A couple of weeks ago, we sat down at Buffer HQ and thought to ourselves: How can we make sharing much smarter and easier than it is now?

We realized one thing. Smarter sharing comes with posting algorithms, analytics and other tech improvements. At the same time, talking to lots of your and other awesome Buffer users, what makes sharing smarter, is to be able to do it right where you actually see the great content you come across.

That’s why we went ahead and built a brand new Buffer experience for your browser. Install one of the extensions and see the magic happening, wherever you are:

Get your Buffer browser extension

Each of these extensions is packed with brand new functionality to allow you to Buffer right from Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader and many other places. Let’s dig in:

Add to Buffer directly from Facebook

Which site do we spend the most time with every day? – is what we asked ourselves. Clearly one of the sites that came up a lot is Facebook above lots of others. It is a great place to discover new links, videos and photos.

Being able to share them in an efficient and straight forward way was always tricky. With the brand new Buffer integration, feel free to Buffer several updates without flooding your friends stream.

1. Buffer your status updates

You can now Buffer your status updates. Is it is too late or too early for any of your friends to see your update?

Just Buffer it:


2. Buffer images from Facebook

Also, from now on, whenever you click the share button on a picture, you can Buffer it. The best part? It Buffers the actual picture:

If you click the Buffer button on pictures, it will take the picture instead of a link and you can share it also on Twitter or LinkedIn right away:


3. Buffer links and status updates from Facebook

Of course, you can also just Buffer status updates with Buffer buttons on each of your sharing boxes

Reshare a status update with Buffer


And it of course also works when Buffering links you came across on Facebook:



Buffer directly from Twitter.com

What’s up there right after browsing Facebook for our daily Social Media activities? Tweeting of course, is what we thought.

On our hunt to allow you to share smart and efficiently wherever you browse, we went ahead and added Buffering functionality right into Twitter for you.

With Twitter.com, you can now add new posts to your Buffer without having to move to another tab or opening a dashboard.

There are 4 key ways you can now add to your Buffer right from Twitter.com:

1. Buffer retweets

You can now Buffer retweets, so you can share more of the great content of your Twitter stream. And all that without ever overwhelming your friends and followers, having Buffer space out your posts for you:


2. Buffer new Tweets

You can also Buffer new Tweets from now on. Just open the Tweet box and start writing a new update:

Pro tip: This is especially handy if you want to post to different Twitter usernames, than you aren’t currently logged in. Just hit Buffer and toggle the other avatars and off you go:


3. Buffer blogposts via the Tweet button

One very handy feature is that if you now, click the Tweet button on any page, you will also be able to Buffer the post that you were reading:



Google Reader & Buffer

Now, that Facebook and Twitter were covered we thought some more. Which places on the web do you find awesome content so you should be able to Buffer from it? Google Reader of course – was our answer.

Whilst Buffer’s browser extension was already working inside Google Reader, we have now also put some neat Buffer buttons right inside your Google Reader. At the bottom of each post, you will now have a slick Buffer button available:

There is also a subtler icon available for you, so you can Buffer items in a more compressed view on Google Reader:

Reddit and HackerNews now Bufferable

As the last addition to complete the full guide of mastering the new Buffer browser extensions, we have added some neat add-ons to HackerNews and Reddit.

Reddit, tagged as The Front Page Of The Internet, now carries a subtle Buffer button on each item, so you can add it straight to your queue:


HackerNews, probably the most popular news site for startups and coding topics, has gotten a similar enhancement from us here:


Our most important goal is to let you Buffer from anywhere you go on the web. With these latest additions, I hope we have made a big step in that directions.

Go grab the new extensions for your browser here:

Get your Buffer browser extension

With these new additions, we hope Buffering is taken to a whole new level. What do you think of these additions? Where else do you want to Buffer from?


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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder at Buffer.

  • Great update! 

    • Anonymous

      awesome, so glad you like it Liew! 🙂 

  • You guys rock! Is there something that you CAN’T execute on? Because you’ve implemented Buffer with almost every strategic tool possible! What’s next up on the agenda? Triberr? Sprout Social? 😉

    • Anonymous

      Hi Neal, so great to see you here and thanks so much for the kind words. Those would be fabulous additions, will definitely see and make them happen! 🙂 

  • The buffering directly from Facebook is super cool. Please do the same for Hootsuite!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Nate, great to hear from you and so glad this is helpful, would definitely love to integrate this into HootSuite also! 🙂 

  • LB

    Can’t get enough of your love Baby! Solid. If you could create this functionality within your mobile app, you take over the joint. G reader is huge, buffing to G+ will be epic. Thanks for providing great value. How can I get a ‘buff me up’ t-shirt?

  • I saw it show up on Facebook, then Reddit and thought “whaaaaa…..?!” then saw this post. Great thinking, didn’t know I needed it, but now that I have it, it would be hard to go without.

  • Shrey Shah

    Hi Leo, solid update on already solid product, but just 1 issue: my Google Reader posts seem unchanged, it doesn’t have the buffer icon in expanded/compressed view. (Updated the plugin already) Thoughts?

  • Terri Nakamura

    Great stuff, Leo and Joel. I love Buffer. It should be part of everything!

    A recap of my wish list:

    PinterestAlso—as an avid player on Empire Avenue where they have “vacation mode” that supposedly allows players to be absent and not affect their share price, I think Buffer could offer a similar product. When a person on your pro plan, for example (50 buffers) if someone could temporarily expand their capacity for a fee, it would rock!Of course Hootsuite would be terrific as well!Buffer is fantastic. You guys ROCK!

    • That’s right @google-ed7bd56e24b77e15069ebac7211918c5:disqus , keep them busy. 🙂 But I do love that list, especially Triberr and Pinterest.

      • Anonymous

        haha, thanks so much to the both of you Rogier and Terri, we definitely want to spread Buffer everywhere else across the web, I’ll get to work and work my way through that list now! 🙂 

  • Dinesh

    Superb stuff guys! You have made sharing really easy. 

  • Awesome guys!

  • Awesome, been using Buffer for a couple of months and really enjoy the ease of use, great helpful little tool. Thanks look forward to trying out the new improved version.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much for the news options in Facebook! It’s just what I was waiting for 🙂

  • Looking forward to when this is available for Google+ too!  🙂

  • That is an amazing upgrade.., love the Google Reader buffer… Very nice.
    Question though: Can I buffer those status updates including location/language settings?I post via a page with several languages (demographics). There is no way for to schedule or buffer these updates. Hootsuite and the like do not have that functionality…

  • Great guys 🙂 I love it after experiencing it on Twitter. You know, it’s a cool magic 😉

    But I wanna report you something. After publishing a post on Facebook, Buffer button appears on “Successfully posted” pop up box too.


  • Uber-handy additions to the already awesome Buffer app! Keep it coming, friends & all the best. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Hi Karthick, so great to see you here and thanks for the kind words, really glad the new updates are handy! 🙂 

  • antares

    I run Firefox and Chrome on Ubuntu Linux. Buffer crashed my Firefox some weeks ago. When I removed Buffer, Firefox ran again. Have you fixed that problem?

    • Fabiano Busdraghi

      Plugin crashes my firefox too, please fix!

  • That’s awesome, this way one can quickly share something on their various social media profile at one go.

  • That’s a great list of new features Leo…
    Great going…. 🙂

  • I love most of the new features, however I am somewhat bothered by #2 – the option to share, if I understand it correctly, just the image from Facebook. Are you saying it shares just the image, without a link to the original? or is it including a link, but sharing/adding the picture to the link, which it didn’t do before? It’s just with all the hoopla about intellectual property/copyright over at pinterest, sharing images without linking to the original content is a bad precedent. hopefully I just mis-read it and you can clarify.  Thanks

  • You guys are great.  Keep up the great work.  Buffer just keeps getting better!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Chris, that is amazing to hear, glad it’s useful! 🙂 

  • These are awesome updates! Thanks for making the additions.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Nikki, that’s awesome to hear! 🙂 

  • I can’t use buffer on my Facebook public page because it doesn’t allow for “shares.” Can you make the buffered posts allow for sharing on a page (not an account)?

    Also, with the new updates, Buffer is showing up on my personal Facebook account site. I don’t know if I buffer a post if it will show up on my public page or on my personal account. I only have my facebook page connected, though ideally I’d like to connect both Facebook page and personal account. 

    • Anonymous

      Hi Emily,

      Fantastic to see you in the comments here.

      Oh right, yes, you are right, that’s an issue that we are dealing with from Facebook, I hope my email reply was somewhat helpful!

      Let me know if I can help with anything else, would love to get you all setup! 🙂 

  • excellent new features – great work – I’d love to see similar functionality in the mobile version of Buffer, especially for Tweets

    • Anonymous

      Hi Paul, great to see you here and that’s awesome, so glad you like the new features. We’ll definitely work on a mobile version also soon! 🙂 

  • Outstanding! I’m still a bit reticent to use Buffer for sharing on Facebook—those guys still seem to prioritize posts made through their own system, as opposed to posts from external websites. Is that the case, or am I just being paranoid? Thanks! LOVE Buffer.

    • I think you may be on to something. Admittedly it’s anecdotal, but it seems like posts on Facebook made through Buffer have less engagement. 

  • Hi Leo,

    Thank you so much for this add-on.  It’s great – nice one and a big thumbs up to the Buffer Team.


    • Anonymous

      Hi Julie, thanks so much for the kind words, really glad you like the add-on! 🙂 

  • Stephen Sauls

    Great Updates!  You guys are on top of the game, and I love how often you’re looking to improve our user experience!  Thanks!

    My humble requests:
    – Individual Scheduling of tweets in unison w/ buffered tweets
    – MobileApp: ability to type in landscape (big dumb fingers!)

    Keep it up!!

  • I’m still hoping to be able to Buffer Facebook posts that include page/profile mentions/tags.  I tried it in Firefox, but it doesn’t appear to work that way yet?

    I’d also love to see an additional button–not just Post Now, but “Put Next in Buffer” as opposed to it going to the end of my Buffer schedule.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Gretchen, so great to see you here and thanks for the kind note, yes being able to tag on Facebook would be huge, it’s definitely on our list!

      Love the suggestion for Put Next In Buffer, that’s definitely something we want to ponder more! 🙂 

  • Is the basic browser Bookmarklet still available? I can seem to find it on your website.

    • Anonymous

      Hi David,

      Thanks a lot for stopping by. Yes, so the basic bookmarklet is no longer available, as it caries none of the awesome features that you can see here. If there is any struggle with the browser extension, please let me know, would love to get you all setup! 🙂 

  • I love Buffer. I use it most every day. Couldn’t do without it.

    • Anonymous

      wow, that rocks, thanks for the kind note Tom! 🙂 

  • well done! i may actually go back to google reader now!

    • Anonymous

      Hi dj paine, so great to see you here! Ha, well I count that as a big success then! 🙂 

  • Loving the updates to the tool bar, Leo!  It’s also still way faster than other toolbars. Nice work.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Nate, so great to hear from you and that is amazing, yep, speed is absolutely key, glad you like it! 🙂 

  • Sorry to be a drag, but is there a way to turn OFF these new features? I like the browser extension in Chrome, because it lets me easily add a page I’m reading to Buffer, but these buttons directly on the website are annoying, I find. In particular the one on Reddit just doesn’t seem right, and makes it more difficult for me to find the button I do want to use.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jim,

      Great to hear from you and thanks a lot for the heads up on this. Yes, absolutely, we are planning to have an option to opt-out of these options in the future.

      That’s also great feedback for us here, I am guessing on Reddit you wouldn’t share something off the page? Would love to hear how you are using the site and where you’d like to have buttons instead, if at all! 🙂 

      • I can definitely see the use for a Buffer button directly in Facebook and Twitter, it’ll probably just take some getting used to!
        But on Reddit, I don’t know if I want to share the link or not until after I’ve read it, and so I’d be most likely to click the black Buffer logo in my toolbar (I’m actually not sure what Chrome calls that area, next to the spanner options button).

        I’m also very confused as to what the Buffer button does on comments. At the moment it shows up next to the actual post (potentially useful, even if I can’t see myself using it very often), but also will show up next to comments, but doesn’t seem to actually do anything.

        I can particularly see myself maybe using the buffer button directly from the main page/the subreddit’s page for posts whose titles explain all that need to be seen (such as TIL posts, where you only really need the link to verify that what the title says is true, or some news-related posts), so it’s handy to have at least the option of adding directly to the buffer. On comments, though, not only is it useless, but confusing to users (who may wonder why nothing happens when they press it, as well as making the area more cluttered amongst the already existing “reply” and “save” buttons).

  • Anonymous

    Awesome Leo..
    thanks for sharing such wonderful post

  • Keith

    Good day my friend, I’m really happy with the app, is such a wonderful tool… But saddly the extension doesn’t work for me on Firefox neither Chrome… When I press the Buffer icon at the lower right corner of a page, nothing happens and the Buffer button doesn’t appear in Facebook neither Twitter… Can you help me??? I have a Macbook Pro OS X 10.5.8

    • carokopp

      Hi Keith! So sorry for the trouble here. Would you mind trying something for me? Would you reinstall the extension for each browser and see if it behaves any better here?


      If that doesn’t do the trick, let me know, keen to get things working for you Keith! Thanks so much for letting us know about the trouble. I’m sure we’ll be able to get to the bottom of it. 🙂

  • Frederic Landes

    Out of curiosity! Why all comments on this site show an editing timing of “2 years ago”?
    I wish all these great extensions could be integrated in the iPad and iPhone respective applications as well!

    • time to update a post y’all

      it’s showing 2 years ago because this post is crazy old. They still refer to google reader.

      • Great nudge there! This one does seem to be a great candidate for an update. 🙂

  • Athman Said

    Buffer, Buffer, Buffer. That’s my new song.

  • Kris Spears ND

    How do i change the posts from friends to public please