There was a great number of new Social Media and productivity blogs, that I only discovered very recently. And whilst there content is amazing, they all have one thing in common: using the Buffer button to make it super easy for you to share more efficiently.

So I thought, I would compile a list of them and make it easy to read their best posts right from here. All of them present the absolute Social Media thought leaders for me. And here is why they all deserve to be called so wholeheartedly:


SocialFresh – Jason Keath

A blog that never stops to wow me with amazing high quality content is Jason Keath’s SocialFresh. His blog boasts a great amount of posts often with fantastic data driven insights on making the most of Twitter, Facebook and Blogging.

On top of all this, there are two resources I found particularly useful. It’s Jason’s compilation of posts for Twitter training and Facebook training. If you work your way through all these posts, you will be rocking your Twitter and Facebook presence in no time.


Ducttapemarketing – John Jantsch

A blog that needs little introduction is John Jantsch’ Social Media blog Ducttapemarketing. I particularly enjoy John’s personal writing style, when he explains how he uses his favorite Twitter tools.

John mixes up his blogging with some fantastic insights about his life lessons and what we can learn from them. Be sure to subscribe to his blog updates, and check out the shiny new Buffer button on his blog too.


FutureBuzz – Adam Singer

Adam’s blog is absolutely one of my top discoveries of 2012. With The Future Buzz Adam offers insights on Social Media marketing, that aren’t quite the usual.

In a snapshot, he focuses on all things Media, PR and Marketing with his blog. An insight I greatly enjoyed was his list from industry leaders on how to approach marketing in 2012. Be sure to hop over to his site, I am sure you will find some gold nuggets there, no other blog out there has to offer.


Edelman Digital – David Armano, Michael Brito, Steve Rubel

Undoubtedly the Edelman crew represents one of the top thought leaders in the Social Media space. From Social Business strategy to Social Media community management, to straight forward app reviews. The Edelman Digital blog is probably one of the most versatile ones out there.

What I like best is that the top folks David Armano, Michael Brito and Steve Rubel all walk the talk of their Social Media message. Be sure to check out their awesome blog and daily dose of great Tweets.


Social North – Julia Rosien

What first caught my attention when I discovered Julia’s blog, was how each and every blogpost was filled with her personal experiences in Social Media. Some great examples are her thoughts on Social Media conferences, or Twitter etiquette.

Be sure to hope over to Julia’s blog and see which goodies she has in store for you. The fact that you can approach her anytime on Twitter or in the comments of her blog, is also a huge plus. Having her on board with the new Buffer button is a big honour.


Time Management Ninja – Craig Jarrow

Social Media and efficiency inevitably goes together I believe. One of my favorite productivity blogs out there is definitely Craig Jarrow’s Time Management Ninja. His tips are always super straight forward and implementing them right away will cut out a lot of the time you waste right away.

His blog is also a great guide on improving the overall happiness of yourself I found. I am also a huge fan of Craig’s focus on Doing less and focusing on walking the talk. Joining 30,000 other Time Management Ninjas was an easy decision for me.


Laura Roeder

You most likely know Laura’s friendly face from the great videos she is doing on her blog on all things Social Media. What I love is that Laura helps you get started from the ground up and get your first 1000 fans.

Of course, what Laura is famous for is her great use of videos and for that fact alone, checking out her blog is extremely useful. You will find a lot more tips on best practices for building reader loyalty or topics to start writing about for your own blog.


1st Webdesigner – Dainis Graveris

Strictly speaking Dainis’ site focuses on Webdesign. Since he has grown it to a multi-author blog with tens of thousands of subscribers it has turned into a blog covering a much broader range of topics.

You will find everything from tips on blogging, hosting your blog and best Social Media tools out there. Above all things, the quality of posts is incredibly high and I promise you won’t regret reading any of the posts on Dainis’ site. Be sure to check it out, and drop any article you like into your Buffer from there.


Likeable – Dave Kerpen, Carrie Kerpen and Jenna Lebel

New York Times bestselling author Dave Kerpen is someone I am very honoured to have on board with the Buffer button on his blog. Dave and his fantastic team provides great positive tips on how your brand can become more likeable.

A few great posts for you to check out are 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Brands and thoughts on why bringing your Instagram back up to date might be useful.


Wchingya – Ching Ya

Ching Ya’s blog has been on my radar for a while, it was only when I finally started to look into Facebook marketing more seriously that I got fully hooked. If there is any site you should read for top Facebook guides and tips, make it Ching Ya’s blog.

To give you a flavor, here are three fantastic articles I would recommend anyone to check out:



These are my top blogs I have on my list for reading in 2012. I hope that reading some of them will make your life in Social Media a little easier too.

The fact that all of them have the Buffer button on their site is also something I am very grateful for. Which other blogs out there would you like to Buffer from more easily? What are your top Social Media blogs you go to every day?

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder and COO at Buffer. I enjoy working on company culture, customer development and marketing. For more personal posts, check out leostartsup.

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  • Nice recommendations, and a good reminder to install the button on my own site. Incidentally, the WP plugin for the Buffer button isn’t marked as tested on the latest version of WordPress.

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      Hi Dan, great to see you here and awesome you are thinking of giving the Buffer button a go! 

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  • Great blog post Leo it’s always great to get a new selection of blogs to add to my reading list. Ching Ya’s blog looks especially useful.

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  • Very, very, very honored to be among some of my mentors here on your blog, Leo. Thank you for including me – and for doing such a great job yourself!

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  • Excellent post! I’m not familiar with most on here but I’m glad I do know a few. We love Ching Ya :). I’ve been looking at buffer recently, and honestly I didn’t realize you were involved. Shows you how bad I’ve been about staying updated. 

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      Hi Gabriella @SEOcopy:disqus , so great to have you stop by. Yes, indeed @facebook-1813573617:disqus blog just rocks, so glad you like it too.

      Yep, I am involved with Buffer for sure, so glad you checked it out recently! If you ever have any questions, just let me know. 🙂 

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  • I’ve created a list for the 10 social media stars mentioned in this article, feel free to join the list!/ahbing/top-social-media-blog

  • The Future Buzz is awesome! Very unconventional–I couldn’t agree more.

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