With the launch of the new Twitter iPhone App, there were a lot of great new options made available. Ryan Sarver, head of Twitter API mentioned that this was the goal:

“In a world where Facebook and Google are competing on features, Twitter wants to focus on being simple.”

This is a great approach I believe. At the same time, it leaves lots of room for other Twitter clients to explore different Twitter features they can focus on. So I have picked out 10 great alternatives to the Twitter iPhone App, that you can check out:


1.) Twitbird – Great design and flexibility

The first alternative I have checked out is Twitbird. It is a fantastic Twitter client with a great focus on design and flexibility. So for example you can pick any photo or picture as your background, which makes you really feel at home inside the App.

I also like the customization options. On the home screen, you can decide which features should be displayed for you. You can easily declutter it and say, only have “home”, “mentions” and “messages”. Or have the full program with over 20 different menu points.

Price: Free (with $2.99 version available)



2.) Tweetbot – Super smart gestures and App integrations

Voted many times as the best Twitter client there is, Tweetbot definitely doesn’t fall short of some powerful and unique highlights. Next to a beautiful interface design the App boasts features many others don’t have.

Most amazing is the gestures feature. You can slide left on any Tweet and get the full thread of replies. The great thing is, that you can do this right from your home timeline and even customize your gestures further. It also comes with support for Read It Later, Instapaper and Cloudapp URL shortening.

Price: $2.99



3.) Tweetings – Inline photo viewing and shareable themes

Another great alternative I have been using is Tweetings. The great thing if you fall in love with this one, is that it is also available for Mac, iPad, Windows and Chrome. So you can have Tweetings no matter where you are.

What I like best about the App is the inline photo viewing feature. Without having to leave the stream, you can see all posted pictures. Next to picking your own themes, it is also fantastic that you can share these with your friends very easily. It adds a new, fun layer of networking to the app I think.

Price: $2.99



4.) Twitterrific – great filtering and translation feature

Actually the oldest Twitter client there is, Twitterrific was founded in 2007. And the app has evolved ever since, also offering the full suite of products with an App for iPad and Mac too.

What I love about Twitterrific is that you can mute and filter your timeline for specific Tweet types. With the upgraded version, the translation feature also comes in very handy I found.

Price: Free (upgrade to Premium for $4.99)



5.) Tweetelator Neue – Awesome media preview and app support

The latest version of Tweetelator is a an amazing expansion and definitely one of the most beautiful Twitter apps there is. Similar to Tweetings, it also comes with a beautiful photo preview right inside your home stream.

Next to photos it also boasts a website preview, which I found to save me a lot of time clicking through to links. It supports a great deal of different Apps, like Instapaper, Omnifocus and ReadItLater, which makes the experience a lot richer and flexible.

Price: $1.99



6.) Tweetlist – Follow your lists like never before

Tweetlist is a fantastic client, that will be especially useful if you are using Twitter lists a lot. You can conveniently swipe between your Twitter lists. I found this would give me access to the most valuable Tweets faster than ever before.

The app also comes with a great amount of additional features I haven’t seen elsewhere. You can mute hashtags, users or certain clients, which gives my own stream a much higher quality again. It also ties in with BoxCar and supports longer updates with Twitlonger.

Price: $2.99



7.) TweetCaster – Best all in one client

The app, that I believe boasts the most features from all Twitter clients I have tested is TweetCaster. A few great things to highlight is the “Zip It” function, which lets you hide unwanted Tweets very easily.

With this App you will also get the chance to preview links right from your Twitter stream, use SmartLists to organize your followers more easily and longer Tweets support. If anything, the list of great features is definitely worth checking out, there is something for everyone I believe.

Price: Free (upgrade to Premium for $4.99)



8.) Tweetlogix – Nearby search with maps and great themes

Tweetlogix is well worth the mention, not only for the very affordable $1,99 it costs. I greatly enjoy it’s “mute” function as on top of muting users, hashtags and clients, you can also set certain keywords (e.g. iPad) that you don’t want to appear in your stream.

It syncs seamlessly with Tweet Marker and allows you to do a search of nearby Tweets with an awesome map feature. On top of all this, it features a great set of different themes that you can share with your friends straight from your iPhone.

Price: $1.99



9.) Osfoora – Simple and clean Twitter client

An app that I have particularly enjoyed testing for its simplicity is Osfoora. One thing that pleasantly surprised me, was that the app offered native Textexpander support. This is absolutely essential if you are a Twitter power user.

Other than that, the app comes with all the features you would expect from a Twitter client. It features Instapaper and ReadItLater support. The nearby Tweets function is also executed very userfriendly I found.

Price: $2.99



10.) Twipple – Great search and List management

Developed for both Japanese and English Twipple is the last one I am highlighting today. What I was especially impressed by was the extensive search capabilities it comes with.

You can save your searches, hide retweets and quotes temporarily and lots of other little gems that you will discover along the way. It also comes with extensive list features, such as unread messages for lists, something I haven’t found amongst other apps.

Price: Free ($0.99 for in app purchases)


Other great Twitter Apps for your iPhone

Of course, there exist plenty of other Twitter apps that you can use for your iPhone. A few of the most well known are TweetDeck, HootSuite and Ubersocial.

Here at Buffer, we have also recently unveiled our iPhone app to help you post your Tweets at a better time to get more clicks and reach. Check it out.


Over to you now. Do you think it is time to try out some of the latest apps? Or is the original Twitter for iPhone still your #1 choice?

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder and COO at Buffer. I enjoy working on company culture, customer development and marketing. For more personal posts, check out leostartsup.

  • Jmm

    Don’t forget Flipboard. Mode than just Twitter.

    • Anonymous

      great point! The new Flipboard for iPhone is definitely well worth a mention. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I used Flipboard just a couple of weeks ago. Its really great and load faster.

    • Good suggestion. I never even thought of Flipboard as a Twitter client. I just launched it — and I think I might have found a suitable replacement to Twitter.

  • What a great roundup, Leo! 🙂

    I’ve been using Twitter for iPhone and TweetDeck for a long time, but TweetDeck seems to crash a lot for me. I love all these features, especially the apps that show the picture within the tweet stream! I’m going to have to try some of them out.

  • Great list here Leo!! Lot’s of apps to check out. I’m going to be busy!! I especially love Osfoora and Tweetbot. Thank you for sharing!!! =))

  • Excellent list.  I was searching for some cool twitter tools and I found your post.  Kudos to your SEO team A+ post thanks 1Mil.

  • I’ve used a ton of different twitter apps. Tweetbot is by far the best in my opinion. I think Tweetfire should have made it as an honorable mention. 

  • Thanks for the article. There is such a wide array of choices and several of these are new to me. I do like the Twitter for iPad app because it is so easy to view article links but lately have been using Tweetcaster the most. Echofon is also a great app. I agree with Flipboard as a choice which is splendid for reading through favorited tweets more in-depth.

  • Jena

    I’m really surprised Echofon wasn’t mentioned in this article.

    • Christina

      Me too it’s a pretty good app

    • Amy

      me as well. love echofon. every time i try a new twitter app and i think i like it, i always end up deleting it and going back to echofon. i think it’s the best.

    • TT

      It’s the same as tweetcaster

  • Anonymous

    I used tweetings more often as it allows me to schedule post plus all those amazing features you mentioned.

  • I think Echofon Pro is the best application among all others. 

  • Ultimate_Hacker


  • UltimateHAcker

    That is excatly what I was looking for, and after reading your article, I planned to download Tweetbot – Super smart gestures and App integrations

    Thank you bro 😀

  • You forgot Winnow for iPhone

  • Try maha, windows phone style really cool

  • Bee

    No one mentioned Twheel?

  • Jahid

    Thirst for Twitter is a very good idea!

  • I use http://followerfilter.com/ for Searching User- Tweet RT and Favorite listing and deletion – Unfollower finding an deletion. Even the site is new, it works well!

    Site also allows you to see any twitter user’s (included yours) unfollowers, followers and followings without login.

    Of course it’s free and unlimited!

  • Yo Leo, this article is pretty old… what Twitter apps are you using now? Just curious, thanks!