• Great, Leo, guys! It’s updated and working now. Much more easier! But, again, I think Twitter should add it by default. 😉


    • Thanks Stefan! Haha, we thought it would be really handy and didn’t want to wait to see if Twitter build it in 🙂

      • We’re not in a hurry, guys! “Patience is the companion of wisdom.” 🙂

        Can I ask what is the button next to Buffer’s one? Proxlet?

        • Proxlet is a really handy extension that lets you mute tweets from certain apps or hashtags. So you could avoid all “royal wedding” tweets for example, or Tweets from Twitterfeed or Foursquare. It’s a pretty cool idea, check it out here – http://proxlet.com/

          • Sounds perfect! There are some annoying applications that are spamming Twitter. I’ll give it a try right now. Thanks again!

  • Nicely done guys.
    This app is getting quite robust.

    • Thanks Dan, it really feels like it’s growing more and more useful with the features and improvements we keep making.

      This feature in particular is one I think will make it much easier for me to share great content, and thank people while I do it. The native retweet makes it so easy to share something without giving your own view or thanking the person who’s Tweeted it.

  • That’s awesome. I was about to suggest that, but you guys already implemented it 🙂 Keep rocking!

    • That’s awesome to hear Mani. Be sure to let us know if you have any other ideas 🙂 Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    It works perfect! Great work, very useful.

    • Thanks Almudena, great to see you here and glad you find it useful! 🙂

  • Awesome addition. This is really impressive guys.

  • wow. it’s the little things that make this all the more worthwhile. I like it how you build things that are just so right and so obvious that i notice them straight away. It’s not i read it here and have to go, “hmmm, i wonder how that works then, let me go and try it out …” i’ve already seen it and used it before i even get to the plog! 🙂

    • Hi Aimee,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. Absolutely, that is definitely our goal that everything is super intuitive for you to use and you are pleasantly surprised once you discover it! 🙂

      Yes, that’s a good point, with the other way round there might be some complications indeed! 🙂

  • Awesome job guys.

  • Wow – keep going! You guys are doing a great job.

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks a lot for stopping by.

      Glad you like it! Yep, we will keep going for sure, thanks a lot for all your support! 🙂

  • Great job Leo & Joel! Is there a way to add a tweet to buffer from HootSuite?

    • Dee, thanks so much for your kind words. This is a great suggestion. As of now it is not possible to add a tweet to Buffer from HootSuite, we are just atm looking into possibilities to integrate with 3rd party apps, stay tuned! 🙂

  • Ian

    That is fantastic. I guess I’m gonna have to say goodbye to the “Classic Retweet” extension because this is even better and more!

    • Hi Ian,

      Haha, absolutely from now on it will be super simple to do it all with Buffer! Glad you like the new features! 🙂

  • Ckluever

    Love the updates, especially being able to put retweets into your Buffer. Great job.

    • Hi there, awesome, glad you like them! Happy Buffering then! 🙂

  • Bournenaturalbeauty – Leoni

    Wow you just get even more remarkable and creative with your features. You will soon be the stars of twitter the way you are moving. Good luck with your success.

    • Leoni, thanks much for your comment.

      Glad you like the new features. Wow, that’s some big encouragement there for us, we will definitely continue to give our best! 🙂

  • Please bring this to firefox. Pleaaaase!
    Love this little app. Using it because @bullishink told me about it, and this extension.

    • Hi Billy, great to hear from you and really glad Bullish told you about us 🙂

      We’re definitely keen to give a little love to all the Firefox users out there by getting all the new Chrome extension improvements working in a handy Firefox add-on soon.

      Stay tuned!

      • Glad to hear that and I am looking forward to it. Love the little thing and always adding to it. Expect that will go for paid when time is right.

  • Guys, great idea but it crashes and freezes when used with Chrome on a Mac ;-( Please get us fixed!!

    • Hi Kevin, awesome you like it!

      Thanks for letting us know, that is really not good, will look into and keep you posted about it! 🙂

    • Ian

      I am using Chrome 10 on OSX 10.6.7 and everything works fine for me, it has never crashed, so I don’t think Buffer is the problem. My Macbook Pro is also four years old so I know the age of my hardware is not the problem.

  • Anonymous

    awesome. I’ve been waiting for an update like this!

  • Drrobsheely

    I am really liking buffer…. I have an idea…..  how about creating a import option   or  an even better idea ……. on some days when I am so busy that I do nt even seem to have time to fill up my buffer – have an option that I can   wow …  click on a button that will refill my buffer with my best traffic producing tweets….  sort of a ok i do no have enough time but today I can load it all up with one push of a button and I will have tweets sent throughout the day base don my buffer settings …. All this would do would give me an option to fill it up with past tweets once in a while that are ones that are good for  me …  youcould have your system pick the ones that have the best return….  OR…..  lets say I have a special event going on in my  business…  let me prepare  a text list in advance – or better delegate that to somebody else that has all of my bit.ly links in it an like me import it all wi one click rather than having to import each on e- one at a time?    what you think?

    • Ian

      All that would be useful but anything that makes sending a lot tweets en masse easier will frowned upon by Twitter and will put at risk the account of the user sending the tweets and the developer administering the service. However so long as tweet frequency rules (up to 1000 tweets per day) are observed and it’s nothing spammy, then it should be ok.

      • Hi @9c2d97e206aeb6bbd9875a65593079e8:disqus  thanks for the kind suggestion here, so glad you like Buffer. 

        @ianonmac:disqus , big thanks for jumping in here and yes, I think you are quite right, the option to send en masse tweets is something that might turn out to be troublesome. 

        Our aim with Buffer is to allow you to become a great source of personalised content you find. Keeping it genuine and fresh is quite important, just like Ian mentioned.

        I hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

  • godiego

    wat its?

  • andale no se ingles

  • wat its?


  • Rainyanie

    tsk #fb

  • صباح الخير ياعرب

  • I have safari extension installed — love it! and I am getting the buffer icon inside twitter …..it is awesome!  Rachel

  • :))))))))))))))))

  • Anonymous

    Bufferapp.com is an awesome tool for allowing me to tweet for my followers in distant time zones. And it keeps me “live” when I’m offline.

  • اكبر قهر تسقي من الورد بستان 
    وتموت بين ايديك زهرة شبابك !!
     (W) 🙁

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    رمضآن دخل 
    و مآهي إلآ أيآم و يقآل رمضآن خرج !
    و بين [ آلدخول و آلخروج ] 
    فآئزون و خآسرون ~
    ف ي رب .. 
    آكتب لنآ حضور شهر / آلصيآم
    و أصم جوآرحنآ عن / الآٿآم
    و آجعلنآ من / آلمقبوليّن 
    و وآلدينآ و أحبآبنآ و جميع آلمسلميّن 
     كل عآم و أنتم ب ألف خير ..

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  • صديتُ عنُ قلبيُ ‏​‏​
    وهوُ منگسّر لگ
    ۉﺈنُ زآدُ صَدگكَ يمگنُ
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    لآ تنتظر منيُ ﺂجي ۉﺂعتذر لگكَ  
    غآليُ ۉ لگنُ عزة ﺂلنفس ﺂغلىُ

  • قًدٌ تٌنًسُى أِلّذِيٌ ضٌحُڳٌتِ مَعَهٌ
    وّ لِڳّنًڳٌ لٌنِ تِنَسًى أًلِذِيِ بًڳًيِتُ مُعُهُ

  • يقول عُلمآء النفس
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  • لذههَ و ترويقہ
    وفرحه و معآنيُ​
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     و ﺂنآديك
    مسآء الخير

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  • عُمر ﺂلزھر ما قآل
    محتآج للمايُ
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    ولا بيبدأ ذبووولھہُ 

  • تعآآلي
    اقهويك ولـــه
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    هذه السمبوسة أهداء لك كلها قبل رمضان تأكلها بصحة والعافية… 
    بارك اللّٰـہ لك في شعبان وبلغنا
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    كل عام وانتي بخير,,,,,,,,,ومن العايدين قبل الزحمه ..هههه

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  • ich wette die leute die hier NORMAL sind kann man an einer Hand abzählen lol

  • ich will dich mit einem 27cm langen filetiermesser aufschlitzen

  • das is sooooo geil die sind da alle sooo happy das die mit nem deutschen chatten

  • weil ich in allen Chats und browsergames so heisse 

  • صباح الخير يا وجهٍ تبسم من شعاعـه نـور
    صباح الخير يا فجر ٍ ضوى هالكـون بأنـواره
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    صباح الورد يا روض ٍ مـلا هالقلـب بأزهـاره
    صباح الحب يا حب ٍ نبت فـي داخلـي بجـذور
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    صباح العمر يا عمر ٍ خطيت بدربـه أول سـور
    صباح الخير لكن غيـر ياكـل الحـب و أشعـارهـ

  • This is a great application, now that I have used it. Tomorrow will be the big run as the week starts. But i have faith that all will go well. Thank you, I have learnt a lot about Twittering, Re-Tweeting and just plain Twitter with Buffer. This program come’s recommended to all new and old twitter’s. Enjoy. @WazBee69 

  • WazB69

    This is a great application, now that I have used it. Tomorrow will be the big run as the week starts. But i have faith that all will go well. Thank you, I have learnt a lot about Twittering, Re-Tweeting and just plain Twitter with Buffer. This program come’s recommended to all new and old twitter’s. Enjoy. @WazBee69:twitter 

  • Your new ideas help me be awesome on Twitter. Love doing community blogging on civil rights.

  • Patricia0


  • Robert Eby

    How do I get the app for Iphone4?

  • JG

    It will be great when you can buffer directly from within Tweetdeck for Android…

  • Elena

    Can Mac users Buffer tweets from Twitter.com?

    • Hi @675a942d4a7ab3a7222a9688abbabe7a:disqus , yes, they absolutely can, just install the browser extension for safari or Chrome! 🙂

  • You guys are too cool!  Love the way you keep upping the ante on bufferapp.

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  • It works absolute great on Chrome PC but unfortunate the icon is not visible on Chrome Mac. Any tips to provide? Thanks 

    • Hi @twitter-7248172:disqus , hmm, that is odd. It should show up in the exact same place. Does it do just nothing if you reinstall?

  • Anonymous

    Loving this app, especially the alt+b trick I just learned.

    • Hi @shirleywilsonsocial:disqus , awesome, that is so great to hear, glad the shortcut is useful! 🙂

  • I’m loving this app. I’ve just recently started using it and I’ve been adding tweets everyday to my buffer. Works great!

  • Jboyismyfriend

    Is there any way to get the Chrome app without using the web store itself?  My firewall blocks it because it is HTTPS/SSL or something.  I would really like to use it!

    • Hhi @bd809d3802e36570d47ba76a05822658:disqus , not sure this is possible, but definitely a great suggestion, we will look into it! 🙂

  • Cool. When we get the firefox extension it would be awesome if you could choose between RT and Reply. Eagerly awaiting.

  • Wow, this is great. I’m always in favor of not hopping between tabs

  • Jyle_ona


  • Many many thanks, you are excellent!

  • just follow my twitter @derlianapurba:twitter 

  • Deelessard

    It would also be great to have a small save feature to add some favorites tweets or quotes to buffer for later.

  • what about safari? Doesn’t work for me yet:(

  • carlmartin

    this amazing..

  • Love, love, love…what I can do with Buffer. Buffer had made my social networking so much easier. Malika Bourne

  • Awesome additions on bufferapps   Check them out

  • Helen Goddard

    I love it. So simple but so useful. I only started to tweet a week ago but after 2 days realized that I needed something like Buffer. Now I use it all the time. Very impressed with your start-up success story but not surprised as it is such an invaluable tool.

    • Hi Helen, thanks so much for stopping by and awesome, it’s really great to hear that Buffer is useful for you as someone starting out on Twitter! 🙂 

  • Kelly

    So excited to use BUFFER

  • Knowledgebuilda

    Do you all have an iPhone app yet? 

  • Hi Guys,
    I rely on your app so much that I immediately noticed when it wasn’t shown in the new Twitter UI. Coming soon?

  • Hi, i really miss buffer in new Twitter 🙁 Please come back soon!

  • I have noticed that since Twitter updated it’s platform, my option to add a tweet to buffer is gone!  Is anyone else having this issue?  Will it be returning as an option?

  • Oh wait…got it….I had to reauthorize it.  Ah, technology!

    • I’m glad you posted this! Thanks 🙂 I was starting to go into Buffer withdrawals!

  • Basim_abc

     ورجعت أقلب في قديمات الأوراقواللي نسيته .. طاري الشوق جابه
    شرھة آلعٱشق گـبيرھ .. ڲلمإ زآد ٱلغلآ / زآد ٱلعتآب

  • Buffer rocks the house! that’s all there is to it. Kicks some serious #$$

  • Awesome resource! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    this is one of the coolest things that i’ve come across in a long time. definitely filled in a big gap in my social networking side. 

  • Lindahobbis38

    Whenever I click buffer within Twitter, it doesn’t retweet the tweet I want but one or two higher up or down the timeline.  Anyone else having this problem?  Frustrating!

  • George

    I only use iPad and iPhone…. can’t seem to buffer from inside twitter :/

    • Tyla uou boiz


    • TY


  • I really love this add-on but the new new twitter does not allow the “add to buffer” as per pic above…only right click add to buffer is available… hope there is an update for this soon…
    Love this program

  • Hi – I’ve put the Buffer button on my wordpress blog (it’s a .com not a .org, don’t know if that makes a difference…) and thw word Buffer is visible and clickable, but not the icon. 

  • Amanda

    Guys my twitter buffer button is gone . I’ve delete it and put it on again but nothing happent….can you help me and make it appear again?Thanks!

  • This used to work for me – but somehow it has stopped working. Even though I have bufferapp for Chrome installed, I can no longer go through my favorites and choose buffer this … please help.

  • Tina Reed Johnson

    I love this!  Solves a problem for the Twitter consumer…

  • Chuck Baggett

    Any chance this is or will be available for Firefox 11 and above?

  • Does Buffering Tweets from Twitter.com work in Firefox now?  I have the add-on installed but I’m not seeing the “Buffer” option.  It works great in Chrome, tho.

  • Christian

    This worked in Safari last week, but now the Buffer button in Twitter is gone? WTF?

  • Help me! Today disappeared Buffer button on my twitter. What do I get back?

  • great future, when are you developing this on the mobile (iphone) version?

  • Is there any way to automatically attach certain hashtags to all posts?

  • Am I doing something wrong? Clicking the Buffer link on the tweets on Twitter.com is not doing anything for me using the Buffer extension 2.1.7 in Safari. 

  •  Thank you!

  • Jofrume

    eata muy bien seguimos probando ok

  • Rwelc

    when is this going to work in safari?

  • deepak

    thanks for first time connecting me in bufferapp: http://www.manacleindia.com/industries.php

  • amiateeq

    A great way to spread your words.

  • Ada

    How to add the logo “buffer” into twitter page?

  • dicktader

    I guees I am confused can i add mutliple tweets to my buffer at the same time??does all this have to be manual
    what format do I use.

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  • I think its great application but how it works? i am bit confused

  • Very helpful addition.

  • d2b3i4

    saludos desde iruña..ondo pasa!!

  • SamDog

    This doesn’t work for me. Using Twitter.com I can retweet using the Buffer link. But when I select Add to Buffer the dialog box shakes from side to side. A side box with sign-in options is there but refuses to accept my twitter or buffer logon. Solutions?

  • The faucet guy

    Love ti work good

  • Tanggal merah adalah tanggal dimana mata bekerja rodi.

  • Biar gak ngantuk. *netesin air kopi ke mata*

  • Banyak berpacaran dengan komputer menjadi mata panas garis keras.

  • Question: I’m working on a Mac, with the Firefox plugin installed. When I’m typing in WordPress and use backspace, followed by ‘b’ the Bufferapp opens. That’s extremely annoying, because I just want to type a ‘b’ followed by other characters. How can I switch this off?

  • harunasakora

    Well i don’t really get it. How to use this for benefit of you account on twitter? Please help if you know.

  • ha duy tin
  • i cant make it work anymore

  • g


  • Shawn Carter

    Hey guys, I know this is dragging up old content, but I’m curious if there’s any other Buffer integration with iOS Twitter apps. Echofon is decent but not as fluid as the native Twitter app or even Tweetbot. I’m wondering if there’s any move to integrate buffering your tweets through any other apps in the future?

    • Courtney Seiter

      Hi Shawn! I hear you; we’re always working on making that mobile experience better and easier. You can see our full list of extras and goodies here: https://bufferapp.com/extras I hope you’ll find a solution that works better for you!