Whether you’re a community manager, a social media marketer, a PR pro or a digital strategist, chances are good you could use a sounding board once in a while.

Joining a group of likeminded professionals is a great way to bounce around ideas, ask and answer questions and share industry news and tips.

Luckily, there are lots of communities out there where both new and seasoned pros can go to talk shop and get help—whether your preferred network is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+!

Here’s a list of 30+ of the best groups to check out.

social media chats and groups

Top Twitter chats

A Twitter chat is where a group of Twitter users meet at a pre-determined time to discuss a certain topic, using a designated hashtag (#) for each tweet contributed. A host or moderator will pose questions (designated with Q1, Q2…) to prompt responses from participants (using A1, A2…) and encourage interaction among the group. Chats typically last an hour.

Imagine a business networking event—but without a dress code and with a keyboard instead of a bar. The same social customs apply—courtesy and respect—and it’s a great way to meet new people with similar interests. There are Twitter chats in almost every industry imaginable. Here are some of the best for marketing and social media.

1. #Cmgrchat

Wednesday at 2pm EST

Founders: Kelly Lux and Jenn Pedde

Tweets per chat: 400+

This chat’s been around since early 2010, and still going stronger than ever. It’s one of the best weekly chats to talk and mingle with other community builders and managers.

2. #Blogchat

Sundays at 9pm EST

Founder: Mack Collier

Tweets per chat: 1500+

This is another chat that’s been going on since the early days. It’s a fantastic chat to discuss the latest trends and get blogging tips.

3. #Custserv

Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST

Founder: Marsha Collier

Tweets per chat: 1500+

Not just limited to social media, this Twitter chat is great for all things customer service. With a ton of loyal regulars who come back each week, it’s a great way to start building relationships with other customer service pros and get inspired to “wow” your customers on and offline day in and day out.

4. #BrandChat

Wednesdays at 11am EST

Founder: Maria Duron

Tweets per chat: 1000+

This is a great chat for all things branding and digital marketing.

5. #CRChat

Tuesdays at 12pm EST

Founder: ConstellationRG

Tweets per chat: 50+

One of the newer chats out there; it’s a good one if you are interested in enterprise tech, big data, social business and community platforms.

6. #Eventprofs

Tuesdays at 8pm EST and Thursdays at 11am EST

Founder: Adrian Segar

Tweets per chat: 2,000+

Social media works at it’s best when it connects the online offline. This is a great chat to participate in to share event planning tips.

7. #Likeablechat

Tuesdays at 2pm EST 

Founders: Michele Weisman

Tweets per chat: 360+

Started by Likeable Media, a social media agency, this chat is all around social media and digital marketing topics.

8. #Linkedinchat

Tuesdays at 8pm EST 

Founders: Viveka Von Rosen and Martine Hunter

Tweets per chat: 540+

If you are specifically focused on Linkedin, this chat is a great place to go for tips and best practices.

9. #Smallbizchat

Tuesdays at 8pm EST 

Founder: John Sternal and Chrisanne Sternal

Tweets per chat: 500+

While not specifically on social media, this a great chat if you are doing social media or digital marketing for a small business.

10. #SSHour // #SocialEntHour

Mondays at 4pm EST 

Founders: Rachel Miller and Brian Fanzo

Tweets per chat: 150+

Another newer chat; a great one on social business.

11. #CloudTalk

Thursdays at 12pm EST 

Founders: Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo

Tweets per chat: 600+

This chat is great for those in the cloud computing and Big Data industries.

12. #Cmgrhangout

Fridays at 2pm EST 

Founders: Sherrie Rohde, Dom Garrett and Jonathan Brewer

Tweets per chat: 600+

Part Twitter chat and part Google Hangout on Air, this is another great group for community managers. You can tune into the Google Hangout on Air as well as ask questions on Twitter every Friday at 2pm EST.

13. #AtomicChat

Mondays at 9pm EST 

Founder: Atomic Reach

Tweets per chat: 3,000+

This is a great chat for both content marketers and community managers, as it dovetails nicely into both areas.

14. #BizHeroes

Tuesdays at 2pm EST 

Founder: Paper_li

Tweets per chat: 1,100+

Hosted by @Paper_li, this is another great chat to check out if you specialize in small biz.

15. #GetRealChat

Tuesdays at 9pm EST 

Founder: Pam Moore

Tweets per chat: 750+

Started by Pam Moore, this chat aims to separate itself from the whole host of other social media chats by only focusing on the new and freshest perspectives.

16. #BufferChat

Wednesdays at 12pm EST 

Founder: Buffer

Tweets per chat: 2,500+

I couldn’t write a post all about Twitter chats without mentioning Buffer’s chat. One of the newer chats on the scene, it’s definitely a great one to participate in.

17. #MediaChat

Thursdays at 10pm EST 

Founder: Aaron Kilby

Tweets per chat: 1,800+

This chat focused on the online media side, not-so shockingly from the name.

18. #Pinchat

Wednesdays at 9pm EST

Founder: Kelly Lieberman

 Tweets per chat: 900+ 

The original Twitter chat about Pinterest, this chat shares its passion for Pinterest through discussions of best practices, new uses, tools, personal/professional use and more.

If you choose to get involved with one or even a few of these chats, the folks at Buffer have wrapped up some Twitter chat best practices into one handy list:

10 Tips for Twitter Chats

Top Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups make it easy to connect with specific sets of people, like teammates or coworkers. Groups are dedicated spaces where you can share updates, photos or documents and message other group members, which makes them great for networking as well as sharing.

There’s a ton of conversations happening at just about every hour of the day within these Facebook groups, some of the best ones I’ve found.

19. CMXHub

Group size: 1,500+ members

Started by David Spinks, CMX’s Founder, this Facebook group is the world’s largest, dedicated resource for educating, supporting and empowering community professionals. It’s a great place to meet other community managers, ask questions and share knowledge.

20. Social Fresh West / East

Group size: 500+ members

If you have ever been to a Social Fresh Conference before, you know they create a Facebook group before each of their flagship conferences. Many of these groups have remained fairly active months, if not years, after each conference. It’s a great place to connect with other social media managers and ask questions/share knowledge around social media management and marketing best practices.

21. Social Journalism

Group size: 2,100+ members

If you work in editorial or news media, this group is a must-join. It is a massive community and focuses on all things related to social media in news. Plus, the community moderators make a point to emphasize and enforce all chat is off the record.

22. Secret Team

Group size: 9,200+ members

While certainly not just about social media or community management, this is a great community, founded by Chris Brogan, for any entrepreneur, consultant or freelancer to join. The group only has three main ground rules.

  • You can help others be more successful
  • You’re open to talking about ways to improve yourself.
  • You don’t try to sell the heck out of your fellow teammates.

23. Community Manager, Advocate and Evangelist

Group size: 9,400+ members

This is another great hybrid group for both community and social media managers. You can mingle with other CMs, ask questions and share tips in more closed, focused environment.

24. Social Media Jobs

Group size: 19,000+ members

If you are looking for your next top hire or looking for your next gig, this group is a must-join. The core purpose of this group is to share social media jobs all around the world. However, there is definitely a US biased in this group.

25. Social Media Managers

Group size: 8,000+ members

This group is solely for social media managers to assist each other with questions, share best practices and talk about the latest trends.

26. Dirty Little Social Media Questions

Group size: 300+ members

The whole purpose of this group is provide a safe space to ask any question related to social media. This group os where you can ask any social media questions you’re afraid to ask elsewhere. With safety in mind, all conversations that take place in this group are considered off the record and confidential.

27. Social Media and Wine

Group size: 1,100+ members

Who doesn’t like wine and social media? This is the group for all social media managers who either work in food and wine or are just major foodies. Unlike some other groups mentioned in this post, this group skews very international and especially Australian-centric.

Bonus: Social Media Club

Group size: varies

Chances are if you live in a bigger city, you have a Social Media Club. Many of these clubs have their own local Facebook groups. This can be a great group to join to mingle with other pros in your specific area.

Top Linkedin Groups

If Linkedin is more your fancy, here’s a list of a few groups where you can mingle with other social media professionals.

28. Social Media Today

Group size: 140,000+ members

Started in 2008, this one of the most established groups on Linkedin. It’s a great place for social media professionals in all areas to share business tips and discuss the latest trends.

29. Community Managers Group

Group size: 12,000+ members

This is a group for both community and social media managers to talk shop and share tips for how they use social media to engage with their respected communities.

30. Digital Marketing

Group size: 690,000+ members

This group is for any and all digital marketers. It covers everything from social media and PR tips to online advertising and analytics.

Top Google+ Groups

Last but certainly not least, here’s a list of a few Google+ communities where you can mingle with other social media professionals.

Many Google+ communities are quite active as a place to meet and engage with people on topics you’re interested in.

31. Social Media Professionals

Group size: 59,000+ members

This is a great group specifically for social media marketers and digital PR pros to mingle with one another, chat about the latest trends and share interesting campaigns and case studies.

32. B2B Social Media

Group size: 1,800+ members

As it sounds, this is a group for social media managers in the B2B space. It’s specifically focused on sharing actionable tips, resources and campaigns relevant to B2B companies.

33. Google Small Business Community

Group size: 400,000+ members

With more than 350,000 members, this community, which is run by Google, is a goldmine for small business owners looking for tips for how to stand out online. They share a bunch of insider tips and often run AMAs and Hangouts on Air with certified advisors in a variety of topics.

How to get involved

With so many great groups online, it can be hard to decide which ones to join and participate in.  Regardless of which groups you end up participating in, any of the ones mentioned above can give you a significant advantage when it comes to networking with others in your industry, staying on top of industry trends and just having a place to brainstorm and ask for feedback.

Here are a few tips for how to get the most out of the groups that you join:

  • Start small. Choose 2-3 groups total to participate in so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Spend 10 minutes about three times per week in each group. That could be reading and “liking a post,” commenting, asking a question, etc.
  • A good ratio to strive for is 80% commenting and/or sharing others’ content to 20% your own stuff. Spending too much time in the group talking about yourself or sharing your own content might not work as well to help you make connections as being interested in others.

Add your favorite chat or group!

There are tons of amazing resources online for social media marketer to meet and learn from other pros. If I missed your favorite spot to ask and answer questions and get involved with the social media community, I’d love to hear about it! Share it below so we can keep making this resource even better for all of us.

 Photo Credit: Marc Wathieu

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Written by Jessica Malnik

Jessica Malnik is a community manager, content strategist and an avid blogger. She can be found writing on her blog and helping entrepreneurs and new bloggers grow their communities. Her work has been featured in a variety of online publications, including Convince and Convert, PR Daily, Spin Sucks, SocialFresh, CMXHub and MSN UK. Sign up here to download her insanely actionable tips for building your blog’s audience.

  • I’ve been looking for a list like this. Here are some of the chats that I’m following #blisschat, #millenialtalk #ambitionista, and #ellechat, Thanks for letting me about these. Great list and thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Erica, I’m so glad that found this list to be helpful for you. And, great Twitter chat additions! 🙂

  • Annalise Kaylor

    I’d add #SocialChat, Mondays at 9pm EST to this list. It’s one of the longer-running chats whose topics run the gamut of social content strategy, social meets SEO, social remarketing, and data-driven storytelling. The hosts are both speakers at highly respected industry conferences and truly fantastic people. I love being both a guest there, and a participant.

    • @annalise_kaylor:disqus Thanks for the great Twitter chat addition to this ever-growing list. You rock! 🙂

  • Slight correction…. #SShour is now #SBizhour that is over a year old and averages 2k+ tweets every monday! Focus is relating Social Business Goals and Initiatives to future of work providing actionable insights. We also link a google hangout interview with the chat every week allowing the guest to be highlighted . http://www.millennialceo.com/sbizhour

    • @BrianFanzo:disqus My bad, thanks for the Twitter chat correction re: #SBizHour.

      I’m a Twitter chat enthusiast myself (if you couldn’t tell from the post! 🙂 ). Both of these chats are awesome

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  • Love #BufferChat and try to be part of it when I can.

    Still can’t seem to find any LinkedIn groups that aren’t just everyone using the groups to attempt to drive traffic to their own content. Seems most of the time questions asked go unanswered and few are really looking to have a real discussion in the group.

    • @BenBrausen:disqus: Agreed! #Bufferchat is a great Twitter chat.

      Linkedin groups definitely get a bad wrap for being full of spammers and shameless self promoters. However, there are definitely some great groups out there. You just have to know where to look. 🙂

  • Check out the Church Social Media (#chsocm) weekly Twitter-based chat about using social media to build church and faith.Tuesdays, 9PM ET – Welcoming and ecumenical!

    • Thanks for the great addition, @nealffischer:disqus! 🙂

  • The #eventprofs (event professionals) Twitter chat has now expanded to video and transformed into the #Eventprofs Happy Hour Hangout on Google+, Fridays 4PM – 6PM ET. It’s a private hangout with hundreds of friendly members from North America and Europe who drop in for five minutes or the full two hours, often with a drink in hand. To get an invite, simply send me a request on G+ (+AdrianSegar).

    • Thanks for sharing the additional info about the #eventprofs chat. 🙂

  • Thanks Jessica for mentioning #custserv chat. This chat happens weekly and we’re approaching 6 years! We also have a LinkedIn group which just topped 5,000 members

    • @marsha_collier:disqus You’re so welcome! I love #custserv chat, and I definitely need to participate in it a lot more.

  • Thank you Jessica for including the Social Media Professionals community! You should check out our Flagship community too: http://strategy.smhangout.com with over 200,000 members 🙂

    Regardless, huge honor. Thank you.

    • @andrijharasewych:disqus You’re so welcome! It’s a great community. 🙂

      I’ll definitely look at your flagship community too. Thanks for suggesting it in the comment section!

      • I’ll make sure and send you an invitation tonight – we did have to close to the public only because of the amount of spam because we’re near the top of the list of featured communities. If anyone else here in the comments would like an invite to get past our queue to join please just comment here and let me know.

  • Kelly Hungerford

    Jessica, this is such a great list of chats. I believe so strongly in the power of Chats to connect people and share knowledge. Thank you for listing #BizHeroes alongside some of my favorites and legendary chats! I’m feeling really grateful and stoked!

    When I created this chat last year I truly had no idea if a Tweetchat that focused on highlighting the knowledge and smartitude of lesser-known business heroes would spark interest. I love that it has 🙂 and I love the job the community has done in shaping the topics and guests and it’s really rewarding seeing the chat continue to grow and thrive! They’re awesome.

    Thanks again!

    • @kellyhungerford:disqus Of course! And thank you for organizing all the awesome #BizHeroes Twitter chats.

  • There is an open Directory of all Twitter chats at https://chatdir.kneaver.com/
    Each chat host can maintain directly their record so it’s pretty accurate and complete.
    There are tags to find the chats that could interest you.
    Next occurence is always up-to-date, in your local timezone. It is stable across day saving time changes.
    Anyone can use the data directly in a variey of formats (json, iCal, RDF etc)
    I intend to add the capability to let hosts update the topic and guests each week.
    You can follow @kneaverChat to be reminded of the chats of the day in various timezones.

    • Thanks for the great Twitter chat directory, @BrunoWinck:disqus! 🙂

    • Wow thanks for the open directory @BrunoWinck:disqus . I’ve been looking for a way to see what chats are happening each day. I’d usually miss it after seeing it trend on Twitter 🙁

  • Monica L. Matthews

    If you are a parent or student, two great chats are #CampusChat (Wed, 9pm est) and #CollegeCash (Thurs, 8pm est).

    • Thanks for the great additions to the list, @monicalmatthews:disqus

  • Hey Jessica, thanks for including #AtomicChat in your list. Much appreciated! I’ve been hosting this Twitter chat for more than 3 years now and am so thankful for such a supportive and smart community. I learn something new from them every single week. Come out and hang with us some time! See you around the web 🙂

    – Summer

    • @atomic_reach:disqus You’re so welcome, Summer! You guys do a great job of organizing each Twitter chat. Keep up the great work!

  • Likeable Media

    Thanks for the shout out to #LikeableChat. We love Buffer!

    • @likeable_media:disqus: You’re so welcome! 🙂

  • Social Media Marketing Society by Social Media Examiner is off to an amazing start. It’s a paid membership but well worth it in my opinion, the time it saves you and the people it helps you connect with will assure you.

    • Thanks for those kind words Branko

      • Ha welcome Michael 🙂 Is there a service you use for monitoring Disqus, or did you just happen to see my comment?

  • Juliet

    That’s such an amazing list, thank you so much Jessica! I’ve put all of them into my Twitter Chat calendar, and I’m so excited about attending more of them. Wednesday definitely seems like a busy day on Twitter! 🙂 If anyone is interested in embedding the Google Calendar, I’ve made it public, so feel free to take it as well if it’s useful for you! https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=db8v2m8trpa81v6bjmvogpf0es%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=Europe/London

  • I love #Bufferchat and #semrushchat, and participate in them whenever I can. Can anyone recommend me chats related to graphic design or brand design though?

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