The Complete Guide for Finding and Sharing Better Content on Social Media

Our biggest aim at Buffer is to help you share content on social media in better ways. I wanted to look at ways we can help you with this entire process, from finding the content to sharing it, to analyzing your social media posts. So I’ve uncovered some cool ways to do these things that you might not already know.

Why find and share great content?

Maybe you’re wondering why we focus so much on discovering and sharing awesome content here at Buffer. There are a few reasons that apply to pretty much anyone who shares great content with their followers:

1. Sharing content triggers faster growth of your social media communities.

If you’re trying to increase the growth of your communities, sharing awesome content is a good way to give them a reason to follow you or visit your page regularly. It also gives your current community members more reason to share what you’re doing with their friends, which increases your reach.

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