You post to your Facebook page, hoping you’ve hit upon something that works.

How great would it be know that the post you just published had the best chance of maximizing clicks, likes, and comments.

Facebook posts especially—given the dramatic dip in reach—can feel like a mystery. How do you create the perfect Facebook post? Does the perfect Facebook post even exist?

I went looking for answers and came across a heap of best practices and examples of what goes into a perfect Facebook post. Check out the results below, test out the tips and strategies on your own posts, and watch your Facebook stats climb.


The Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook Post

Right off the top, here’s what I found as the five ingredients that go into a perfect Facebook post. I’ll dive into more detail on each of these further down in the article.

A perfect Facebook post:

  1. is a link
  2. is brief—40 characters or fewer, if you can swing it
  3. gets published at non-peak times
  4. follows other posts on a regular schedule
  5. timely and newsworthy

Several Facebook pages have found great success with this particular style of post. Take this one from The Muse, for example (a Facebook page that routinely engages 50 percent of its fans per post). It nails the elements of post type, length, and imagery.


Of course, as with all of the best practices mentioned below, you can take them as a jumping off point to your own experiments and tests. I’ll be testing them, too, on the Buffer page and looking forward to sharing with you the results later on.

Let’s get into a bit more detail about each perfect ingredient.

1. A perfect Facebook post is a link post

The data here is pretty compelling:

Link posts that use the built-in Facebook link format receive twice as many clicks compared to links typed into a photo update.

The data comes from Facebook itself, which performed studies on the number of clicks for different post types. Their findings suggest that link format trumps photos, and their guidelines point to a post type—status, photo, link, video—that fits the story.

When sharing content on Facebook, the choice is often between sharing as a link and sharing as a photo. It would seem the best results will come from links.

So what does a link post look like compared to a photo post?

And how can you publish one and not the other?

Link posts take advantage of meta tags from the webpage, including information on the page’s title, description, and photos. When you paste a link into the update box on your Facebook page, Facebook will pull this information in automatically and place it in a link format. Here’s an example from the Buffer page.


Photo posts require that you upload and attach a photo to your update. The photo stands alone, underneath the custom text that you choose to add. You can include a link in the custom text as well (these are the links that fail to get the better click rate compared to link posts).

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11.03.56 AM

The way to create a link post might not be immediately clear from the update composer on Facebook. When you’re writing a new update, you won’t see an icon to enter a link. The options up top are for Status, Photo/Video, and Offer/Event.

facebook page composer

To share a link, copy and paste a URL into the composer window.

After a second or two, Facebook will display the link’s meta information—title, description, and photo.

Once this happens, you can delete the URL out of the composer window and type in your own catchy intro.


To get things looking exactly right with the link that you share, you can control the text and image by editing the open graph tags on your page. We’ve written here about how this whole process works, and if you want to check your progress before publishing an update, you can plug in your URL into the Facebook Open Graph Debugger tool to get a preview (and check to see what might need fixing).

As far as what to type (and how much to say), there’s a perfect amount for that, too.

2. A perfect Facebook post is short, as little 40 characters if at all possible

Posts at this length tend to receive a higher like rate and comment rate—in other words, more engagement. 

A Buddy Media study of 100 top on Facebook found that 40 characters or fewer receives the most engagement on average (it also happens that these ultra short posts are the least frequent types of posts on Facebook).

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 6.02.22 AM

Other studies have confirmed the “shorter is better” maxim. BlitzLocal studied 11,000 Facebook pages and found that engagement increased as posts got shorter. Track Social noticed the same effect in its study: So-called “tiny” posts of zero to 70 characters saw the most likes, comments, and responses.


Forty characters doesn’t sound like much. What type of a message can you fit into your post with so little space?

Here are a couple examples:

moz FB example

(27 characters)

Fortune example FB

(48 characters)

And keep in mind that you’ll also get to use the link’s title and description text to entice readers to click, comment, and engage. The 40-character intro is more of a teaser, supplemented by the text in the link itself.

3. A perfect Facebook post is sent at non-peak hours

The thought process goes like this: You compete with hundreds of thousands of posts to be seen in the Facebook News Feeds of your fans. If you post your updates when few others are posting, your updates stand a better chance of making it through.

We’ve referred to this “Late Night Infomercial Effect” before. And Track Maven found some data to back it up.

In their study of 5,800 pages and over 1.5 million posts, Track Maven came up with best practices and advice for brands. Among the tips, post on Saturdays and Sundays and post after regular work hours.

In order to land a spot on a user’s Facebook News Feed, try shifting your scheduling strategy from posting during the most popular times in the workweek to the most effective times.


The best window for a workday is 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time. For another bump in engagement, try posting on the weekend.

Here’s a helpful infographic, created by HubSpot and Track Maven.


4. A perfect Facebook post is part of a consistent sharing strategy

Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster analyzed data on 8,000 Facebook pages (data courtesy of AgoraPulse) to identify how brands were impacted by the apparent drop in organic reach. They came away with some intriguing stats (more than 70 percent of pages had a 30 percent or more decline in organic reach) and some best practices from the handful of pages that are succeeding.

In particular, they focused on four pages that had found success and the four characteristics that each page had in common:

  1. They target an audience with a strong passion
  2. They publish very good content (at least, very good for their target audience)
  3. They publish very consistently (at least once a day, often more)
  4. They get a LOT of shares (thanks to the 3 points above), and shares are what offers the highest level of “viral” visibility for a page’s content.

Let’s assume you have an audience that is passionate about your page (which is why they became fans, right?).

Let’s also assume that you are publishing good content.

What’s the key third ingredient?


The successful pages in this study posted at least once a day, creating an expectation among its fans of consistent, quality content. There are several ways of staying on schedule with your Facebook posts; set up a content calendar or sign up for a free scheduler like Buffer. Then start filling your queue with quality content.

5. A perfect Facebook post includes a newsworthy element (optional)

This last point might not apply to some brands whose content and industry don’t lend itself well to timeliness. Still …

If there’s ever a way to slip in a newsworthy angle to your Facebook post, do so.

Facebook’s latest tweaks to its News Feed algorithm give a slight boost to timely, trending topics.

We’ve heard feedback that there are some instances where a post from a friend or a Page you are connected to is only interesting at a specific moment, for example when you are both watching the same sports game, or talking about the season premiere of a popular TV show.

Facebook is making this update in two ways:

  1. Factoring in trending topics
  2. Looking at when people like or comment on a post

The first element is related to Facebook’s “trending” section of the site, which identifies topics and conversations that are popular among users.


The second element factors in the rate at which users are liking or commenting on a post. Facebook currently looks at total number of likes and comments as a factor in whether or not to display a post in the News Feed. With this latest update, another consideration will be when those likes and comments occur.

What does your perfect Facebook post look like?

Hopefully these best practices have given you some ideas on what to test with your Facebook marketing strategy.

  • Do you get more engagement when you share an optimized link or a photo?
  • What is your perfect Facebook character count?
  • Can you get more reach by posting at night and on the weekends?

I’d love to hear how these tests go for you and if you’ve found perfect practices for your Facebook page already. Please do share in the comments!

Image sources: Icon Finder, Blurgrounds, Startup Stock Photos, PlaceIt, HubSpot, Facebook, Orbit Media, SumAll

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Written by Kevan Lee

Director of marketing at Buffer, the social media publishing tool for brands, agencies, and marketers. We’ve got a new podcast! ?

  • Hey Kevan. Awesome post as always.

    The link posts is an interesting tip. When I post from Buffer does it still show the post the same? I often find to get the most from Facebook you need to post ‘on’ Facebook and not from other tools?

    • Hi Todd! Thanks for the comment! That’s a great question. Yes, when you post from Buffer, the app will grab the link style and formatting just the same as it would if you had posted from Facebook. 🙂

      Very interesting insight about your experience posting “on” FB versus posting from other tools. I suppose this could be part of Facebook’s algorithm, though I have no evidence for that. It’s certainly not something we’ve ever heard concretely. Sounds great that you’re experimenting with this to find what works best for you and your page!

      • Ah that’s cool. We post all our FB content through Buffer so we’ll try out some post links for a while too.

        Test, test test again. The online world keeps changing so we have to too!

        • TakeActionWAHM

          In my experience, FB isn’t crazy about 3rd party schedulers. However, other people who do a lot more testing than I do have said that once they started posting regularly from 3rd party schedulers, the reach/engagement picked back up.

          One thing that many of us have noticed is that FB definitely rewards consistency. If you do the same number of posts at the same times of day for a period of time, numbers tend to improve.

          • Thanks for the advice here! This sounds like something we can maybe run some tests, too, to see what effect 3rd party tools have! 🙂

          • We find that Facebook works well through Buffer since turning off the shortened URL. It now posts the lovely image and description from the web page just like it would from FB.

            The only thing we’d like improved is the ability to NOT share the actual link in the text. When we share on FBS we usually delete this after its loaded.

          • TakeActionWAHM

            Todd – do you get the same reach and engagement posting to FB through Buffer as you do when you post directly to Facebook?

    • Jennifer Kesler

      I often find when I just quickly share something a friend posted which is on topic for one of my pages, that share usually performs better than all my Buffer content. I had thought it was because that share was just popular already, but it could be the tool. Not sure how to test and pinpoint the difference!

  • Another great insight Kevan! Really enjoy seeing the examples you provide alongside the points – especially of those brands executing precisely as you suggest works best.

    One thing it made me question – is where does the emotional connection you’ve already established with your audience come into play?

    It’s a very difficult aspect to measure or provide definitive actionable advice on, but I would hazard a guess that if a customer/fan is emotionally engaged enough with your brand, engagement levels will be much higher almost irrespective of post-length/type.

    For instance – Buffer does a fantastic job of really connecting with people. And as a result, people like myself are many times more likely to interact than with a post from another company. Who might follow all the same rules, but which I’m not emotionally invested in.

    • Hi Douglas! Thanks for the comment. This makes a lot of sense, and I’d love to figure out a way to test and report the effect here. I love your hypothesis! We’ve definitely seen this in spots throughout our social media channels. Thanks for adding this element to the conversation!

  • Thanks for the awesome research, Kevan.

    One thing that I found interesting is that Point #2 advises that you keep your posts around 40 characters, but the infographic under Point #3 suggests using at least 80 words or more. Interesting that this seems like it’s conflicting advice. What are your thoughts?

    • Hi Kevin! Thanks for the comment. That’s a great question. 🙂 If I’m not mistaken, the two numbers even come from the same research study! Go figure. 🙂 The study was mentioned by Jeff Bullas, and his takeaway from the numbers were that posts of 80 characters in length had higher engagement than longer posts. The specifics of the study pointed to 40-character-or-less posts being the ones with the highest engagement, although these made up a very small portion of the updates in the study. So I think it might be a matter of interpretation? 80 characters is probably the safest point at which to say you can expect higher engagement. 40 characters has the numbers to back up its claim, too, just maybe not the volume of data behind it.

      Hope this helps clarify things a bit!

      • benjamteal

        The infographic actually says 80 WORDS, not 80 characters. There’s is a very wide gulf between 80 words and 40 characters, and would be considered a fairly long post to Kevin’s point. That’s exactly twice as long as this comment.

      • Thanks, Kevan!


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  • Hans Lak

    Hey Kevan thank you! so basicly we should post like we are using Twitter? LOL !
    My best picture had more than 600.000 likes…my best video has been shared 240.000 times….on Facebook its all about the CONTENT! Content is king!
    The right content at the right moment…. and the right people in your community the people who love to SHARE…..

    • Hi Hans! Thanks for the comment! Yes, it does feel a little like Twitter, doesn’t it? 🙂 Great to hear your take on the role of content in successful FB posts. Thanks!

  • Awesome article, Kevan with great insight! I’d definitely be interested to try shorter posts. Is there any data to support how effective hashtags are on Facebook as well? I always bounce between using them and not using them to see if there’s a difference, and if it warrants their usage on FB.

    On my personal page – I also find it interesting that when I make a post PUBLIC it gets LESS traction than if it were for “just friends” which always trips me up.

    • Hi Casie! Thanks for the comment! That’s a great question. I think from the research I’ve seen that it seems hashtags don’t have a big effect on Facebook reach. Some reports even say they can hurt reach. Here’s a link to some of the research I’ve found:

      We’ve used hashtags in some of our FB posts, placing them at the very end, kind of like what you might see on Google+. Often, this part of the FB update gets truncated when in the News Feed, so you get the benefit of classifying your post with hashtags without any effects of turning people away with too much hashtag use. Just a theory we’re working on anyway. Would love to hear your experience with it!

  • Kevan, do you have experience with big and useful posts, not «links with 40 symbols description»?

    • Hi Arseniy! Thanks for the comment. We’ve experimented with many different styles on the Buffer blog. Probably the ones that most align with “big and useful” would be the ones where we write a headline, full URL, teaser, and hashtags. I know others like Mari Smith tend to write longer as well. In my experience, these posts have not outperformed any other type of post on a consistent basis, so we’ve moved on to some other tests. Could very well be our audience, though!

      • Thanks, Kevan!

        But I mean some another thing… I mean really big and almost full publications right on facebook. Like text of this article from «You post to your Facebook page, hoping you’ve hit upon something that works.» to «2. A perfect Facebook post is short, as little 40 characters if at all possible» with something like «Read full article please if you interested:» after. Or maybe post with bigger part of article. (With or without picture.)

        Example you attached looks like variegated a little, these post doesn’t look like single, unified. No focus to main imho.

        P.S. I need more experience with English language to write more accurately 🙂

  • Arvindra Singh Kanwal

    Kevan for me Links are working out the worst and Video and Status shares the best .I have a page with 1700 Likes .If you have the time check and I am attaching a snapshot of my insights here .Love to know what I am missing and why Links are not doing the trick

    • Thanks, Arvindra! I appreciate the insight here. Seems like video and statuses are a great option for your audience. It could be that these will be the best, regardless of the best practice to share a link. Browsing through your page, I noticed a few link posts that looked really well-formatted and sharp. You compose updates really well – I think if you carried some of the composition from photo/video posts over to the link posts, you could have some neat experiments to try. Hope this helps!

  • GREAT post @kevanlee:disqus, definitely a lot of golden nuggets here! The non peak hour is definitely working for a lot of people, Jon Loomer made a study about this and found that he even got more engagement in the middle of night his time. But he has a highly international audience. Great infographic too 🙂
    I’d add that there’s not always a one size fits all for everything, for example, Mari Smith does publish VERY long post and manages to get pretty decent engagement. At the end of the day, it’s always a good idea to experiment.

    • Thanks, Emeric! I love how some AgoraPulse data helped inform some of the practices here. Great point about the “perfect” post being a bit different for everyone. Mari Smith is a great example!

  • Arvindra Singh Kanwal

    Kevan the Snapshot ,did not attach to the earlier Post.Here it is .Hope you have the bandwidth to comment back

  • Whoa! Thanks for this very comprehensive post. Our fans are mostly teenagers and are in school. I wonder if the 5:00 pm to 1:00 am time frame works as well.

    Recently, our Facebook page has seen a significant growth. It grew from 15K likes to 25K likes in almost four weeks. The increase in fans and engagement happened when I really understood the demographics of our fans and brainstormed the types of post they like.

    Now, what I want to work on next is to bring in our Facebook fans to our app. We are already experiencing a bit of this. But if we could bring in more people from our page, that would be awesome! Do you have any tips on the best strategies of using Facebook page to get more users in an app?

    • Hi Irene! Thanks for the comment! Sounds like you’ve got a really excellent strategy in place. Am I right in assuming that you’re looking for more clicks from Facebook back to your website/app? That’s a great one – and one we’ve thought a lot about here at Buffer, too! Do you have a blog or original content on your site? That’s one thing that’s been really helpful for us. Also, there’re a lot of helpful ratios to consider where you could split your posting of others’s content with posting of your own promotion:

      Hope I’m in the ballpark with these tips! Thanks!

      • Unfortunately, we don’t have a blog yet. I’ve been hounding our co-founder to get the blog started. I guess I’m on the right track all along. 😀 Thanks so much for the recommended reading. I’ll go check it out. And thanks for taking the time to reply. Have a great weekend!

  • Fantastic post Kevan, very useful!

    • Thanks, Francisco!

  • Ben Travis

    Thanks, Kevan. That was a great read on Facebook posts with real actionable insights. As always, I appreciate your work driven by data!

    • HI Ben! Thanks for the comment! Really glad you enjoyed this one. 🙂


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  • Kevan,

    We post links to our blog updates (of course!) twice a week, informational posts (often scheduled from the buffer app itself), something “fun” once or twice a week, rerun a successful post from a month ago (or longer) once a week, and post an inspirational quote (with our without a picture) once a week.

    The content we link is always of great quality. It follows these guidelines (for the most part).

    But the views we get are consistently highest with inspirational quotes–even without a picture. It gets frustrating because taking the time to create and promote great content, or sharing others’ great content, seems to go unnoticed. What do you think? Something better we could do, or is it an algorithm thing? Great post, though–full of tips we can all consider to do a little better!

    • Hi there! Thanks for the comment! Great question. It sounds like you’ve hit on something that works really well – just maybe not optimal for the time/effort you’re putting into original content. My intuition would be that the inspirational quotes is a Facebook-wide preference – those tend to do really well across the board on most accounts (we’ve experienced a bit of the same). One thought I had is to maybe mix an inspirational quote with a link to your story? If the two go together, of course. 🙂

      • Thanks for the suggestion! It’s good to hear (in a way) that this tends to be what many people experience. Your suggestion is a good one–that shouldn’t be too difficult to try 🙂

  • Jennifer Kesler

    This post is a huge help. That said, a couple of weeks ago, I followed all the advice in this post, and at first things were getting better, but then reach got worse and engagement followed. Because things had improved at first, I assumed most of the recommendations in this post were working for me and I just needed to isolate the 1 or 2 that weren’t.

    The first thing to jump out at me is that my peak times according to Insights don’t match the graph here (my content has a bit of an evening/night slant). So I looked at my most engaged (mainly, clicked, as that’s what’s important to me) posts over the last few months and grouped them together by the hour. I found the hours of 7am, 8am, 12pm and 4pm are when I get the most clicks. For my pages, these are all off-peak hours, so that rule does seem to hold up. I’ve changed my schedule to these hours but retained all the other changes from this post, and we’ll see how it goes.

    Just sharing this in case someone else has similar issues. While a lot of this data, such as which post-type Facebook prefers, applies to everybody, it’s inevitable that some pages will be unique and it’s up to us to figure out how to apply the data meaningfully.

  • JFlender

    I do not agree at all with Point Number 3! In the new algorithm Facebook also includes the engagement generated since the post has been made. If you do not get quickly engagement on your post, it loses visibility on people’s news feed. The ideal moment to post your content is to post it when you fans are the most active. Some tools are available to determine what is the most active moment of the day where you fans are the most active.

    • Makes a lot of sense! Thanks so much for adding this perspective. I can definitely see the value in trying to maximize engagement by maximizing the amount of your audience that’s online!

  • Excellent post Kevan. Link posts are great. We usually leave the link in the description, then if appropriate, add 2 relevant hashtags to increase relevant reach. More times than not, they are hidden below the see more.

    Our goal with all post descriptions is to work with the link title and description to drive clicks. It’s hard to understate how much a compelling image on a link post can drive reach and engagement.

  • Madhu

    When I post a message with a link on facebook, I get the image from the link and may be title of the post I am trying to share, which makes the post quite attractive. However, when I post through buffer, I am only able to see the link. I know, we can always attach images, but that doesn’t really work as the image is non-clickable.

    • Hi there Madhu! Thank you for the comment! Sorry to hear your Buffer experience hasn’t been ideal. I think I’ve noticed something similar to you. When you compose a FB message in the Buffer dashboard, you don’t exactly see it the way it will appear on Facebook. Totally understand this can be a bit confusing! From my experience, the end result on Facebook is the same as it would be if you were to have shared directly on Facebook. Hope that helps!

  • Shannon Bachar

    This post was extremely helpful. I often find myself fixated on the best times to post, and don’t stop to think that everyone else is trying to post at those times as well. I’m going to try a different route like advised, and see if posting on an off-time will increase traffic.

    Thanks for the useful information!

  • Nice Tips. I am most likely to share this on
    I was looking to do it as well and i am gertting some success doing it as well.

  • thanks for Awesome post

  • drycus

    I’ve been trying to get my clients to understand the “less is more” rule with posts bc they want to include paragraphs of info on each post. The research about shorter lengths was helpful, but then in the “Nuts and Bolts” research, it says 80+ words garner more engagement. Aren’t those counter to each other?

  • Kasia Perzyńska

    Thx for this post, I am going to test it out and I hope there will be an improvement 🙂

  • Brenda gayle

    Thanks that was great read on facebook post. appreciation for you.

  • yanjideng
  • Marketing Sweet

    Brilliant article. Thanks Kevan for sharing. It’s interesting to see that great content and consistency are always the two most important and successful elements of a perfect post on all social media platforms.

  • I’ve been doing some work where if we have a broad audience and we’re writing something that will be of interest to them, I address that up front – “Hello time pressed writers” or “Time pressed writer? This just in…” – this means I’m being aware of the different subgroups in a community and increases overall engagement and click through, than just putting it out there.

    Has anyone else found something similar working for them?

  • This is interesting read, thanks for dozen tips! Hope we don’t lose organic reach on FB

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