What Happens to Our Brains When We Have Stage Fright: The Science of Public Speaking

Curing stage fright

This is a guestpost by Mikael Cho, the co-founder of ooomf. More about Mikael at the bottom of the article.

Palms sweaty. Heart racing. You know the feeling. Whether it’s five people or fifty, public speaking is a gut-wrenching experience for most of us.

Before co-founding my startup, I had a huge fear of speaking in public. Any time I had to present something in front of more than a handful of people, my stomach would turn to knots and my throat would get so tight I wouldn’t be able to speak.

The reality is, if you’re planning on presenting pretty much anything in your life (which you most likely will), you’ll need to be able to effectively communicate your ideas in front of at least a few people.

To get over my fear of public speaking, I realized a good place to start would be to understand why I was getting stage fright in the first place.

I thought it would be interesting to share with you my research for how I learned to overcome my fear of public speaking in the last year while founding a company.

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5 Reasons Twitter makes you a better person

Twitter teaches me to care in a new way

It was something I have asked myself a lot recently: Can a Social Media Tool, as powerful as Twitter might be really help you with personal development and make you a better person?

The short answer I concluded: Yes, it most certainly can. Here are 5 reasons that make me think it does:


1.) Everything is public – Being nasty can backlash.

Twitter’s openness is the first and foremost reason I believe it makes as better and nicer people to converse with.

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Why are you on Twitter?

Why are you on Twitter?

As regards Twitter I am not an early adopter, I have to admit. Actually I am a super late adopter. It was not until spring 2010 that Twitter put its magic spell on me. I found the reasons for spending time on Twitter are very varied and differ from person to person. Here are a few reasons which motivate me – are they the same reasons for you?

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5 deadly sins you should avoid on Twitter

One of the most important aspects which makes Twitter such an awesome place to share and exchange thoughts and links is its openness to all users. Twitter’s guidelines on do’s and don’ts are extremely loose and leave us, the users, with a large degree of freedom. We are left with using the service to how it suits us best.

Additionally, there are also many good examples of what works and what actually harms your twitter activities. Here are 5 things you should avoid if you are interested in genuinely building up your twitter presence.

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What are the best times to tweet to get more engagement?

Twitter is lively and engaging. It is dynamic and has turned into the most important place online to start your conversations – hassle free and in real time.

But what’s new is that as Twitter matures, the more theories on its usage exist. Even though we are quite reluctant to tell anyone what and when to do something on twitter, there is some great research indicating the best times to tweet.

If you feel you could improve with your click through rates and engagement, take a look below.

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7 Twitter users worth following and why

Here are 7 people we thought can add value to your everyday timeline on Twitter and beyond. Beware, they range in seriousness and frequency of tweets.

1. Aaron Lee

Aaron is a Social Media superstar. Not only does everything he tweets or blogs make a lot of sense, but he is simply a down to earth guy who didn’t get carried away with his success. That he is “an average Joe” according to his bio, says it all. Join him in his …

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The Perfect Tweet

How do you go about tweeting really good tweets? What does a good tweet consist of?

One of the many things we hear relating to this is “Tweet often” as well as “Tweet more”. Sometimes “You have to tweet often”. So yeah, we got it. Strategists out there try to tell us to tweet more often in order to get good tweets posted. But maybe we can cut the curves a bit here. Isn’t there some advice to follow? Advice which …

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