Update: Our pricing has changed quite a bit since the Awesome Plan was announced in June 2012.  We’ve updated this post, and you can also find the new Awesome plan details here and our new Buffer for Business plans here

It’s been a fun last few weeks here at Buffer HQ and we very happy to announce a brand new plan for you today: The Awesome Plan.

We sat down and thought a lot about how we can provide the best product for you. How we can simplify what we have right now and produce a more seamless experience. This is what we came up with, take a look:

What’s the Awesome Plan?

The Awesome Plan is the first of our two paid plans at Buffer (the second, expanded plan is our Buffer for Business tier). The Awesome Plan is the exact same price as the previous Pro plan—10 bucks a month, or $102 per year if paid in advance (a 15% savings!)—it is packed with a lot of useful, premium features and Buffer goodness for you.

If you grab the Buffer Awesome Plan, here is what you will get:

  • 100 updates in your queues
  • 10 social profiles to connect, either Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ or LinkedIn
  • Create multiple schedules (e.g., one for week days, one for weekends)
  • 15 RSS feeds of content, per profile
  • Filtered analytics—sort your updates according to post type and performance
  • Unlimited hugs from the Buffer team. 🙂

Awesome Plan

Our vision at Buffer, what’s next?

The simple problem we want to solve with Buffer is to help you share better from wherever you are.  To make it easier to share to the right social network. To make the timing of your posts smarter. And to make you and your appearance on your social networks consistent and packed with awesome for your friends and followers.

To do this, we are partnering with tons of major apps, like Reeder, Pocket and IFTTT to make Buffering from anywhere easier for you.

Where do you read articles which you want to share in Buffer but can’t right now? We’d love to hear from you: drop us an email or comment below.

FAQs you might have

I’m on Premium, what happens to me?

With the new Buffer Awesome Plan, there is no more Premium plan available for new users. However, if you already are a Premium user right now, we will keep you on that plan for as long as you want.

If you feel the Awesome Plan is more suitable for you now, you can of course cancel any time and grab the Awesome Plan instead. Just head to the Awesome Plan page and you can change it within seconds.

I’m on Pro, what happens to me?

You are now on the Buffer Awesome Plan. You will have all the extra features available right away, with unlimited posts in all your Buffer queues, up to 12 social profiles connected and 2 team members per social account.

You can change your credit card details or cancel at any time, from the Awesome Plan page too. It’s awesome to have you on board! 🙂

I’m on Free, what happens to me?

That’s great, we love you in the exact same way and are very happy to have you on free forever!

We hope to have many more free users like you in the future on Buffer and help you make your sharing easier.

If you are really enjoying Buffer, you can of course Go Awesome or tell your friends.

Even more features …

In addition to the Awesome Plan, you can also sign up for Buffer for Business, which comes with a huge selection of additional, expanded tools for you.

  • Advanced analytics, including exports, charts, graphs, and insights!
  • Team member support — collaborate on social media with your teammates
  • Groups — share to multiple profiles with one-click

The Business plan starts at $50 per month, and we’d be so happy to accommodate whichever team size makes the most for you. Depending on your needs, we have plans for small, medium, and large businesses, each with their own pricing and upgrades.

Any questions?

We’d be so happy to assist!

Reach out to us any time—we’re a worldwide team, excited to jump in and help out whenever we can.

Email us any time at hello@buffer.com or catch us on Twitter @buffer.

Over to you now

What do you think about the new Awesome Plan? Do you have any suggestions on what you want to see next? Drop us a note below or email us any time hello@bufferapp.com

Save time managing your social media

Easily schedule and share your content across multiple social networks using Buffer.

Get started for free!
Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder and COO at Buffer. I enjoy working on company culture, customer development and marketing. For more personal posts, check out leostartsup.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexwain Alex Wain

    This is great thanks Leo, the unlimited stacks is a massive win.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Alex, so great to hear from you and really appreciate the kind words, so glad the unlimited stacks are handy! 🙂 

  • http://dannybrown.me/ Danny Brown

    Love, love, love. 🙂

    Now, about you and @JugnooMe:twitter 🙂

    • Anonymous

      yay, so glad you love it Danny, indeed, looking forward to that integration! 🙂 

      • http://dannybrown.me/ Danny Brown

         Should be in the next update, sir. And then would love to loop back round with you about that further discussion when your time is yours again. 😉

  • http://windmillnetworking.com/ Neal Schaffer

    Still waiting for you guys to integrate with 1) Sprout Social and 2) Triberr. Oh, let me add Instagram to that!!!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Neal, thanks a bunch for stopping by here!

      We’d love to integrate with them for sure, will shoot a quick email to both of them right away. Instagram sounds awesome too, will do my best! 🙂 

    • http://dannybrown.me/ Danny Brown

       We’re adding to @JugnooMe:twitter in our next update *cough* 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/petertrapasso Peter Trapasso

    This is really great news guys.  Thanks!

    I thought I was pro, but now I am Awesome!



    • Anonymous

      Hi Peter, so great to have you on board and indeed you are Awesome! 🙂

      • http://www.facebook.com/petertrapasso Peter Trapasso

        Thank you Leo! Hope to to meet you guys back in San Francisco some day.

        Feature request top priority – You must allow us to add our Pinterest accounts!

        Pinterest is the hottest thing and defining visual search.

        thank you,


  • http://juleswebb.com/ Jules Webb

    Awesome new plan! I’m loving the unlimited buffer, and looking forward to G+ integration 😉

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jules, thanks so much for the kind words, glad you like it! Yes, G+ is coming real soon, we are just waiting for their API to be released! 🙂 

  • Jeff Rutherford

    G+, G+, G+, G+, and Zite integration. You get those two things baked into Buffer and y’all will be absolutely perfect.

    Until then, I’ll keep using Buffer every day and figuring out wonky manual workflows for G+ and Zite 🙂

    Keep up the great work Buffer team!!

    • http://www.HubSpot.com Dharmesh Shah

      Absence of G+ integration is not really Buffer’s fault.  Google has not yet released a publish API for G+ yet.  Not sure why, but it doesn’t exist.

      • Anonymous

        Hi Jeff, thanks a bunch for stopping by. We really want to integrate with G+ and it’s just like Dharmesh mentioned, we are just waiting for their API to be released now! 🙂

        Definitely, I hope we can have a nice surprise for you regarding Zite real soon! What always helps is if you want to drop them a brief note on Twitter (http://twitter.com/zite) and tell them that’d you’d like Buffer as part of their app, we’ll jump in then! 

  • http://www.s-consult.com Wayne Schulz

    This is a very welcome change. Thank you. 

    • Anonymous

      Hi Wayne, awesome to hear it! 🙂 

  • Scottkleinberg

    I’m a huge Buffer fan. I would love to see one click to my buffer from Instapaper and from Tweetbot. That’s my go to Twitter app on my iPhone.

    Another thing and this is a little different – there’s no way to add or change times in the settings in the iPhone app. Is that something that’s coming soon?

    Thanks very much.

    • Jeff Rutherford

      I agree re: Instapaper and Tweetbot.

      • http://www.eenmanierom.nl/ Patrick Mackaaij

        Pocket is a good alternative for Instapaper and supports Buffer.

        • Anonymous

          Hi Jeff, definitely, Great idea! Tweetbot is slick and it makes perfect sense to Buffer from there. You’re not the first to mention it. We hope to make it happen soon, but if you want to help us and improve the chances of us making it happen, it’d be great if you reach out to Tweetbot directly (best to Tweet them: http://twitter.com/tweetbot) and tell them how much you want Buffer inside Tweetbot  If you mention us (@bufferapp) as well, we can jump in and say we’d like to make it happen. It’s a much stronger signal for other apps if it comes from loyal users.

          Regarding Instapaper, the same applies as above, and as Patrick mentioned, Pocket already has native Buffer integration! 🙂 

          • http://timbroder.com Tim Broder

            Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll do this too

      • http://www.buildandbalance.com/ Michael_N

        Hmm, Instapaper does sound good. I’d also like to see Buffer made available for BlackBerry. Yes, I know I’m a dinosaur, but I like my Torch and it would be more ‘awesome’ with Buffer on it. Keep up the good work guys! 

    • http://sobreaweb.posterous.com/ José Tavares

      I can add an ifttt recipe so that you send your favorite Instapaper articles to Buffer…

  • http://www.commstrategies.com/ Joel Don

    Great move for a great service.  Any plans to add a one-click option to move a scheduled item to the top of the queue (rather than having to manually *drag* it to next out position)?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Joel,

      Great to hear from you and thanks a lot for stopping by. 

      Definitely, that sounds like a great idea, I think adding something to the top of the queue would be really handy. Now we just have to think of how we could make this very user friendly, will brainstorm on that!

      • http://www.commstrategies.com/ Joel Don

        Leo, if you take a look at Timley (http://www.timely.is), that service has a simple one-click function called “Move To Top.”  Test it out, it’s very handy.  It would be a nice addition to Buffer.  Timely, on the other hand, doesn’t offer the ability to drag scheduled items around to re-order the queue.  Both functions, IMO, is the best of both worlds.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rachel.oreilly.792 Rachel O’Reilly

      Yes we would love that function too – thanks both Joels : )

  • Anonymous

    Would love to see integration with feedly. Couldn’t be happier with the Pro plan and the Awesome plan updates are sweet!

    • Anonymous

      Hi @eppand:disqus , thanks a ton for stopping by here, we’d love to integrate with Feedly! 

      Feedly is slick and it makes perfect sense to Buffer from there. You’re not the first to mention it. We hope to make it happen soon, but if you want to help us and improve the chances of us making it happen, it’d be great if you reach out to them directly (best to Tweet them: http://twitter.com/feedly) and tell them how much you want Buffer inside Feedly  If you mention us (@bufferapp) as well, we can jump in and say we’d like to make it happen. It’s a much stronger signal for other apps if it comes from loyal users.

  • Jimmie

    Love it, of course! More Buffer goodness for no additional money! I’m feeling even better about my $10 per month.
    Can’t wait for you guys to be able integrate G+. (I know that’s on their end.) I can buffer from anywhere I want — Safari, Tweetings for iPhone/iPad, Twitter itself, Google Reader. Can’t think of anywhere I can’t!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jimmie,

      Fantastic to hear from you and yes, that’s exactly what this is about!

      G+ is high up on our list, we are just waiting for the API to be released now. 🙂

      Haha, well, hope to have some new goodies available for you real soon, maybe some new apps to discover then! 🙂

  • http://www.buildandbalance.com/ Michael_N

    Leo, What I’d really like to be able to do is add a post to my Buffer, then, if I don’t like the next time slot available, do a quick skip of that one and slot my update in the following one. I know this sounds a little weird, but sometimes I want to save my first Facebook slot for a native post and I can’t add to my Facebook Buffer before that first slot lapses because Buffer automatically populates it and won’t let me skip it. Does this make sense?

    Loving my new Awesome plan! 

    • Anonymous

      Hi Michael,

      Great to hear from you and that’s an awesome suggestion, similar to what @joeldon:disqus has explained below! We definitely want to brainstorm on that and see how we can make it more user friendly! 🙂 

      • http://www.buildandbalance.com/ Michael_N

        Thanks for brainstorming about it, Leo!

  • San Sharma

    Flipboard and Zite, and I’ll love you forever

    • Anonymous

      Hi San, 

      Great idea! Flipboard is slick and it makes perfect sense to Buffer from there. You’re not the first to mention it. We hope to make it happen soon, but if you want to help us and improve the chances of us making it happen, it’d be great if you reach out to Flipboard directly (best to Tweet them: http://twitter.com/flipboard) and tell them how much you want Buffer inside Flipboard 🙂 If you mention us (@bufferapp) as well, we can jump in and say we’d like to make it happen. It’s a much stronger signal for other apps if it comes from loyal users.

      And regarding Zite, we hope to have some great news for you soon! 🙂 

      • http://twitter.com/GoClimbin GOCLIMB.IN

        Hey any news on the Zite integration? That is so needed!

  • http://www.brandsocial.co.za Michael Cowen

    Thanks Guys – This is seriously cool. Making a great product, greater 

    • Anonymous

      Yay, so glad to hear it Michael! 🙂 

  • http://www.blossom.io Thomas Schranz

    Love the simplification and great job on the upgrade page. It’s beautiful.

    • Anonymous

      thanks Thomas, that’s exactly our intention, simplifying and making things more awesome. 🙂

  • Anonymous


    Buffer is already awesome. Great idea to simplify things and just have one paid plan. Are there any plans to add G+ into the mix?

  • http://www.sharpshades.com/brands/Spy.html spy sunglasses

     thanks again for share this useful information.

  • http://sobreaweb.posterous.com/ José Tavares

    I just read on the Kindle a digest made by Instapaper. When I favorite an article on the disgest (directly on the kindle) I have an ifttt action that adds that article to buffer.
    The only thing that’s missing is the ability to edit the message, but it’s not that bad.

  • http://learnit2earnitwithlynn.com Lynn Brown

    Awesome lol, thanks Leo,you and Buffer rock!  I’m enjoying the option to Buffer on my Twitter accounts, but also Facebook …just can’t get my LinkedIn acct to be added to Buffer — keep getting msg saying it is already added but no icon.

    I can’t wait to upgrade to your Awesome Plan!

  • Social

    Add one thing and I won’t need hootsuite anymore: be able to add a link AND a photo in the same message.

  • http://twitter.com/a2co A2cO

    buffer is gonna be HUGE! so proud of it!!! 😀

  • Anonymous
  • http://www.winningagent.com/ Richard M. Hartian

    You guys rock….how about an affiliate plan?  I would love to help spread the word

  • http://www.ActiveReportsServer.com/ scottwilleke

    flipboard, google currents.

  • Dave Sumner Smith

    Question: Is it possible to Buffer comments on LinkedIn groups? I am told this is possible on Hootsuite – but would much prefer to stay with Buffer 

  • hraymond

    Tweeted you guys about creating a plan like this a few weeks ago. Love when companies LISTEN to their customers. Already upgraded and now happy to promote buffer to all my friends.

  • Mike Jones

    I’m a huge Buffer fan. I would love to see one click to my buffer
    from Instapaper and from Tweetbot. That’s my go to Twitter app on my

    Another thing and this is a little different – there’s no way to add
    or change times in the settings in the iPhone app. Is that something
    that’s coming soon?

    Thanks very much.

  • Max

    I was on free, but now you won’t let me post anything unless I upgrade. What’s this all about?

  • http://twitter.com/netmeg netmeg

    Pretty happy with it, and went on the awesome plan immediately but I have 12 accounts and I kinda need 14. I hope in the future you have a path for adding more accounts if one needs them (for a price, of course) Most of my stuff is seasonal and I loaded it up with work accounts so now I got no room for my personal accounts. I suppose I could create another user, but that’s kind of a pain.

  • http://twitter.com/jdmayfield Jason Mayfield

    I see that the “free plan” gets “10 updates, 1 of each: Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn accounts.” I don’t really understand what that means? 10 updates (per day, week, year, lifetime?) for 1 twitter & 1 facebook & 1 linkedin?

    • LeoWid

      Hi Jason, fantastic to hear from you and that’s a great question. We should definitely improve our explanation. What it means is 10 updates stored at any given time. So if you add 10 now, then 1 gets posted, you only have 9 left and can add 1 more back in! 🙂

  • http://blog.cankoklu.com Can Koklu

    I’m going Awesome, just as soon as posting to specific Linkedin Groups is enabled.. 🙂

  • hraymond

    Any plans for additional plans with more team members and accounts? Love your service. I want to pay you more!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.burgess1959 Bill TheAlarmguy Burgess

    how can I post in facebook groups with buffer. you know, the community groups that have a specific purpose like buy and sell, free trade, barter, electronic swap, etc.

    • http://www.facebook.com/amirsimantov Amir Simantov

      I need that, as well.

  • Maureen M.

    I would love to have more control over the schedule. For example, a pause button to use when I want to live tweet without cannibalizing. Also, a “save draft” or pause button to keep a single tweet pending would helpful. Sidenote: The Awesome Plan feature that lets you create multiple schedules for a single account is great. Keep up the good work!

  • http://twitter.com/Thabo99 Thabo Mophiring

    from free to $10 a month is a steep jump – I do not need more than 25 items in my buffer – would love to be awesome though

  • http://www.facebook.com/Hotpieceofass Danny Moore

    I was on the $99 unlimited plan, what happened to that?

    • LeoWid

      Hi Danny, great to hear from you! Yes, so the $99 unlimited plan is still working for existing users like yourself who got it before the change. In case you want to swap to the $10/mo plan, that also works, just let me know if I can help with anything there! 🙂

  • Abdul

    Majority of my reading is done on the pulse app integration with that would be awesome

  • http://lifelearningtoday.com/ Kris

    Great service. What kinds of new features are in development? Also, will you have an affiliate program anytime soon? Or is there already one and I missed it? Thanks

  • http://kylemjones.com/ Kyle Jones

    I was about to upgrade my plan before noticing that sometime this week the rate increased by almost 50%.

  • http://www.blogengage.com/ Brian Belfitt

    We need an affiliate system to earn from your company…

    • http://blazingminds.co.uk/ Karen Woodham

      Totally agree with you there Brian.
      How about it guys?

  • Annie Finch

    question: I like using Buffer, but i DON’T like having all my posts say “shared with Buffer.” Can I stop them from doing that?

    • http://blog.bufferapp.com Kevan

      Thanks for this good question, Annie. So glad to hear you enjoy using Buffer! Currently, the “shared with Buffer” tag is a standard part of the publishing process, so I’m afraid there’s no “off” button. Your feedback is super valuable, thanks for sharing it! We are always looking for ways to improve the product, and this may be one of them down the line. 🙂

      • Annie Finch

        Thanks! yes, this is almost a deal-breaker for me–I feel it really interferes with the sense of intimacy between poster and reader, on FB for example, so I wouldn’t want it to be there by default. Glad you are listening.

        Annie Finch

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  • http://www.larkins.org/ Larkins Dsouza

    I really love buffer. Would love to promote you guys. Please have an affiliate program, i it won’t be a too much of an effort with ShareASale or CJ or such services.

  • http://castmembersecrets.com John Kenney

    Is there an affiliate plan for Buffer yet?

  • Lauren Clemett

    Yes please an affiliate program would be GREAT…I teach people personal branding and including buffer as an ideal tool to build their reputation on line by buffering perfect content would be soooo good.