We have refined our post section “Twitter Stories to Share” slightly and want to chip in a few “Tips” posts, which I believe might provide more value for you than the bare “user story”.

We still want to tie it in with a personal experience, yet focus more on what we and hopefully you too can learn from these great Tweeps.

The brief story:


Michael, alias @MQTodd, is a true Twitter Titan I believe.

He has a strong community around his account and is a real “go to” fountain of Twitter knowledge.

Michael was kind enough to take some time to chat over an hour with me about various Twitter strategies you can use to be more efficient. He poured out such a huge amount of his knowledge in such little time that he even emailed me the chat afterwards.

So I wanted to pass a bit of his great advice on to you too:

1.) Create your Twitter lists

Michael is a huge promoter of creating your lists on Twitter. And rightly so I believe. Even with a modest follower count like in our case it quickly becomes a large pain to oversee your tweets. As you are continuing to grow this will only get worse.

Creating a bunch of lists where you organize your followers in certain areas of interest, helps you to keep track of them. Most importantly you can continue giving back and retweeting their posts with a better overview.


2.) Promote the hell out of others

Michael couldn’t be a better example on how to do this. If you are here to succeed on Twitter, you have to promote others – all the time.

It is the only way you can ever create a following or a community. And the only way others will ever notice you.

He also mentioned that you can’t do this by flattering others. Do it sincerely and with honesty by finding those tweets and people which really interest you and fit your niche.


3.) Take up advice

The final piece of advice Michael taught me is that taking up advice from others is a great thing. Not only does a certain “Yes” attitude make you a more open person. But often have our rational theories nothing to do with empirics.

If you can see from the outside that someone knows his stuff, simply following what they suggest is a great chance to improve. Of course, on your way you will quickly adjust and find your own path, yet switching to less self-focused “I will learn from others” thinking helped me greatly to understand.

Especially on Twitter, where there is so much to be discovered this helps a great deal.


I hope some of this was useful for you too. I would love to hear your views about it below.

Up next week: 3 Secretly Taught Blogging Tips From Irene O’Leary

Photocredit: Maia C

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder and COO at Buffer. I enjoy working on company culture, customer development and marketing. For more personal posts, check out leostartsup.

  • This is great! I wanted to express agreement with your enthusiasm for Lists. I tweet from a personal account, too (@karen_leslie:twitter ) and I’m following people because I know them, because I think they’re funny, because I’m generally interested in what they have to say, because they talk about stuff that helps me do my job better, and because I want to be in a conversation with influencers of the people we want to reach…
    Between two accounts and all those areas of life, Lists help me make sense of it all! Also, they help me make sure I don’t miss out on work-related stuff when I’m reading my feed in line at the DMV or something, and just want to snicker over something Colbert said. I like the TweetDeck extension for Chrome to manage lists, but I just signed up for Buffer, and I don’t see that it’s supported! Do or will you eventually support a Twitter client? I’ll happily switch clients if I can get Buffer on there 🙂 Sorry for the long comment–I love what you guys do!

    • Hi Karen,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Ah, absolutely it seems you are in a similar situation like I am with @bufferapp:disqus and my own account. (Btw, definitely have to follow you on your own account too after this!)

      Yes, lots of more great reasons to use lists! Thanks for sharing them here, I am sure others will find them very useful like I do.

      Yep, you are right, Buffer doesn’t support a lists feature and is really optimised for publishing your tweets in a hassle free manner. We are looking into it at the moment to see if we can integrate it with Hootsuite and Tweetdeck, will definitely keep you posted on this!

      Thanks for the kind words, glad we are connected now, looking forward to speak more soon! 🙂

  • Love that @mqtodd:twitter guy. Great advice too.

    • Glad you do Dino! Guess who is up in two weeks ;). Stay tuned! 🙂

    • Thanks Dino. What’s your twitter tip ?

      • Learn from everyone, keep what works and throw away what doesnt. And dont take yourself or twitter too seriously.

  • Awesome Leo. Thanks so much. You rock ! I have loved twitter to bits since the first moment I logged in about 2 years ago. Just seems to be my kind of space. There is no end for creativity and uses for lists so spend a big chunk of every day reviewing and refining them.

    • Hi Michael, you are very welcome and thanks for the comment.

      Yes, I think everything you do is very natural. Absolutely the creativity part is the one I enjoy the most I think and thankfully you put me to lists! I will work with them from now on.

      I am sure we will have some more great convos! 🙂

  • Definitely like the “lists” idea. I have a small following (they all kick ass and are 20% ahead of the game) so it should’nt be too hard to organize once i figure it out.

    Leo, you are everywhere dude. Do you have the gift to write in your sleep?

    • Hi Brad, glad you picked up the list idea, I have started doing it myself and it is a great way to get organised. Oh, same here, no large following, but it already is a pain, so it’s never too early for that!

      Haha, yep, I try my best buddy, at the moment writing is coming quite easy, hope I can keep it up! 🙂

  • Great advice @twitter-19684844:disqus ! I believe in promoting the hell out of others too! and you do that well! Not to mention your avatar stands out everything you did that 🙂

    The 4th would be, never forget this is “social”! awesome!

    • Hi Aaron, thanks for your comment.

      Absolutely, and retweeting people like you is super easy too, because the stuff is always awesome!

      Oh, great addition as Nr. 4! Bearing in mind that is social, is a reminder that should be superglued to our brains. 🙂

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  • The second point by @mqtodd:twitter is awesome. Promote but don’t just be a retweeting parrot. What ever you do on Twitter do for the love of doing it as SM is for the people and about the people(no space for bots) Don’t think to much as SM is also about learning, experimenting and fall further too. What say ?

    • Yes, you are right. Sometimes it is very easy to confuse the things and just retweet without thinking, the way Michael suggests it is very different. 

      Yep, absolutely, I think it is all about finding what works and what doesn’t and we gradually learn that. 🙂

  • Totally agree with all these points though as followings grow you might find point 2 harder and harder to do. Or do you just stick to a core group of people that you promote like crazy?