Social media networking is fun, however to achieve success, maximize our efforts and time spent, we will need to use tools. This guide utilizes Buffer and If This Then That (IFTTT). For the benefit of readers that are new to Buffer and IFTTT, here is what these 2 free web tools can do for you:

Buffer: Schedule Facebook status updates, tweets, and LinkedIn updates. I believe in the near future more will be added, and this will create more opportunities for us to leverage Buffer further.

IFTTT: We can create tasks that are executed whenever predetermined triggers are set off. Tasks that users create and share for public use is called recipe.

Using the multiple channels within IFTTT, we can create many tasks, however this guide focuses on how to use Buffer to achieve social media success, and to make networking on the social platforms a breeze.

Before we start:

1. First create an account on IFTTT if you don’t own any,
2. then activate the Buffer Channel
3. next authorize IFTTT to access your Buffer account,
4. and choose which Buffer profile (LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook) you want to use.

The Buffer profile you choose is the social media platform that will be used to publish your updates. When you go to the Buffer channel, the social media service that you have linked up with is shown in the red box in the picture below.


1. Engaging your Twitter Followers

Twitter is the most frequently used channel in IFTTT because it is the top 5 in terms of social media traffic, and has one of the most number of triggers available for creating different types of tasks. Popular triggers include:

  • New tweet by you (with or without hashtags)
  • Tweets that are favorited by you
  • Mentions or when you have a new follower

Depending on the task(s) you create, you should set up your Buffer profile account on IFTTT accordingly. For tasks/recipes such as thanking tweeples for mentions or welcoming new followers, using the Buffer-Twitter account is more appropriate.If you tweet a lot, you will agree that syncing all those tweets to Facebook or LinkedIn will trigger ruffles somebody’s feathers, especially on Facebook. In order to avoid that, we can choose to queue tweets we favorited or only tweets created by you with a specific hashtag.

2. Connecting with the audience using Google Calendar & Buffer

For companies or blogs that posts lots of content on product launches, training or events, I believe most of them are already sharing their new updates on social media platforms. But how about listing those events on a public calendar? Or even a calendar of product launches that you want to review or buy, say iPad 2, iPhone 5, latest tablets PC?

Using Buffer and IFTTT, here are 3 great things you can do with this:

  • informing our visitors/readers on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn on new content being added to our website,
  • gaining traffic to our sites, and
  • adding the event to our Google Calendar to remind ourselves, as a reference for public or aparticular group of users on what’s happening within the next week or month.

You can update from your Buffer dashboards, or use Buffer extension, e.g. from Chrome webstore, to quickly add to Google Calendar. To make sure the Calendar picks-up the dates and information the way you want it, you may want refer to the guide by Google.Below is a screenshot of what I get when I use the Buffer extension. If the date or time is not picked up by the extension, you can type them in, then choose the social media platforms that you want to post to.


3. Getting Social Media Exposure for your Web 2.0 Blogging Platforms

Are you posting content on other blogging platforms such as tumblr, WordPress, Blogger and Posterous? Why not use IFTTT and Buffer to save you time and automatically get social media traffic from Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn?

Using IFTTT, we can have tasks performed whenever we created new content. We can push all new content, or only for posts under specific label (blogger), tags, or categories (WordPress). With your Buffer full and queued, you don’t have to sit infront of your computer 24/7 to post regular updates for your FB subscribers around the world.

Out of the four, tumblr is the most versatile social media platform that can be triggered with many conditions:

  • Any new post
  • New photo post
  • New video post
  • New post on a blog you followed
  • New post tagged
  • New link post
  • New audio post
  • New like
  • New text post
  • New quote post
  • Every N Posts

If you do not post much new content daily, using tumblr as a trigger (in particular new tumblr likes), you can have your Buffer queue full pretty fast to keep your readers entertained. Below is an update on my Facebook when I liked a post on

4.Drip-Feed Updates from RSS URLs


We can feed a RSS feed and have our posts/updates scheduled on Buffer. By doing so, we don’t overwhelm our readers/followers/friends with too much updates within an hour or even mins. We can use our blog’s or another website’s RSS feed. By tapping on others’ RSS feed, we can use their rich content to supplement interesting or relevant reads to our readership base.

Your choice of RSS feed is entirely your decision and depends on factors such as your niche and requirements. When creating your RSS task, there are two triggers you can use:

1. You can load in a RSS feed, and have it fired up every time there is a new item
2. Or have it triggered whenever a new item in the feed contains a specific keyword or phrase.

Works best when you use popular feeds such as Yahoo with lots of contents daily.

To ensure that your feed and task will work properly, use this to validate and check the syntax of the RSS feed.

5. Posting instagram picture links to Buffer

Instagram supports sharing to several social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare. However it requires you to manually share new photos, and it does not allow you to schedule the photos updates too. To overcome this barrier, we can create a recipe to auto share all new photos from Instagram to your Buffer account.

For individuals who wish to be selective or mindful of what you want to share socially, you can use hashtags to filter the photos. For example, I may just want to share funny events that happen in my life, so I’ll use a recipe that only posts updates to Buffer when there is a #funny tag in the photo’s caption.

The task is triggered when we import pictures to instagram as well as when taking new pictures with instagram.


6. Set your Social Bookmarking on Auto!

It is a known fact that social bookmarking gives us SEO and traffic benefits. Having our websites and pages bookmarked give us links created are one-way and we get to leverage on the big traffic the bookmarking sites are getting. However manually doing it takes much time especially when you are running multiple websites. With Buffer and IFTTT, we can make bookmarking on diigo, delicious and zootool work automatically.

But how can you implement this?

The first thing we need to do is create tasks that triggers when hashtags are used in tweets. For a quick reference, you can check out the recipes here: diigo, delicious, zootool.

To bookmark into diigo, zootool, and delicious, simply include 3 different hashtags (e.g. #bm, #bm1, #bm2) in your tweet. You can use whatever hashtags suitable, but remember to keep them short since we are only limited to 140 chars per tweet. You can do this for LinkedIn and Facebook too.

When I have new posts I prefer to schedule the updates, and I always use Buffer (via Chrome extension) to regulate the updates frequency to FB, Twitter or LinkedIn. When the Buffer extension prompts, I’ll simply type in the hashtags to trigger the tasks.

On many occassions I find myself using Leo’s recipe that sends a bookmarked URL in diigo to Buffer account to be scheduled and posted later. You can use this method on delicious bookmarks too.

Other useful Buffer recipes, include

For a full list of the recipes that I have created, check it out here. I hope these 6 methods using Buffer and IFTTT can push your social media results to a new level!


About the author:

Lincoln writes mainly on internet marketing, social media, blogging tips & guides on his blog. Other than sharing his own blog updates via Google+ and Twitter, you can usually catch him sharing interesting content, ranging from geeky stuff, motivation, social media, tech to internet marketing.

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  • It would be so much more useful if you could select the social service based on each recipe rather than for account overall.

    • I hope I understand your question correctly. Recipes are shared tasks for the public, and so it may not be relevant to everyone. The recipes mentioned above are general templates/tasks, and we can use them as a reference to customize to what we need. 🙂 If you prefer to leverage on a particular social service (e.g. Twitter), you can create all your customized tasks with Twitter as the trigger-channel. Usually I do a search within IFTTT shared recipes to see is there anything I can use before I create.

      • “I think he’s saying” he wants to select multiple social services in one recipe rather than in the channel itself so that you don’t have to create 5 recipes to post the same message across the platforms you use.

  • Great article. It would be great if a blog post like this could be done as a workshop – I know of several small local (HK) businesses who would love to implement this for their social marketing, but they aren’t really technical enough to follow the instructions above – a show and help session might be a great idea to reach out to them.

    • Thank you for the insight on HK. I would love to do it, but unfortunately I’m very tied up at the moment. In the future, I’ll come out with workshops or more videos for clear instructions 🙂

  • Jeff Price

    Why can’t you use IFTTT & Buffer to post to more then one platform (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)? This seems rather counterintuitive for a tool which boasts the ability to post to multiple platforms.

    • Unfortunately that is a limitation at the moment. Hopefully IFTTT can do something about it soon.

      • Jeff Price

        Thanks – I assumed it was a buffer limitation.

      • graffica_info

        Lincoln, do you know if this problem is already fixed? For us it would be a great help.

        • Hello! This has *not* been fixed yet. What exactly are you trying to do? I may be able to share a workaround depending on what you’re looking to do. 🙂

          • Ralph

            This is annoyting but i found an workaround for that.

            1st – Create a trigger that will send content to buffer single profile (e.g. twitter)

            Create e Zapier to get all buffer tweets and create buffer Facebook posts (if Buffer then Buffer)

            You could use Zapier to do all of that, but i really prefer FITTT UX, so i just keep on Zapier what I really needed.

        • this problem is fixed using onlywire you can update up to 50 social website how ever you have to pay for those service 😉

      • Heya Lincoln, I’m curious, do you still have this need? I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. *evil laugh* 🙂

      • sadly it’s still true 🙁 that was my main reason for using buffer. Guess I’ll have to just stick with Google+ since there is no channel yet for that either on IFTTT.

  • share Tips

     i want to say that your work is so good  n it is appreciably. I daily visit your site n i got profit by your tips.

  • Guest

    Can you guys take back the “update button” you removed? Also the text where I see how many tweets more are pending etc. You try to update and you actually destroy useful tools!! Horrible. 

  • Hi!! I need a small help with an issue. I’m currently set a receipe where a new post in my bloggers triggers a update in my FB page. My issue is, the image is not that of the blog post but my blog header image. Is there any way to display the first image in my blog post when it triggers????

    • carokopp

      Hi Sudhaa! Hmm, that’s a good one. It can be a bit tricky to troubleshoot personal recipes since we can’t see the back end of IFTTT, but let’s try. 🙂 We can always bring IFTTT support in if necessary. Can you share the recipe with us so we can take a look?

      • Hi!! Thanks for replying. This is the link to one of my recipes :
        Please let me know if there is a work around for this issue. TIA

      • Thank you so much!!! Now I can see the blog post pic 🙂

        • Anis Narmantika

          I wonder how you manage to accomplish that, Sudhaa..? As I experience the same problem now. Thanks..

  • Dark Vador

    Stupid tools that don’t take into account multi accounting, as a simple example :
    * ifttt not capable of giving the choice on account ;

    * even worse, no possibility to post on 2 different accounts ;

    * even worse, it does not allow creating a combination of postings for the same “if that” (what a losing time approach!)
    And now, without any documentation, I discover that “You’ve exceeded facebook’s daily post limit.” (trying to understand why ma posts are not posted).
    Bullshit as so often…
    Dark Vador

    • Hello Dark Vador! Are you still having this issue? Have you found a workaround? I may be able to help but was curious.

  • Donal O’Conghaile

    I use an IFTTT recipe to automatically add every one of my Facebook page posts to Buffer, which then pushes them out to a Google+ page. Problem is, every post that appears on Google+ has been sliced down to 140 characters. It just trails off with an … and usually cuts off any important links. How can I fix this? I can’t figure it out.

    • Live Ebay

      did you find any solution about this stupid problem?

  • It’s any way to use ifttt to publish in more than one social network? when i link the buffer account i must choose the social nw to use

    • Alphapapa

      A possible work around could include a specific hashtag and then have IFTTT monitor where your Buffer is posting to for that hashtag and then send that to another social network. Purely theory as I have not tried it but with what I have done with IFTTT it seems like it should work.

  • Michael Tomoff

    Thanks for the great post, guys!
    And a question for you (or any other IFTTT pro): Is it possible to put every x article from a RSS feed into Buffer, not every post?

    Thanks for the help in advance!

    • Dave Chapman

      Hi Michael! It looks as though this specific trigger is not available from IFTTT. The options are every new item, or, items with a specific phrase or keyword. More info on that here: 🙂

  • GiochinValle

    Great article.I need a small help with an issue. I use IFTTT & Buffer but I like ask you if it’s possible not insert it in the queue but “share now”

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    Could I connect to more than 1 buffer profile by IFTTT? E.g I would like set IFTTT recipe like: if any new post in wordpress, then put update to buffer (twitter, facebook, linkedin).