In order to master the art of twitter, getting the amount of daily tweets that reach your followers right is crucial. We found some great expert advice, backed up with analytics for different kinds of twitter users, which we want to share with you.

How often should I tweet if I am…

a Newbie: Starting out on twitter can be quite hard at times. After all it is by now an established service, where a mutual understanding of certain dos and don’ts exist. In order to truly understand how it works, listening is the best start. Focus on what your folks have to say and share, then start out with only a few tweets a day to get a proper feel of what is right for you.

Recommended daily tweets: 2-5

(Source: The Social Customer)

a Business: Once you have reached a stage where metrics and optimized engagement with your followers really matters, we have some interesting findings for you. Marketing strategist Ben Hanna found that as a business wanting to make it big on Twitter you have two options. Either leave a time space of 31-60 minutes between your tweets or tweet every 2-3 hours. Why? Because he analysed that these timeframes will give you the most clicks and engagement with your tweets.

Recommended daily tweets: Every 31-60 minutes/ every 2-3 hours

(Source: Ben Hanna)

an established Individual: If you are reading this and you have been using twitter for a while, you have most likely discovered your daily tweeting pattern yourself. At this stage it really depends upon the network you have built around your twitter account. Whatever you come up with as the right amount of daily tweets, considering two things are very important in our findings. First, make your tweeting routine sustainable for yourself to keep up with it. Secondly make this routine consistent for your followers.

Recommended daily tweets: A sustainable and consistent amount of tweets.

That both extremes of any tweeting schedule can work very well shows the stark contrast between many different successful users. A particularly striking one is the one we found between @shitmydadsays and @guykawasaki for example. Even though both couldn’t be more different in how often they tweet, they always go for quality content they want to share. So looking at your twitter account as a microblog, should help to get a feel for the most suitable number of daily tweets.

Does your experience in tweeting habits differ? Share it with us below.

Photo credit: Simon James

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder and COO at Buffer. I enjoy working on company culture, customer development and marketing. For more personal posts, check out leostartsup.

  • christianjburger

    I was actually just thinking about this today. How often do i want to tweet? Everybody has their number. While reading this I was trying to figure out why i am not following @guykawasaki and then i remembered… The volume of tweets is just too overwhelming! I dont think i will follow any account (business or individual) that tweets more than a few times per day. So that is my number too. Less is better.

    • LeoWid

      Hi Christian, I feel you are absolutely right. Once you know your way around twitter, you have established your own feel for what you are comfortable with. I one, really enjoy following Guy.:)

  • nupurmaskara

    Thanks, makes a lot of sense. Is there an app for monitoring how often I tweet on a daily/weeekly/monthly basis? Thanks !

    • LeoWid

      Hi Nuttynupur, many thanks for stopping by and glad you find the content of this post useful.
      Actually, there is a nice tool to monitor your twitter. It is called twoolr ( and gives you all the analytics you need. Hope that help.

  • Very helpful!

    • Monica, thanks for stopping by! Awesome, glad you liked the post. 🙂 

  • sanjewa padmal travel blogger

    intervals between tweets are very important i think, because, otherwise you make an impression as a spammer.