Recently there was a fantastic new Twitter App that I discovered. It is called WhoTweetedMe and was developed by Dan Zarrella, who calls himself the Social Media scientist from HubSpot.

What I found particularly stunning about this tool was that it helped me reach out to more people and improve our lead management greatly.

In short, you can simply drop in a URL of any blogpost you have written and let the tool analyse it for retweets, reach and much more.

Drop in your URL

As the first thing you simply get your URL in the box and let the tool analyse it. The great part here is that you don’t have to signup or in to use it:

Analyse your stats:

Of course, you will normally know the number of Tweets your post has received through the Tweet count. With WhoTweetedMe however, you will learn about a lot of more stats. The App will show you:


Get 200% more clicks on Tweets

By Buffering Tweets, they are posted at optimal times giving you 2x more exposure.

  • Average follower count of people Tweeting
  • Potential Reach of your post
  • Retweet timeline


If you look at the retweet timeline you will find that it is very similar to the stats we found in our recent study for Buffer.

Thank your top retweeters

What I mentioned at the very start was that I was able to reach out to people I didn’t know had engaged with my content. The App makes it very easy to simply hit the “Thank” and start chatting away with your top retweeters.


How can WhoTweetedMe help you?

There is actually a very real story that I wanted to tell you here. When I first started to use the App, I saw that a very powerful Twitter user retweeted my post. I went ahead and took a look at his bio and business and simply sent a friendly thank you note over. I greatly appreciated the fact that he took the time to read and Tweet my post, so I thought the least I could do is check out what he was up to.

Magically, Fred got back to me, checked out Buffer, became a regular user and has helped me with a ton of great feedback ever since to make it even better.



WhoTweetedMe is a fantastic add-on to my Twitter Toolkit. Before, I used to do everything with BackTweets, but the functionality WhoTweetedMe offers is way more optimized for finding and engaging with the people that are Tweeting your posts.

What I particularly like is the clear overview. You never leave the page, sign up or in. All you do is drop in your URL. This is very powerful and time-consuming.

What do you think about this App? Do you this could be helpful for your Twitter efforts?

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder and COO at Buffer. I enjoy working on company culture, customer development and marketing. For more personal posts, check out leostartsup.

  • Now that’s pretty cool, I like the way it show you who your 20 Most influential ReTweeters are, great fro following those that have some influence on Twitter.

    I usually use Topsy for doing things like this as I have a Bookmarklet for grabbing stats on any webpage, but I also notice that “WhoTweeted Me” has a bookmarklet as well, furthing testing me thinks 😉

    • Hi Karen, yes, exactly, I think seeing these top 20 users can really make a difference!

      Got it, thanks for the heads up on Topsy will give it a go and see how this compares! 🙂 

      • You’re most welcome, looking forward to seeing what you think with a comparison between the two 😉

  • Cool tool but it didn’t work for us. We just saw a massive spike in clicks from Twitter, thousands in one day. We tried the tool to find out who tweeted the page and the response was that it wasn’t tweeted enough for a report… Or maybe it was just one tweet and that was Justin Bieber heh.

  • It didn’t work for me either @manamica:disqus