This is the second time I have had the chance to interview an influential Twitter user for our Tweet Café here at Buffer. You can find the previous one with @TweetSmarter here.

It was the first video interview, so please excuse my nervousness at times. I am determined to improve with the next one.

This time I had the chance to chat with Calvin Lee, known as @MayhemStudios. He is an award winning designer, Twitter Power user and a very nice guy.

Cavlin boasts a very large following of over 68,000 followers and is able to use it successfully to find clients for his business. There are a few very valuable lessons he shared with me and I hope you will find them useful too.


What have we talked about?

  • What are your Goals on Twitter: Calvin emphasised that you need to enjoy being there and connecting with people. A business purpose is important to have though. Calvin found many clients through Twitter.


  • How to be more authentic: Calvin walks us through a few very basic lessons we can do right away to be more personal and authentic.


  • Showing transparency: Twitter’s open nature allows you to share many things with your followers. This helps to remain approachable and down to earth. Calvin explains how he does it.


  • Will Twitter still be here in 10 years? Calvin shares how stable the platform is in his eyes.



Big thanks to Calvin for taking the time to discuss these things with me. I found out firsthand that he really is that nice guy everyone is raving about. Be sure to connect with Calvin on Twitter (@MayhemStudios) and learn more about what he does on his site or his personal blog, where he writes about design, tech and Social Media.

Do you have any suggestions on people you would like to learn from that we should interview here? Where could I improve in the future and which areas would you like to have discussed more? Please let me know below about it.


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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder at Buffer.

  • Kelly @Twylah

    You did great, Leo!  Good job!! I’ll tweet this (via bufferapp, or course)

    • Hi Kelly @2c753c506d3060991854a91666b7665d:disqus  ,great to see you here. Thanks a lot for the kind words, its all new to me the video interviewing, so will improve it for sure! 🙂

      Awesome, glad you like it and thanks for Buffering it! 🙂 

  • Great interview!  Are you heading to Blog World?

    • Hi @kikolani:disqus , thanks for stopping by here. Yes, that sounds amazing, I have just had a look. I will actually be moving to San Francisco in Mid July from the UK, so L.A. is not far! Will look into it some more and see if I can make it. Will you go? 🙂 

      Glad you liked the interview! 🙂

      • Nice @twitter-110821538:disqus !  Yes, I’m definitely going – it’s the one event I won’t miss in the year as far as conferences go!  🙂

        • ok, that is very encouraging Kristi, will definitely try my best. Would be fantastic to meet you in person! 🙂 

  • Very nice interview Leo! And YES MayhemStudios Rocks! He is my big bro!! 😀

    • Hi Ruhani,

      Awesome, so glad you liked it buddy! And yes, he does really rock! 🙂 

  • Hi Leo, nice to see you in front of the camera and this the first interview I’ve seen with Calvin. I have a question, why are you using Vimeo instead of YouTube, any special reasoning behind that? Chat soon!

    • Hi @ileane:disqus , great to see you.

      Yes, so Youtube only allows me to upload 10 minute videos I believe, that’s actually the only reason. With Vimeo there is only a data limit of 500MB per week. 🙂

  • One more thing, I’d love to see you interview Eric from Twylah @kabaim and perhaps someone from @klout too.

    • @ileane:disqus !! You can read my mind. Had an interview with @kabaim:twitter  yesterday, will let you know once it goes live 🙂 

      Will try my best to get in touch with someone from Klout, maybe there is a chance @meganberry:twitter finds some time, will keep you posted! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the insight Calvin!

    • awesome, glad you liked it, indeed, there is lots to learn from Calvin! 🙂

  • Great interview, Leo.  Calvin is one of those rare Twitter “stars” who really engages – and not just on Twitter!  

    • Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by.

      Yes, you are absolutely right, I think this is exactly what makes him so special! 🙂

  • Thanks for the interview! It was fun and it went by so fast 🙂

    • no worries @twitter-14652452:disqus , you deserve all the praises here and elsewhere! 🙂

  • This is a great series @twitter-110821538:disqus you have started and what else you would want when you get to hear from Calvin :). love the way he talks how he started with Twitter and how he moved on 🙂 Got some tips for myself too buddy . thanks

    • Hi Prasant, great to see you here.

      Thanks for the kind words, glad you liked it! Sure thing, there are always new things we have to try and I believe interviewing powerful Twitter users is something I and I hope others can learn lots from. 🙂

  • Hi guys!

    Nice one Leo, great job!

    Hi Calvin, seen you around just about everywhere, especially on Empire Avenue, good to see you supporting my friends from Buffer!

    Take it easy guys! Keep up the good work!!

    All the very best, Peter

    • Peter, thanks for stopping by.

      Yes, Calvin really is to be found anywhere online, I hear his Emp Ave shareprice just peaked at over 120e. 

      Sure thing Peter, will try my best 🙂