Wow, what can I tell you guys? Last night’s #ToolsChat has just been completely out of control.

Not only did Klout’s CEO Joe Fernandez join us to explain the recent changes, but the stream and discussion from everyone joining in was purely amazing.

After Joe joined, everything got seriously heated up. People, pro and con Klout joined in from all sides.

Here is a summary and highlights from the chat for you:

What has changed?

Joe explained to us that the new update for the Klout score was an effort to make the overall algorithm more accurate and focused. The new algorithm would be harder to game and a more accurate measurement of influence.

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The key metrics that Joe mentioned matter for Klout and your score respectively are:

  • how many people you influence,
  • how much you influence them and
  • how influential they are.


Due to the recent update, scores have changed dramatically. For a lot of people they have dropped significantly, or increased significantly. Here is a breakdown of the average changes:


Why is there a problem?

A lot of great people from our Buffer and #ToolsChat community jumped in with some very interesting arguments and questions. A big issue seems to have been that the Klout score has dropped for a large number of people.

Personally, I haven’t had time to look into the Klout algorithm too much. Jure Klepic (@JKCallas), a great friend took a much more in-depth look. Jure’s argument centers around the accuracy of the score.

Dabney Porte (@DabneyPorte) and Lori Moreno (@LoriMoreno), were also thoughtfully arguing that there are still many flaws to be picked out, particularly what regards topics and privacy.

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What is the future of Klout?

Many mixed feelings were involved in the discussion. Some were disappointed, some welcomed the new changes and thriving for improvement of a better score.

Joe, went on to explain to us that the key driver for the company’s decision is to maintain the integrity of the score to reflect true influence across the web. One aspect was to clearly focus on transparency as explained in their latest blogpost.

Klout, who has often been criticized for too little transparency clearly took a lot of feedback on board for this improvement I believe.

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Improvement or decline?

Above all things, I was very thankful for Joe and Megan joining us to discuss these crucial points about Klout in #ToolsChat. Even more so, it was amazing how many of you jumped in and offered thoughtful comments on the topic.

The many of you, all have a lot more insights and thoughts on this. So I better let you be the judge. What do you think of the latest changes Klout made? What do you like and what could be improved?


A big thanks to Michael Q Todd @MQTodd, who brought the Klout guys into the chat and Kelly Kim @Twylah, our two fantastic ToolsChat co-hosts. A big thank you to you and everyone who participated again this week, especially @JoeFernandez Klout CEO and @MeganBerry Marketing Manager at Klout. I hope to see you all next week in #ToolsChat, 10pm EST on Wednesday. 

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder at Buffer.

  • Mary Barkley

    KLOUT is not dancing with the 99% that brought them to the party to start with.

    I don’t know what is more transparent about my score than to note that overnight my audience reach and amplification magically dropped in half.

    After Retweeting every offer, chat and K promotion, many of us do feel somewhere between silly and betrayed. To have Klout texting photos of their team drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon beer last night was somewhat of a virtual slap in the face.

    Many of your previous fans will be taking a vacation from helping your company
    reach more fans and users. Let the transparency begin.

  • My Klout score stayed about the same, so I haven’t experienced the “OccuptKlout” pain that others had (although the Twitter account is pretty hilarious). Do I think it’s a shame that people lost Klout, absolutely. But when Joe tweets something like “We ripped the band aid off here because the integrity of the score is most important to us,” you can’t continue being mad.

    Though the most important question is: Does Justin Bieber still have the highest Klout score?

  • Anonymous

    Leo first thank you for including me in your post. Let me now make few things clear why Klout Failed this time and lost more credibility that they ever would. First @joefernandez talking about integrity of the score. If integrity is so important why then he doesn’t explain an example of spamming profile with the new Klout Score of 77 and style of Though Leader. Secondly What Klout did for weeks before launched the new algorithm was over-sharing of their PR campaigns over the news outlets. But one things is clear, over sharing is not honesty indeed is sign of deception. Blinding community with fictional fact is not integrity. They said few might see drop of the score for more then 10 points. Really how much is few for Klout? 100.000 a million or maybe 30 millions that Klout just got in new fundings. ???? In fact what they did not tell ( so much about Transparency in Klout, i hope Joe has real understanding of what transparency means) that you will have significant drops of your subscores. Some people went down on certain subscore even up to  60 scores. Me personally went down 50 scores on Influence Network and 40 on amplification score. So where is Transparency Joe and some explanation to it ? Now bigger question is Was Klout way off with old algorithm or they have no clue what are they doing now ? Is more shocking to know that Klout by their own testament that new score has integrity was deceptive to brands in the past when they were collaborating with Klout on perks program.  Klout should understand that Social Media is two way relationship, staying quite and play on integrity part is not doing them nothing good. But anyhow in Joe’s words Scores integrity is important to us, yes it is, so is revenue that Klout generate on us, but certainly we USERS are not important to them. This is my 2 cents to great post by you Leo. 

  • Great job, Leo @LeoWid:twitter.  So glad I was able to participate in this!  Kudos to @Joe Fernandez for jumping in this chat with us, and listening to our comments and concerns.  And, thanks to Michael @MQTodd:twitter and Kelly @Twylah:twitter for hosting the fabulous #toolschat! 

  • Feels like I’m the only one out there acctually getting a higher score after the change (knock on wood..).

  • Hi @LeoWid:twitter , Thanks for posting this.  It’s been a real hot button issue yet since made the changes last week:

    A lot of people are talking about how their score went down, but there were people who went up. I was talking with @trishbaden:twitter and she actually improved like 20 points!
    ~Tammy, CEO @MarketMeSuite

  • Hi guys, sorry I’m so late!!

    I’ve supported Klout for nearly as long as I’ve supported Buffer and I must say I’m glad Buffer still treats its friends well.

    Why has Joe alienated just about everyone apart from Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga? 

    I’ve written a couple of post algorithm blog posts and people are not happy!!

    Now we’ve got Klout telling us they’ve diminished our scores and the validity of our Tweets, this is NOT good!!

    Good bye Klout, hello Empire Avenue, PeerIndex and Kred (maybe Kred?).

    Tomorrow’s SM satire will be Klout again and Wednesday’s post will deal with Klout ruining our Tweets.

    All the very best guys, Peter aka MarketingM8

  • Anonymous

    @LeoWid:disqus  – Great post, but I agree with most of the Klout users who’re disgruntled &, dismayed. Simple reasons:

    1. No Transparency – We never know what the algorithms are & how they would help in improving the scores.

    2. The new algos applied to historical scores too, so we lost all the ground that was covered earlier with a belief that its improving out Klout scores

    3. Insistence of Klout to continue with the new algos inspite of various negative noise about it.

    More on my take on the blog:

    Good Day!!