Why Most Olympic Records Are Broken in the Afternoon: Your Body’s Best Time For Everything

bodyclockOne thing that we’re obsessed with here at Buffer is obviously the best times to share on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

It just so happens that with social networks, the timing of when your posts go out plays a vital role in your success. Since we’ve got our heads in this all day, every day, I wondered if timing plays a big role in other things we do every day.

So I looked into how our body responds to timing and how we can utilize that knowledge. It turns out that we actually have a very sophisticated internal body clock that governs almost everything we do, without us even realizing it. Read on to find out your body’s best time for everything.

How the body clock works

Our body clock is a small group of cells made up of unique ‘body clock’ genes. These cells turn on and off and tell other parts of the body what time it is and what to do. In fact, most of our individual organs have their own internal body clock cells as well.

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