Oh yes, it really seems as if Pinterest is going to take over the Social Media world, with all the recent craze that has been created around it. Every 60 seconds, there are over 1000 new visitors, which are flooding the service, revealed a recent infographic.

And frankly, I can’t blame anyone for it. The beautiful boards and new approach to a newsstream, just makes it incredibly easy to browse through the different collections for ages.

With the “Pin it” button, websites also have a great opportunity to get more exposure from Pinterest very easily. One of the issues, that a lot of people have identified, is that it doesn’t work well for choosing any picture off your page that also goes through to Pinterest.

Now, Douglas Karr from MarketingTechBlog wrote a great post on adding a Pinterest Pinit Button to WordPress. He explained exactly how it works by adding a code snippet to your blog that will then pull in a featured image.

Of course, if you are like me, and not too savvy touching code, I thought of finding an alternative solution for you. So here you go:

1.) Install Digg Digg and enable the Pin It Button

As the first step to allow your readers to also pick images, just install the wordpress sharing plugin Digg Digg. You can see it in action on the lefthand side here.

Now, head to your “floating bar settings” area and find the Pinterest button. Click enable and set the weighting so it comes up where you want it to show:


2.) Allow your readers to pick pictures

Now, of course, since Pinterest is all about pictures and great visualisations, there is no point in having the button if you readers can’t also post a picture with it.

It is very easy to get a picture to come up for your readers though. All you have to do is upload a picture and set it as “featured image” inside your WordPress dashboard. Once your picture is uploaded, right next to “insert into post” there should be a “use as featured image”.


On the bottom right of your wordpress editor, you will be able to easily set a new featured image or remove the one you have selected:

Of course, you have to be careful to also use an excerpt mode for your blog if you start to use this. Otherwise, you could end up with two pictures on your landing page.

Now, whenever your readers decide to pin your articles, they can also conveniently post a picture with it to their boards:


And that’s it. Of course, don’t forget to set a featured image on each of your articles, so each post is “pinable” for your readers.

Ok, I hope the tutorial is useful to get your blog all set up for being easy to pin. Have you started to pin lots of articles yet?

UPDATE: To get a featured image for each of your posts more easily, just install a WordPress plugin called Auto Featured Image. Thanks a lot to Edmundo, pointing it out in the comments.

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder and COO at Buffer. I enjoy working on company culture, customer development and marketing. For more personal posts, check out leostartsup.

  • http://alex-moss.co.uk/ Alex Moss

    For people who just want the Pin It button by itself, we have developed a Pinterest plugin and you can use it even with a shortcode! 

    • Anonymous

      Hey Alex, thanks for the shout, looks very interesting, will check it out! 🙂

  • http://justinewrites.com/ Justine

    Love a good how-to. However, I don’t see your Digg Digg plugin for this article. I’m using Chrome – does that have anything to do with it?

    • Anonymous

      Hi @bdad98b45e9cc163866a629faa86e225:disqus , great to see you here and so glad you like the post. Oh right, the plugin should float as a bar on the lefthand side here. Is it not there for you? 

  • http://growyourphotobusiness.com Phil Derksen

    Here’s a Pin It button WordPress plugin with a slightly different style. When clicked it currently has the user select an image from the page just like Pinterest’s official bookmarklet.


    In the future I plan on having the pin count version as an option too.

  • http://www.heartandsoulreflections.com Cherie

    What about those of us using blogger????

    • http://thewiredhomeschool.com John Wilkerson

      If you’re using Blogger then you can manually add a Pin It button to your posts by following the instructions here: 

      Scroll down to “Pin It” Buttons for Websites.

      • http://www.elkmba.com/ Distance Learning MBA

        For blogger users, there are not many good plugins like wordpress. that’s the backdrop…. for every new thing you have to go separate way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000445785943 Adam Pedley

    Great work guys. Loving the DiggDigg bar on my site. Much better than Sharebar.

    • Anonymous

      Awesome, Adam, so glad you like DiggDigg. We are working hard to make it even more awesome! 🙂 

  • Colton Day

    Hey Leo! Great post 🙂

    I’m all set up with the plugin but I have one small problem I’m not able to figure out – I’m hoping maybe you know how to fix it.

    On my homepage, the first paragraph of every one of my post’s excerpts are preceded with “Pin ItBuffer” – it’s weird, I don’t know why this is being added, it of course disappears if I disable the Pin It and Buffer buttons but I really want those. Any ideas!?


    • Anonymous

      Hi @807210a9e98bca2d71f617000f724218:disqus ,

      Great to see you here and awesome you gave the plugin a go. Oh right, that’s not good, thanks a lot for the heads up on that bug. We tried to fix this in our latest version. Have you got 5.0.4 installed on your site?

      If possible at all, could you post a link to your site here and let me know the theme you are using. Keen to get things working well for you as soon as possible!

      • Colton Day

        Hi Leo!

        Thanks for your response, greatly appreciated 😉

        Yes, I do have 5.0.4 installed. And I’ve got the Canvas theme from WooThemes.

        Here’s the link as you requested: http://www.melissaagnes.com/

        Thanks again and I really do appreciate your efforts! It’s always nice to see great support.


      • Colton Day

        Hi @LeoWid:disqus ,

        I noticed an update today to the Digg Digg plugin and noticed it included a fix for my problem where the words “Pin it” and “Buffer” appear at the beginning of my excerpts on my homepage. After updating the plugin and clearing my cache, those words still appear, so unfortunately, that update didn’t fix the problem.


        • Colton Day

          Me again, I looked through the plugin’s settings and noticed a box for “Enable DiggDigg to modify your post excerpt.” – I checked that box and that fixed the problem! I also unchecked it and saved, and went back and it was still fixed, a little weird but it worked!! So if anyone else is still seeing “Pin it Buffer” after updating, try selecting that checkbox under “Display Configuration”… it worked for me 🙂


  • http://www.richarddavisphotography.com/ Richard Davis

    As a photog, using excerpt mode really doesn’t work for me so neither does the button.

    While I love the Digg Digg plugin and it works great for my other bookmarklets, because I intentionally have multiple images per post, I really would like to see the functionality like the browser plugin where one can scroll through the images to get to the one you want to pin.

    I think I’m going to have to hide the Digg Digg Pinterest button and find another one if you can’t provide that option. I’ve tried several bookmarking plugins but Digg Digg is still my preferred one which is why I find the Pinterest button disappointing.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! this is really the ideal functionality for the pinterest button, is it possible?

  • http://twitter.com/Regiosfera Edmundo Pérez

    Please help me. I have featured images in all post, and look in my page: http://www.regiosfera.com, try to pin some picture, and appear broken in pinterest popup. Help me, what is wrong?

  • http://twitter.com/MyTravelAffairs My Travel Affairs

    My Pin it button in Digg Digg doesn’t work, when you press the photo window is empty and it doesn’t link it to Pinerest. 
    I have linked my photos by adding pins manually, but that is not a point, I would like to have my readers to be able to pin things they like freely.
    Is there any solution to that? 

    By the way, I do not see a ‘featured photo’ option in my wordpress.

  • http://noahsdad.com/ Rick Smith

    Is there a way to have this work like the normal pintrest button? It would be very hard to go back through hundreds of posts and select a featured image. 

    • Anonymous

      theres a plugin called “auto featured image”, it generate a featured image with first image of post, video or throgh fields

      • http://noahsdad.com/ Rick Smith

        Is there a way to do this without using another plug in? Like the official pintrest button does?

        • http://twitter.com/Regiosfera Edmundo Pérez

          I have no idea… I have problems with this plugin too, I used this plugin to set featured images in 600 posts 

          • http://noahsdad.com/ Rick Smith

            What plug in are you having issues with? The sharer bar, or the featured image plugin? I don’t have any issues with either on my site (http://noahsdad.com/) I’d just rather not have to have a plug in if not needed.

          • http://twitter.com/Regiosfera Edmundo Pérez

            I have problems with digg digg, eith the pin it button, just try it un regiosfera.com, and try to pin it, and photo doesn’t show it in popup

      • Anonymous

        Awesome Edmundo, I think the featured image plugin should work perfectly. Just updated the post with it! 🙂 

        • http://noahsdad.com/ Rick Smith

          But no one wants to add a plug in just to get another plug in to work correctly……they would rather just find 1 plugin that does it right.

          • Anonymous

            Hi Rick, great point and I absolutely agree with you. The thing is that unfortunately, that it doesn’t have anything to do with the plugin, but with the Pinterest button itself as provided by Pinterest. There would have to be a change there. 

            I will shoot an email to the Pinterest team right away and see if I can get a response on this, thanks for the heads up! 🙂 

          • http://noahsdad.com/ Rick Smith

            No problem. However I’ve noticed when I’ve used other plugins / and I believe the pintrest button, it typically uses the first image in the post. Is there anyway to do something like this?

          • http://noahsdad.com/ Rick Smith

            Have you guys heard anything back from the email you sent them 2 months ago?

          • http://troubleensued.com/ Trouble Ensued

            I really love your plugin.  It was an answer I’d been searching for…thank you.  But specifically for Pinterest, I’m currently using a separate plugin (called Pinterest “Pin It” Button) that somehow does find the first image associated with the post, without having to go back and reset all my photos as “featured images”.  It also performs as someone else had earlier suggested…allowing the “Pin It” button to appear only on certain posts.  As I said, I love your plug in for everything else, and hope one day yours can incorporate those two functionalities for Pinterest.  But for now, it’s easier for me to use both plugins to get what I need.

  • Jimmie

    Leo, I so appreciate your email, sharing this work around. Unfortunately, I’ve fiddled around with it and just don’t like how it’s showing up for my blog. I don’t really want to change my entire layout just to accommodate a Pinterest button. Hopefully Pinterest will get on the ball and allow you to modify the button so that it works. For now I’m disabling the Pin it section. Still love the plug in, though.

  • Jerry Russell

    featured image or not, the pin it button doesn’t work for me using Thesis 1.8 and the latest version of the plugin.

  • http://www.thewordchef.com Tea Silvestre

    I DO use featured images but the button still doesn’t work (I’m using Genesis).

  • http://www.elkindia.com/e-learning_content_development.htm E Learning Content Providers

    That’s why wordpress is so popular among bloggers, you can easily customize it as per your requirements.

  • Karen

    I’d love to use this on my blogger blog, how is it possible for blogger?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Karen, not quite yet, we will definitely put it on our list! 🙂 

  • http://www.theironyou.com/ Mike

    Same question: is it possible to for blogger?

  • http://www.mytravelshots.com/ Lhurey

    The Pinterest button did not show on my blog

  • http://frenchkisstextures.com/ Ln_info

    This is a problem though. I usually have a featured image that is custom for my theme. It’s basically a small, square image that looks better in my blog list. Plus, I usually have more than one image in a post since I’m a blog about photography. This isn’t a very helpful solution.

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  • Dave

    I use a featured image for all my posts and sometimes what is pinned is an image that is NOT even part of the post – can you explain that????