7 Simple and Proven Tips to Increase Your Blog Subscribers

readingRunning a blog is so much more rewarding when you know people are reading, enjoying and sharing your work. If you’re managing a blog as part of your business, you probably want people to find and buy your products through your blog, as well. So increasing subscribers is an important task for bloggers.

These are some fairly simple hacks that you can implement without too much fuss, which should boost your subscriber numbers.

1. Lower your bounce rate – here is how

Cameron Chapman explained in a post on the Kissmetrics blog how he kept the bounce rate under 2% on his blog. His first tip is simple navigation:

The big thing here is that there’s no fancy, complicated navigation. No assisted search. No mega drop-down menus. It’s no more complicated than it absolutely has to be.

What I found most interesting was how much Cameron stressed the overall design. Both consistency and a focus on simplicity are more important than trying to pack as much as possible onto first. Another thing that stood out was the focus on navigation bars, the more easy they are to see, the more likely a visitor is to feel they are seeing something they’re already familiar with.

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