Today, I’ll have to let you in on a little secret. Despite a lot of great people who have suggested many times to start using RSS feeds, I never got around to do it.

Yet, a few weeks back it happened. Why? A gorgeous iPad app for RSS reading called Mr. Reader, has freshly added Buffer support for sharing of articles.

It was the kick-off of a lot of app integrations lying ahead for Buffer in the coming weeks. And having Mr.Reader as one of the first ones couldn’t be any more amazing:

How To Add To Buffer From Mr.Reader

What I like best about Mr.Reader are the little details that more and more app developers are implementing for their apps. Similar to the iPad Twitter App with Tweets, you can push articles off the side on the right to get rid of them.

They just make using the app extremely smooth and slick. So as the first step to get started, you can be reading any article from the app you selected:

Now, whenever you feel like sharing an article, just tap the “share” icon. You will find all the usual sharing options there and also the Buffer button:

With the Buffer box, you can now choose very conveniently which network or you want the article to be added.

The integration also allows you to add to multiple accounts very easily:


How else can you add to your Buffer from your iPad?

As we are rolling out lots of other integration with other Reader and Twitter apps for your iPad, iPhone and Android, there is another very useful option you can use: Add to Buffer via email.

Whenever you have access to your email account, you can also add to your Buffer. Simply find out your secret Buffer email address. Now, all you have to do is use the “add via email” function and you will have another update in your Buffer. Check out this guide to add to Buffer via email.


That’s it, I hope you will check out Mr.Reader in the App store ($3.99) and see how you like Buffering right from there.

Over to you now. How do you like the Buffer & Mr. Reader combo? And of course: Which other news reading or Twitter apps would you like to Buffer from? 

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder at Buffer.

  • Ugh. Mr. Reader is $4!

    • Angloitalianfollowus

      But, I kid you not; it’s the best RSS reader I’ve ever used.

      • Anonymous

        that’s awesome to hear and I completely agree, really loving Mr. Reader, it is amazingly simple designed and still offers a ton of functionality! 🙂 

  • Hmm I was holding out for integration with Reeder but Mr. Reader looks so slick I might have to just go get that instead. Having the box pop up where you can select accounts would be much easier than the email option. Thanks Leo.

  • Absolutely, it really matters if you can not only read stuff, but share it in the most convenient way for your audience. You should respect the people who took the time to follow you.

  • Hi, i’m Oliver, the man behind Mr. Reader. It was a pleasure to integrate Buffer into Mr. Reader. Thanks Joel, Leo and Tom for providing such an amazing service. 🙂

    Here are 5 Mr. Reader promo codes to give it a try:

    Please redeem them only when you are a Google Reader and Buffer user. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the coupon code.  Mr. Reader looks like the best RSS reader out there 🙂  I’m excited to try it.

    • Anonymous

      wow, that’s awesome, thanks Oliver! Go grab them guys! 🙂 

    • Thanks Mr. Reader! I’ve been using Reeder for a while but have started to feel like Buffer integration is essential for me. Plus the screenshots of your app look great! Thanks!

    • Thanks for the promo code!  Mr. Reader is now my new favorite RSS reader for my iPad, thanks to the Buffer integration and the elegant UI

    • Thanks for the promo codes, but it looks like they were redeemed quite quickly.

  • You can also use IFTTT and integrate a recipe such that when you star an RSS article it gets sent to Buffer.

    Thanks to Leo for setting this up.

  • Clint_craun

    It’s a pleasure to use these two apps together. The iPad experience for Mr. Reader is awesome, and the integration with Buffer makes my reading/posting/tweeting task so efficient and seamless that I naturally maxed-out my basic account ASAP (was surprised to see the alert…I’m usually getting the alert that I need to add more). Hmm…maybe it’s time to actually start paying y’all for the service. 🙂 50 tweets seems totally doable now…

  • Fantastic! I will be looking into Mr. Reader now.

  • Anonymous

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  • DLAdkinson

    Enjoying Buffer but I haven’t set up account (just using … Looks like the integration requires Is that true?

  • Love Buffer! Now a reason to switch back to mr reader. I was looking for a way to easily do this instead of email and this is just excellent!