‘What Should I Post on Facebook?’ 12 Facebook Tactics Working Right Now

If you feel challenged by Facebook marketing these days, you should know you’re not alone.

In an increasingly crowded news feed, Facebook’s algorithm updates can make it tough for brands to get much notice.

In fact, brands are now responding to plunging organic reach on Facebook by posting more content to Instagram than they are to Facebook, according to a report by research firm L2.

But don’t despair; there’s plenty of life left in Facebook yet. We’ve been scouring the web to find out what’s working on Facebook …

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We Tested All the Best Advice to Get More Clicks on Facebook. Here’s What Worked.

As we work together to figure out the Facebook News Feed and to find organic ways to boost reach and engagement, we’re bound to come across a flood of tips on how to get more out of our pages and updates. There’s a ton of advice out there. Where should you begin?

Which Facebook marketing tips work best?

I tested the best ones to find out.

Read below to see which tips and strategies worked best for the Buffer Facebook page, and feel free to use our learnings as the basis for tests of your own. There are tons of strategies out there, and you can find one that works for your page. I’m excited to share which ones worked for us.

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Decoding the Facebook News Feed: An Up-to-Date List of the Algorithm Factors and Changes

Update, March 5, 2015: Facebook to update the way Page likes are counted, removing the likes of memorialized accounts and deactivated accounts.

It’s possible that Page owners might see a small decline in the overall Likes for their page once this update occurs.

Update, January 20, 2015: Facebook aims to reduce the number of hoaxes in News Feed with algorithm tweak.

To reduce the number of posts containing misleading or false news, Facebook has announced that the News Feed algorithm  will begin to factor in when many people flag a post as false or choose to delete posts.

You also might see these type of posts that Facebook deems misleading displayed with this warning:

This algorithm tweak is designed to keep articles that many people have reported as a hoax or chosen to delete from getting widespread distribution in News Feed.

Update, January 12, 2015: Facebook has provided some new stats and tips on using video, including these:

  • In just one year, the number of video posts per person has increased 75% globally and 94% in the US.
  • The amount of video from people and brands in the News Feed has increased 3.6x year-over-year.
  • Since June 2014, Facebook has averaged more than 1 billion video views every day.
  • On average, more than 50% of people who come to Facebook every day in the US watch at least one video daily.
  • 76% of people in the US who use Facebook say they tend to discover the videos they watch on Facebook.

Seems like a big clue that Facebook could be favoring video posts more highly!

Update, November 14, 2014: Facebook will begin monitoring and reducing the appearance of overly promotional posts from Pages, beginning in January 2015. Overly promotional posts, according to Facebook, may include:

  1. Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app
  2. Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context
  3. Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads

Pages that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.

Here’s an example of a type of promotional post:


Update, November 7, 2014: Facebook users now have additional control options for choosing what they see in their news feed.  What’s particularly interesting about this is that you can now do the following:

“You can filter the view by people, Groups or Pages, or see them all at once.”

Here is how this looks inside the app:

choose news feed

Update, November 6th 2014: Fans of a particular Facebook page may see that page’s posts bundled together in the News Feed, such that the user would need to click a link to see more from the page. This happens when there are multiple posts from the Page that could appear in the News Feed (e.g., if a Page publishes multiple posts in one day).

Note: We’re constantly refreshing this post. All information you read below is accurate and up-to-date as of November 6, 2014. 

Does this sound familiar: People have liked your Facebook page or followed your profile, and when you post a new update, less than 10 percent of your fans and followers ever see it.

It’s a challenge that many Facebook marketers face. How do you get your content seen on Facebook?

The secret is in understanding the Facebook News Feed and its mighty algorithm. The Facebook algorithm helps make sense of the huge number of potential stories and updates that could come our way, choosing updates to show in our News Feed based on a huge number of factors.

Here’s our solution: We want to help you understand how your updates get viewed on Facebook. So we’re collecting all the Facebook algorithm factors, updates, and changes that we can find and placing them here in this post for easy reference.

Read on, and see what goes into the complex, fascinating formulas of the Facebook News Feed.

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Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook Post: Exactly What to Post to Get Better Results

You post to your Facebook page, hoping you’ve hit upon something that works.

How great would it be know that the post you just published had the best chance of maximizing clicks, likes, and comments.

Facebook posts especially—given the dramatic dip in reach—can feel like a mystery. How do you create the perfect Facebook post? Does the perfect Facebook post even exist?

I went looking for answers and came across a heap of best practices and examples of what goes into a perfect Facebook post. Check out the results below, test out the tips and strategies on your own posts, and watch your Facebook stats climb.

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How to Run a Facebook Contest, Analyze Your Page, and More: 11 Ideal Facebook Tools for Marketers

We’ve posted huge, helpful lists on social media tools for small business (61!) free Twitter tools (59!), and free marketing tools (29!). Facebook is next—though the list won’t be quite as huge.

The built-in tools that Facebook offers to business pages and advertisers are robust and detailed. Hence, you’re likely to uncover a smaller stash of third-party tools than you might for a network like Twitter.

Still, there are some fabulous Facebook tools out there, and they can help push your Facebook marketing campaign forward with contests, insights, advertising, and more.

Here is a selection of our top picks for Facebook marketing tools.

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How to Create and Manage the Perfect Facebook Page for Your Business: The Complete A to Z Guide

As small business owners and brand managers, you’ve probably heard that you need to be on Facebook.

Great! So where should you start? And is there an easy blueprint to follow?

We’ve experimented a lot with various Facebook marketing tips over the past several months, and we’ve enjoyed figuring out the best way to create and manage our Facebook page here at Buffer. I’d love to share with you how the process has worked so far!

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30 Little-Known Features of the Social Media Sites You Use Every Day

When I first set foot in Disneyland, I race to the most famous rides first—Splash Mountain, the Matterhorn, Indiana Jones, all the biggest and best. Little do I know there are just as many hidden gems and overlooked attractions that I’ve likely missed in my sprint for the headliners.

Social networks are a little like Disneyland in this regard. There’s so much to see and so much to do that some of the fun stuff is bound to slip through the cracks.

Which features of Facebook, Twitter, and the other major social networks have perhaps slipped under our noses? I went hunting for some of these little-known features and came up with over two dozen new tricks and tools to try for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Read ahead to learn all 30 little-known features (and see which ones you might already know!).

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5 Data-Driven Ways To Get Your Facebook Post Seen by Your Audience

If you’ve been struggling with Facebook lately for your brand page, don’t think you’re alone.

Between changes to the layout of brand pages, News Feed algorithm adjustments, and countless other tweaks and changes, marketers are constantly on their toes anticipating what’s coming next.

A current issue that many are facing is the decline of a post’s organic reach. Marketers have had their organic reach cut by more than half with their Page’s published posts.

This change is caused by a deeper underlying issue—the competition to get seen on a fan’s Facebook News Feed is higher than ever. At any given point a user logs into the Facebook platform, there are more than 1,500 posts that user could be shown.

In short, Facebook wants to bring the best quality content to users’ Feeds. Luckily, quality content is what all of us want to create! So rather than give up on the world’s largest and most popular social media platform, you can simply shift focus from what’s going on your brand pages to how to get your Facebook post seen on our fans’ News Feed.

TrackMaven analyzed 5,804 Facebook pages (each with a minimum of 1,000 Page Likes) spanning a total combined 1,578,006 posts to determine the attributes of the most impactful Facebook interactions. These are the top 5 most effective strategies for landing on a user’s News Feed, according to our data.

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New Facebook Page Redesign: Everything You Need to Know to Optimize Your Page

Copy of Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post (8)Notice anything different about your Facebook page?

Facebook is in the process of rolling out a series of changes for all business pages, tweaking the design and layout in a number of small but significant ways, giving opportunity to marketers to make the most of what’s new.

So what is new? And how can you optimize your page to get the most value from what’s changed with the Facebook Page redesign?

I collected the changes and differences from this Facebook page to the last, including all the highlights from Facebook’s most-mentioned changes and even the smaller tweaks that are flying under the radar. I’m happy to pass along some advice, too—much of which I’ve gleaned from our social media archives and best practices. If you find any changes I’ve missed—or have any other helpful advice on what you might do to your page strategy—drop them into the comments. I’d love to hear them!

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