An unbelievable 3,613 people voted on a particular item in our feedback forum for which feature we should build next.

It has been holding the #1 spot as most requested feature from our users for almost 2 years. We couldn’t be any more excited to finally unveil it to everyone.

Buffer is now available for Google+ Pages. Anyone can now easily hook up their Google+ page and start posting and scheduling great content through Buffer to keep your Google+ Page up to date.

Of course, you can easily schedule any update that you would be able to post to the other social networks Buffer supports (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and

To make this all super straight forward to get setup, let’s dig in and see how you can get setup:

How to setup your Google+ page with Buffer

If you’re signed up for a free, awesome or one of our business plans won’t matter and all you have to do is hit the “connect account” button. From there, simply hit the G+ page:

social media scheduling for google+ scheduling buffer posting

Once you hit connect, simply accept all of Google’s terms to start publishing to your Google+ page through Buffer with one click:

social media scheduling for google+ scheduling buffer posting

And that’s it, you’re now all set to start using Buffer to schedule and publish to Google+. Simply untick or tick the avatar to choose posting with it:

scheduling for google+ scheduling buffer posting

Of course this works seamlessly through our browser extension and app integrations. Any article you come across now can be scheduled through Buffer for your Google+ page:

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 5.42.42 PM

But wait, there is more! We collected some of the best tips to make publishing to maximize posting to your Google+ page with Buffer.


2 tips for publishing great content on Google+ with Buffer

1. Improve the Formatting of your posts through Buffer

Google+ has a very powerful posting editor that let’s you format your text in a variety of ways. Of course, all of these also work through Buffer, here are the most important ones you need to know:

The most important ones are below. Left is the formatting to get the right handside once you hit publish:

  • *Word* = Word
  • _Word_ =  Word
  • -Word- =  Word

scheduling for google+ scheduling buffer posting

 Bonus: You can use those same formatting options from:

scheduling for google+ scheduling buffer posting

So when it hits Google+ it will appear fully formatted as specified in your comment (bold in the above case).

2. Super easy image posts for the #1 picture social network

Similar to how we’ve already show-cased for Custom scheduling your social media posts you can do the same thing with Google+ posts.

A quick glance over at Google+ will show you that it’s an incredibly picture focused social networks. Anything that gets exposure in our stream is an image.

With Buffer, all you have to do is install our browser extension. Now any image you come across on the web, simply right click on it and you can add it to your Google+ queue:


This way you’ll be able get all the attention your posts deserve as they will show up bright and shiny in your followers news stream:

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 10.17.12 PM

You can try image posting of any of the images above by simply right clicking it right now if you have our browser extension.

Sign up for Buffer and check out the brand new Google+ pages integration:

google+ scheduling buffer pages

We’d love your thoughts on how we could improve it further and what we should focus on next to make using Buffer easier for you.

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder and COO at Buffer. I enjoy working on company culture, customer development and marketing. For more personal posts, check out leostartsup.

  • Love you guys for doing this. Thanks!

    • jaen

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  • Great addition. The main problem, though, is it’s just for Pages, and not G+ Profiles, which the majority of G+ users will have. Any word on that feature?

    • It’s not going to happen any time soon I’m afraid. Google still haven’t given any indication on when they are going to release a read/write version of the G+ profiles API which Buffer would need. Currently the G+ profile API is read only. There are ways out there that can do effectively post to G+ but they’re usually quite complicated and basically hacks.

      One option that I use, is to use a Chrome plugin called DoShare. It’s kind of like Buffer but for G+ pages and profiles. In fact you can schedule across multiple pages and profiles at one time. The downside is that you need your computer on with your browser open at the time of the scheduled post. This isn’t a big issue for me since I have my main computer on all the time. The other issue with DoShare is that it can be a little buggy at times.

      Hopefully Google will release the API and Buffer will add profiles, but it’s not going to happen for a while.

      • ecblanco

        I was afraid I was going to find a comment like this… 🙁 :(. Hurry up Google!! 😛

        • LeoWid

          Great discussion @dannybrown:disqus (awesome to see you btw! :), @iagdotme:disqus (thanks for the awesome comment above too Ian!) and @ecblanco:disqus. You got it exactly right, hopefully Google will give us access for profiles soon, we definitely will add that asap once it is available.

          So glad to have you guys on board! 🙂

          • Hey, you know me, mate, always keeping tabs on what you guys are doing over here. 🙂

          • Designer Drains

            Hi guys! is there a way to use buffer to schedule post to a specific community on Google +? Or are there any other suggestions of a 3rd party app that lets you? I use buffer already for my other social site

          • The same question

          • Hey @LeoWid:disqus , do we have any update on this? Thanks!

          • Hi Quentin! Really appreciate your enthusiasm for this. We’ve not received access yet. Still hopeful it’s coming soon!

      • Cool, thanks Ian. I think I’ll just manually post at the moment and see what happens on the API side. Cheers!

      • And there it is. the truth behind this whole launch. Came here/peaked my interest from the mailout….because it was surprising that G+ posting was possible. But of course, that was misleading. Weak man, weak. Almost everyone is going to think you launched G+ profile posting……….

        • Not sure I agree. The title of the post does say “The easiest way to post to your Google+ Business PAGE. However if you are anything like me, you tend to first read things the way you’d like them to be. 😉

        • Agreed.

        • Oh, for a fraction of a second I too thought it was for Google Plus profile. Funny how we read things that we like to see 🙂

        • Agree

      • Do you use Do Share yourself??

      • FirefoxGuru

        I feel like writing an article “Why Google+ can suck it” (for not having third party APIs/poor third party posting support + over a year long unresolved bugs + No innovation in its UI or feature-set in over a year [I.e. can’t post to multiple communities at once], despite being run by a company of around 45k Software Engineers).

        Even though I’ve supported the platform (mainly communities – comment feedback is more rich) for 1.5 years.

    • Google better be working on a merge feature for Pages and G+ Profiles. I
      wouldn’t have started a wonky G Page to connect to my Bufferapp
      yesterday had Google already released the API, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • Jodi Stewart

    Wow! This might actually get me to use my G+ page in addition to my profile. Thanks!

  • Sam

    I got really excited for a second but this doesn’t seem to allow you to make normal posts to the G+ feed.

    • carokopp

      Hey Sam, sorry for the disappointment here. We’ll keep knocking on G+’s door to give us access to profiles. 🙂

  • Marc_intosh 

    Yeahhhh!!! Thanks!!!!
    And, please, add it to iOS app, please!!!

    • LeoWid

      Hi Marc, great point, should already be in the iOS version too! 🙂

  • nXqd

    This is absolutely amazing. What I love is that red google+, fantastic work 🙂

    • LeoWid

      Awesome! 🙂

  • John Anealio

    Yeah, I was excited, but I can’t use it because I have a G+ Profile.

    • LeoWid

      Hopefully soon John! 🙂

      • John Anealio

        Thanks Leo! I love Buffer. All my Twitter & FB posts go through Buffer. I love it. I actually like G+, but I almost never use it because I can’t use Buffer with it. I realize that this is Google’s fault, not Buffer’s. Hopefully, Google will give you what you need to make that happen. Keep up the awesome work!

        • @Elivanek

          I hope google is reading this because this is exactly where I land. I want to use google+ but who has time to double post?! I only use Buffer.

  • I’ve been hoping this will happen! Thank goodness it did! Amazing!

    I’ve been using Google+ a lot the past weeks, and we’ve been constantly using Google+ for our clients so this is just perfect! Thank you!! 🙂

    • LeoWid

      So fantastic to hear this and really exciting that this will help with your clients’ postings now, let us know if we can help with anything there! 🙂 (Btw, not sure, but maybe the new Buffer for Business is helpful )

      • We’re actually looking into that. Thanks, @LeoWid:disqus. 🙂

  • Marty

    The world is moving forward and helps Google + to get the attention it misses.

  • Excellent news just what this platform needed … awesome added value. and i’ve already connected..

    • LeoWid

      Thanks David, so glad you like the additions! 🙂

  • Just wanted to say thank you so much for introducing this. Adding this functionality wouldn’t have been an easy task, but you’ve gone all out as usual and not just added “yet another social network”, but actually supported it fully with proper formatting. Congratulations! 🙂

    I know a lot of people use Buffer to cross post, but of course there is an issue. There isn’t much point cross posting to G+ and Twitter (or in fact Twitter and FB/LinkedIn) because each network have different character limits and ways of formatting. I wondered whether there would be an easier way for people to cross post an article to more than one network using Buffer but to utelise the different formatting methods? Could Buffer remove Google’s special characters (i.e. “*” and “_”) when cross posting to LinkedIn? How about Twitter? Could there be a cut down version when cross posting to Twitter?

    I know a lot of people will be wondering why you don’t support G+ profiles. It is annoying, but until Google release that API your hands are tied. It is a shame. Profiles would be really useful.

    I expect the same is true for LinkedIn company pages? There is an API, but LinkedIn seem not to want to give access to it much. Any update on that? The only way currently is to link up IFTTT to Hootsuite which offers integration with LI Company pages. A bit of a hack really!

    Then of course there are Facebook groups? Is that even possible? It would be useful.

    I think it’s great that you now offer Business plans. They are a bit beyond me price wise at the moment, but I am now at 12 profiles and I can’t add any more. It would be useful as you add more networks to increase the limit a little. Would that be something you would consider?

    Thanks again. You guys are (sorry to use this word) awesome- but you really are! 🙂

    • Mind you, this is where Open Graph on your blog will help, as you can tailor each sharing option a little more, especially Facebook and G+ (something I do at the minute, where my standard SEO meta is different from my Open Graph meta, so it looks less like automation).

      • That’s a very good point, Danny. In fact it reminds me to spend a little more time on Open Graph on my blog.

        However, it still means cross posting to different networks is a little awkward. The best way is to use Buffer to post an article to each network manually. I was just wondering if Buffer could give you a way to put different content for LinkedIn accounts, Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts and Google+ pages.

        • What I’ve done with the cross posting:

          I create a post for Twitter, share it also to the other networks.
          LinkedIn is okay with a link and a short text, but FB and Google+ deserve more:

          I open the Buffer and manually edit the G+ post, add more text and the *Bold* headline & hashtags. Then copy it to the FB scheduled post.

  • Tim

    Great news! Buffer makes it so easy to post fresh content at just the right time.

    • LeoWid

      awesome, thanks so much Tim! 🙂

  • Jeremy

    Sadly, until it is available for Profiles, it is pretty much useless for me.

    • LeoWid

      Hi Jeremy, great point, I can totally relate here, hopefully we can sweet talk Google into giving us access here soon! 🙂

  • donegalcottages

    Best news I’ve had today – I have a few G+ pages and this will make managing them easier. Thanks Buffer 🙂

    • LeoWid

      Awesome to hear that! 🙂

  • I’m happy! Many thanks! I’m quite happy with just being able to post to my page – that’s where most of my business action happens.

    Pofile will have to come later.

    🙂 Malc

    • LeoWid

      Hi Malc, thanks so much for stopping by and that’s so great to hear that page is important and yup hopefully we can add profile support for you soon! 🙂

  • Sambarnes90

    Awesome news!

    Great work everyone at Buffer!

    • LeoWid

      thanks so much! 🙂

  • It’s official. I’m in love with Buffer.

    • LeoWid

      yay Dan, so glad to hear it! 🙂

  • Jay Patel

    How about publishing to Google+ Profiles or Communities?

    • LeoWid

      Hi Jay, great point, hopefully we can do that soon, for now, there isn’t quite an API to do that yet! 🙂

      • FirefoxGuru

        I feel like writing an article “Why Google+ can suck it” (for not having third party APIs/poor third party posting support + over a year long unresolved bugs + No innovation in its UI or feature-set in over a year [I.e. can’t post to multiple communities at once], despite being run by a company of around 45k Software Engineers).

        Even though I’ve supported the platform (mainly communities – comment feedback is more rich) for 1.5 years. It’s just not scalable to dedicate the equivalent amount of time to Google+ as I do with Buffer posting out to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with the frequency I do (+ there’s usually a few hitches I end up having to iron out/tailor to in captions on each of these specific platforms too, e.g. Company/friend name tagging on FB and removing hashtags for LinkedIn).

        Don’t even get me started on Buffer analytics. (I’ve always been a free user of Buffer, since I haven’t really given two shits about analytics for posts to personal profiles). Buffer just inherit a Bitly link, Bitly does very neat analytics as well, so you may as well just use Bitly instead of paying for the Awesome Plan. ( or you can just connect your bitly account for ease of sharing to 3 or more platforms + having bitly analytics to account for.

        • Hey there, so sorry that we haven’t been able to make this Google+ integration happen for you. I definitely agree it would be a great one to have available!

    • You seem to be pretty “in” with the Google+ team…you should keep telling them to implement the Profiles API!

  • Great work Buffer team! Obviously being able to add to profiles would be perfect but this is an excellent and welcome addition! Thanks 🙂

    • LeoWid

      So glad you like it Adrian, and yup Profiles is hopefully something we can get onto next! 🙂

  • Brian Torpie

    This is a game changer!!! I am beyond excited!

    • LeoWid

      Thanks Brian, that’s so great to hear! 🙂

  • Frank Slegers

    Exactly what I was waiting for! Go buffer!

  • AzzamS

    Awesome for me as I look after pages and was not able to have this feature except for a corporate version of hootsuite. nice one

    • LeoWid

      Fantastic! 🙂

      • AzzamS

        Just noticed that I can also use the extensions in Chrome and Firefox. This is sick!

  • A | W | E | S | O | M | E !

    • LeoWid

      Awesome to see you here Neal, thanks for the kind shout! 🙂

  • Nice handy addition to the Buffer system, really appreciated. Keep up the good work.

    • LeoWid

      Thanks Joan, so glad you like it! 🙂

  • Rooster

    Joel, and all the Buffer team;
    Thanks for doing this. As one of the whiners for this I’m pleased to no end that you listen. Now all I have to do is to figure out how to do a ‘page’ in Google+. A minor point I’m sure. It would be great to do it to my profile etc. which is how I use it at the moment. Meantime as many have stated here before me; I love you and Buffer.

    By the way, is your recommendation function working?

  • Lisa Lundberg Moncur

    THIS IS AMAZING! I have been waiting for this new feature! Thank you so much, this will help me out A TON at work! You guys are great! Keep up the good work!

  • Jessica Spiegel

    I’m thrilled about this addition! My only question – does posting to a G+ Community have the same issues as posting to a G+ Profile? Or is posting to a Community something that could be added without waiting for changes to Google’s API?

    Thanks for all you do – you guys make my job so much easier. 🙂

  • Great work Leo! This will be a big time saver being able to post to my Google+ page. For some reason, I still spend more time on FB, Twitter & LinkedIn even though I enjoy my time more when I eventually do get over to Google+.


  • Ben Fisher

    Any word on plans to +mention people within a post?

  • Manaday Mavani

    Damn useful for my Blog’s all profile pages! I was literally waiting for this feature in Buffer. Till the date I used to schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter and page profiles using buffer and Hootsuite for Google+ page. It was really painful and boring to manage 2 accounts. Hearty thanks for saving my time, Buffer. 🙂

  • Google better be working on merge feature for Pages and G+ Profiles. I wouldn’t have started a wonky G Page to connect to my Bufferapp yesterday, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • samarowais

    Guess I now have a reason for setting up a Google+ page for my blog because I’ve been waiting for this for what feels like forever!

    Hoping Google releases the Profile API soon too!

  • Just because Buffer is now out for Google+ Pages, I shall create a G+ Page 😉

    You all never cease to amaze me. Great work!

  • sterlingz

    Fabulous news, thank you, thank you!!

  • Two questions – will this work with IFTTT – and if so when will be able to add multiple Buffer services on IFTTT? At the moment I can only post to one social network with Buffer+IFTTT.

    • Really great question! Yes, this should work with IFTTT (I haven’t tried yet, but I see no reason why not). However it really is silly that we can choose only one profile in Buffer for the whole of IFTTT. What is the reason for this? It’s not that it can’t be done, since you can choose with the Hootsuite Channel?

      Why, Leo? And can this be fixed? Please!

      • carokopp

        Hi Ian and David! Great question. I’m afraid this is the limitation of the IFTTT + Buffer integration at the moment. It is definitely something we’d love to improve; I believe they’ve got this on the list, in fact. 🙂 Totally agree with you that it would be much better to be able to post to all profiles. Thanks for the awesome feedback; we always have a hunch with these things but it’s great to hear for sure whether or not these things will be helpful for others. We’ll keep this on the list! 🙂

  • Totally cool! Great work on this feature Buffer!

  • BrendanTuppack

    That’s pretty clever of Google to release their API for G+ pages first. They obviously want to grow G+ pages usage. But until G+ and Facebook allow their pages facilities to have the same amenities as profiles, people will continue to prefer to use profiles. As for the buffer G+ update, thanks a million guys!

  • Great addition. I’ve been testing the early version for a few days now. It just works terrific and makes a great combination with the WordPress plug-in. I’ve installed it now on all my blogs.

  • You just got me to re-subscribe for paid plan! Google+ pages is what I have been waiting for! I got the email at 6am this morning. Rolled out of bed, checked my phone, and was like “Yes! Buffer has Google+ pages!” I have been a customer both paid, off and on since you guys launched. Keep up the great work, now I can finally use this at work to make my life easier 🙂

  • Great news! Thanks to the awesome team at Buffer who keep rolling out the upgrades 🙂 Have started using Google+ in my Buffer already, only problem is I had to bump one of my Twitter accounts as I was at the limit.

  • When can integrate Sina Weibo?

  • Pim

    Great news!
    Makes my life a lot easier. If you guys add updates to LinkedIn company pages, I can finally stop using Hootsuite 🙂

  • This has actually made my day!
    Finally I can start showing some activity on G+ without having to waste time manually going there and posting things myself.

  • Very cool announcement, but I’m guessing (like me) most folks were hoping for Google Plus profiles, not pages. Certainly, this is a step in the right direction, but getting Buffer for Google Plus profiles would be huge. It sounds like the holdup is on Google’s end, but I think there would be a ton of happy people if you were able to make that happen. Any headway on that front?

  • Bionan

    Awesome! Can you explain how to buffer reshares in the correct format? If you use the buffer browser extension while viewing a post, buffer only allows to reshare it as a link instead of the proper reshare format.

    • LeoWid

      Hi there, that’s a great point, so unfortunately we can’t quite Buffer reshares as a correct G+ reshare, that’s definitely something that should go on our list though, thanks for the mention! 🙂

      • Bionan

        Awwww =(
        Hootsuite is also missing the correct way to queue reshares. Please beat them to it =)

  • mike_eck

    Great work! For those who manage company pages this is a huge win. Thanks

    • LeoWid

      Awesome, thanks Mike!

  • Slater Suke

    I am fairly new to buffer? So , you add you pages:googleplus,facebook,twitter,linkedin etc., then you buffer the post and it will automatically post it your social accounts?

    • LeoWid

      Hi Slater, great to see you here and yep, that’s exactly how it works! You can just grab the browser extension here and you should be all setup! 🙂

  • semisolidmedia

    Fantastic addition to Buffer’s features. Not one but TWO moribund Google+ pages are now receiving regular updates!

    Having said that there appears to be an error with the posting schedule. I have it set to post at 10:30am on all my networks but the Google+ posts appear to be going out 3 hours earlier. The website and app say 10:30am in the Google+ profile but still no change. Any thoughts?


    • Hi there Eric,

      I think this may have been a timezone issue – I’ve moved your G+ schedule to be on Toronto time like your other accounts. Hopefully this should fix up the early posting issues!

      Thanks for the kind words – great to see some Google+ pages getting some love 🙂


  • tomosaigon

    Is this using a Google+ api for posting? Why don’t other services have this yet, only Buffer?

    • Yup, this is indeed using a Google+ API – some other services do have access to this API, but is not available publicly yet. Buffer is indeed fortunate to be able to have access at this time.


  • Sanjay Dukle

    Hi Leo, its great to see buffer integration with google+. i would like to know if buffer has the facility to create groups or bundles to share specific content to selected google+ pages, linkedin group, facebook pages and twitter accounts based on the theme of the content i am sharing so i can just select a group and have buffer post only to those social media accounts without posting to all my accounts or without me having to manually select the accounts it should share to. Kindly advice if this is possible with the awesome plan.

  • Great news but have not been putting as much energy into brand page as personal. Now have to get followers to my brand page.

    Still trying to sort through the advantages of google + brand and/or personal page for SEO. Not sure if one is better than the other or if it’s best to use both. Been a lot of mixed messages concerning google+ but definitely pushing all my clients in that direction.

    I see you have to sign up for business buffer to use google+. Previously I was thinking I may setup separate buffer pages for clients. Am I correct to assume I can use one business buffer dashboard for multiple clients?

    • carokopp

      Hi Steve! Thanks so much for reaching out, so sorry for the delay! Indeed, you should be able to manage multiple clients right from one dashboard. Is it still giving you trouble when you try to add multiple Google+ Pages? If so, can you drop us a line at [email protected] so we can make sure you’re all taken care of? 🙂 Thanks, keen to get you sorted!

      • Thanks will get in touch and see if they can help. Thanks

  • Awesome!!! Even working only on pages, it’s something I’ve been waiting for since I started using Buffer! You rock!!!

  • Alex Murphy

    Are there any plans to allow +mentioning of people from within Buffer? Is that technically possible?

    • Belle

      Unfortunately we’re waiting on Google to make this feature available, but we’d love to add it in the future.

  • Cristián Ovalle Núñez

    Great adittion for those using pages. But what i want is Google Plus profiles, not pages. I hope you can add it soon!

  • Nicolas Daudin

    Hi Leo!! ONe question. On the screenshot before the brain images, I can see below the post a list of comments??? I never saw this in my Analytics, how did you do this? (Or is it because almost nobody commented on my links?)

  • abc

    Why buffer need all types of information on g+!? Looks like a hole punch into my private profile, since buffer need to have access to everything…Its a lot more than when you log in the facebook/twitter…Why you need access to all my photos, posts, music and everything!?

  • Kevin

    Any update on posting to Google+ profiles? I just did so with Everypost app for Android so it what every Google restriction referenced must no longer be in the way.

  • Has there been any update whether the google plus profiles will be added soon or not. I need to try and schedule posts to my google plus profile page. Any suggestions?? Also what about the google plus communities?? Why can’t they be shared there – is that API read only also??

    • Hi James, thanks for following up on this! We’re keen on adding this feature to Buffer. Right now it’s kind of a wait-and-see with what G+ will allow us to use. Once it opens up, we’ll be sure to jump on it! 🙂

      • Cheers for the update your a star. I’m relatively new to buffer so trying get my head around it because I’m trying link my tweets through IFTTT then to send to buffer which then sends to google plus page. Where abouts are you based Kevan?? Are u going to Brighton seo next week??

      • Awesome well please keep me posted if possible because would love it if they did open it up and if you could tweet me on @james_dooley if you ever hear anything. Ta

  • Matt Carroll

    I would find this more useful if I could feed multiple G+ pages. We are a franchise and have multiple pages to feed.

    • Courtney Seiter

      Hi Matt! Definitely, that makes sense! You should be able to connect multiple Google+ pages (just not personal G+ profiles) in your account. When you go to this page, do you see Google+ page as an option? If not, we should be able to help you out at [email protected]! It’d be awesome to get this all set for ya! 🙂

    • lisa Wilson

      Hi Matt,
      Try it for Blog2Social also as it is one of the finest social media cross-posting plugin, a user can cross-post blog posts on social media automatically, customized and scheduled. It allows the post author to advance directly to the posting dashboard of Blog2Social Word-press, in which pre filled posting texts are provided. After customizing the texts the author schedules the posts or publishes them without delay.

  • Golden Ratio Tech

    In fact as it stands I appear to be able to post to my profile and not my business page, which is what I would like to do… post to my business G+ page… Any ideas?

    • Courtney Seiter

      Hey there! I’d love to get everything all set for you to be able to post to your Google+ business page! Would you be up for emailing us at [email protected] with a screenshot of what happens when you try to connect your Google+ page to your Buffer account? Really keen to get this working for you!

      • Golden Ratio Tech

        Actually all seems well now. I was the confused one. G+ is a confusing place, since there is an admin page, a what I see page, a what public sees page, etc… I was looking at the admin page which allows you to post things from there but does not show the actual posts thus I thought they were going to my main profile and not the business page. Thanks though for the effort 🙂

  • Be careful when using the G+ formatting options, as they just show as characters in other profiles (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.). If you’re using G+ formatting I suggest only sharing to G+ and to create a separate post for other networks.

  • We Connected now its a nice service try now

  • Hương Thanh

    may loc nuoc ro gia dinh tot nhat

  • ArgzonHaziraj

    Great article man 🙂

  • deeb

    Whoops! You don’t seem to have any pages associated with your Google+ profile!

  • Stephanie

    I cant get my google plus page to connect with buffer.

  • Vinod kumar

    Very useful tools for us. thanks to share. I use it for my google + page of website

  • SocialWalls.Club

    Just to let you know … http://SocialFeeds.Club/ supports Google+ Profiles, Google+ Business Pages and Google+ Communities. Great service.