5 Customer Experience Metrics Every Successful Company Tracks

This is a guest post by Amar Zagorica from Helpjuice, makers of awesome knowledge base software. More about Amar at the bottom of the post. 

We respond to 93% of our customer support emails  within 5 minutes!

Caught your attention, right? That’s one of the beautiful things about knowing  and promoting your company’s metrics, they grab attention and draw customers to you.

One of the best ways to accelerate your support and provide an exceptional customer experience is to understand what your customers want and need from your company. You don’t need to necessarily ask them straight out, tracking metrics gives an unbiased and honest representation of their overall experience and satisfaction.

“It’s like a cheat sheet!”

In parallel, you could be measuring your performance, to determine what is working and what needs improvement. For example, how many times you answer the same support email; If it’s too much, you might want to automate it using some kind of knowledge base/faq for customers.

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