10 Quick Wins for Getting Started Fast with Facebook Video

Many marketers who are looking to get started with video marketing will turn to YouTube—and for good reason: With 300 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute, YouTube has huge potential for reaching a big audience.

There’s another equally large and quickly growing video home as well: Facebook.

With 4 billion video streams daily, Facebook has established itself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to video.

Back in 2014 during its third-quarter earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg stated that he thought “going forward, a lot of the content that people share will be video. It’s just very compelling.”

His prediction seems to have come true. Facebook is showing signs of taking videos more and more seriously.

Now seems to be the perfect time to take a closer look at Facebook and how to use videos to engage more fans on the platform.

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The Science of Storytelling Through Facebook Images: 10 Actionable Strategies from Successful Brands

On April 8, 2011, Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS shoes, did something radical: He asked everyone to go barefoot for a day.

One Day Without Shoes is now a yearly campaign dedicated to educating the world of how many children in developing countries grow up barefoot and without shoes, putting them at risk of infections and diseases.

TOMS already donates one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes it sells. This year, the company took it one step further. For every photo of bare feet tagged on Instagram, they gave a new pair of shoes to a child in need. At the end of the campaign, 296,243 photos were tagged—and the same number of shoes were pledged to children in the developing world.

Mycoskie understood the power of a good story. By making his customers a part of the narrative, he was able to make a much larger difference than if TOMS had simply donated the shoes without a social media campaign.

Every brand, every company, and every person has a story to tell, and visual storytelling is a very effective way of sharing your brand’s message and engaging with your customers.

I’ve uncovered some imaginative ways brands are using pictures to tell compelling stories that generate engagement on Facebook.

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The Secret Psychology of Facebook: Why We Like, Share, Comment and Keep Coming Back

Whenever I hop onto Facebook to do something specific—find a link I saved for later or see what’s happening on Buffer’s Facebook page, perhaps—something strange happens.

Despite my best intentions to stay on track and accomplish my goal, I get sucked in. Suddenly I’m checking my own notifications, looking at what’s been recently posted and generally forgetting why I came to Facebook in the first place.

This isn’t entirely by accident. There is science and psychology that explains why so many of us are glued to Facebook.

Researchers have discovered trends in the way that we perform every major action on Facebook—liking, posting, sharing, commenting and even lurking.

And there’s a ton of psychology involved in what makes Facebook so attractive in the first place. Here’s a look at the psychology of Facebook: what makes us like, post, share and keep coming back for more.

psychology of facebook

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‘What Should I Post on Facebook?’ 12 Facebook Tactics Working Right Now

If you feel challenged by Facebook marketing these days, you should know you’re not alone.

In an increasingly crowded news feed, Facebook’s algorithm updates can make it tough for brands to get much notice.

In fact, brands are now responding to plunging organic reach on Facebook by posting more content to Instagram than they are to Facebook, according to a report by research firm L2.

But don’t despair; there’s plenty of life left in Facebook yet. We’ve been scouring the web to find out what’s working on Facebook …

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We Tested All the Best Advice to Get More Clicks on Facebook. Here’s What Worked.

As we work together to figure out the Facebook News Feed and to find organic ways to boost reach and engagement, we’re bound to come across a flood of tips on how to get more out of our pages and updates. There’s a ton of advice out there. Where should you begin?

Which Facebook marketing tips work best?

I tested the best ones to find out.

Read below to see which tips and strategies worked best for the Buffer Facebook page, and feel free to use our learnings as the basis for tests of your own. There are tons of strategies out there, and you can find one that works for your page. I’m excited to share which ones worked for us.

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Decoding the Facebook News Feed: An Up-to-Date List of the Algorithm Factors and Changes

July 2015: Greater user control over the News Feed

Update July 9, 2015: In an update that’s first arrived on iOS (and coming soon to all mobile and web), Facebook is making it easier for people to adjust and customize their News Feed settings

The preferences tab will be more visible and more intuitive, allowing people to find pages and people to like and follow, and easily selecting to follow/unfollow certain content.


June 2015: Time spent on stories

Update, June 12, 2015: How much time you spend viewing stories becomes a factor Facebook uses to determine what to show at the top of your News Feed.
The signals from content you spend more time with will help determine what appears higher in the News Feed, potentially having an effect on the visibility of content from Pages. Facebook explains:

“We’ve discovered that if people spend significantly more time on a particular story in News Feed than the majority of other stories they look at, this is a good sign that content was relevant to them.”

The social network does not expect Pages to see significant changes in distribution as a result of this update.

April 2015: Friends’ content prioritized

Update, April 21, 2015: Content posted by the friends you care about will appear higher in the News Feed
The content posted by your friends, items such as photos, videos, status updates or links, will appear higher in the News Feed, potentially having an effect on the visibility of content from Pages.

In addition, Facebook is updating the News Feed to lower the visibility of stories about friends liking or commenting on a post. And for those with less content in the News Feed, Facebook now allows content from the same source to appear in succession.

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Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook Post: Exactly What to Post to Get Better Results

You post to your Facebook page, hoping you’ve hit upon something that works.

How great would it be know that the post you just published had the best chance of maximizing clicks, likes, and comments.

Facebook posts especially—given the dramatic dip in reach—can feel like a mystery. How do you create the perfect Facebook post? Does the perfect Facebook post even exist?

I went looking for answers and came across a heap of best practices and examples of what goes into a perfect Facebook post. Check out the results below, test out the tips and strategies on your own posts, and watch your Facebook stats climb.

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How to Run a Facebook Contest, Analyze Your Page, and More: 11 Ideal Facebook Tools for Marketers

We’ve posted huge, helpful lists on social media tools for small business (61!) free Twitter tools (59!), and free marketing tools (29!). Facebook is next—though the list won’t be quite as huge.

The built-in tools that Facebook offers to business pages and advertisers are robust and detailed. Hence, you’re likely to uncover a smaller stash of third-party tools than you might for a network like Twitter.

Still, there are some fabulous Facebook tools out there, and they can help push your Facebook marketing campaign forward with contests, insights, advertising, and more.

Here is a selection of our top picks for Facebook marketing tools.

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How to Create and Manage the Perfect Facebook Page for Your Business: The Complete A to Z Guide

As small business owners and brand managers, you’ve probably heard that you need to be on Facebook.

Great! So where should you start? And is there an easy blueprint to follow?

We’ve experimented a lot with various Facebook marketing tips over the past several months, and we’ve enjoyed figuring out the best way to create and manage our Facebook page here at Buffer. I’d love to share with you how the process has worked so far!

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