HOW TO Use The Brand New Buffer For LinkedIn

There was some great news from LinkedIn announced recently. The 3rd largest Social Network, announced that over 150 million users are now on board using the platform.

Hitting that milestone couldn’t be timed any better. Over here at Buffer, we are excited to let you know, that from today onwards, you are able to Buffer your LinkedIn updates very easily.

It is the third Social Network we are supporting now, on top of Twitter and Facebook.

Our goal with Buffer is to help you be awesome on Social Media and being able to conveniently Buffer LinkedIn updates, was a vital step for us on the way.

How to connect your LinkedIn account to Buffer

Adding your LinkedIn account is super easy. If you are inside your Buffer dashboard, you can simply click the “+add” sign next to any of your connected Social accounts.

From there, pick LinkedIn from the selection of Social networks. It will conveniently connect you with your profile and you will also have the option to change it if you don’t have the right account connected.


Adding updates to LinkedIn

From then onwards, adding any new update works exactly like it does with Twitter and Facebook. Whenever you are reading an article, you can hit the Buffer button from one of our browser extensions.

It will bring up the Buffer box for you. Pick the right account and you are good to go to. Of course, it will allow you to choose the right picture and post it with link preview and thumbnail for you:


The way it will appear on LinkedIn is just like any other status update, that you manually post on there.



Some cool thoughts on Buffering LinkedIn updates vs. feeding Twitter to it.

Before being able to Buffer LinkedIn updates, what I tried out was feeding my Tweets to LinkedIn automatically. Whilst this appeared to work well, it made me very lazy and didn’t create any value for my connections there.

It was pure information overload and no effort from my side went into it at all. Plus I never checked my LinkedIn because of it. By Buffering much more selectively only what I feel is interesting for my connections, I feel I could create a lot more value on there. What are your thoughts on this?


Upgraded Free and Pro plans for you!

As we have added LinkedIn, we have also expanded both our main plan and the Pro for you to give you some extra flexibility when Buffering:

  • On our main free plan, you can now connect one account of each Social Network (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).
  • On our Pro plan, you can now connect up to 6 different Social Accounts in one go and post to them.


Ok, I hope this is a helpful addition for your social networking efforts. So, over to you now. What are your thoughts on the latest Buffer feature? What else would you like to see?

  • Jim Spencer

    Why not add Google+ of course.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jim, 

      Great to hear from you, and G+ is definitely planned, just waiting for the API to be released! :) 

  • Q8doctor

    Any Plans to upgrade the number of tweets for the pro plan? At least to 100 instead of 50?
    Thanks for the repLy

    • Anonymous

      Hi Q8doctor, great to see you here. That’s an interesting suggestion. Will brainstorm on that for sure and keep you posted here, we might change in the future! :) 

  • Nishadha Silva

    Thanks for you for this great upgrade, I hope you guys add Google+ next

    • Anonymous

      Hi Nishadha, great suggestion, we definitely want to add Google+ in the near future. Just waiting for Google to release their API! :) 

  • Jorge Purgly

    Congratulations, great job!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jorge, thanks for the shout, really excited about this. Let me know if you ever have any questions! :) 

  • Anthony Burokas

    You mean, I can stop typing #in?

    • Anonymous

      Hi @twitter-23603759:disqus , yes, that is exactly what it means! :) 

  • Merrin Robinson

    Awesome update!  Thanks guys :)

    • Anonymous

      Hey Merrin, awesome, so glad you like it! :) 

  • Anonymous

    Posting to LinkedIn groups would be awesome. Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Noah, great to see you here and fantastic suggestion, we definitely are looking into adding posting to LinkedIn groups. Stay tuned! :) 

  • Anonymous

    Just wanted to say that since using buffer, our interactions have increased! What a great service! THANK YOU! 

    • Anonymous

      Wow, that is just amazing, so glad Buffer is helpful! :) 

  • Samantha Bell

    Upload from excel or google docs spreadsheet would be a-mazing!!! :)

    • Anonymous

      Hi Samantha, thanks for stopping by and great suggestion, will look into the bulk uploading feature for sure, will keep you posted! :)

  • Mark Evans

    Thanks Leo. This is a great addition. Most of my updates are to my LinkedIn groups, so I too would like to see that functionality. For now though, this is great!

    • Anonymous

      Hi @twitter-48350605:disqus , so great to see you here. And awesome you like the update. Thanks for the feedback, learning about LinkedIn groups is very interesting, we will definitely look into adding this, will keep you posted! :)

  • Jessica Williams

    I am so happy for this update and that I don’t have to type #in anymore for my Buffer updates.  Cheers!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jessica, yes, exactly, no need for that anymore. Glad you like the update! :) 

  • Jon Ferrara


    I love Buffer and I admire your sense of education and enchantment.  I think you and BufferApp are a model Social Business.  I am proud to be a paying customer. 

    Thx for the LinkedIn integration!


    Jon Ferrara
    CEO Nimble

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jon, so great to have you stopping by here and I am very humbled by your kind words. 

      Glad LinkedIn is useful, chat to you soon! :) 

  • Keith Rozario

    Great to hear buffer is beginning to integrate with a lot more social networks, hopefully G+ release their APIs soon enough. How about Pinterest?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Keith, glad you stoppped by. Yes, that is exactly what we are after. Working eagerly for G+ just like you, will keep you in the loop. And Pinterest is on it’s way for sure too! :) 

  • George Ofwona

    Buffer is simply the best thing to happen to the internet in a long time …

    • Anonymous

      George, you are the man, thanks for the awesome comment! :) 

  • Terri Nakamura


    • Anonymous

      awesome, glad you like it Terri! :) 

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for these simply clear and user friendly instructions.  Will be moving over now to do this.

    See you round and keep up the good re pore with you readers.

    • Anonymous

      Hi there, awesome and fantastic the instructions are helpful, that’s great feedback for me! Sure thing, check it out and let me know if there are any questions I can help with! :) 

  • Alberto

    Felicidades desde Mexico!! My Android buffer app dont show my linkedin account…its an update on your mind?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Alberto, thanks for tuning in from Mexico. Oh right, yes, there will be an update to the Android App real soon for this, stay tuned! :) 

  • Peter Petrovski

    Exactly what I needed, great update!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Peter, great to see you here and awesome, that is exactly what you needed! :) 


    This is awesome. I’ve already hooked up my LinkedIn account and have started buffering. Great job you guys! 

    • Anonymous

      Awesome, so glad you have already connected your account and started Buffering. Give me a shout if you have any questions! :) 


        Will do! Now I don’t have to add the ridiculous #in hashtag to curate my awesomest tweets going to LinkedIn :)

  • Lois

    Great addition Leo! Would merely add my vote for the addition of google plus. Well done!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Lois, so great to see you here. Fantastic, yep, will do my best and hurry Google up with their API release! :) 

  • Anthony

    Simply stoked :)

    • Anonymous

      simply happy to have you simply stoked Anthony! :)

  • Lawrence

    Man, what a strong start building my 2012 automation toolkit. Discovered Buffer and Voxer the same week! Keep up the Buff!!!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Lawrence, great to see you here and fantastic that Buffer is so helpful for your toolkit. Haven’t come across Voxer, will have to check it out! :)

  • Kirsty Wilson

    I just love BufferApp & now I can share to LinkedIn and Facebook, this has taken it to a whole new level. Great stuff!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Kristy, so great to see you here and awesome that LinkedIn and Facebook for Buffer are a welcome addition! More goodness to come. :) 

  • Sylvain Lembert

    Hello Leo, cool update :) Will it be possible to post in the Linkedin Group Like with the Linkedin plugin ? It’ll be fantastic :)

    • Anonymous

      Hi @facebook-695460438:disqus , great to see you here. Yes, that’s a fantastic suggestion, LinkedIn Groups is definitely high up on our list to bring out in the next iteration, I will keep you in the loop on things for sure. :) 

  • Damien

    This is great news.  What I’d really like to see next is the ability to post company pages status updates.  Is that in the pipeline?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Damien, great to see you here. Yes, company pages and Groups is definitely in the pipeline! :) 

  • Marco

    Next step should be adding ability to post on as well, as more and more people are switching to it

    • Anonymous

      Hi Marco, great to hear from you and awesome suggestion, would be a great add-on. Will look into this option for sure!

  • Anonymous

    Great news guys! Just remembered to revoke access of LinkedIn in my Twitter settings. Loving your work! And the Digg Digg plugin is awesome!

    What are the chances of a “jump the que” option on Buffer for an update that you don’t want to post now but also don’t want to put at the back of the que?

    • Craig Jarrow

      That’s a neat idea. I like it, too.

      I can remember several times, when I buffered something and then headed right over to the site to “move it to front of the line.” :)

      • Anonymous

        Hey Aidan and Craig, thanks for stopping by here. Love the suggestion, and totally agree that this would be useful. We are brainstorming a few things right now on how this could be most intuitive, will keep you posted!

        And so glad you like DiggDigg too! :) 

  • tweet2eatHB

    Hi Leo, this is a good development and a way for me to publish content to my LinkedIN community in contrast to publishing content AND engaging in communication on twitter. I would select maybe 1 in 10 tweets from @kiwinlondon:twitter  for posting on LinkedIN. 

    Now…. get on with G+ Sir! :p

    • Anonymous

      Hi there, that is a great comment and I couldn’t agree more, having 1 in 10 and not ALL also posted to LinkedIn will be much better for the audience.

      Yep, G+ coming right up, just waiting for the API to be released. :) 

  • Wayne Schulz

    Nice work. I definitely would like to see integration into LinkedIn Groups which is the area of LinkedIn that I’m most active with.

    I think there’s also a market for some type of “reblogging” tool which would start with a link  then allow the user to fashion a post right from the toolbar. The missing piece with most “blog from a link” tools is they don’t handle the task of adding an image to a post very well.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Wayne, 

      Great to hear from you and thanks for the heads up on LinkedIn groups, we will certainly be looking into this. A lot of people have mentioned it already and it has definitely made me think a lot. 

      That’s an interesting idea on the blogging tool you mention. You are right, it is quite hard to do this from on the go right now. Maybe it will be possible to do so right from inside Buffer in the future, will put this on our list to brainstorm on! :)

  • Jan Minihane

    Hi Leo

    Great update – I, and my clients, will be welcoming this one with open arms! Totally agree re: not buffering everything you tweet/FB to LinkedIn also, the tone/style there is so different. Occasionally something will be appropriate but on the whole I won’t/don’t cross post. 
    This will still save me a lot of time and will probably ensure I start posting more to my LinkedIn profile – thank you!!!

    And yes to G+ also :-)

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jan, great to hear from you and that is fantastic, so glad it’s a useful addition!

      Yep, that is a very good point and exactly why I also turned off auto-feed Tweeting myself, it just isn’t always a good fit. 

      Absolutely, I hope it will help post more consistently to your LinkedIn profile too! :) 

      G+ is on the list for sure, keep you posted!

  • alpado

    keep it up, Buffer people!

    • Anonymous

      will do for sure! :)

  • Zuleyka Zevallos

    Wonderful news, thanks!

    • Anonymous

      yay, glad you like it Zuleyka! :) 

  • davecornett

    I love Buffer and this has made it even better, previously I’d set up a new twitter account to feed my Linked in account…  but this will make life much easier

    • Anonymous

      Hi Dave, long time no speak, great to see you here! Yep, that is exactly what I did before too, and so glad your life is now made easier! :) 

  • Mulligan Men

    If you can figure out a way to let Buffer FB posts get shared like normal FB posts it would be a huge benefit. 

    • Anonymous

      Hi Mulligan, Great to hear from you.

      Yes, you raise a great point, unfortunately, the fact that the “share” disappears is a slight bug on the FB API that we are dealing with right now, but hope to have resolved real soon. We have filed a few reports (alongside hundreds of other developers) to allow the “share” function in.

      Unfortunately, all other Apps have the same problem. One thing that we could do is add a “fake” share function, which HootSuite does. It then pops open a new window, but doesn’t add a “share” to the original post, it is just a link to post to your own wall. We are pondering this right now, but it doesn’t seem to be a great solution for us.

      I will get in touch with Facebook again right now and see if there is a way we can get this sorted out, thanks a lot for bringing it up! :)

      Hope that helps! :)

  • Brett Bell

    This is fantastic.  Kudos for adding this feature. And I completely agree with your reasoning behind disconnecting Twitter updates from your LinkedIn profile.  Buffer is quickly becoming my top app!  

    • Anonymous

      Hi Brett, great to have you here. Yes! So true isn’t it? Glad you have the same view, I just think this can add a lot more value. 

      Awesome to hear Buffer is becoming so useful for you. :)

  • Sara

    Can it do status updates on LinkedIn company pages/

    • Anonymous

      Hi Sara, great to see you here. Not yet, but it is definitely on the list! :) 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Leo a really value added freebie! See one more box coming, so assume it’s for Google+?
    You obviously listened to your customers, so congratulations on your customer-centricity. 

    • Anonymous

      Hi denysedd, thanks so much for dropping in. Yep, good spot there, we have one spot left. It will certainly be filled with G+ once their API is out.

      Thanks for the kind words, really appreciate that coming from you! :)

  • Sterling Education

    Next, please add the ability to post these updates to groups and pages instead of just my profile. That would really be helpful!

    • Anonymous

      Awesome, glad you mention that, I can totally understand that this will be adding a lot of value. Will be looking into adding this feature in the future for sure! :) 

      • Brecht Palombo

        I second that. I do most of my sharing in groups, not many people see your status. Being able to set up pre-set groups of groups would be awesome.

  • Niall Madhoo

    Cool! As others said, can’t wait for Google+ too!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Niall, for sure! :) 

  • Shannon Steffen

    Wonderful! It’s great that you’ve added LinkedIn. Of course, I’d love Google+ as well but my biggest concern is getting the “reshare” issue on Facebook posts to become available. I am curious as to why the FB share is working with Hootsuite but it doesn’t with Buffer. Wouldn’t that denote that the API is working correctly but not the coding on Buffer’s end?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Shannon, 

      Great to hear from you.Yes, that’s a great point, unfortunately, the fact that the “share” disappears is a slight bug on the FB API that we are dealing with right now, but hope to have resolved real soon. We have filed a few reports (alongside hundreds of other developers) to allow the “share” function in.Unfortunately, all other Apps have the same problem. One thing that we could do is add a “fake” share function, which HootSuite does. It then pops open a new window, but doesn’t add a “share” to the original post, it is just a link to post to your own wall. We are pondering this right now, but it doesn’t seem to be a great solution for us.I will get in touch with Facebook again right now and see if there is a way we can get this sorted out, thanks a lot for bringing it up! :)Hope that helps explaining it.

  • Ryan Swearingen

    Very cool! Any possibility of posting to a LinkedIn Company Page? :)

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    – Ryan

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ryan, great to see you here and thanks for the suggestion. Yep LinkedIn company pages are definitely on our list. I will keep you in the loop.

      • Sara

        Any update on this yet Leo? I manage social media for a number of different companies and it would make my life soooo much easier! Buffer has certainly eased the headache tho, keep up the good work!

      • Stephen

        Any update on this?

      • WillowglennLandscape

        Yes! This functionality would be great!

      • Dino Butorac

        I just love using Buffer, and current lack of support for posting to LinkedIn Company Pages and Groups is the ONLY thing keeping me from upgrading to Awesome. Until then I have to stick with Hootsuite and its scheduling feature…

      • John Dunaj

        I am interested in this functionality as well – try and keep me in the loop also…

      • Alys Drake

        Yes, please let us know when the ability to post to Company pages becomes available.

  • Jocelyn Wilhelm

    Love it!

    • Anonymous

      Yay! :)

  • Ileane

    You guys are really making a huge impact on the landscape of social media. Thanks so much for this and for all you do!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ileane, wow, thanks for the amazing comment. This absolutely spurs me on to work even harder. And thanks for spreading the word about Buffer from your LinkedIn account also! :) 

  • Ivanhoe Sánchez

    Thanks for the upgrade! Are you planning to hook up with Feeddler app?

    • Anonymous

      Hi @isanchez18:disqus , great to see you here and yes, we definitely plan to integrate with Feeddler App in the near future! :) You can also just Tweet them @FeedlerRSS if you want! :) 

  • BreitWerk

    Thank you!  I hope the next is Google+

    • Anonymous

      Hi, yes the next thing is definitely G+! :) 

  • Edwardv2

    I do a lot of posting via email from Zite on my iPad. Are there shortcuts for adding to LInkedIn via email like @s LI or @s linkedin?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Edward, great to see you here. Oh right, that’s a good point, we will definitely go ahead and update the email functionality for being able to do this! :) 

      • Edwardv2

        Any update on using buffer via email with LinkedIn?

  • Marty McPadden

    Excellent news Leo. Buffer keeps getting better and better!!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Marty, always a pleasure to see you here! And so glad to hear it, yep, we will be continuing to make it better every day, so great to have you on board! :) 

  • XploreLA

    Great app thanks! 

    • Anonymous

      awesome! :)

  • Justin Germino

    Just connected my LinkedIn with Buffer and will be using it going forward.  

    • Anonymous

      That’s fantastic to hear Justin, let me know how it goes and if you have any questions or suggestions for us! :)

  • Phil Lauterjung

    Leo, great addition to Buffer. Please add my vote to those asking for LinkedIn Groups and Company Pages to be available too. Thanks.

  • ittech

    great one cheese

  • Peter Bordes

    sweet! congrates on a great new addition to the might Buffer App!

  • Stacy Bergdahl

    Stoked on Buffer App in general! Thanks for making it even better:)

    • Anonymous

      Awesome Stacy, so glad we could make Buffer more useful with this for you! :) 

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  • José Antonio Sánchez

    What about buffer for LinkedIn company pages? They’re very popular.

  • Regina Johnson

    I just started tonight and I really love it! Yes add Google+ too that would be amazing too!

  • Amy Hurrell

    Would love it if you could add LinkedIn Company Pages!

    • Christian Kählig

      I think this is a very good point. LinkedIn Company Pages are a must for a professional plan I think. I assume that pros are more willing to pay something for the service but pros also typically have company pages. Hence, the personal profile is not enough. Once you add Company pages, I am ready to sign up for the awesome package. You can take me by the word.

      • Jay

        I am of the same opinion, we are eagerly awaiting an update on this as well. Also on the free version how many Linkedin Profiles can we add?

      • Mandalah

        I second this motion. It’s essential to be able to buffer to a company page. Please enable that ASAP.

    • Dan Ferguson

      LinkedIn Company and Groups is a MUST HAVE feature. Please prioritize.

      • iamoldskool

        Agreed….missing LinkedIn company pages is a huge hole in the system for me

  • Ashlee Lolkus

    I’m interested in using buffer to post for my small business, but am only able to connect LinkedIn to either my profile or a group. We don’t have groups defined at the time and would like to post to our company page to keep followers up-to-date. Would this feature be added eventually, or is my consideration to post in the manner inappropriate?

  • Mike Mobley

    I may have missed it somewhere, but can Buffer use LinkedIn Company Pages yet? If so, how do I set that up?

  • David Penney

    I looked at Buffer & would use it if I could post to specific, multiple LinkedIn Groups

  • Jay Mcfadden

    I see that on certain company pages it seems like they used buffer in order to post twitter updates. Is it yet possible or is there no way to make this connection?

  • jamie harris

    What’s the status on connecting buffer to Linkedin groups? Option available yet?

    • LeoWid

      Hi Jamie, great to hear from you and yes, that’s already available now, just hit “connect account” in Buffer and you’ll get LinkedIn groups as an option! :)

  • zvineyard

    Is Buffer planning to add support for posting to the new LinkedIn University pages? Not sure it is possible, but it would be a great help to folks who manage pages like that.

    • Belle

      This isn’t something we’re working on right now, but it’s definitely a feature we’d love to add down the track!

  • Lefty G Balogh, Online Communi

    Thanks guys.

  • Dhaval

    Can you tell me that how can i remove my connected linkedin profile account?

  • Ben Walton

    Completely agree with Amy and Christian on this! Buffer is great except you can not include a link and attach the right image to LinkedIn company posts. :( PLEASE SORT THIS AS EVERYONE WANTS IT! plus more people will sign up for the awesome package!

  • Sophadodopha

    Hi, is there any way that when you attach an image it can just sit in the post rather then listing the image name and the link?

    • Courtney Seiter

      Hey there! I can definitely see how that would be hugely useful! I’m sorry we’re not able to work with LinkedIn to make that happen right now but we would love to be able to in the future! Hoping to give you good news on this soon!

  • CyprusNewsReport.Com

    Hi, I love Buffer, it saves a lot of time and helps me stay organised. Recently, Linkedin changed their interface and there are some issues with the way BufferApp posts appear in my Company Page – the photos are not resizing and there’s an awkward link name for the photo. Any tips, or is this fix on the way?

  • Ayo

    How do I schedule posts (and not updates) on Linkedin using buffer?