Update: Sad news – on September 6, 2015, Kippt shut down for good.

Every day, well over 250 million Tweets get posted.  This happens alongside 4 billion Facebook updates and comments. And yet, finding Tweets that you have shared a few weeks ago is almost impossible. Not to speak about the non-existent Facebook search.

A lot of solutions let you archive or bookmark a link separately, after you’ve shared it. Personally, I’ve found that this can be a huge hassle to use two separate apps for sharing and then archiving those links. What if it all worked automatically? You share something and it gets archived at the same time for you.

Since a lot of people have reached out to us for ways to archive updates that have been Buffered and we are very excited to have this ready for you today:

Any post you add to your Buffer, will automatically be saved in your personal archive with Kippt. You can search your social updates in Kippt, tag them and put them into folders.  

Let’s dive in and get you all setup to start Buffering away knowing you will always be able to find it again:

How to get started archiving all your Buffered posts to Kippt

1.) If you already have an account with Buffer, go ahead and grab a free account with Kippt. It’s a super stylish way to save all your links from around the web with lots of social features built in:

2.) Now to get started syncing all your Buffered updates with Kippt, just head to Kippt’s settings page and click “connections” on the left to connect your Buffer account:

3.) You can easily configure which of your social accounts you want to sync with Kippt from the Buffer settings page:

4.) Now you are nearly ready, just click on the “on” button on Kippt’s syncing page. Kippt will automatically pull in your most recent updates added to Buffer and every future one from then onwards:


You are all set and ready. Kippt will automatically sync any new updates posted through Buffer and store them for you in their archives.


Finding, searching and tagging your archived updates

So, by default all your new social updates will become part of your archive in Kippt. There are plenty of great ways you can now search and organize your archive. The best thing to do is to get started by installing Kippt’s browser extension.

Now, let me share the most awesome feature for finding past updates right here. If you want to find something that you’ve once shared, you can simply type “k” into your Chrome browser bar and hit space to start searching through your Kippt archive:


Of course you can also use Kippt’s own built in search feature to get to the updates you want to find very easily:


At the same time you can of course edit any of your archived updates, and tag them with hashtags or comments to make finding them in the future even easier:


By default all of your archived updates will be in a Kippt list called “Buffer”, where you will quickly get an overview of everything you’ve saved. The list will be private by default, but you can of course make it public so that lots of others can get access to your saved links also. Here is a quick overview of how my Archive of Buffered updates inside Kippt looks like right now:



Quick last tip: 5 top ways to add updates to your Buffer that will end up in Kippt

Right now, there are well over 30 integrations of different apps that help you add updates to your Buffer. I’ve gone ahead and briefly asked our users what the most useful ways for adding to Buffer are to them, here is a quick list:

      • Buffer’s Android app comes in as a close second, especially as you can Buffer from any newsreading app with the sharemenu: Android app:



  • Buffer’s integration with Reeder for iOS is something RSS readers and is a big winner amongst the Buffer team: Reeder for iPhone
  • Starring items in Google Reader to be sent automatically to your Buffer via IFTTT and then end up in Kippt: Buffer’s IFTTT channel:

  • And as last option to Buffer more efficiently, we’ve recently released an integration with the biggest Android and iOS Twitter app: Buffer for TweetCaster


I hope you can go ahead and give the new Kippt integration a go and start archiving all your updates. I would of course love to hear how you are using Kippt and Buffer right now and if there are any other ideas you have we can implement for you. Drop me a note in the comments.

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder and COO at Buffer. I enjoy working on company culture, customer development and marketing. For more personal posts, check out leostartsup.

  • Using bit.ly works pretty well for me.

  • Will this only save links sent to a specific account in buffer? Or can I elect to save links sent to FaceBook and Twitter?

    • LeoWid

      Hi Andy, awesome to have you stop by here and yes, right now it only works with a specific Buffer account. Multiple accounts might be in the pipeline I think, Kippt’s Co-Founder Jori @jorilallo (on Twitter) will know more about this though, feel free to give him a brief shout! 🙂

  • Thanks, again, guys!
    Good thinking, nice work.
    Makes community management easy.

  • Sam

    I wonder if you could set this up the same way with IFFFT?

  • Paul Therond

    I will definitely have a look at this, thanks for the heads up! And thanks for creating Buffer too! 🙂

    Buffer tools

  • really interesting section and full of great easy content to read,i might go back and read it again,this is this kind of stuff i like to read.

  • yes works good for me to

  • alex liddell

    yes tryed it again and still works fine

  • Cat

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be working any more.

  • Jennifer Kesler

    I think it’s not working or it’s a pro feature. Anyone know of a tool that archives ALL your Buffer accounts? Buffer keeps them for 30 days, but I’d love something that goes back even 1 year.

    • Jennifer Kesler

      Er, never mind. Looks like on the Awesome plan they are kept for at least a year (my account’s slightly less old than a year, and they’re all there.)

      • Hey Jennifer! I’d love to help you out however I can here. Anything we can do to make this process smoother for you?

        • Jennifer Kesler

          I just checked with support, and found out you archive everything, which is fantastic. The only thing that could improve it would be a way to filter posts from particular domains and just click-click-click to add them anew.