Buffer’s own mobile app developers, Andy Yates (iOS Developer) and Tom Redman (Android Developer) joined us for #Bufferchat to discuss mobile app development and marketing.

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mobile marketing trends

How has social sharing changed since Twitter came out?

From Andy:

  • “The fact you can connect with people throughout the world with short messages. I do think that Twitter is changing from ‘What you are doing?’ To more of a ‘what are you reading?’ with much more focus on sharing content.”

From Tom:

  • “The shear volume of information that flows through Twitter in a single second is completely unprecedented.”
  • “Twitter is also lightweight: you can share large things, small things and everything in between.”
  • “Not to mention its effect on revolutions around the world! Twitter can inform the world like never before – immediately”

Other great insights:

  • ” “Real-time conversation” took on a new meaning with new opportunity to reach audiences.” @AAFNational
  • “It completely changed the habit of information gathering for many people” @DanielScherrer
  • “Twitter redefined the meaning of real time marketing in Social Media. e.g. Oreo Dunk in the Dark!” @SanelySocial

Why is a mobile app or mobile-optimized content so important today?

From Tom:

  • “Users expect a mobile variation of the services and products they use. Extremely high connectivity rates mean users are choosing mobile more and more.”
  • “It’s interesting to think about the inverse: What happens when a product or service doesn’t have a mobile variant but maybe competitors do? How does it add to credibility of a produce or service or company?”

From Andy:

  • “We have our phones everywhere. It makes sense that content you would view on your PC is in an easy to digest form on mobile.”

Other great insights:

  • “Our “phones” are now becoming our primary screen. The main way we access the internet. Mobile first mentality is required.” @abowersock
  • “Mobile traffic accounts for roughly 40% of my traffic across all mediums, it’s hard to ignore.” @ravendelana
  • “And don’t miss the FMO factor – fear of missing out 🙂 For these the mobile will be always important” @PetrPinkas
  • “Convenient content is content consumed.” @ArtGelwicks

How are user interactions different from desktop to mobile?

From Andy:

  • “With desktop you have more screen real estate to use. On mobile you have to really think about the use of space.”
  • “You can’t clutter the screen & use things like on hover. Swipe gestures really have been a key feature addition to v4.0”

From Tom:

  • “Network connectivity is a big one. Users on desktop can expect a fast a reliable connection all the time.”
  • “Mobile users often expect that same reliability, but it’s not there. We need to account for that, keeping the experience as smooth as possible while account for regular network issues. “
  • “On mobile, we like to reduce the amount of typing required for a given task. Dropdowns, buttons, etc., all preferable.”
  • “Like @ay8s mentioned, screen real estate holds a high premium! Very careful thought into maximizing the space’s use”

Other great insights:

  • “Mobile can be more real-time, ppl always have their mobile on them, but not always a desktop!” @marinighPR
  • “Time is of the essence on mobile. Fast information + immediate sharing. Desktop you can relish a lil more.” @_mariajuan
  • “Users on mobile expect mobile UX. Site wrappers or apps that link to desktop-oriented website compromise cust. experience” @jacobhenenberg

What trends are developing on mobile?

From Tom:

  • “Lots of services/products will be mobile-only. Tablets and phones, and that will be the entire offering.”
  • “I still have high hopes that a top-tier, physical keyboard device will make a strong appearance! Still miss it”
  • “Apps need to be designed to support any screen size/resolution. Responsive design will be a must!”
  • “Payments via mobile will become norm. Tap to pay. Everywhere.”
  • “More seamless integration with desktop will starting blurring the lines between mobile and desktop. (iOS 8/Continuity)”

From Andy:

  • “I think there’ll be more demand for functionality to make day to day tasks easier. Apple Pay is a great example.”

Other great insights:

  • “Mobiles will be the control device for our lives: lights, car keys, credit cards, reminders, interactions.” @daniel3ub
  • “Mobile and are the future. We need good mobile tools and networks to connect to products & services” @Toby_Metcalf

What is key in adapting content/apps when everything changes so quickly?

From Tom:

  • “No silos within a company. Open communication, everybody with equal say is a great way to keep things running smoothly.”
  • “Working together (within and between teams) with common interests allows for common goals to be met.”
  • “Listening and listening more to your customers. Get lots of advice, weigh all options and then make informed decisions.”
  • “Architecting apps with modularity in mind will help with rapid updates. Separate network, business, models, etc.”

From Andy:

  • “Thinking about how things can be made easier for the user using the new APIs & the reasons for & against using them.”

Other great insights:

  • “Build w/ adaptable tech, remain platform agnostic, and constantly work with clients to see how they use your products.” @brucerpdx
  • “Get to know your target audiences & customers so well that you can anticipate what changes they’ll value. Then A/B test.” @turbineagency
  • “Keep fresh ideas coming. Have a way to instantly capture ideas, even if they can’t be implemented yet.” @dropsnwellness

Thank you so much for everyone who joined in on this great chat!

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Image sources: Noun Project, Blurgrounds, Markus Spiske

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