HOT Update: Siri for iPhone4 is being tested.

Siri iconAll the buzz that has been happening around Apple’s new personal assistant was quite overwhelming. The things Siri can and can’t do have been documented very widely.

The one question, we Buffer guys asked ourselves obviously was:

How can I Tweet using Apple’s Siri?

And fortunately there is already a solution for this, which is quite simple:

1.) Connecting your phone number with Twitter

The first thing you need to do is go to your profile page and hit “settings”. Under “mobile” drop in your phone number.

Twitter mobile settings


2.) Saving Twitter’s phone number

Important: When you then setup Twitter’s phone number (40404) that you will text to, to have your Tweets posted, don’t name it Twitter. Others have reported that Siri won’t recongise “Twitter” as a name to text to.

Instead, call it Mr. Bird or any other funny name that you will always remember as Twitter.

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3.) Tell Siri: “Text Mr. Bird”

You are nearly there. All that is left to do is tell Siri to text to the “person” you have setup as Twitter’s phone number.

With the words “Text Mr. so and so” it will send out your Tweets, without you having to write anyting at all. How cool is that?

Siri on iPhone


How To Follow, Retweet and DM with Siri

After doing a little research, Josh also pointed out that there are plenty of other things you can already do with this workaround.

As Josh mentioned it might be hard as Siri won’t recognize some usernames, but it is definitely worth giving a go:

In addition to reading select tweets by text, you can ask Siri to do more. These commands may not work out real well, based on how good Siri is at understanding the usernames you are trying to include, but you can try telling Siri to text these suggestions:

  • FOLLOW username Start following a user
    UNFOLLOW username Stop following a user
    ON/OFF Turn all Tweet notifications on or off
    ON/OFF usernameSet Tweet notifications for a user on or off (you’ll still be following them even if you set it to off)
    GET usernameShows you the latest tweet from any user
    RETWEET usernameRetweet a user’s latest tweet
    FAVORITE usernameFavorite a user’s latest tweet
    DM username your – message – Send a direct message to a user

Testing out these things will be a lot of fun to do, I am sure.

I think, as soon as I get my hands on a new Iphone4S, this will be one of the things I will test out. It will also be interesting to see how Siri might be integrated more directly with Twitter in the future, given the tight Twitter – Apple relationship.

What do you think of Siri? Have you tried it yet? Is this a gamechanger or just a nice to have feature?

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder at Buffer.

  • Was going to set this up but you’ve got Siri in the keyboard so can just open twitter and use Siri, great trick.

    • Hi @twitter-43411847:disqus , thanks for stopping by here. That is really cool, so does it work without having to use the method above? can you also simply say “send a tweet”?

      • Emily

        The difference is that it simply allows you to dictate the tweet using Siri (once you’ve opened your Twitter app & prepared to write a tweet)… But you can’t send it via voice command. Whereas your method outlined above enables the entire process of sending a tweet to be carried out verbally – very cool! Going to set it up now & will let you know how I get on! I suppose the only downside is one’s network provider will charge for texting Twitter? Not a problem with free texts… Although at the rate I tweet I’d better check o2’s fair use policy! 😉

        • Emily

          Works like a dream! Using the voice command ‘text (whatever you’ve called Twitter in your contacts)’ then dictating, does indeed send the tweet. However, the other commands are too tricky because of the username issue. Even when Siri did manage to get the username right, it put spaces in between. Ah well, still a great solution for sending tweets verbally. Many thanks!

  • Odd that Siri wouldn’t recongise Twitter. Very odd… ;-P

    • hehe, yeah, would love to know why this doesn’t work! 🙂 

  • This is awesome. I won’t be surprised to see users redefining how seri works.

    • Hi Jesse, great point. Me too, I will sit and watch what amazing things will come of Siri’s power. 

  • Dope. 

  • Eeekkk! even more reasons to get the iphone 4S! just when I’ve convinced myself that I don’t need one, this post is making it otherwise… eekk…  

    • hehe, yea, good reason for sure Aaron! Will get one myself soon too. 🙂

  • Great feature. It will be interesting to see the Siri corrected tweets that get sent without looking. I see a whole new website in the making… damn you siri auto-tweet

  • J Shore

    I have it saved under the name “Twitter” and it works just fine. Saying “Siri, send a message to Twitter” worked for sending a SMS.

  • Travis

    Would love to see these tweets added to my buffer app using Siri.  In the works perhaps?

  • I am such a
    fan of Siri, so this is a great features.


    Thanks for
    this solution.