Oli Gardner from Unbounce stopped by #Bufferchat to share the essentials of conversion rate optimization.

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What is conversion rate optimization?

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From Oli:

  • Technically speaking, CRO is about getting a higher percentage of people to complete the desired action on any given page.
  • CRO is the act of increasing the performance of your marketing by uncovering ways to more accurately address your customers.
  • On a higher level, CRO is more about business optimization that the conversion rate itself. (From )
  • Every page can be better. CRO is what makes that happen, through research-driven, data-informed design and copywriting.
  • True conversion is about designing an experience that delights your visitors & builds your brand as well as conversion rate.

More great insights:

  • “Increasing the number of people who complete a specified task on your website through optimising features.” @jordielam
  • “Testing, iterating and doing whatever you can to achieve the 1 goal you’ve set for a campaign, landing page, etc.” @hayley_mullen
  • “CRO = Translating needs into an ongoing buying cycle. If a customer loves your products/services he will stay w/ your brand” @liliholl

What are some tips for someone starting out in conversion rate optimization?

From Oli:

More great insights:

  • “Build great content to get them on your site in the first place! I’m a firm believer in @TylerNarducci_
  • “If you’re just starting in Conversion Rate Optimization, look at your numbers & identify trends.” @robertoblake
  • “Be ready to adapt and make changes – your customers need will vary & evolve. What worked today may not work next month” @lifeofaworkgirl

How can landing pages be used to increase the conversion rate of a campaign?

From Oli:

  • Landing pages provide a focused destination for campaign traffic. Free from the distractions of your homepage.
  • Standalone landing pages have an Attention Ratio of 1:1 compared to perhaps 40:1 on your homepage. 
  • The NSAMCWADLP Principle: Never. Start. A. Marketing. Campaign. Without. A. Dedicated. Landing. Page.
  • Also, never build a landing page before you have established a defined campaign goal.
  • One of the most important things to remember with landing pages is >> Copy informs design, not the other way round.
  • A great free resource is The Smart Marketer’s Landing Page Conversion Course >>

More great insights:

  • “Deleting navigation links and any other element causing visitor disturbance is a crucial point” @icisseseo
  • “If a store doesn’t have a OPEN sign, no lights on, and no hours posted, how will I know to go in? Same w/ landing pages” @amandasabroad
  • “Make it easy for the customer by not overwhelming them with options. Rather, provide easy steps towards desired action” @riacruz_

What are your favorite conversion rate optimization tools?

What metrics do you track to measure conversion rate success?

From Oli:

  • By funnel depth: Engagement. Click-thru rate. Conversion. Activation. Retention. Ave. revenue per customer. Lifetime value.
  • Money.
  • You might get higher conv rate on your pricing page, but if net result is more customers & less ideal customers you failed.

More great insights:

  • “We have a customer service rep dedicated to calling people who have “abandoned cart” to find out why. Has helped a lot!” @lockers4schools
  • “Depends on the goals of campaign but basics I review – revenue, click thru, time spend on page/website, bounce rate” @carolineousley
  • “How do you track lifelong customers? They might be more important than 1,000 one-hit wonders.” @bukowski33

What are some of the biggest CRO myths?

From Oli:

  • CRO myth #1: A/B testing is easy.
  • CRO myth #2: Button colour matters. That’s bullshit. Button contrast is what matters.
  • CRO myth #3: Best practices are silver bullet. BPs are good to get started, CRO is about data-informed change not formulas.
  • CRO myth #4: Your Call to Action must be above the fold. Sometimes your form should be at the end of the page.

More great insights:

  • “Myth – you have to make a choice between usability and aesthetics. You can be creative with subtle CRO elements. ” @UxDInsights
  • “Believing that there is one formula to convert. Clientele changes, the digital landscape changes, remember that!” @BrightHausGroup
  • “Myth: CRO is just swapping colors, text and images. Truth: CRO is about improving the value proposition.” @beymour

What are some resources for the latest on conversion rate optimization?

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Written by Nicole Miller

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  • Hi Nicole,

    This article providing best information about conversion rate optimization, I don’t know now anything about conversion rate optimization, but after reading this article, I understand some basic information about CRO. but I always use Moz tool for finding some website related information..

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  • Hey Nicole, thanks for including me in this post!

    I loved participating in the #BufferChat last week! I learned so much from so many different amazing professionals. Truly rewarding, and I’m looking forward to the next one. 🙂

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    Our CRO tool Decibel Insight is relatively new to market, so you probably haven’t yet had the chance to test this on your site. We would love you to, as we believe we have many advantages over other tools which you may be more familiar with. Please get in contact to discuss further, as we would like to offer you a free trial. Thanks, Owain

  • Almost same with Sonia Bray , I don’t know anything about optimization level conversion, but after reading this article, I understand what must i do first.
    Thx Nicole .
    From Tutorialsmu,

  • Hey Nicole! Thank you so much for this in depth article, it’s extremely helpful. Would you say the CRO industry is inexperienced? I currently work at CRO agency and have met people who are classed a professionals an experts in the trade but know nothing about A/B testing, using GA properly….the list goes on.

    Some tools that I’ve found extremely helpful for CRO, are usability testing i.e. UserTest.io, WhatUsersDo and UserTesting. They’re a great way to really see what the users is experiencing, what anxieties they have and what emotions they’re feeling at the time. Extremely helpful and a great way to gain valuable insight to your users.

    Thank you again for this article! Top stuff!

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