go through it.!

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