7 Twitter users worth following and why

Here are 7 people we thought can add value to your everyday timeline on Twitter and beyond. Beware, they range in seriousness and frequency of tweets.

1. Aaron Lee

Aaron is a Social Media superstar. Not only does everything he tweets or blogs make a lot of sense, but he is simply a down to earth guy who didn’t get carried away with his success. That he is “an average Joe” according to his bio, says it all. Join him in his …

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The Perfect Tweet

How do you go about tweeting really good tweets? What does a good tweet consist of?

One of the many things we hear relating to this is “Tweet often” as well as “Tweet more”. Sometimes “You have to tweet often”. So yeah, we got it. Strategists out there try to tell us to tweet more often in order to get good tweets posted. But maybe we can cut the curves a bit here. Isn’t there some advice to follow? Advice which …

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