Over the last few months, we launched a ton of new integrations for you to use Buffer with other tools, such as Feedly, Followerwonk and lots of others.

Buffer Echofon schedule tweets twitter client

One of the most important ways to use Buffer was still something that was very hard to do: Directly schedule Tweets and retweets via Buffer inside a Twitter client. 

So we are super excited to announce that with today, we have partnered with Echofon, one of the most established Twitter clients for Android and iPhone to help you Buffer your tweets from anywhere on the go.

You can now super easily Buffer all your updates through Echofon, get analytics, better timing and more. Here is how this all works:

How to add schedule Tweets with Buffer in Echofon

After you’ve downloaded either Echofon for iPhone or Android adding updates to your Buffer is super easy. All you have to do is head to the composer and press the schedule icon. It’ll immediately get you connected to Buffer and then let you schedule out the post to your Twitter followers. Buffer will automatically publish the Tweet at a better time and also give you analytics about how many clicks, retweets and more you’ve received.

Here is how you can get started:


You can of course do the same magic on your Android device with Echofon for Android. Simply hit the clock icon and your next upcoming Tweet will be scheduled and queued up for you inside Echofon:


Once your Tweets are Buffered, you can of course always reschedule them from your queue, or delete them before they go out. Let’s jump into that in the next section.

Where do my Buffered Tweets go and what can I do next?

Once scheduled via Echofon, your Buffered Tweets are all queued up and set to go out at a pre-set time. You can of course always go ahead and change the timing of your Tweets by heading to the “schedule” tab on the web app or the iPhone or Android app.

Here is how it looks like after Buffering a few updates from Echofon, both normal Tweets and retweets:

Buffer Echofon schedule tweets twitter client


Every update that you share through Buffer from Echofon and anywhere else will automatically be tracked for you. Buffer’s analytics tab will tell you how many clicks, retweets, favorites and more you’ve received on your posts. Here is a quick snapshot of my recent postings:

Buffer Echofon schedule tweets

If you want to keep Buffering Tweets, Facebook posts and more, there are also lots of other apps that connect to Buffer, besides Echofon. Some of the most used are Feedly, Reeder and Pocket. But have a look yourself, there are over 40 others.

Of course, the most powerful way to add to your Buffer from the web remains the browser extension, that you can use in Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera.

Schedule your retweets with Buffer inside Echofon

A big pain point that a lot of people have told us about and that I personally also often run into often is that there’re too many good Tweets. I have tons of great people I follow on Twitter and I want to reshare their Tweets. Doing so once is great, but 3-4 times in a row quickly overwhelms my timeline.

So instead, with Echofon, you can now just hit the “retweet with Buffer” icon and it’ll be scheduled for you well spaced out over the day. Whenever you like a Tweet you want to retweet, here is how you can do this from inside Echofon:


And here is the Android view of scheduling retweets with Buffer. Inside Echofon’s Android app, you can of course also just long press on a Tweet and then retweet with Buffer right from there:


Once it’s scheduled in your Buffer as a retweet, it’ll show up in your queue and you can always go back to edit it as you wish. Here is a quick snapshot on how this looks:

Buffer Echofon schedule tweets

That’s it already! You’re now set to make full use of the new combined power between Echofon and Buffer. Grab the Echofon Android and iPhone apps below and let us know what you think about the new integration.

Buffer Echofon schedule tweets

Buffer Echofon schedule tweets

Of course be sure to also check out the Buffer iPhone app and Android app, so you can easily manage all your Buffered updates, check on analytics and more.

The stage is yours, let us know what you think about the new Buffer and Echofon combo below.

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder at Buffer.

  • Honestly, I haven’t had a problem scheduling tweets & retweets from my droid.

    • Alex D’Ambra

      It’s already a lot easier on Android because of the way “sharing” between applications works. Good work though!

      • LeoWid

        Great point Joey and Alex, we hope with this integration we might have been able to make it a bit more seamless! 🙂

  • Is there a smarter way to use buffer on the iPad? Add to Buffer in Safari will always bring up the iPhone-only app. Awkward. Any suggestions?

    • Jan ter Harmsel

      Got the same question Ralph. I only can download an Buffer iPhone app on my iPad and it doesn’t work with the Echofon I already downloaded on my iPad.

  • ciabogas

    Please, do the same with TweetBot!!

    • jasonkneen

      For the time being, you can do the same from Tweetbot using http://tweet4.me – just sign-up, connect buffer and then a RT is as simple as posting a tweet :-

      “d buffer4me RT @ciabogas:disqus this is a retweet”

      • Belle

        Thanks for sharing! That’s a really clever workaround 🙂

    • LeoWid

      Great idea, that’s definitely something we will try and make happen! The best feedback for TweetBot is probably to let them know via Twitter! 🙂

  • Albert Freeman

    This is just brilliant. I’ve been using Buffer and Echofon for a while now, and it’s super amazing now that they have linked up!

    • LeoWid

      Hi Albert, fantastic to see you here and so glad you like the new integration – glad you’re a user of both already.

  • Jimmie Lanley

    I’ve been using Tweetings because of it’s integration (although clunky) with Buffer. I am so excited about this new tool. Thank, Leo!

    (I second the request for an iPad equivalent.)

    • LeoWid

      Hi Jimmie, so glad you like the new integration and yes, I hope this’ll make things easier.

      As for iPad, this is definitely coming! In the meantime, I hope this might be a good workaround: http://lorenzocaum.com/blog/setup-the-buffer-bookmarklet-on-the-ipad/

      • Jimmie Lanley

        Oh, yes! I have this workaround already on my iPad for Safari. Use it regularly.

        I also love how Buffer is integrated into Feedly. My new fave combo — Feedly + Buffer.

        On my wishlist? Buffer integrated into the G+ app. That would be divine.

  • Love it. I’ve been waiting for this! And thanks for the screenshot love. 😉

    • LeoWid

      Hi Jeff, that’s amazing! And no worries, really enjoying following your Tweets! 🙂

  • You have a knack for partnering with my favorite apps – Pocket, Feedly and now Echofon. Keep up the great work!

    • LeoWid

      That’s so great to hear Tim, awesome you’re enjoying all these different combos! 🙂

  • einfal

    Excellent news @LeoWid:disqus
    you’re still integrated with Tweetcaster, Does that relationship remain intact?

    Also.. any plans for a standalone BufferApp Twitter Client?

  • Scott Simon Barlow ©

    Yeah! Buffer gets better 🙂

  • Excellent – already an echofon user so this is just very good icing on the cake!

  • UI Palette

    SocialOomph was disappointing me, that thing is worthless, I don’t even want to go into details. I’m trying out Buffer, so hopefully things work out better.

    • UI Palette

      Just to check back in on this, Buffer is amazing! They just added Google+ and LinkedIn company pages, the two final pieces to our automation puzzle. $10/ mo for unlimited & free for 2 days’ worth of posts, Buffer ruelz 😀

  • TweetToTalk

    I can’t change my delivery time. I read that it couldn’t be changed in the app so I went to the web page but it wouldn’t accept my twitter login.

  • Mrsick

    How can I use two different buffer accounts with my two Twitter accounts!? Seems that echofon (like tweetcaster) allow to attach only One buffer account to the app… 🙁

    • LeoWid

      Hi there! Oh you can actually attach multiple Twitter accounts in Echofon that also work with Buffer. You would have to have both of the 2 Twitter accounts connected in the same buffer account. Then you’d have to connect the second Twitter account in Echofon. Once you do that, it’ll automatically sync with your Buffer and you can post to both – albeit separately whenever you are using any of the 2 profiles.

      Does that help?

      • Mrsick

        Hi Leo. Yes! I’ll try… Thanks!

        • papabradstein

          Unless I missed something, multiple Buffer accts requires the Awesome plan, which is $120/year…which isn’t so awesome.

  • Nice Works Guys

    • LeoWid

      glad you like it! 🙂

  • Paris Childress

    Sweet, Leo! I noticed Echofon also has a Mac app. Is Buffer integrated there too?

    p.s. lovin’ our agency account!

  • Olivier

    very cool but when this feature is available on the desktop version (mac) on echofon ????

  • UI Palette

    Thought I should add – Buffer now (somewhat shoddily) supports Google+ so it’s nearing total domination over any competitors. Hootsuite still has an edge in that you can use it to schedule to a LinkedIn page, but still, Hootsuite image-hosting is a joke, and they just blatantly try to steal your traffic. We only use Hootsuite to schedule text-based posts. Anyone have similar experiences?

  • Hey Leo, just curious – what tool do you’ll use to take a screenshot? Thanks.

  • Eleanor Brown

    When will Buffer integration be coming to Echofon for Mac?

  • Would love to have Buffer integration in Tweetbot as well as the Echofon Mac App.

  • Bryan F. Irrera

    If I use Echofon on my iphone and I have multiple twitter accounts that I use (I maintain my own, but also one for our community theatre group), can I use Buffer with BOTH?