There’s a saying you’ll often hear around Buffer’s content team: “There’s probably a plugin for that!”

We’re often chasing new ways to work smarter, faster, and more productively—and the same is true of our Buffer blog.

We’re quick to grab any and all WordPress plugins that can give the blog an extra edge or can wire up a feature we’d love to test. Whenever we dream something up to try on the blog, the first place we turn is WordPress plugins. We’ve collected quite the list of favorites. How about you?

As we’ve tried and tested new plugins on the blog, you’ve likely noticed new pieces and parts popping up on our pages—slideups, social share buttons, CTAs, and more. We get asked quite often about which plugins we use. So we thought we’d share!

Below is the list of plugins that power the Buffer blog, along with a handful of others that are on our to-try list.

The 10 WordPress plugins we use to supercharge the Buffer blog

(A note about WordPress plugins: They’re super great, which makes it easy to add a whole bunch without thinking of the ramifications. Here’s a helpful post from WP Engine about the effect that plugins can have on your site speed. Takeaway: Check the quality of the plugins you install.)

1. Scroll Triggered Box

Probably our most-asked-about plugin is the one we use for our email capture slideup. Drumroll please … it’s Dreamgrow’s Scroll Triggered Box.

Scroll Triggered Box

The email capture box slides up from the bottom right-hand corner of the page whenever a visitor scrolls down 60 percent of the page’s height. If a visitor closes the box, they won’t see it again for 30 days. The box itself can be completely customized with whatever HTML text you want; we chose to sync it with our MailChimp list.

And all these numbers and options can be completely customized—scroll percentage, days hidden, position, width, colors, and more. You can even choose where the box is visible, e.g. frontpage, posts,and/or pages.

Price: Free

2. Digg Digg

There are a huge number of different plugins you can use to display social share buttons on your blog post. We’ve got a rooting interest in Digg Digg.

Digg Digg was built by our Buffer engineers a couple years back, and it’s been a staple on the Buffer blog ever since. What we’ve found most helpful with Digg Digg integration is the flexibility of where you can place the share buttons: floating to the left or right of the article (see our Open blog), pinned to the top or bottom of a blog post (see this Buffer Social blog), or manually wherever you wish inside your theme.

Digg Digg example

(While I’m thinking of it, I should mention that we’re often asked about the plugin that powers our author bio sections. Believe it or not, we don’t use a plugin for that! Our theme designers built the bios right into the template code.)

Price: Free

3. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Many SEO experts would recommend you grab an SEO plugin for your WordPress blog. Our go-to plugin is WordPress SEO by Yoast, which handles just about every element of SEO you could think of.

The most direct impact of this plugin on us writers is the SEO box beneath every post. Here we can choose our keyword for the post—a great tactic for staying focused on a topic—and add a custom title and description. The plugin will also show you in bright green/red text how your post stacks up based on the keyword you’ve entered.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Price: Free

4. Hello Bar

You’ve likely noticed the bright, orange bar welcoming you to the Buffer blog every morning. That’s the Hello Bar, an amazing tool for A/B testing different CTAs and power words—and a pretty great tool for collecting email addresses, too.

Via HelloBar, we collect over 400 email addresses each week on the Buffer blog. Along with the slideup, those two sources account for over half of our new email signups each week.


The WordPress plugin for Hello Bar is as simple as it comes: Simply download, install, and paste in your Hello Bar code. You can also signup for a free Hello Bar account and grab the embed code yourself. We found the plugin to be the easier way to go.

Price: Free

5. Disqus comments

One of the easiest (and prettiest) commenting systems we’ve found has been Disqus. The powerful Disqus system works right off your standard WordPress setup, allowing you to manage all comments neatly and quickly through the Disqus admin area or straight from the comments section on your blog.

We’ve run into a spate of comment spam on some of our old blog posts recently, and turning off comments for individual posts is as simple as two clicks on a drop-down menu.

Disqus comments

Price: Free

6. WP Engine

We host the Buffer blog through WP Engine, and we get a lot more goodies from them beyond just hosting. WP Engine creates daily backups and one-click restores of the blog, manages all our major WordPress updates automatically, and provides security features to keep our blog safe.

While it’s not technically a plugin, WP Engine does add a little menu item to our WordPress sidebar, and we can quickly check there to see error logs, change some advanced settings, or log in to our WP Engine dashboard.

Price: Starting at $29 per month

7. Pin It Button for Images

Here’s one people seem to love: the Pin It Button for Images. This plugin adds a Pinterest Pin It button overlay on top of any image that appears in your blog post. Simple as that!

We’ve installed the plugin on the Buffer blog, and we’ve changed the settings so that the Pin It button only shows up when you add a specific CSS class to an image. You can also change the settings so that the button only shows on images on single posts, pages, index, category, and more.

Golden Gate bridge

Price: Free

8. Editorial Calendar

When Courtney and I were getting into the groove of posting to the Buffer blog, we found it helpful to stay organized with an editorial calendar. The Editorial Calendar WordPress plugin seemed to do the trick just fine. It grabbed all of our scheduled posts and drafts, and it placed them on a neatly organized calendar so we could see at-a-glance what content was coming up.

Perhaps my favorite feature of the plugin was the cool way you could drag and drop different stories around the calendar, and it would update not only the calendar but the post itself. It was a huge help for keeping all our content organized and our team in sync.

Price: Free

9. WP Hide Post

Most likely our least-known WordPress plugin, WP Hide Post does exactly what it says: It hides posts from the blog.

Of course, these posts are still visible if you navigate there directly. However, they won’t show up in RSS feeds or on the main index page of blog posts.

We use this plugin to publish marketing materials (case studies, interviews, etc.) that we might want to reference later with our outreach efforts or promotions. These materials typically don’t fit the content strategy we have on the blog, so we hide them from our standard publishing streams.

Price: Free

10. MyTweetLinks

Another plugin we keep in the toolbox (but you might not have seen lately) is MyTweetLinks. Think of this plugin as a soundbite source. You can enter a soundbite or quotable via the post editor, and this plugin will create a list of tweets to share and buffer at the end of your published post.

Update: MyTweetLinks seems to have closed down 🙁

10 plugins we’d love to try (someday)

1. Filament

You might be familiar with Filament’s adopted plugin Flare, a social share button plugin made by Digital Telepathy. You download and install Filament to your WP blog one time, then you can add any number of apps through the Filament dashboard whenever you choose. Current apps include: MailChimp subscribe form, Google Analytics tracking, all-in-one profiles, code management, and share highlighter.

Price: Free

2. SumoMe – Twitter highlighter, photo share, email list popup

Built by Noah Kagan’s App Sumo team, SumoMe has a three-part tool to help promote your website: Visitors can share text they highlight, they can share images they find, and they can easily sign up for a newsletter. You can see parts of this plugin in action at the OK Dork blog and Andrew Chen’s blog. Here’s a screengrab of what the photo share overlay would look like:

photo share plugin

Price: Free

3. Click to Tweet by CoSchedule

Among the elements that make up a perfect blog post is one that often flies under the radar: Give your readers an easy way to share your best sound bites. The Click to Tweet plugin by CoSchedule accomplishes this in a really beautiful way. Once installed, you can add shareable quotes right inside your blog posts.

CoSchedule tweet later


(Note: CoSchedule also makes a full-featured editorial calendar plugin that integrates nicely with a social media promotion strategy, too.)

4. WooDojo

Built by the team at WooThemes, the WooDojo plugin contains a suite of fun tools that add a bit of flair to your blog. Several of the WooDojo features deal with the WordPress sidebar and widgets, including some fun installations for social widgets and a tabbed content box.

WooDojo sidebar tabs

Price: Free

5. PlugMatter

A few weeks back, we were itching to put a featured box email signup form on the home page of our blog. Before we found a custom solution, we explored the PlugMatter plugin. With PlugMatter, you simply insert a piece of code at the end of your header.php file, then you can design and customize your featured box right from within the PlugMatter interface inside WordPress.

PlugMatter basic comes with a handful of premade themes, and you can upgrade for even more options.

Price: $37 and up

6. VaultPress

If you’re in the market for daily backups of your blog along with strong security features, VaultPress deserves a look. Built by the WordPress team (so you bet they know their stuff!), VaultPress performs daily backups, simple restores, and constant security scans, and you can monitor all the activity from your ValutPress dashboard.

Price: Starting at $5 per month

7. Jetpack

Another incredibly useful plugin from the WordPress team, JetPack features a bevy of tools all bundled into one plugin.  Many of the 33 tools are the same as those available to the WordPress-hosted blogs. You’ll find things like contact form, related posts, share tools, and single sign on.

Perhaps the most-loved feature of Jetpack is its built-in analytics reporting. You can check your site stats straight from your WordPress dashboard, without having to log in anywhere else.

Jetpack statistics

Price: Free

8. upPrev

Do you remember the little slideup made popular by the New York Times website that showed a link and preview of related content to read next? Well, wouldn’t you know it, someone made it into a WordPress plugin!

The upPrev plugin shows a related content box when a visitor nears the bottom of a post. The related content can be picked however you choose—the previous article, from a certain category/tag, or a completely random article.


Price: Free

9. Custom login

You can use this one for professional branding purposes or just for fun. On my personal blog, it’s completely for fun.

Custom Login

Basically, you can upload any photo and use it as a tiled background on your WordPress login page. Same goes for the WordPress logo, too, if there’s a company logo you’d like to use in place of the WordPress one. Along with photos, you can change typography, styles, and alignment of pretty much every element on the login page.

Price: Free

10. ManyContacts Bar

Much like the Hello Bar, the ManyContacts Bar is an email capture form that sits in a bar at the top of your website. There’re just a couple differences: The ManyContacts Bar has a bit of animation when it pops onto the screen, there are a couple design differences, and you can set it so that a custom message pops onto the screen after a few idle moments on the page:

ManyContacts bar

All contacts are emailed directly to you and added to one of nine popular email newsletter services, including MailChimp and Aweber.

Price: Free


Pro tip: How to find out a plugin if you don’t know its name

I don’t know about you, but there always seems to come a time when I’m browsing a site and find a feature or tool I absolutely love. How do they do that? I wonder.

Well, if the site you’re browsing runs on WordPress, there are a few simple ways to find out. The sleuthing requires that you know how to look at the source code of a website. To do this, you can press CTRL+U in most browsers or right click and select “View Source.” (Chrome users can select “Inspect Element” to look at a specific piece of code.)

To check to see if a website is using WordPress, look for this tag in the <head> section of the code:

<meta name=”generator” content=”Wordpress version.0.1″ />

To see the name of a site’s WordPress theme, open the site’s style.css file, and look for this section:

Theme Name: On Topic
Theme URI:
Version: 1.1.2
Description: Designed by <a href="">WooThemes</a>.
Author: WooThemes
Author URI:
Tags: woothemes


To see the name of a plugin, you can browse a site’s scripts and stylesheets, looking for anything that might include the word “plugin” or similar naming. If there is an element on the page that looks like a plugin, the classes and ids of that element might also contain the plugin name. Here’s a good example from Stack Exchange:

Go through the source code and look for any scripts and stylesheets that might be loaded as well as any unique IDs or class names inserted by the plugins.

<link rel="stylesheet" href=".../wp-content/plugins/socialize/socialize.css" type="text/css" />





would all be hints that the theme is using a plugin called Socialize. Here’s a screengrab of what the code looks like just below the buttons for our Digg Digg plugin.

DiggDigg button code

Over to you: What are your go-to WordPress plugins?

We rely quite heavily on WordPress plugins to make our job a little easier and to help the Buffer blog run at full capacity.

Which plugins are most helpful to you?

I’d love to hear which ones have helped you supercharge your blog or website. I’m always in the market for new plugin ideas (as you can tell!). If you’ve got one to share, it’d be awesome to hear about it in the comments.

Image credits: JulianBleecker, Jetpack

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Written by Kevan Lee

Director of marketing at Buffer, the social media publishing tool for brands, agencies, and marketers. We’ve got a new podcast! ?

  • David Dunworth

    Hey Kevan,

    Finally a professional photo. Glad to have you on the team.

    • Hi David! Yep, it was time for a facelift of sorts! Glad you like it. 🙂

  • iggyvolz

    wp-united is one I go for a lot. It’s sometimes a little buggy and it’s a pain to set up on the phpBB end, it’s a great way to integrate and simplify logins.

  • iggyvolz

    Also Wordfence is one I install on nearly every blog – it does security checks daily.

    • Great one! I think I’ve tried out Wordfence before on a personal blog, too. Security plugins seem to be super important ones to consider when you’re adding plugins.

  • Great article! I will definitely be trying some of these on my blog.

    I just want to mention the LoginRadius WordPress plugin that helps websites to better engage and understand their users. It offers social login and sharing features while giving access to users profile data.

    There are numerous features to list (too many for a comment!) but you can check it out here:

    • Hi Taylor! Thanks so much for sharing this one. I’ll give it a look!

  • Autumn Macarthur

    Excellent tips, thanks Kevan! Perfect timing as I’m moving from a blog to a self-hosted site very soon.
    I do want to use one of those slide in sign-up boxes, but there’s one issue they all seem to have- I’ve never come across one that recognises that the person is already a subscriber! I find it so annoying, some sites it pops up immediately I click through from the link in their newsletter or email. One site is so bad, with the pop-up appearing instantly on every single page, I seriously considered unsubscribing!
    At least yours is set to 60% scroll, which is a plus! Still, it’s something I find frustrating, and also suggests to me that existing subscribers aren’t valued.
    Does anyone know of a plug in for this that’s smart enough NOT to pop up or slide in or whatever if the viewer has arrived on the page from a subscription link?

    • Hi Autumn! Thanks for the comment! I think if you’re coming over from you might really appreciate the JetPack plugin. There’s lots of good stuff included there!

      RE: the slideup, that’s a great point. 🙂 I wonder if maybe the feature you’re looking for might be available in a slightly more premium plugin, like maybe LeadPages? Sounds like an amazing feature. I’d certainly enjoy being recognized as a subscriber on some sites. 🙂

  • James Maduk

    Thanks for the list.. Especially like Scroll Triggered Box. Make sure to test your setup on smaller mobile devices if you’re going to use it. On a smaller screen it sometimes takes over the entire area and can’t be closed.

    • Great one, James! That’s a good point. Always good to check these things out on mobile. We actually hide our HelloBar on mobile, using a bit of CSS magic (hiding the HelloBar at a certain device width).

      • There’s a setting in Scroll Triggered Box for that as well… but it doesn’t always work!

  • Julia

    JetPack is hands down one of the most useful WordPress plugins, but especially for my customers who don’t know much about coding or anything technical. It evens the playing field for them and makes my life easier. 😉 One of the features that really makes it extra handy for me is the auto-feed to my social media outlets when I publish anything. I can choose to publish to all, some or none of them with every post, right from each article itself. This is especially great when I’m on the road or scheduling posts way out.

    Another plugin I love is Peter’s Post Notes. It adds a “note” box to your edit post and edit page screen side bars – allowing you to add note details that can only be seen by the admins of a WordPress site. This is great for multiple collaborators or just reminders for yourself about a particular article, or design notes while you’re still composing. These notes also show up in the WordPress dashboard too, so you can easily scan your dashboard and see what’s up. I love it and it’s so simple. Completely editable too. And I love that it keeps everything organized and where I need it, which can then be accessed from nearly anywhere when I’m traveling. There’s supposed to be a complementary email tool called Peter’s Collaboration Emails that you can use together with Peter’s Post Notes, but I’ve never used it.

    • Oh wow, Peter’s Post Notes sounds really interesting! I can definitely see how this would be helpful for collaboration and organization. Did I hear correctly that you use it to share notes with the author of the post?

      • Julia

        Yes, that’s one way you can use it – for anyone who can log into that wordpress account. (The notes can’t be seen by the general public and they do not show up in the source code.) Only admins can see the notes, so think of them as private post-its for your work. I use mine as anything from a private virtual writer’s notebook on my own blogs (i.e. note to self – be sure to add a section on xyz at the end of blah in the 5th paragraph) to notes for other admin on accounts I work (i.e. this post needs to publish on xx/xx/xxx, but we still need to find an image of a flower with a ladybug). Or (hey Jo, this looks great, but I’d like you to expound on your thesis in paragraph 10) or whatever. Make sense? I’ve even used it for comments on outlines, graphics and brainstorming draft notes that will never become actual posts. Sometimes with my graphic work, I need to play around with displaying said graphic in a draft, then show it to a client. They can leave me notes in that bubble easily without messing with my coding.

        It’s a free plug-in, so play around with it and it’ll become obvious real quick how it can be used. I’m sure a team like yours would find it useful. Personally, I’m so glad I found it, it’s so useful and helps me organize. I’m currently auditing a 4 year old site for a client right now and this allows me to go over a ton of old posts and leave notes for us/myself before we make any final decisions on what to do with them.

    • Karen McCamy

      I completely agree! I love Peter’s Post Notes… I’m a solo freelancer, and sometimes I need to make a quick note on a specific post, or sometimes I even do a (very brief) numbered list of points to include in an upcoming article (post). The Notes plugin is perfect for what I need since I only need post-specific info. It shows up in that post’s sidebar, so it’s front-and-center whenever I return to the post. When I complete one of the items, I just edit the note and delete that item! Searched for something like this for months! Been using it regularly for my 2 WP sites for the last 2-3 years…

  • LucidGal

    Yoast. Wouldn’t do without it…

    • Love it! It’s one of our must-haves, too. 🙂

  • Bo Tipton

    Great post there are some of this I did not know about. I am going to give them a try especially Scroll Triggered Box

    • Sounds great, Bo! Really glad I could point you toward some new ones.

  • DHReasons Sr

    My go-to plug in is WP-Edit-Pro, adds all the features that missing to the stock WP editor, another one I love is the Linkify Text. I’ve been using the for a couple of months now, it works well. I tried the Filament plugin and while it was pretty, I found it wasn’t really mobile responsive so I deactivated it.

  • I’ve recently installed WP Inject on my blog. It searches creative commons images on flickr for use in your posts and featured images. It even drops in the necessary attribution of needs be. Super useful…

  • Kevan, that’s a great list. I’ve been very curious what plugin you guys used for your scroll triggered opt-in form. I started hunting around and noticed that Belle mentioned DreamGrow deep in the comments of one of her blog posts from August. I’ve installed it and love it. I’m testing it in conjunction with SumoMe’s Listbuilder that you also mentioned. I like how SumoMe only pops up as people are leaving your site, and Dreamgrow appears once someone has scrolled a long way. They are both as non-annoying as they come!

    • Sounds like you’ve found a great system, Adam! The non-annoying (but still useful) capture forms are rare birds. 🙂

  • drngo

    My favorite just for opt-ins

    – Feature Box (plugmatter)
    – Pop up box (opt in monster)
    – Sidebar opt-in box (opt in monster)
    – After post opt in box (opt in monster)
    – Landing pages for opt-in (Leadpages)

    • I’ve been looking into LeadPages. What’s been your experience with it so far? 🙂

      • Seán O’Riordan

        I made the switch over to them from Unbounce. My conversions are up. I like Unbounce’s wysiwyg editor better, but Leadpages is saving me money and producing more conversions.

      • Paul Lawley-Jones

        Pat Flynn over at eulogises LeadPages. Check out his post and podcast about it (

  • WordPress plugins:

    ManageWP – Worker – ManageWP Worker plugin allows you to manage your WordPress sites from one dashboard.

    Duplicate Theme – Choose an existing theme, duplicate it or create a child while giving it a new name

    Add Post Footer – Automatically add the ad code, related post, optional custom paragraph or technorati tags to the end of every posts.

    Chrome app:

    ScribeFire – An easy-to-use blog editor lets you post to all of your blogs.

    Web App:

    Bulk Buffer – Bulk upload for Buffer.

    • Wow, Greg! Tons of amazing ones here. 🙂 Really curious to try out the Add Post Footer and Scribefire. Thanks!

      • Your welcome. The only thing I don’t like about ScribeFire is you can’t upload featured images. There’s a few other bugs, but is working great so far. I aways save as a draft, then finish up in wordpress.

  • Paul Lawley-Jones

    One social media plugin I particularly like is Inline Tweet Sharer ( I found Click To Tweet a little too intrusive, although some might consider Inline Tweet Sharer not noticeable enough. YMMV.

    • ritadshreve

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    • Love the way Inline Tweet sharer looks. Thanks for the heads up on it.

  • Sweet! Thanks for the suggestions. Added the Pin It and MyTweetLinks to the blog. Looking forward to trying out.

    Already use Editorial Calendar and others.

    Y’all gotta get on Jetpack. 🙂

  • Well-timed is an understatement for this post. 🙂 I just recently made started helping my wife with her blog and growing her audience, (check out my first “growth report” here:, and hadn’t heard of a few of these plugins. I’m especially excited about the tools aimed at optimizing email acquisition and my wife will be pretty excited to test out the editorial calendar.

    Thanks for putting these all in one place, look for a link to this article in my July growth report. 🙂

    • Also, FYI, unless I’m going crazy there’s currently no link to the SumoMe plugin page.

      • Courtney Seiter

        Whoops! Thanks for catching that; we’re all updated now with a handy link. 🙂

    • Jenny Sagabay

      Thank you for sharing Chet. I bookmarked your wife’s blog 🙂

      • Thanks Jenny! Do you have a blog that we can check out?

        • Jenny Sagabay

          yes, more on personal blog 🙂

  • Hi Kevan – Love it!

    There are few plugins I didn’t know about – I’ll implement on all my blogs.

    I would like to contribute 2 plugins I implement on all the blogs are:
    1) Security plugins
    2) Spam Comments

    Thanks for the awesome post!

    • Good ones, Kumail! What do you use for security and spam? We’ve got Akismet running currently for our spam filter. 🙂

  • Great article, and some good suggestions that I may consider using.

    I recently found the Disqus comment system on another website, and installed it because I have seen it used on several websites. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a blog because the likeliness is, as it is used on many websites, that people have an account on it and can easily drop a comment.

    We still use WordPress SEO by Yoast, but disabled the sitemap files and decided to use Google XML because I believe they send directly to the relevant search engines. I don’t know if it has helped any, but I feel much better getting the response from the plugin that it has been sent.

    We also do have Redirection installed to monitor 404 errors, and redirect pages to their new links. The only issue is that it keeps track of EVERY 404 error, including all the repeats. I would highly recommend using Google Webmaster Tools to track 404 errors, and just use Redirection to make the actual redirects.

  • Even easier way to find out what plugins a site is using:

    It played a huge part in my redesign!

    In terms of my two blogs, my favorites are mostly listed here. CoSchedule’s ClickToTweet, Digg Digg, Diqus, and Yoast are on both. I also use Zemanta for a related posts bar at the bottom of each post.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a plugin that places an email opt-in (that works with MailChimp) at the bottom of each post?

    • Hi, Brittany! Thanks so much for the comment! Yes, WP Theme Detector is a way easier way to go, if you want to find out a site’s WP info. Huge time saver! Thanks! 🙂

      RE: an email opt-in plugin, I’m wondering if you might try Filament? They have a MailChimp integration, and you can drag and drop it anywhere on your page that you’d like – even, I’m assuming, the bottom of every post. I’d love to hear if this works for you!

  • I’m a podcaster so I can’t live without PowerPress from Blubrry. It makes hosting audio and video for podcasting a snap!

    • charlesjdion

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      Riley got an almost new red GMC Canyon just by some parttime working online
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  • Sally Gumerman

    I really appreciated this information, as I’m getting ready to launch a blog. Thank you. In return, here’s info you may want about your Scroll Triggered Box. It popped up twice while I was reading this blog, and it popped up last week too; seems not to be taking the 30-day hiatus you planned.

    • Courtney Seiter

      Hi Sally,
      Thanks so much for letting us know about that; I’ll definitely look into it and see if we can get that issue tamed for a better blog experience for you!

  • Great list! A question though. How to you manage to disable the Hellobar on mobile devices? I noticed it isn’t showing when Im on your blogg with my iPhone.

    • Courtney Seiter

      Hey there! Our engineers and designers tell me we hide it via CSS by checking the resolution. Does that give you what you need to know? (Sorry, I’m a bit outside my technical depth with this question!)

      • Thx for the reply! I’ll definitely check that out!

  • Jeanne Sachs

    I saw a lot of people mention Disqus (which is used here by Buffer too). There’s a new commenting platform that I think is better called Bublaa. Its a free download on Also, check out the Atomic Reach plug-in (also free in the wordpress directory). It will help you insure you are consistently writing for your audience and help you with things keeping your writing in an active voice, optimizing your titles etc.

    • KathrynDBradsher

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    • Great ones, Jeanne! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

  • Your scroll triggered box *definitely* doesn’t wait 30 days – I see it on every post (I checked just now, closing it each time). Very frustratingly it overlaps the text on my browser too, so every time it pops up I have to stop reading, find the mouse, click to dismiss the damm stupid box. I understand it’s useful for converting people but it drives me nuts!! – Jeshyr from @atmacjournal

    • Courtney Seiter

      Hi there Jeshyr! I’m so sorry we’re giving you this frustrating experience; I’ll check into our settings right now and see what’s going on here. Thank you so much for letting us know!

      • Karen McCamy

        If it’s any help, Courtney, I keep getting it as well…every time I’m on your blog…which is like every day! It IS annoying and I subscribe to your list and am a customer! It would be great if you could filter the box to NOT trigger by IP address or better yet…MAC address!

        Your content is so great that I put up with it, but it’s still an annoyance!

        Hope you can get it fixed…

        • Hey Karen, thanks for letting me know! I totally understand that that’s annoying. I noticed it was giving me the same experience yesterday; it definitely didn’t feel great!

  • Great collection of plugins. I know most of them, though. Scroll Triggered Box is what interests me, I’m searching for something similar. Thanks for the tips.

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  • Hi Kevan,

    Nice list! I used to shy away from Jet Pack but it seems to move a lot faster than it did before. I use it so I can access the WP stats from my dashboard. I started using Digg Digg when Buffer took over and my video tutorial is one of the more popular ones on my YouTube channel.

    Thanks for the list.

    • Hi Ileane! Wow, that’s a really helpful video! I can see why so many people would like it. Thanks so much for putting it together (and spreading the Buffer love)! 🙂

      Yes, I’ve grown to love Jet Pack, too. It’s amazing they’ve been able to keep it as fast as they do with how many different features are bundled inside!

    • Awesome. Thanks for the video. Was able to make some changes thanks to your explanation!

      • Fantastic Darren! If you get time, please give the video a thumbs up. Thanks.

  • Jasper

    One I like instead of Disqus is

  • Eric Lammers

    For security, we install iThemes Security ( on almost all our sites. Most people have no clue how many times per day a hacker attempts to log into their default Dashboard Login. Getting an email notification after a hacker has been blocked is just one of the dozens of security features performed by this plugin.

  • Brad Simon

    How do you sync Scroll Triggered Box with your MailChimp
    list and can you do it for Constant Contact?

    • rmukeshgupta

      I am also trying to figure this out.. Have you been able to get this done?

      • robertlfrisch

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  • Hey guys, great list! For those wanting to edit their pages or theme without knowledge of coding I found a great plugin at which turns your wordpress site into a drag and drop website! You can even have a play with a demo on their site!

    • Stacey C.

      Karyn, thanks for sharing!

  • Itamar O

    Thanks for a great post, Kevan!

    I’m in the process of moving from a blog to a self-hosted one, so this is super-relevant 🙂

    A couple of notes and insights (in no particular order):
    – Jetpack is invaluable to me! I prefer its commenting system over Disqus, after trying them both. Disqus just felt too intrusive, and also sluggish sometimes.
    – Jetpack Markdown module is priceless. I don’t like the built-in visual editor, so I write my content using Markdown in Evernote (with a couple of scripts I wrote to post from Evernote to WordPress).
    – I use Akismet for spam protection.
    – I use WP Super Cache for caching.
    – For my migration, which includes changing the permalink scheme, I found Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin to be very useful to keep the original URLs alive.
    – MailChimp For WordPress Lite is a nice plugin to collect emails. I guess it’s a matter of personal taste, but I find all forms of pop-up / slide-up/down sign-ups obnoxious and rude… I prefer the static sidebar widget that this plugin supplies.
    – I did not know the Yoast SEO plugin. I’m using All In One SEO Pack, which seems fine to me, although I don’t have sufficient understanding of SEO-stuff to be able to compare the two.
    – I use Advanced Custom Fields to, well, add custom fields for “special” stuff.
    – One of the reasons I don’t like using the visual editor is that it inserts absolute URLs when linking to other posts or inserting images. When composing with Markdown, I find it useful to use the built-in “gallery” shortcode and the “post” shortcode provided by the Post link plugin. I use these shortcodes to insert links / images by target ID instead of absolute URLs, which makes migration whole-lot easier!
    – I often write about software, including code snippets, so the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin is a must for me.

    I am looking for a plugin that provides sharable soundbites, so finding out about Filemant Ivy ( here was a blessing. Although I still couldn’t try it out, because of a oddly complex sign up process that seems broken…

    Before that, I thought about buying a plugin I found named ShareIt (, that looks pretty good. But the free Ivy is tempting 🙂

    Some more functionality I’m looking for (probably in the form of plugins), that I’d love to get suggestions for:
    1. Better control over RSS feeds (icon, formatting & markup, embedded images).
    2. A way to aggregate social interaction over shared posts back in the post itself.
    3. Sandbox / staging area – a way to easily clone my production site so I can try out major modifications (theme change, new plugins, etc.) before deploying on production.
    4. Related to #3 – tools to test various aspects of the site health. Measure response time (to check that cache is OK, and new plugins don’t hurt performance), look for bad links / broken images, etc.

  • Cecilia Svensson

    Thanks for your tips!

    6 of my favorite WP-admin plugins:

    Broken Link Checker – checks for broken links on your site
    Custom Sidebars – enables the possibility to have different sidebars on your pages
    What The File – shows the name of the files that make up a page
    WP Native Dashboard – switch language of the admin page
    404page – create a custom 404-page
    and of course
    Wordpress SEO (the only one we had in common)

    You can find links to all of them here:


  • Thanks!

  • Steve

    Awesome ideas! i’ll definitiely be including some of these on my wordpress science blog

  • Awesome list. I use most of these plugins. Digg Digg, Yoast SEO and Social Triggered are my favourites.

  • This is an AMAZING and perfectly timed list. Thanks for the pointer!

  • This was an incredibly useful post! Thank you! Question: how did you integrate the Scroll Triggered Box with MailChimp?

    • Did some digging via google, modified code, tried again, and got it to work!!

      Where it says ” Box HTML, simply replace all of that code with your MailChimp basic code and id’s.

      For example, here is my code (minus my unique ID). To keep it simple, you can use what I pasted below, buy find your “form action” list name and ID, by going into MailChimp, and copying the code for the Slim Subscribe Form (select the minimal options):

      Hope this helps!

      • Hi Darren! Yes, you’re exactly spot on with this. We grabbed the form embed from MailChimp and placed it right into Scroll Triggered Box. Really glad you got this one figured out!

        • Awesome. And I don’t know how to code, but after a while, you start to see enough patterns and you can eventually figure out some basic tweaks!

  • Anna Deręgowska-Watza

    Jetpack is much more than plugin – it is a pack of plugin put toghether by WordPress – majority custamizable, easy-to-use. Also Jetpack let be treated all self-hosted wordpress sites like wordpress-hosted. Your (sh) posts will be suggest to users, they can subsribe you blog as well as wh blogs, etc.

  • Paul Minors

    Is anyone using the scroll triggered box? I’m adding it to my blog but aren’t very good at HTML. Would love a good template I can resin if anyone has one?

    • Hi Paul! I’m thinking others might have some really good ideas here, too. I can share what we do: We’ve grabbed one of the premade templates inside Scroll Triggered (the green template), and then you can certainly borrow some inspiration from the way we’ve worded things, too. 🙂 Hope this helps!

      • That’s odd, I can’t seem to find any option for selecting a template.

      • Guest


  • Is there a way to sync Scroll Triggered Box with the WordPress subscriptions ?

    • Hi, Greg! We sync Scroll Triggered with MailChimp. Sorry I’m not 100% sure what this process might look like with WordPress subscriptions. With MailChimp, you can embed a signup form into the text box in Scroll Triggered. Maybe this might help?

      • Ok, Thanks. I’ll look into it some more.

  • Smart Layers by AddThis is pretty frackin awesome.

    • Ooooh! Looks really cool, Maddie! 🙂 Thanks for pointing me in that direction!

  • Dan Shaffer

    Thanks for the insights Kevan! Quick question – do you track the effectiveness of the scroll triggered box? How many people close it vs. how many sign up or bounce rates of those that close it/get annoyed by it?

    We have a similar slider implemented on our site, but it seems to be ticking people off enough to hit that little “x” quite a bit!

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Dan! That’s a really great question! I hadn’t even considered that you might be able to track closes/hides/bounces. I’ll definitely look into that one!

      We do segment our email signups according to source, so I can tell you that the slideup is our No. 1 source for email signups – pretty steady at 400 per week. 🙂

      Do you happen to know what % of your email signups come via slideup? Curious!

      • Dan Shaffer

        We just started tracking that! That’s why I was curious! I’ll get back to ya on that one, but I’m sure it’s a top performer for us as well.

      • I’d be interested in that too, Dan – especially to see how many people closed it. I know it annoys a lot of people so it’d be interesting to see whether it’s really worth it. (I’ve never used it but I’ve been thinking about giving it a try for a while.)

  • Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama}

    Ugh-as a commenter, I despise Disqus. The rest of the tips are fine, though. 😉

    • theresaSuttons

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    • Hi Maryea! Glad there were some good tips in here for you! I’m quite interested to hear more about your Disqus experience, if you don’t mind sharing. I’d love for the tools we use on this blog to bring as much happiness to readers as possible!

      (Funny story, I deleted a spam comment that was in reply to your comment, so maybe that’s some of the Disqus displeasure we’re talking about!)

      • Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama}

        For the longest time I just didn’t comment on any blogs that had Disqus because I had to register for it and who wants to do that? I never wanted to take the time to register. Then, I was compelled enough to comment on a certain blog that I registered so of course now it’s easier to comment on those blogs that use it. But I hate that I can’t link to my own blog through the comments. I’m sure many bloggers are discouraged from commenting when they aren’t allowed to link to their own blog. It seems selfish of the blogger to use a system that doesn’t allow the commenter to include their name as a link to their blog.

        • Ehm, WRONG! You can link to your own blog through your name where you can even write a small bio on what you’re all about. If people are interested in you they will click on your name/profile – in there you can link to your website, twitter and other (just click on mine or anyone else’s, everyone is taking advantage of this).
          Or you can do as many others do: just write your address at the end of your post if you want it to be very visible. But don’t be discourage that people are missing to check out your website just because you’re using Disqus, I get lots of traffic through comments I made on Disqus! People actually CLICK on the name and by not redirecting them to something more you’re losing potential readers.

          I took a look at your profile, and you haven’t put a link to your website. You do that through Settings 🙂

          So no, bloggers aren’t discouraged to use Disqus.

          Personally I do feel as you that uhh another thing to be register to… But in fact, you don’t even have to become a Disqus member to comment! Not all blogs allow “Guest”-posts, but many do for those who don’t like to take the time to register (or thinking of those who don’t use social media). Also it’s a one click if you got twitter or facebook! Takes about 10 seconds.

          I also have seen a lot more engagement on my own blog since installing Disqus even when I had the easiest comment form before. Hate it or love it, but Disqus brings something to the blog that people seem to like.

          • Howie

            I disagree. I think bloggers are more discouraged and although commenting should not be done only to receive a back-link, it does eliminate the ability to provide a back link for SEO purposes. This is especially disappointing when you are commenting on a post that is directly related to the niche that your blog falls into.

            It can help with search engine rankings and therefore, lead to more people finding relevant content. I hate Disqus and I think a lot of people have opted not to comment because they don’t want to register.

            At least with regular commenting, the worst part is the captcha, which is only put in place to avoid flat out spam posts and is necessary. The one on my site is 4 characters and very easy. It’s a lot easier than registering and potentially losing comments and engagement on my site because I am making them take another step. Some people naturally may feel it is some sort of scam to get their information, too. I am not saying they are right, but I think people think this way and decide to pass on leaving comments.

            The bottom line is that you can set up all commenting to require moderation. Therefore, if someone is repeatedly posting or offering no value, just to get a back-link, it is usually pretty obvious and you can put their comment in the trash or spam. Personally, I think Disqus requires an extra unnecessary step and potentially diverts people from engaging on your site.

            However, the majority of the other plug-in suggestions are great. I have become a HUGE fan of Sumo Me, which offers a TON of great tools and features and allows me to do many things from one plug-in download. I love the concept of having “apps” within a plug-in to cause less weight on individual sites, potentially slowing them down.

            I also downloaded the scroll trigger box. I am looking forward to seeing it in action.

            Regardin Vault Press, I have found an EXCELLENT free plug-in for backups that will serve virtually the same purpose and has been extremely quick and effective, called, Updraft Backups. I highly recommend people check it out. By far, the best backup plug-in I have come across.

    • I felt the same way initially but to be frank, I’ve seen worse. Blogger’s commenting system – especially if the blogger decides to turn captcha on – can be so much more annoying, I think!

      • Completely agree with @ashley_activia:disqus about preffering Disqus over Blogger’s commenting system having captcha where sometime even you need to write comment again in case of wrong captcha verification.

        • Exactly! And it’s not just Captcha either – I don’t even know how many times I’ve typed in a long comment only to find it disappear when I clicked on ‘Publish’.

          Also, I like the fact that Disqus sends you an email when someone replies to your comment.

    • Agreed. I find Disqus adds unnecessary load to a post, and the mobile experience can be excruciating. Much prefer Livefyre from a third-party point of view, or G+ comments from a social point of view.

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  • James

    Nice article

  • Marcia

    Kevan, are any of these plugins free ones?

    • Hi, Marcia! Yes, almost all of these are free plugins!

  • nazmul

    I use Scroll Triggered Box and seo by yoast for scroll box and seo . This two plugin is very very helpful for all blogger actually wordpress user.thanks for share nice and helpful plugin

  • Towhidul Islam

    Official repository is great but when it comes to finding the right plugin I always browse around these sites for their usability and additional stats. Which is extremely helpful

  • I lost count how many social share widgets I’ve tried but Digg Digg is definitely my favourite. WordPress SEO by Yoast, Jetpack and Editorial Calendar are other favourites of mine and I couldn’t imagine blogging without them. I’ve yet to give Click to Tweet and upPrev a go – thanks so much for the suggestions! 🙂 Great article.

  • In my opinion, SEO by Yoast is the best plug-in for WordPress websites. It is easy, free and reliable.

    • Andrew Bermudez

      Amen, Vikas!

  • Karen McCamy

    Excellent information on some great plugins, with one important caveat! As a WordPress Coach, I feel it is crucial to say: “Use plugins judiciously!” I recently had a client who had 29 plugins, in an attempt “automate everything.” The result was that the web site was excruciatingly s-l-o-w! Turned out one plugin was creating something like 80% of the “resources” so he disabled it. Still, you’ve really got to be smart about using *front-end* plugins. The most common offenders are loading up on social plugins, and using a different one for each account. YIKES! SEO by Yoast is awesome and one of my standards on new web sites. BTW…I don’t like Disqus either! Half the time (or more) it will NOT log me in and I simply don’t have time to waste fooling around with it. I’ve been truing to comment on this post periodically since it was first published! I think you need to keep it simple for your readers. I use WP native commenting with Akismet and rarely have any spam slip through…

    • Hi Karen! Thanks so much for the comment! This is great advice to keep an eye on plugins and site performance.

      It’s so great to hear your experience with our comments and to know your alternatives. Definitely want to make commenting a good experience for all! Sounds like we could improve here (and maybe with a super simple solution like you suggested!).

  • Am I missing something on the HelloBar setup? I can’t see where it gives the option of collecting email addresses. I’m only seeing a button or a link. Is this custom, or a pro feature?

  • Thumbsup for the Sumo store.. 🙂

  • chsweb

    Just a quick heads up to folks reading this and considering installing a few plugins: Make sure they are optimized for mobile. Anything that pops up or slides out/up can result in a frustrating user experience for mobile devices and small screens.

    In an increasingly mobile-first world, you’d be doing your self a disservices with a few of the plugins above… that is, until the developers get them updated for small screen experiences.

    Remember to test them before you go live with them.

    • Hi, Jono! Really great point about mobile testing. Thanks for adding that disclaimer to some of these plugins!

  • Nice post, some great plugins here! Liking the look of the hello bar, have to try this one out!

    Here are some of our recommended plugins

  • Brent Halliburton

    I put a similar list together with some comments and tips on configuration:

  • Fred

    I would like to create an online course using Basic WordPress. What plugin do I need and has anyone tried and succeeded. Thanks

    • Karen McCamy

      What do you mean “Basic WordPress” ? Are you talking about a theme or using one of the included free themes that ship with WP> Are you talking about or There are some online course plugins, but where your site is hosted makes a difference…

    • Hi Fred! Not sure if this is up your alley or not, but I did come across a link about WP courses the other day:

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  • JohnGaltUSA

    Easy Heads Up Bar is one of the best free promo bars that I have used. I really like that it can accept shortcodes.

  • Nicole

    Have you heard of SendinBlue SMS and emailing solution WP plugin ? It is the most reliable, intuitive and free/cheap emailing solution I ever used. You can find further information here:


  • hyderali

    Thanks for this post, Kevan. Some of the plugins I never heard of. Will definitely use them on my blog.

    What you use to prevent comment spam? My blog gets hundreds of spam comments & I want some good plugin to stop that. You know any?

    Also, would love to see a post on WordPress theme via you. I’m really confused as to which theme should I use. My current theme is clean but looks dull as said by my friends.


    • Karen McCamy

      akismet is the top anti-comment spam plugin, it’s free, and it’s included with WordPress (written by Automattic, the WordPress-managing company).

      As far as themes…there are literally 10’s of thousands of WP themes. Selecting a single theme that is appropriate for a specific web site depends on a number of factors, including the purpose of your site, the goals of your site (& business), the demographic (your site audience), etc.

      I’m a WordPress Coach & Meetup Organizer of a group for WP beginners in Los Angeles. One of my most popular presentations is on WP Themes 101. You can see it here:

      There is a lot more to themes than just “what looks good” although design is one important factor. Just as important however, is content, and providing the type of content that your readers want and need! One final thought about “design” or how your site looks: it’s very subjective!

      • hyderali

        Thanks Karen!

        I installed akismet but is not working lately. Will read your post on wordpress themes.

        • Karen McCamy

          Hyderali, Akismet has a great support system. Put in a support ticket to get it working again. They have several “plans” so make sure you select the correct one for your specific site. I have always used the $5/month plan per site. If your site is “commercial” this is the one you should select. The free plan is for personal blogs that will not be monetized in any way. Hope the Themes 101 is helpful! 🙂

  • Is anyone using mailpoet plugin for newsletter ? Just installed it on my site seems to works ok but need to find a way to integrate with users on wordpress default list.

  • Karen McCamy

    Hey Kevan & the Buffer Team,

    I’m looking for an A/B testing plugin for WP…I was sure I’d seen a reference to one or more of these plugins here on your blog, but searched the site and come up with only this post…

    Did I miss it somewhere…???

    Or, does anyone know of any?



  • Steven


    A huge heads up to SEO by Yoast ! Can never go without this plugin. Hello bar is also okay. However, I recently found a plugin called Notiifyd (which in a personal opinion, i like way more due to its simplicity). This can be found here:

    WP Content Copy Protection ( is another great plugin – especially for those looking to protect their online content (such as text, images and source code). I use this plugin (by far the best of its kind).

  • Gabriel DiLaurentis

    what plugin are you using for author box, cause it looks kinda nice 🙂

    • Great question! Our author box is coded into our WordPress theme, so no plugins involved, I don’t believe. 🙂

  • cashitgadget

    Great list. I use a lot of these plugins and also one that you should add is the Sharing popup plugin by Riviton:

    We use this on our social sharing news sites and regularly have posts go viral with millions of hits a month. It really is a GREAT plugin…

    This is just a tip for those trying to get a lot more shares, especially this using the Buffer social app!

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