Important update: We’re retiring the Daily app and Suggestions feature – beginning August 1, we’ll start turning off Suggestions in phases. Read more…

Daily by Buffer - download on the app store

Buffer’s mission has always been to do one thing really well: make it super easy to share great content.

We think our web app and mobile app make it pretty easy to share, so what about the second part of our mission? How can you stock up on great articles and photos to share?

Finding great content—the kind that moves you, makes you think, or starts a conversation—can be a challenge.

We wanted to make it easier.

Our new iOS app Daily by Buffer offers an endless amount of amazing stories, each just a swipe away.

Here’s how it works: You browse our hand-picked (really! a human reads each one!) content suggestions one-by-one and swipe right for content you like, left for what you don’t. We’ll share your picks with your followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn through Buffer and keep refreshing your content opportunities…well, daily.

Daily GIF
Great content, easy to share, just a swipe away.

The Daily app for iOS is now available for free from the iTunes store. Download now and start swiping!

Download Daily by Buffer for iOS
Want more details first? Let’s explore!

Think Tinder for content sharing

Daily by Buffer - swipe to shareIf you’re not familiar with Tinder, here’s how the dating app works in a nutshell: The app shows you a profile, you swipe right for yes and left for no.

Replace dating profiles with content suggestions, and you’ve got the basic premise of Daily!

We’ve found that the card-swiping, one-decision-at-a-time method is a fun (and slightly addictive!) way to consume content. You decide quickly and intuitively to save or skip. And you can do all this with only your thumb! Janel Torkington of AppsZoom has a neat way of summing up the card-swiping benefits:

Instead of infinite content rendered useless by its very vastness, cards connect with users via offering only the best possible content, one piece at a time. It’s the ideal UI for making a decision about now.

The best possible content, one piece at a time. That’s what we’re aiming for with Daily.

What our content curation process looks like

Did I mention we hand select each and every piece of content you’ll see? That’s 25 new stories each day, as chosen by the Buffer team—and hundreds of previous selections, if you really want to get on a roll. Here’s a quick introduction of who’s choosing your next favorite story.

  • Courtney, Head of Content Marketing
  • Leo, Chief Operating Officer
  • Kevan (me), Content Crafter
  • And our army of content helpers, composed of anyone and everyone who works at Buffer. Everyone’s encouraged to share the best content they find online.

We pull from a wide variety of sources to come up with our curated content. Newsletters, sharing communities, RSS, and a whole lot more make up our workflow. We read everything we suggest—and tons more that don’t quite make the cut.

Suggested stories can’t be bought, and we don’t share based on obligation, contract, or affiliation. We simply locate the stories that we find most fascinating and drop them into the app for you to enjoy.

If we find an article worth sharing with others, we happily share it with you.

Content suggestions across five topics

Daily by Buffer - content topicsWe’ve been suggesting great content for several months now, and we’ve recently expanded suggestions to cover five different topics—meaning five times the suggestions for you!

Here are the topics we cover on a daily basis, seven days a week:

  • Marketing
  • Lifehacking
  • Inspiration
  • Design
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Plus a “Best Of” that pulls in the top five suggestions of the day across all topics

(If you’ve got a suggestion for another topic to add, we’d love to hear it! Just pop us a note from the suggestions panel inside your Buffer dashboard, or leave a comment here on this post.)

From inside the Daily app, you can select which topics you’d like to view, or you can view all topics at once. It’s as easy as tapping and choosing how you want to view your content.

Fast, fun sharing with Daily – download now!

Our goal with Daily is to provide content that’s easy to find, easy to share—wherever you are.

We’ll give you 25 of our new favorite stories, hand-picked each day. You get to decide what stays and what goes. The stories you love go instantly to your social media queues.

It’s as simple—and as fun!—as that.

Download the new Daily by Buffer app from the app store today, and let us know what you think! We’re excited to make it even better with your feedback.

Download Daily by Buffer for iOS

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Written by Kevan Lee

Director of marketing at Buffer, the social media publishing tool for brands, agencies, and marketers. We’ve got a new podcast! ?

  • IwanoMai

    It’s all very nice but people already have easy access to any article they choose to post

    Instagram – this should be Buffer’s priority right now.

    • Dave Chapman

      Hi there! Instagram integration is definitely one of our most popular requests and we’d love if we could post to Instagram! We’re all huge Instagram fans too 🙂 It would be a great improvement. Unfortunately Instagram doesn’t allow other apps to post to it just yet, so we’re not able to do this. Hopefully they will consider opening this up down the road!

    • Instagram would be nice, but it’s not supported by any social media management platform yet for a reason: Facebook likes it that way. They don’t want the network flooded with brand messages and marketing.

      If they did, they would have integrated an easy way to sign into multiple accounts on mobile (like Twitter) and provided easy ways for marketers to manage accounts.

      It’s a waiting game for all the social media management platforms.

  • Awesome addition guys! But…. Where is the Android app ? And also Ipad…

    • Dave Chapman

      Hey Roy! Thanks so much for the support! We’re very keen to have Daily in the hands of *all* of our wonderful users 🙂 iPhone is just the first step. We’ve got some exciting stuff in the pipeline for Android and iPad – can’t wait to share!

      • I’d like to second that – sounds like an _awesome_ app but I am using Android. And I love using Buffer.

        So let’s get both of them together, pleeeeez? 🙂

        • Courtney Seiter

          Well, when you put it like that, how could we NOT? 😉 We’d love to get Daily going for Android, and seeing the response we’ve gotten so far we’re going to start working double time!

          • I think the only proper response to this is a chant.


            (Continue until you lose your voice, or your friends.)

            I’m looking forward to the Android goodies you have coming out!

          • Android. Pleeeez?

            Sorry, I just had to write that.

            Looking forward to more and more goodies from Buffer! 😀

      • bjanes987

        Big buffer fan looking for the android app

  • Hej Dave. that is even more Awesome news! Keep up the good work.

  • I really like it so far! 🙂 One thing I noticed is that when I switch between accounts, it generates some of the same content I already swiped through/skipped. It would be nice if it remembered where I left off when I’m going back and forth between multiple accounts so I don’t have to go through the same stories again.

    • Courtney Seiter

      Oh wow, that’s a really great piece of feedback, Brittany! I can definitely see how that change could make using Daily a lot more fun and less repetitive. Thanks for checking it out and letting us know!

  • Really interesting idea! Feedly integration? Pretty please?

    • That’s definitely planned, Shawn! I agree with you, feeds in Daily will be killer 🙂

      • Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply, Joel.

  • Nice. But how about Android App?

    • I agree, it’d be awesome to get Daily into as many hands as possible! Android sounds like an ideal next step! Feels like a natural direction for Daily to go; we’ll be excited to share our progress on this! 🙂

      • Nicole Porter

        Yes, please! I would love to have this app on my Android 🙂

      • Barry Welford

        Me too. I’m sure there are probably more Android users than iOS users so I hope this is a key priority.

        • jenniferjtai

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          on the computer . see post C­a­s­h­f­i­g­.­C­O­M­

      • I’d even take a mobile web “app” while we wait for the Android version of Daily.

      • Another me too. 2nd quarter Android versus iOS market share puts Android ahead three to one, and trending upward. It’s high time it be recognized and Android platform apps be the first choice for development.

      • +1 for Android (from a buffer user since its inception…if that matters)

    • Chad Fullerton

      Yes, please create an Android Daily app! Much needed. Thanks Buffer Team!

  • Will you integrate this with your “Feeds” feature?

    • Courtney Seiter

      Great question, Pierre! Yup, that makes a lot of sense to us, too, and is definitely on the horizon!

  • WonkyButt

    Tinder for content!

  • Great stuff as always! Checking it out now.

    • Courtney Seiter

      Thanks, Jonathan! Let us know how it feels to you! 🙂

  • Interesting idea for consumers. No Android app so left in the dark. My biggest problem with something like this is now you’ll have 100s, if not 1000s of people tweeting the same exact tweet. Great for Buffer, but causes lots of noise. Plus this is encouraging blind sharing without even taking the time to read the articles, which is already a problem with people retweeting and favoriting items on Twitter. I prefer to read the article first before sharing so I know it’s good quality and not a link full of ads or something I disagree with. But interesting idea.

    • Courtney Seiter

      I hear you, Scott; we definitely want to encourage folks to read the pieces and take time with the content. Perhaps there’s a way to promote that a bit more within the design; thanks for your input and getting the wheels turning there!

      • Courtney, you are expressly NOT encouraging folks to read the pieces. you are encouraging them to swipe them into a queue based on a headline and a short description. You are doing the opposite of encouraging folks to read them. Look, I love Buffer, but this is clearly just a way to boost social shares with your tool attached to them, and you know, that’s fine. But I don’t think this is necessarily good for social graphs.

        • timframed

          Interesting observation here for sure. I’ve been a long time fan of the suggestions feature (and now Daily) since starting to use Buffer – but I did find that I was more pre-occupied with adding a post and queue’ing it up then actually reading it.

          My workarounds have been to use IFTTT x Google Docs to bookmark my queue of tweets, since they’re articles that I’d want to read as well as fine sharable to people.

          Interested to see how you guys will approach this!

  • Chris Martin

    No Android app. Another reason besides security breaches not to use Buffer.

    • Hi Chris! Thanks for the Android nudge here. Sounds like this would be an awesome tool to provide you all! We’ve got an awesome roadmap ahead for Android, and it’ll be exciting to add Daily to the Android mix! We’ll keep you updated. 🙂

  • Nice! You had me at the sexy UI.

    • Courtney Seiter

      Glad you’re digging it, Paul!

  • Awesome and fun – but I am a real estate company and cannot find much content in your selection that I would add to my queue for my ideal client…

    • Courtney Seiter

      Great feedback; we’d certainly love to open our suggestions up to more content topics in the future. 🙂

  • Buffer, you’re spoiling us… but I love it. 😀

    • Courtney Seiter

      Haha! It’s our pleasure and privilege! Enjoy 🙂

  • First, congrats – looks like a very cool app. Sure you have another hit on your hands. Second, I probably won’t use it that much.

    I like Buffer. Your posts are helpful, well done with lots of detail; I read and share them all the time. In the suggestions queue — much like this Daily app — you do find things I otherwise would not have. I really respect that you do READ what you do (and don’t) recommend and share, that’s there’s method to your curation madness. I appreciate that you’re trying to make it easy for the rest of us to find and to share content.

    Alas, there’s the rub. Somehow making it so easy, just swipe and go — w/ (I fear most?) people not really taking the time to do their own reading — furthers this ‘broadcast’ notion of SM as a channel. IDK Curation is supposed to be individual, custom and in some ways, a little bit of work. The idea is to find, share things that are different; if we’re all trusting the same curators, will we not all share the same things? Like @scottayres:disqus I don’t want to add noise. It’s a trap I struggle w/ all the time; I read and read, somehow only find myself sharing the usual suspects.

    That typed.. I’ve got a suggestion, for the app and web recommendations: due credit. When I use your suggested posts (and I do), I always have to hunt down the original author or website to give them their attribution. Perhaps you could include the ‘by @ so and so’ in the suggested tweets? FWIW.

    • Hi there Davina! Thanks so much for this thoughtful reply. It’s so incredibly helpful to hear your perspective on this. What an interesting debate – ease of discovery/sharing vs. reading/due diligence! It’s a topic we think about a lot here at Buffer, and it’s awesome to add your thoughts to the conversation. Curious: What does your workflow look like when you use our suggested posts? I’d love to know what steps you take between discovery and sharing. 🙂

      Your idea about attribution is splendid! I can see how that could be a big time saver. Thanks for the awesome idea. 🙂

      • Workflow is pretty simple: when I see the suggestion, I click the link, read the post. If I decide that yes, I’ll add that to the queue, I look for the name/handle for sharing. If there’s space, I’ll sometimes include a h/t for the find. Hope that helps.

    • Corey

      I was thinking the same thing. It seems TOO easy.

    • saulofhearts

      I agree with Davina. I follow people on Twitter because I know that they’ve read and personally curated their feeds. This tool seems to be about adding content for content’s sake. If a lot of people use this tool, then their feeds will all be coming from the same source — and while I appreciate the Buffer team’s curation skills, that’s not why I turn to Twitter.

      It reminds me of’s attempt at “curation”. At first I thought it was a great idea, especially when I got “quoted” in someone’s paper. But I soon realized how automated it was, how my links were often categorized in the wrong section, how it ultimately just made Twitter more complicated. I’m curious to see how this tool does, but it doesn’t strike me as the best fit for Buffer.

  • I LOVE this idea, but my followers don’t care about these topics. It would be really cool if we could customize the content to our industry. For example, I would use this every day if it had education content, which would be relevant to me and my users.

    • Hi Grechen! Thanks for this comment! I think it might make a lot of sense to expand suggestions in the future – to give you some of that awesome education content you can use! It’s awesome to hear your support for this! Stay tuned … 🙂

  • I’ve been using this on my iPad for a few weeks now and really enjoy the ease of it. Looking forward to seeing it on Android. 🙂

  • Michael Charvet

    Approximate installed base for iPhone is 40%. Android is 52%. Yet iPhone app comes first. Why? Android app please . . .

  • Android! Android! Android! Please bring it to Android ASAP!!!

  • Geoffrey Winn

    There are a number of comments here that the users (or potential users) want to be able to vet the posts you have chosen before sending. If that’s the case, don’t you already provide that facility? I already get 25 “suggestions” every day in my Buffer account I manage on my desktop, I’m assuming these are the same ones that are going to be delivered through the app. So for those who don’t want to just “swipe and forget”, then they still have the ability to choose which of the suggested articles they send to their SM accounts. Is that right? I also would like to see a connection with Feedly. Love Buffer, always innovating.

    • Courtney Seiter

      Thanks for your thoughts Geoffrey! You’re correct; users can check out these suggestions in the Buffer app as well. Great idea on Feedly!

  • NOOOO!!!!! this is a must on Android! guys come on

  • Patrick Mahan

    Brilliant! Count me in as soon as this is available for Android!

  • Charlie Oliver

    Nice. Two things keeping me (and a content marketer) from using this: (1) as others mentioned, Droid please (asap) (2) the individual content feed should definately include the source of the post and the date it was published (no way I’m sharing any content on my personal accounts or on my clients’ accounts without knowing the source and the date (the way it is set up now I have to click through to each story to get that info).

    If you get those features, I’m in. Great idea and nice execution.

    • Courtney Seiter

      Great thoughts there, Charlie! We have gone back and forth on providing source (either author or publication name)–it makes the post a little “messier” but provides a lot of value and perhaps a bit more trust, as you mention. We had not considered date before; that’s an interesting idea! Thanks so much for sharing what would make Daily better for you!

  • weird you go for 15 % iOS and ommit 75 % Android devices :E

  • lisaalvey

    Great app! How about a couple other topic… a humorous topic and a health/fitness/nutrition topic would be wonderful! I’m already using the app and love it!

    • Courtney Seiter

      Love these topic ideas! Thanks, Lisa!

  • Albert Freeman

    I feel uncomfortable about the principle of this app. By all means, provide feeds of content to stimulate and inspire people that they may want to share, I think that is a logical step for Buffer. But this just looks too easy to fake it.

    • Courtney Seiter

      Hi Albert, thanks for sharing your concerns with us on this. 🙂 We’re excited to help folks discover great content and definitely want to keep it a positive experience for everyone. I’m all ears if you want to share any details!

  • This sounds like a neat idea but, as I shared in an email, it’s not very useful for me. The topics are limited and extremely broad and I have no way to customize the content to my needs. This is the major problem with curation: it’s someone who you don’t know and who may have vastly different interests choosing content for you.

    This might be somewhat useful for people who just randomly tweet whatever is interesting, but for people or businesses who have a plan and want to stay on topic, this is not really useful.

    Hopefully future iterations include some customization with keywords, content related to my feeds, etc. Until then, I’ll pass.

    • Courtney Seiter

      Thanks for the excellent insight here, Scott! I agree; it would be so great to make Daily more customized so everyone can find what speaks to them! 🙂

  • Eric Agnew

    UI looks slick… sophisticated in its simplicity. Nice work, Buffer Team! Looking forward to the Android version.

  • Hi! I’m curious as to what app you used to create the GIF you embedded in this post!

  • Another Vote for Android! Love Buffer and can’t wait to try Daily. I’d even take a mobile web “app”.

  • This looks really great! However, I feel I need to add to a lot of other comments about an Android app. I see Buffer as pretty innovative, you guys always seem to be striving to make everything easier and more awesome for your users. So have you considered developing an iOS app AND Android version at the same time?

    Not many people seem to do this, it’s always iOS first, which alienates a lot of users, making us Android people feel like an afterthought. Maybe you could be the ones to help get us on level footing with Apple, starting a new standard. Remember, Android users love Buffer too!

    • Courtney Seiter

      I definitely feel you, Laura–it’s become pretty clear from these comments that there’s a ton of Android love out there! I appreciate your suggestion there; I agree that would be the best and fairest way to approach development!

  • Android has a bigger market share than iOS and we are arguably more users than iOS now. These days if you’re developing an app for general use you do need to release for both platforms at the same time. I can’t express how irritating and somewhat off-putting it is to read about an app only to find half of your audience can’t use it, it’s for iOS only and we have to wait. The days of Android being an afterthought or after iOS have long passed.

    I like the idea of Daily. But I have to add to the thoughts of some commentators in that while this is good for Buffer, it’s going to result in a lot of duplicate tweets and the same content tweeted and with the speed of content being available and your excellent vetting, the chances of users reading each piece of content is going to be low. I try to read each piece of content in Buffer’s current suggestions and even that can be a challenge. Not sure that Buffer tweeting for us is going to be a good thing. What might be an idea is helping us look for different content from the norm (for example as an artist I share the articles I write, my art and any relevant art news I can find. It’s difficult to find great and interesting art news). I know social media, quotes and seo content is highly tweetable and the sources you use are well known but when everyone is tweeting the same content it gets lost in the noise. So perhaps more industry segments?
    Thanks for listening to all feedback… and thanks for the fabulous job you do.

    • Courtney Seiter

      Thanks so very much for all of this valuable feedback, Nicky; I apologize that we’ve caused you this frustration re: Android. I love the idea of more topic segments and more customization; you’ve provided us with so much to think about here!

  • FrancesCaballo

    I just downloaded the app and tried it. I love it!!

  • Alice MRudd

    Awesome idea! I bookmarked this to come back and set up. Sadly, iOS only. Sure wish that would be in big letters at the top so all us Android users wouldn’t get excited over nothing.

  • dzulfriday

    Android please!

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  • Along with the android app and opening the content suggestions for more topics, Are you planning or at least have you thought about content in Spanish?

    You see, I know there’s millions of people using buffer to share content in English however there’s a great number of people using the app and sharing content in Spanish and though all posts curated are awesome, there’s a huge amount of great content in spanish as well.

    In my own interest, it would be awesome to have this app sugesting content in Spanish language 🙂

  • Frank Schmischke

    Swipe to share – what a delightful idea! Please please please bring this to android.

  • Eldee Ben
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  • The Flying Couponer

    Really curious about this app, would love to try an Android version. Keep us posted!

  • Jade

    will there ever be an android version available? and if not, are these daily options available on the desktop?

  • It would be great to see it do dynamic recommendations based on what else my followers have engaged with. If someone liked post A, E, and F. Then they would most likely engage with post G. You’d have the data to be able to infer that eventually. At the end of the day the most relevent content is what people want even if it is just rebroadcasted from somewhere else.

  • Where did it go? It’s not in the App Store anymore.

  • @kevanlee:disqus we’re seeing a lot of shares via buffer for one of our content pieces recently. Is there an easy way to see if we have been included in this service or in your suggested content list? Thanks

  • Please bring this back, I miss it so much. It was such a large part of how I plan to social media content for my business and my clients!

  • Hey guys. The suggestion form seems to be down. What’s the best way to send you submissions?

  • Hi Kevan, great process that has been working well for me almost close to a year. I am wondering, how Buffer picks articles from across the web that it curates and then suggests? Also, a second question is a mid size blog (like me) wants to share its posts, is there a way to submit to Buffer content curation team?

  • Lexis Hanson

    How can we submit a story for review? The form linked in the article isn’t working.

  • Where did it go? It got deleted from my phone!