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The Buffer Guys Go To SanFran [PICS]

As of last week Joel and me arrived here in sunny San Francisco and it couldn’t have been any more enjoyable. There were lots of little hiccups, we still get lost about 3 times for each new location we want to go to, but that’s all part of the plan we figured.

What I like most is the flair here. People are very open and everyone seems on the move just like we are. We are staying at a gorgeous apartment via AirBnb for two weeks and will then look for a more permanent place to stay.

Here is the view from our apartment

We took a little bit of time to visit the city and of course found the beautiful UC Berkeley where we took a few pictures.




Where do we work?

If you are around here in SF, you can probably find us in startup minded coffeeshops. One of our favourite places is called The Summit. Another great spot we found is called CoffeeandPower.


Why are we here?

In short we actually just packed a small suitcase each, left all our stuff behind in the UK and made our way to the US. Without too much planning ahead.

It became clear very quickly that if you are a young and ambitious startup, San Francisco is an amazing place to be. We are meeting lots of new like-minded people each day, something which was hard to do in the UK.

A fantastic experience was to meet Eric and Kelly Kim, the team behind the Twitter App Twylah. We are hustling for lots of more meetings with investors, journalists and like-minded entrepreneurs and it really couldn’t be any better here.

Our main goal is to focus on taking Buffer to the next level. This means to release an API that will allow you to Buffer your Tweets from many more places you are reading news from, such as reader Apps, Twitter Apps and aggregation Tools.

Are you around here in SF too? Let us know @bufferapp and we would love to meet you for coffee.



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