Instagram has now released one of its most requested features.

The ever-popular photo sharing app announced that following the release of version 7.15 for iOS and Android users will have the ability to switch between multiple accounts. 

This news is sure to make power users and social media managers jump with joy as managing multiple accounts for brands (or your pets) has been a time-consuming task up until now.

Here’s a super-quick guide on how to add and manage multiple accounts on Instagram.

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Adding and switching between multiple accounts

Once the feature is live (it’s being rolled out to all users gradually this week), you can manage up to 5 Instagram accounts without having to login and out to switch between each account.

To add an account, head over to your profile page, click the settings cog in the top right corner and look for the ‘Add Account’ option:


From here you’ll be taken to a login screen to connect another account. Once you have multiple accounts connected, you can switch between them by tapping on your username at the top of your profile screen and then tapping on the account you’d like to manage:


You can also switch between accounts by holding over the profile icon in the bottom right of the screen from anywhere within the Instagram app:


Once you hold down the profile image, you’ll then see a list of your connected accounts, and from here you can choose which account you’d like to manage:


Instagram will show the profile photo of the account you’re managing throughout the app to make it easier to see which account you’re active on at all times.

How to remove an account

To remove an account, first switch to the profile you’d like to remove and head over to your account settings and tap Log out of [username]log-out

Bonus: A new way to engage with images

This update also brings with it a great new way to like and comment on images as well as share their them via DM.

When you’re looking at a post in the grid view (on someone’s profile or search results), you can tap and hold to expand the image and also like, comment and share:


Over to you

Do you manage multiple Instagram accounts? If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. How much time will this update save you? How had you been managing all your accounts previously?


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Written by Ash Read

Content crafter at Buffer. I’m fascinated by storytelling, entrepreneurship, and travel. When I’m not writing, you’ll usually find me on a football pitch or basketball court.

  • Simão

    This is just perfect! Thanks for the detailed information!

  • Rick

    Thanks for letting us know about this! Been waiting on this feature!

  • Claire Gillum

    You guys just made my day. Aside from my personal Instagram account, I’ve been tasked with resurrecting our account at work. (Which hasn’t been posted to in 27 weeks-yikes!) This is going to be a game-changer!!!

  • Finally!

  • sweeeeeet thanks for the quick write up.

    About time!

    Projects have suffered because it was so tedious to login and login out of the diff accounts, lol.

  • I’ve been checking everyday to see if it finally hit my device and today was the day! Over the top happy about this – I manage 5 accounts, this will make my life so. much. easier.

  • Yay! Hopefully multiple users can login to one account to manage it collectively. Will that be a problem?

  • Patrick Burns

    This will make my life so much easier! When will we be able to run our instagram from Buffer?!

    • That’s the million dollar question!!!

    • guiavila

      That’s the billion dollar question!

    • Joe Lean

      I was hoping this blog post was about to announce this feature! 🙂

    • YES – This would be AMAZING! Latergramme just doesn’t do it for me!

    • SJ

      Taking the words right from my mouth! If Buffer offered IG management I’d cancel my Hootsuite subscription right away!

  • Christina

    Love it! Thanks Ash 🙂

  • Does anyone know – Can multiple people with different primary/personal accounts, both login to the same brand account?

    Example: Ann has her personal account and is able to log on for Company X, while Brian has his own personal account and is also able to log on for Company X.

  • this took sooooo long! it was annoying enough with 2 accounts, i cant imagine those managing more but here we are – finally!

  • Great news! I’m an artist and a web/graphic designer so this will be awesome to get the right content to the right people easily!

  • Caron Golden

    To clarify, these are discreet accounts? It looks like you still can’t post to your Facebook timeline and/or a page you manage through that account since it’s the same log in and password. Or am I missing something?

  • madjeepgirl

    this is amazing news!!!! I post for me personally and a band I play in, and though I was using instwogram to post for the band, it was a real pain. more often than not I just didn’t bother.

  • Vikash Koushik

    Awesome stuff, Ash! You guys are really quick! Curious to know, is the tap and hold to expand the image and also like/comment on an image available only on iPhone 6S/6S Plus devices?

    • Hey Vikash, that’s a great question, I think the tap and hold is available on iPhone 6 as well as 6s (I’m currently on a 6 and it’s working for me). There are some new 3D touch additions on Instagram that I’m unable to use on the 6 though. Hope this helps 🙂

      • Vikash Koushik

        Thanks a bunch for the info, Ash! 🙂 I just got the update (Wahoo!). I think I love this. 😀

  • Great addition, well done Instagram.

  • Bart


  • Finally!

    Twitter has solved this nicely in the Twitter App and Google accounts are easy to switch between on the web.

    Instagram has been a struggle. Can’t wait for the update.

    So far we’ve been using a shared password to log in on each person’s own phone and also tried to use a separate dedicated instagram phone. To share the photos before publishing to Instagram, Twitter, etc we have them uploaded on Google Drive and the captions for instagram are kept in a Google Keep note. It has happened more than once that the instagram captions are completely lost when posting if you use too many hashtags or if you switch between apps before posting. Very annoying.

    Now we are waiting for scheduled posts and the ability for private users to share specific images as public.

  • Vlada Orlova

    Check you can sit at your desk and upload photos and videos, re-gram others posts, even get analytics

  • Katie Maloney

    Hey! I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate how easy to read this article was. The pictures were super helpful, I wish all tutorials were this easy to follow!

    • Thanks for reading Katie 🙂

  • Christal Ryles

    Thank you so much for this! So happy now 🙂

  • Won’t He Do It?!!!!

    Thank you, Instagram. And thank you Ash for giving us this delightful news.

  • Actually i have updated, and the app is down!doesnt work!I’m sure it’s temporary!

  • Thanks for an easy to read post. Love the visuals 🙂

  • Albert Freeman

    This is super useful, thanks! I hadn’t noticed Instagram introduce this, so thanks for explaining. It was long overdue.

  • So happy to hear this! I’ve got my own author account, plus one I run for a group of YA authors called Books for Catholic Teens. Going to be so much easier now!

  • Amy

    I have a 9.1 verison of IOS software. Do you know if Apple will be allowing this feature to happen for those verisons eventually or only the 7.15 IOS software?

  • Bella

    Mine doesn’t show that option

  • a jones

    Sadly we are now restricted to only 5 account with this update… Unless we return to the previous login method :/ Not as amazing as we had hoped

  • Sri Divya

    Surely this is a great guide to add and manage multiple accounts on Instagram. I really learned some new things from here. So thanks a lot.

  • This has already MASSIVELY increased my productivity for clients as well as making my social media strategies more streamlined and effective! Instagram on Buffer – YES PLEASE! This has to be next?

  • Alyona Grigoryeva

    I am waiting this feature to appear for one week already :/ It still hasn’t showed up. Do you guys know what might create a problem? I updated the app, logged out and logged in again, deleted the app and installed again. No result. Feel like Instagram doesn’t want me to work with my second account more productively 😀

    • Joanne Encarnacion

      I’m in the same boat with you. Let me know if you figure it out.

      • Alyona Grigoryeva

        I hoped someone here could help with this problem. I still don’t know what to do =/ So if you figure it out let me know, too.

    • Derek Springsteen

      SAME! Very frustrating…

    • Cristian Galletti

      The same for me… I’m very sad 🙁

  • gillonhunter

    Long awaited! Thanks for the info.

  • Finally! I had been putting off even using multiple Instagram accounts because of the hassle of logging in/out. Once thought of using multiple devices to get around this, but decided against that … this is good news.

  • I just updated my IG app, but I can’t find the button “add account” at my profile page? Any idea why?

    • Cristian Galletti

      I have the same problem, I can’t understand

  • When I post fron one of the accounts will post to the first account I login in the app, I we can not post image from differents accounts is useless

  • I rather have a desktop application.

  • Traci

    Before this update, I used an iPad for one account and my iPhone for another account. It was painful and resulted in lackluster posting habits on my part when I forgot to bring the iPad someplace. This change has already resulted in an eagerness to post more in both channels.

  • sobi

    I just installed the new version but there is no ” add account ”
    what should I do ?

    my phone is Iphone 6 and ios ist final version
    thank you

    • Sindre Sandvin

      Agree! It does not appear!

    • Cristian Galletti

      The same here. HELP!

    • Milly Bell

      I have the exact same problem ??

  • Samantha Peterson

    Any suggestions – I updated to the latest version of the app on my iPhone 6, still don’t have the ability to switch accounts. I updated my iPad’s instagram app and DO have the ability to switch accounts. Why won’t it work on my iPhone? I’ve logged in and out of the app, deleted it, re-added it. Any thoughts?

    • I am having the exact issue and cannot find or get any help for it anywhere.

    • Cristian Galletti

      Me too have the same problem… HELP!

    • Milly Bell

      I have the same problem and, as someone who has been looking forward to this sort of update for years, it’s really starting to bug me

    • Anna Volkova

      I have exactly the same issue with iPhone 6s

    • Amanda Reboul

      I’m having exactly the same issue! Have you found a solution yet?

      • Samantha Peterson

        No solution yet! I don’t know what to do!

    • Mrazberry*

      Same here. So frustrating. And no word from Instagram on how to help!

    • Emma

      Hi all – I restarted my iPhone (holding down the lock button and home button) and when it powered up again Instagram seemed to have the Add Account button then. Try that perhaps!

      • Samantha Peterson

        I will have to try that, I haven’t done that!

    • MK

      same issue. if anyone’s found a solution, please let me know!

      • Meredy

        I am having the same issue! Ive done every trick I’ve heard about with still no luck. Tonight I logged into my IG account on my husband’s iPhone and the option showed in my account up on his iphone6. So is it an issue with my iPhone 6s, not from IG? Ugh, I am so over trying to make this work.

        • jessica wronker

          I’m having the same issue! Glad I’m not the only one. I have an iPhone6. I’ve tried restarting my phone, deleting the app and reinstalling it. I have the feature that lets you tap and hold a picture to show it but not the add account feature. Has anyone figured out how to fix it?

    • Supakorn

      Same here

  • nice and help full article was facing problem but it seems to b easy now

  • lol That’s the million dollar question!!!

  • Serena

    I’m having an issue ever since I added my second account with this new feature. It only allows me to post in one account, even if I think I’m doing it from the other account. As there’s no Instagram “customer service”, was wondering if anyone else is having this problem and also if there’s a solution. Cheers!

    • Rachelle Holmes

      I am having the same issue as well! Too frustrating…

  • Kim Ludy

    stiiiilllll waiting for this to show up on my fully updated app and OS.

    • Mrazberry*

      ME TOO, so frustrating!

  • Laura Lopez

    Can the other persons account also get my notifications or just me?

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  • Mxlebrun

    IF YOU CAN’T SEE “ADD ACCOUNT” in your settings, turn your phone completely off, then back on. It should show up. Worked for me!

    • Karen S Cooley

      Perfect! Rebooting both my Samsung phone and tablet did the trick!

  • zakman2902

    Magnificent! You’re perfect. Partner of Riley is euphoria, which holds useful every snippet of Riley’s presence as it was so testing to get used to new ordinary living in San Francisco. Emotions are battling with respect to how to into school, amid the silver screen or perhaps how to explore from the town. I guarantee that it is much excessively funny. Lol smile emoticon As Riley is eleven quite a long while old she loves it yet there’s to a great degree confusion in her mind. In that amusing amusement titles you have to offer Riley God her emotions to do everyday some assistance with issueing and get to be hopeful

  • kevin capon

    One question to anyone who knows…. people from the other account can see that I have this new account, or how do I show the other account? for example if its a business and I want my already followers to see that I have this new account is automatically or I need to do something?

    • stephanie

      did you ever figure this out? it’s driving me nuts.

  • Great awesome guide.

  • Bent Oak Marketing

    The real question is “when will Instagram grow up” and offer the application for desktops? Administering any serious network on a phone is absurd.

  • zakman2902

    Are you fan of running and puzzle games than run 3 and pacxon game are for you

  • Deirdre

    I had multiple accounts before but i logged out of all of them and now i dont have the option of adding an account. Help?

    • Deirdre

      Also, the reason I logged out of all of them was because I had my own account and 2 others signed in and I wanted to make a new account but when I tried it told me that too many accounts were registered with the device…Help with this too?

      • Katerina Fort

        I had multiple accounts before too, and had to delete the app to clear data and cache. After I reinstalled the app, not only no “add account” option disappeared, I no longer have “clear search history” or “logout” option either. Re-starting iphone, re-deleting and re-installing numerous times didn’t help. I have no idea what happened and how to fix it.

        • ryanmichaelbelk

          I’ve had the same thing happen to me just. Can’t log in or out of the app or add multiple accounts like i used too. The only way to log out and back in is to delete and re-instal the app..?

          • Katerina Fort

            yeah, sounds about right unfortunately. I searched everything – found nothing; restored backup, then did reset settings (without erasing) – nothing helped. I’m managing 3 different accounts, so they better fix it soon or it’ll be pain in the ass.

          • Ish

            Oh man. I thought I was the only one having this issue. I don’t have the fiction to add account, clear search OR log out. I searched google but couldn’t find anything until I came across this blog. If it helps I’m on iPhone 6+. Not sure if only iPhone users are having this issue or android users as well. I am running the latest Instagram version.

          • Katerina Fort

            I’m on iPhone 5 (will wait until I see great improvement in 7s 😀 ), and I think it’s only iPhone users that are having problems. My 12 y.o son has android (LG) and he still has all the functions (add account, logout, etc.) Maybe they didn’t have update yet, maybe they won’t have that problem at all. So yeah, seems like iPhone users only.

  • Shannon Louise

    Mine doesn’t have the option to add accounts and it’s the most recent update also.

  • Shannon Louise

    Instagram has recognised the problem…. Now we wait!

  • Nicolas Nic Nac Chiaramonte

    I’m confused about this because when I go to add a account do i first have to have the account I’m adding signed up with another email address?

  • Meg Thompson

    Can two people use the same instagram account, from different devices? i.e.- my friend and I have an art organization together and we want to be able to both post from our phones.

  • salome machaladze

    Hi all – I restarted my iPhone (holding down the lock button and home button) and when it powered up again Instagram seemed to have the Add Account button then. Try that perhaps! Bubble Shooter

  • Jen

    Hmm, I have an iPhone 5S and even though I have the option to add an account it wont let me. Wrong password it says. I’ve reinstalled Instagram, updated to the latest version and turned my phone off and on. Still wont let me. Any ideas why? I so need help, there is nothing to be found on any FAQ anywhere. I also e-mailed Instagram support, no answer what so ever. 🙁

    • Kate Ives

      Same problem here. I follow the instructions to add another account and I’m told password is incorrect!? Very frustrated by lack of tech support from IG.

  • Elizabeth

    I have been trying for weeks to get this to work! When I add an account do I already have to have created it? This is just not working for me and it’s so frustrating.

  • Everytime I go to add a new account it logs out my other account, why?

  • be

    Hi i open a 2nd account, but i want to log in independently from my first account but it wont let me.. apparently they both use the same password?

  • Keely

    I only have 3 accounts listed to switch between but when I try to add a new one I’m told I’ve registered too many. Any tips?

  • Fingle_ Derp

    If I give my friend my login for one account will they be able to view all of my connected accounts?

  • neza

    do my followers know if i make a second account?

  • Instahelp

    Hi. We have an Instagram account for our club, a member of the club has left and so we changed the Instagram password. However the person that’s left can still post to Instagram and he says he’s logging in with the old password. How can this be ? Many thanks for your help.

  • Emily

    Do you know why it notifies my followers when I’m on as a different user? And if so, how I turn that off? Thanks!!!

    • stephanie

      did you ever figure out how to make this stop? everyone keeps finding my second instagram page!

  • Mark Collison

    When I go into add account it won’t let me type create a new one
    When I tried to log in with a username that I know is not taken it told me that, that account didn’t exist

    • Jordan Herpich

      i am having the same issue. did you find a solution?

  • Diane Millis

    Any update on how this is working out? I’ve been locked out of one of my multiple accounts and the password reset keeps taking me back to one of the other accounts that is working fine. Seems it’s getting really confused by having three accounts linked to one email and I’ve lost confidence in it. I’m now worried I’ll be progressively locked out of the other two accounts as I try to get sort out the password confusion. Be good to hear from others on this – the online support on this is pretty feeble.

    • yipesft

      I’m having the same problem. One day, one of my 3 Instagram accounts just said that it was logged out while I was in the app. When I try to log back in using Facebook Authentication, only 2 of my 3 accounts show up. When I try and reset the password, it says it can’t reset it and suggests going to the “Instagram Help Center”. I wrote in to support a couple weeks ago and have not heard back.

      Did you get this resolved somehow?

  • Janine

    Argh!! Please help anybody… I added an extra account weeks ago but never used it. A few days ago I accidentally switched to the other account I don’t know how it just happened and I can’t get back the account I use all the time. I’ve tried tapping on my name but nothing happens and I’ve tapped on profile tap it’s not responding. Im a photographer and use my account for this purpose please help ?

  • Theresa Bouchard

    When you mean helpful to manage multiple Instagram accounts, do you mean for clients?? Right now I picked up a couple of clients that I am going to be doing their instagram postings for. The past two times I tried to log in with their id and pwd it locks me out of the account stating “unsual activity has been detected, blah.” So got the code that was sent to them to verify their account. Tried again a few days later, same thing. Don’t know if I add their account to my own instagram account if that would make this annoying security feature go away? Problem I think was the girl before me managed their account from the UK, they are located somewhere in the mid-US, and I’m in Texas. So instagram is seeing logins from 3 different locations. HELP!

  • HLS

    When I try to add an account, I either get an error about the password or the user name. Please advise? Thanks

  • Farah

    So today if we log in a new account, there’s this option of “remember log in info” and I accidentally tap “yes” and now I can’t manage to remove that account from my multiple lists of accounts. Can someone help?

  • Ranjini

    Hey can anyone tell me how one can divert all the followers of the first account to the second one? Also how do you announce you have a 2nd account? Does it show beside your name or can it show? Google search didn’t help! Will be great help! Thanks

  • Kay

    Is there a way to transfer photos from one account to another? I got shadow banned by IG, and trying to find ways around it. Anyone else had that happen? Where your hashtags don’t show up for anyone who isn’t following you? so frustrating!

  • olivia

    Will we get notifications from the 2nd acc when we are using another account?

  • Brian Facciollio

    i can not get into my account ,I forgot the password and the account is listed as private.I am so desperate to get into my old account,it has photos of a loved one who just passed away.Some one please help me..

  • Lauralee Chambers

    I can no longer toggle between accounts. I think the second email address I used wasn’t real and I can’t get a password reset to go to a email address that works. Any help would be appreciated. I lost an entire account. Thanks.

  • Kit

    I have added an new account on my iphone but is doesnt show on my MAC instagram profile. Does anyone know why?