Quick update: Big thanks to Anthony Ha over at TechCrunch who wrote a terrific story on us hitting 10,000,000 updates.

What an incredible journey looking back. It was a little over one year, in December 2010, that Joel first launched Buffer from his bedroom in the UK. Since then things have changed upside down – lots of times.

Today is a huge moment, and we wanted to take a time-out from our busy days and say thanks. Thanks to you and everyone else being on board of this crazy Buffer journey so far.

As of today, you and all Buffer users together have just published 10,000,000 updates via Buffer.  And our growth continues to move faster than ever before. We are now posting around 1 new update every second.

That’s well over 80,000 updates every day, or 2,400,000 updates every week.

I sometimes wonder how many books could be written by now with all those updates! Doing a little research all of you are writing 4 copies of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace every day, or well over 400 copies so far, with one book having well over 3,000 pages.

Thank you.

Where we stand to today could not have been possible without the kindness we see coming in every day from you and all the raving Buffer fans.

The number of supportive Tweets that reach us on the @bufferapp Twitter account day in day out. The amazing wall posts on our Buffer wall. Or the incredible number of friendly emails sent to us, it’s what makes it fun and well worth getting out of bed every day.

So, if anything, please keep doing that! 🙂 Hit us up @bufferapp whenever you have a problem or even if you just want to chat on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Email us with whatever you have in mind to [email protected] and we will be right on it replying to you.

Or if you want to get in touch more directly with the Buffer team, just Tweet us. Joel is at @joelgascoigne, Tom is @tommoor and I’m @leowid.

Really, I would want to go through the whole of our userbase, each and every one and send you a personal thank you note, if only I could get days to have more than 24 hours!


Adding awesomeness to Buffer daily – Tom Ashworth is on board

As things are going well and we are scaling out our daily production, we have also added an awesome new person to our team.

Tom Ashworth has joined us last week. Tom is a full stack developer from the UK, studying at Cardiff University right now.

And Tom is just amazing, he hacks away on the latest Buffer features and at the same time also works on helping out users via support. He also writes a very cool blog I enjoy reading.

Say hello to Tom @phuunet on Twitter and sneak in some feature suggestions, he might just be the one building them for you!


Buffer’s Happiness Hero – Alyssa Aldersley

Someone you have probably already been in touch with lots on Twitter or via email is Alyssa Aldersley. She is our official Happiness Hero, delivering happiness all day long for you.

Alyssa is also very vocal on her personal Twitter account @alyssaaldersley, not just on the @bufferapp account.

It’s really amazing to have her on board, the way she is able to handle requests either via email or Twitter is beyond awesome. Try for yourself, shoot us a note via email and get a super nice response from Alyssa yourself! (In fact, I myself sometimes email our support, just to hear some nice words from Alyssa.)


We’re really lucky to have you all on board. The best thank you we can probably give you is to make sharing content on the web even easier, more awesome and efficient with Buffer. And that’s what we committed to do, keep an eye out!

Over to you now, since really, this post is all about you. Is there anything you would like to see in Buffer in the future? Or any other thoughts you just feel like sharing with us?


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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder at Buffer.

  • I’m sure you haven’t forgotten it and it might be partially on Google, but, yeah, Google+ buffering would rock! Thanks for all the good work so far. I buffer stuff almost every day. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ryan, thanks a lot for stopping by, yes, that is a great point on Google+! We are just waiting now for the API to be released, so we can make Buffering to G+ super easy, fingers crossed Google will get on it soon! 🙂 

      • While waiting for the G+ API, how about adding Linkedin Groups?

  • Congratulations on your continued success!

    • Anonymous

      thanks James, really appreciate the kind words! 🙂 

  • Congratulations and thank you. Cannot wait for integration with G+. One of the best products of last years.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats guys!

  • Pablo Orellana

    I’m really happy for you guys, I’ve been using buffer for months and it’s been an awesome experience so far. Over the top!

  • Love what you’ve created and am sure to love whatever comes next. Just so you know, I was teaching the Twitter component during a recent Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Social Residency and talked about BufferApp. My thrill: who didn’t know about it up to that point. You guys made me look good. Thanks for that!

  • It’s a fantastic app and I appreciated the personal and rapid response I received on the one day it went wrong.  I would like a predictive option for people’s Twitter names (as per Hootsuite and Tweetdeck).  Often when buffering a link from someone’s site I want to mention them.  If I can’t remember their Twitter name I have to go to Tweetdeck find it, copy it and then go back to Buffer.  One stage I would love to be able to do without.  Good luck for the future Leo and team.

    • That’s great to hear 🙂 We’re definitely working on the predictive option you mentioned – that’s a great idea!

  •           hi   LeoWid good job. keep it up.

  • That’s an incredible achievement in such a small time. I know buffer is really hot application among twitter users and that’s what this figure is showing too.

  • I loved the app until today when the update erased my 4,000 likes. How do I get them back? http://www.libertycandidates.com

  • I’m not surprised.. you have a great app..

    Congrats & to many more millions ..

  • Congrats! Awesome work, keep it up!