Along my Twitter journey there is an incredible bunch of people helping and supporting me on the way.

In this post I tried to narrow down the most valuable lessons I learnt from each of them, I hope you too can learn and start following them from here onwards:


1# @TweetSmarter – Perseverance and humbleness is your road to success

Reaching the top may take a while – don’t stop climbing


If there is only one thing you will take away form this post, then I hope it is you follow and learn from Dave Larson alias @TweetSmarter.

Dave’s passion for Twitter in addition to the non-stop and sustained Twitter presence make him the top person to learn from on Twitter for me. Day in day out, since he joined Twitter with @TweetSmarter in 2008 he is providing his followers with top notch Tips on all things Twitter and Social Media. He is a great example that there are no quick wins on Twitter. Only real commitment and understanding of the environment will bring you further.

Another fascinating point is that even though Dave boasts such a massive account he continues to answer questions from anyone. So feel free to hit him up at any point.


2# @NealSchaffer  – Helping others has never been easier with Twitter

Neal is a great example of how to genuinely look after your followers. Ever since we met he was always supporting us in various ways on Twitter.

He was the first person to tell us that there were performance issues with our site, urging us to fix it as soon as possible. Not only has he introduced many of his friends and followers to Buffer, but he also has given them support on how to use it best.

Being on Twitter gives you a chance to help others fast and in a targeted way. Making use of that more often is highly recommended.



3# @JohnAguiar – Respect needs to prevail – say thank you

John is certainly the person, who taught me first hand that being respectful and thoughtful of others on Twitter can make or break your appearance. Even though he has a huge following of close to 100,000 followers, he takes the time to thank each and every person after retweets.

There was even a small incident, where I ignored Twitter etiquette twice in our interactions and twice he kindly pointed out to me that there is a better way of doing things. As Twitter is so open being respectful for others is more important then anything I believe.



4# @AskAaronLee – Engagement, Engagement oh and, erm Engagement!

Aaron is another true Twitter titan that I believe has had a big impact on how I am doing things on Twitter. The initiatives he takes to create more engagement are fabulous.

He offers simple question rounds where anyone can get in touch and ask him for Twitter tips. He then even takes answers to these questions further and words out his thoughts in posts specifically.

He is also a great watchdog in a way, helping users get a voice for and advising Twitter accounts on businesses to embrace the “social” of Twitter more. Start following and talking to Aaron if you want to finally get great conversations going.



5# @MQTodd – The master twitter list builder


Although there are many different lessons Michael taught me, I believe the one that has stuck most prominently is his emphasis on lists.


I reflected on thismore deeply here and can stress it enough how important this is.

Setting up your lists for interest and thought leader groups is the most vital thing as your follower count grows over time. It will guarantee you can keep an overview about all the things going on and help you to manage things better on Twitter.



6# @Joshva – Tweet only the best things you find

Without doubt, I believe Joshva is tweeting the best and most motivational quotes I have ever seen. Me and Joel, in a break of our co-working days were literally stunned, asking ourselves “How can he get THAT many, THAT amazing quotes day in day out?

Sharing whichever content, be it news, quotes or other, always needs to come with high quality. After all you are branding yourself through the things you share. Joshva’s style of only picking the best of the best things you come across has impressed me mightily. It is the same route I want to take.



7# @Kikolani – Your Twitter strategy is not a state, it’s a process

What I have particularly appreciated about Kirsti’s Twitter strategy is that she doesn’t see it as a one time setting you put up and then forget. You test it, you play around and you observe what is working best for you.


In her case she went from automating a large amount of tweets vie Twitterfeed, back to a more personalized form of Tweeting again, simply because she felt she lost some engagement.

Admitting to yourself that you are not getting out of Twitter and changing it accordingly is probably the best reward you can give yourself



8# @MackCollier – Never fake it, there is only one You

Mack is a fantastic example of how to keep a large community and following continually engaged. It is not least for his efforts in creating the fantastic #blogchat. It is an incredible crowdsourced project where a lot of influential Twitter users contribute their thoughts.

The best part is definitely that you can always see that Mack is doing it by simply staying his true self. He is never hyping anything up, nor does it feel he gets carried away by his success. If you like what you do and do it passionately, then Twitter will certainly help you to spread the word. It is definitely the route I want to continue to go down.


Connecting and conversing with these people has taught me many valuable things about Twitter. I hope you can take a few things away for your own Twitter strategy too from them.

Which Twitter users have you learned form the most?

Photocredit: Keoki Seu

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder and COO at Buffer. I enjoy working on company culture, customer development and marketing. For more personal posts, check out leostartsup.

  • Thank you Leo – I am honored, especially to literally be “on the same page” with so many that I know and respect on Twitter. Looking forward to many great things ahead for all of us!

    • Hi Neal, you are very welcome. I think it was just about time to give a little bit back to all the amazing people I have learned from. 🙂 

  • Thanks for including me in your list!  I definitely like the idea of taking the occasional look at your social strategy and making anywhere from small changes to experimenting with radical ones to see what works the best!  Also a lot of other great advice here too – I think everyone can definitely take something from these lessons!

    • Hi Kristi, thanks for stopping by.

      Yep, you definitely got me thinking with your posts and I have started to tweak a few things with my own strategy ever since. 

      Glad you like the other lessons here too. 🙂

  • Leo.. Thanks for adding me to your post.  Good to see that with Twitter, there only a few core things you need to do to succeed.

    I think everyone on your list does everything the others do added to their main focus to really succeed.

    Happy to say I follow most of the people on the list and all great people. 🙂

    • Hi John, thanks for your comment.

      Yes, I think you are very right, it is quite simple really, yet sometimes the simple things are overlooked. 

      Absolutely, great point, I believe everyone knows all these things very well, just tried to assign a few things which I believe stood out particularly. 

  • Thanks, Leo—definitely a great group to be included in 🙂

    • Hi Dave, great to see you here, no worries, I have to be thankful for having you as someone I know and can speak highly of :).

  • Mighty List to follow 🙂 some of them I do and some I need to but even @twitter-110821538:disqus has been a great influencer for us on twitter. I am amazed by two things first with your energy to reach out everywhere and second the madness to discover lovely twitter apps. The first one is a definitely a lesson to be learnt. Keep the good work going and lets make Twitter a better place.  

    • Prasant, fantastic to see you here.

      Wow, thanks for the kind words buddy, really glad you like those things. Absolutely, we will do our best to make Twitter a better place, won’t we? 🙂

      Talk to you soon! 🙂

  • Awesome stuff Leo.Thanks and will check out these guys more based on your recommendations.
    Yeah I am big on lists not so much because I am an organised guy but because they offer so much leverage of contacts you have made, they brand you, they enable you to connect people and endorse them and more and more and more!
    Love how you are embracing Twitter and seeking out mentors as you progress. Shows a humble and well thought out approach

    • Michael, it’s great to see you here. Absolutely, it is just like you say, this is the only way to stay connected with a large amount of people. The more I use lists, the more evident it becomes! 

      Thanks for the kind words Michael, I really appreciate that. Yes, I think I just don’t have the knowledge myself and the only way is to engage with others and learn from them. 🙂

      Talk to you soon! 

    • Sorry, that should have come from my personal account of course:

      Michael, it’s great to see you here. Absolutely, it is just like you say, this is the only way to stay connected with a large amount of people. The more I use lists, the more evident it becomes! 

      Thanks for the kind words Michael, I really appreciate that. Yes, I think I just don’t have the knowledge myself and the only way is to engage with others and learn from them. 🙂

      Talk to you soon!

  • Have been going through following and sometimes listing all the people that have commented or tweeted this post. What has been incredicle is the diversity of nationalities of those people. I love this so much

    • oh right, I see, that is great news to know that the people tweeting are so diverse! Thanks for the heads up, didn’t know! 

      Absolutely, it is brilliant 🙂

  • Wow this is a great post! It was good to see the face of TweetSmarter! We’ve tweeted with each other a few times but good to see his face. All the others, of course – awesome gallery of great people in one place.  Thank you so much for this. Sign me up 😀

    • Anni, thanks a lot for stopping by. That is great to hear, absolutely, @QuantumGood:disqus is the awesome guy behind @TweetSmarter:twitter and I thought posting a pic will go nicely. 

      Oh fantastic, yes Dave emphasises that they are always very approachable, no matter how big they are/get. 

      Glad you liked the post 🙂  

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