If you are a die-hard iPhone user and love sharing from the iPhone like me, today is an awesome day for you. Reeder just released a brand new version of their iPhone app, 3.0.

What is Reeder? Reeder is an incredibly beautiful and intuitive RSS newsreading app. It is packed with lots of features to make reading your favorite articles as easy as possible.

With the latest update to a brand new 3.0 version, it now has also got native Buffer integration. You can share to multiple social accounts and add them to your Buffer queue. All with a few taps on your screen.

When I first got my hands onto this new app, I genuinely was amazed like rarely before. You just want to play with it all day long, for the little design details that are just so beautifully executed.

But enough of heart-warming praises now, let’s dig in and see what you can actually do with this amazing app! When you first download the app, you can easily add your Google Reader account. The best part is that you can now also directly add new feeds to blogs or websites, right from inside the app. Or connect multiple Google Reader accounts:

Your new items stream is like an uncluttered Twitter stream

One of the things that immediately caught my eye is the amazing layout of the stream of all your feed items. It looks almost like a Twitter stream, only a lot less uncluttered with only the amazing blogs you have subscribed to:

This makes browsing through new updates super easy. Compared to Reeder 2.0, there were  a lot of design improvements, that just make the look and feel of the app a lot polished.

Adding to Buffer from Reeder

We had literally hundreds of others ask us for an integration with Reeder. And with this new update, your wishes have been answered. Reeder 3.0 now has native Buffer integration and it couldn’t be any slicker.

Whenever you want to share an item, you will get the option to Buffer it very conveniently. Just tap the share button at the bottom right:

When tapping the Buffer option, you will be able to add the article to any of your available Buffer accounts. Silvio really made this one of the slickest Buffer integrations we have seen yet:












Amazing swipe functions to make reading more efficient

One thing, that I believe you will enjoy greatly is the option to swipe left or right on any item in your stream. If you do so, you can choose whichever options happens. You can pick from the following:

  •  Add to Pocket/Instapaper/Readability
  • Mark as read
  • Star item in Google Reader

Personally, this is very handy, as it allows me to clear out the stream very easily, without having to click through to each item:


Another great swipe gesture from Reeder is the opportunity to mark all items as read below or above a certain point. Put two fingers together on one item and with a swipe gesture you will get the option to “Mark all as read below/above”:

Amazing extra features for sharing quotes, images and more

What is most incredible about Reeder is this. It has so many different hidden features you can discover along the way. At the same time, the experience for using it is still uncluttered and very easy.

One other feature I discovered is that you can tap on any image in the stream and share it straight to Facebook. This is particularly useful, if it is an infographic or other great image that deserves to be shared alone:

The same is possible for quotes. You can highlight any piece of text and then Tweet or email it out. Especially as some of the items I’m reading have highly quoteable lines, this is made super easy:

Overall, I am simply blown away by this beautifully designed app and I’m of course jumping for it’s amazing Buffer integration.

If you don’t have a great option for the iPhone yet, grab Reeder for iPhone here, it is well worth the $2.99 it costs.

Having completed one of the most requested integrations from you and lots of other Buffer users we couldn’t be any happier here at Buffer HQ. I hope you will get a chance to try out this seriously slick app and let me know any thoughts you have below!

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder at Buffer.

  • Very cool update to one of my favorite home screen apps! Hopefully next up is the desktop and iPad versions of the app too 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Hi Nick, great to see you, yes, it is really great to have this integration out! Indeed, iPad and desktop will be next for sure! 🙂 

  • This is awesome, but when will we get this in the desktop app? I stopped using it and went back to Google Reader simply because I HAD to have Buffer integration. Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Michael, so great to see you here and amazing you like it!

      Definitely, iPhone was the first step and we definitely want to also integrate into the iPad and Desktop version! I will keep you posted on it for sure. 🙂 

  • Very cool update to one of my favorite home screen apps! Hopefully next up is the desktop and iPad versions of the app too 🙂

  • Jon

    I have Reeder on the iPad. Hopefully integration with buffer is coming to that app soon.

  • While installing buffer on my iPhone 4S i felt a bit cumbersome, but the usage is really simple with one of the simplest interface. As per my view buffer is really a good services for people who likes to get updated every time..

  • Looking forward to buffer integration in the new iPad Reeder App! Enjoy the integration in the iPhone App. Thanks!

  • I use Reeder every day, but only on my iPad. Can’t wait for the new features to make it there!

  • Nice move guys. Keep up the great work.

  • François-Albert Gandon

    Hi Leo, awesome news.

    We deeply need a Reeder desktop version.

  • Will the Buffer from Reeder function work offline? I typically read RSS in the NYC subway and would love to be able to queue up posts without a connection.

  • Thanks for the information…but I do not use the Smart Phone..do these apply to old fashioned desktop?

  • Awesome update y’all. I actually love the quote sharing the best. Reeder + Buffer is amazing.

  • Great addition guys! I love Reeder and use it on the desktop. Looking forward to future desktop integration. Keep up the great work Leo and Joel!!

  • Is there an update for the Desktop? I’ve been fiddling around with it but can’t figure out how to get it to Buffer?

  • Dan Ball

    Looking forward to features being added to iPad and Mac Desktop versions

  • So… how about that there iPad version updating to include Buffer integration.