• Jonny, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts here! I definitely believe that @tweriod:twitter and Buffer are a great connection, amazing to see it worked so well for you! 🙂 

    • Your welcome Leo! Thanks for having me 🙂

  • I shall have a little go at that – nice tip.  Thanks!

    • Hi Catherine, 

      Thanks for stopping by, that’s awesome to hear. Sure thing, please go ahead and have a go, would love to see how you like it. 🙂 

    • Hi Catherine,

      Glad to hear it and you are welcome! Let us know how you get on! 🙂

  • Andreas West (a4xrbj1)

    Leo, can you work with @tweriod that the results are automatically taken over into Bufferapp? That would be even cooler!

    • Hi @9a16b9de3ddbfd5824902e6b84156504:disqus , thanks a lot for getting in touch on this. Yes, absolutely, I think it could be a great thing to do and we are working together with Tweriod to enable this in the future. Thanks for the suggestion. 

  • Interesting tips. I have to follow these advises since I don’t really get a lot of traffic for my blog by Tweeting.Thanks for this.

  • That’s a really nice ratio of 6:1. But I have noticed that being interactive and purely tweeting, you get good amount of clicks. After all twitter is another micro-blog. So tweet when you like. Don’t feel forced to tweet.

  • This is a really nice tip, I find using Tweroid.com would awesome , altough I have used my buffer limit on my free plan, and I am not yet sure if I need to buy the upgrades yet, cause I don’t usually tweet regualry, about just 4 a day.

    • Hi @twitter-247909051:disqus , thanks a lot for stopping by here.

      Oh right, that is totally understandable. Same here, I started out with about 4 a day, and then I gradually increased it. What I found was that a daily amount of around 10 Tweets really made a huge difference to clicks and retweets. 🙂