has a gorgeous interface I believe. It is extremely simple, without any bells and whistles. A

t the same time, if you are trying to make your workflow more efficient, getting by with just is a little difficult, you probably already know this.

As of a few days ago, we have therefore added a brand new Chrome extension that will give you a great new experience right on With the Buffer button inside Twitter, you can add retweets to your queue, post to multiple profiles and lots more. Here are the top 4 features for you to turn into your most amazing Social Media tool with Buffer:  

1.) Post old style Retweets at optimal time

Ever since Twitter introduced the new way of retweeting someone, it became very hard to add a comment to your retweets. You can also no longer show your appreciation for others by mentioning them in your retweet easily.

With our latest changes to the browser extension, this should all work super efficiently now. All you have to do is click the Buffer retweet button and add another update to your queue to be posted at optimal timing later on:


2.) Post to multiple profiles from

Another helpful tip, that I have actually only discovered after using the extension for a while, is that you can now post to multiple Twitter or Social Media profiles right from

Start writing a Tweet or a retweet and add it to your queue with just one click:

And when you do so, you can easily add it straight to multiple profiles you have connected to your Buffer account. Check out the example below here:


3.) Use the Tweet button on any website to Buffer

Another addition, that isn’t actually just limited to is that the extension also works on any page, that has a Tweet button installed.

Buffering the great articles you find, instead of Tweeting them right away, can be a huge win to get more engagement on your postings:



So, whenever you click Buffer instead, one more post lands in your queue and is ready to go out when more followers will see it:

Of course, installing the official Buffer button for your blog, will make sharing that article even more efficient.


4.) Buffer normal Tweets with one click

Lastly, you can also just start Buffering normal Tweets, so you can get all the additional analytics that Buffer has available for you. This includes number of retweets, clicks on links, mentions and favorites all saved for you:

You can of course do the exact same thing with replies, so your Twitter stream isn’t either 10 replies or 10 content Tweets in a row, but rather a mixture of the two:

How much are you using Have you thought about giving the interface a full try? I hope with the new Buffer browser extension it will make your life a lot easier and most importantly save you tons of time when interacting on Social Media.

What are your thoughts on these new features? Any other places on the web you would like to Buffer from or to? Let us know below.

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder at Buffer.

  • Great additions.  Buffer has been extremely helpful lately.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jonathan, so glad you like the new improvements and awesome to hear that Buffer is helpful! 🙂 

  • I’ve been using the Buffer Chrome extension for a couple months now, but the new one is such a vast improvement! I like using it from within, but I think it’s even more useful when clicking the “tweet” button from news sites and blogs. 

    Since most sites have their tweet button optimized to include their Twitter handle, you won’t have to track it down like you did using the old Chrome extension. That’s so helpful for crediting articles! 

    • Anonymous

      Hi Mandy,

      So great to see you here again, yes, that is amazing and really great feedback that this has made Buffer even more useful for you.

      Yes, that’s another good point to be able to track it down now, I didn’t actually at all think about that! 

  • Anonymous

    How do I apply the plug in ?

    • Anonymous

      Hi there, sure, so all you have to do is install our Google Chrome plugin, you can get it here 

      Let me know if I can help with anything else! 🙂 

  • Really impressive 🙂 I love it… It’s like a magic how Buffer button appears on Twitter whenever I tweet and RT…

    Keep up your great work guys 🙂


    • Anonymous

      Hi Mayura, yep, that’s exactly our intention, adding some magic to the world! 🙂 

  • Lisa

    Great additions – I love the one where when you tweet you can now choose Buffer. I’m just loving the Buffer app more everyday! 

    • Anonymous

      Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by and that’s fantastic, really glad that the Tweet now or Buffer function is helpful! 🙂 

  • useful article

  • Anonymous

    These upgrades have been seeing some good use from me for the last week or so.
    Thanks for the hard work!

    • Anonymous

      Awesome, that’s so great to hear, we hope to be adding some more functionality real soon! 🙂 

  • Shelly R Wilson

    fabulous! this is great!

    • Anonymous

      awesome, so glad you like it Shelly! 🙂 

  • Luv “Buffer”! #Awesome!

    • Anonymous

      awesome, so glad you do Jwls! 🙂 

  • Are there any plans to add this same extension + updates in the future to Safari?

  • Wow. AT the rate you guys are going I wouldn’t be surprised to see your next Headline say “Buffer acquired by Twitter/ HEHE. Congrats Leo. All your success and progress is well deserved. 

  • Great feature with a buffer button inside the Tweet windows. Keep it up Leo

  • I love all the new features Leo!! Fabulous, as always.

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  • how can i play with it …

  • I love Buffer, but I don’t know that I’m sold on only having old-style retweets! Wish I could properly retweet from others using their icons so that it wasn’t so obvious that the tweets were delayed…