Looking for some fresh content to curate and share on social media?

It’s out there — in spades!

Almost too many spades, right? With so many blogs to choose from, the challenge can sometimes flip from finding content to share to choosing which content to share.

We’d love to help.

At Buffer, we’re lucky to have some data on the most popular blogs that are read, loved, and shared by social media power users. In the Buffer product, you can connect RSS feeds to your profile so that all the latest posts from your favorite blogs are pulled directly into your dashboard where you can pick and choose which to add to your queue.

Keen to hear which blogs are subscribed to most?

Here’s the complete list of the top 100 RSS feeds that have been connected in Buffer. Hope you find some fresh inspiration and ideas here!

Top 100 Blogs

The Top 100 Blogs to Curate for Social Media Power Users

Here’s the list of the top 100 feeds used by Buffer customers. It’s a great mix of marketing, technology, news, health, and a bit of fun, too!

If you’d be excited to add any of these to your Buffer profile or to try out Feeds for the first time, scroll to the bottom for some info on how it all works.

1. Buffer’s Social blog – 2,691 Feeds


2. Mashable – 2,620

3. Inc.com – 2,205

4. TechCrunch – 1,886

5. Social Media Examiner – 1,643

6. Entrepreneur – 1,230

7. Fast Company – 1,106

8. HubSpot’s marketing blog – 1,067

9. WIRED – 998

10. Lifehacker – 846

12. Copyblogger – 835

13. Seth Godin’s Blog – 796

14. VentureBeat – 699

15. Harvard Business Review– 691

16. Moz Blog – 672


17. Content Marketing Institute – 590

18. The Huffington Post – 572

19. Forbes – Entrepreneurs – 571

20. Search Engine Land – 551

21. Forbes Real Time – 512

22. Quick Sprout – 512

23. Business Insider – 505

24. The Verge – 474

25. Lifehack – 471

26. The Next Web – 469

27. Marketing Land – 445

28. Engadget – 421

29. Alltop –417

30. MarketingProfs – 394

31. WebMD Health – 376

32. Smashing Magazine – 372


33. Social Media Today – 371

34. Search Engine Journal – 340

35. Jeff Bullas’s Blog – 326

36. The Kissmetrics Marketing Blog – 321

37. Michael Hyatt – 301

38. Small Business Trends – 300

39. Brain Pickings – 295

40. Co.Design – 287

41. NYT – 287

42. Forbes Tech – 278

43. Gizmodo – 268

44. Hacker News – 264

45. Buffer’s Open blog – 263


46. MindBodyGreen – 252

47. zen habits – 250

48. The Daily Muse – 241

49. Forbes – Business – 232

50. Convince and Convert – 226

51. ProBlogger – 218

52. Forbes – Leadership – 209

53. TEDTalks (video)– 204

54. CNNMoney.com – 203

55. HubSpot Sales Blog – 202


56. Apartment Therapy – 199

57. Digital Trends – 191

58. Health.com – 188

59. Econsultancy –184

60. Unbounce –181

61. Forbes – Social Media –180

62. BBC News – Technology – 180

63. Marketo Marketing Blog – 175

64. BuzzFeed – 175

65.  Sprout Social –1 72

66. Webdesigner Depot – 171

67. Twitter Blog – 170

68. Businessweek –169

69. 99U – 169


70. Online Marketing Blog – TopRank  168

71. Re/code – 167

72. Digiday – 167

73. POPSUGAR Fitness – 162

74. Forbes – Real Estate–162

75. CNN.com –158

76. Hootsuite Blog –158

77. The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss –157


78. The City of Calgary Newsroom – 157

79. Business 2 Community – 155

80. The Smart Passive Income Blog – 154

81. Jon Loomer – 152

82. Addicted 2 Success – 147

83. Houzz– 145

84. Pick the Brain –142

85. {grow} –141

86. RazorSocial –139

87. NYT Technology  –135


88. Wall Street Journal News –129

89. Ars Technica –129

90. Peta Pixel –126

91. A List Apart –126

92. Shopify blog –125

93. The Positivity Blog –125

94. KeepInspiring.me –123

95. Simplifying the Market –118

96. Feedly Blog – 117

97. CIO – 117

98. Mark and Angel Hack Life – 113

99. Huffington Post: Healthy Living – 113

100. Tiny Buddha – 113

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We’d love to hear your thoughts about feeds and how you might use these to boost your social media sharing! Enjoy!

Image sources: Unsplash, Placeit, Pablo

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Written by Kevan Lee

Director of marketing at Buffer, the social media publishing tool for brands, agencies, and marketers. We’ve got a new podcast! ?

  • Does this mean you’ll be increasing the feed limit in Buffer from 15 to 100? 🙂

    • haha, love it! Yeah, maybe we could have turned this into a mini-product announcement, too. 🙂

      Thanks for giving it a look, Josh!

    • Yeah Josh, That would be super helpful !

  • PIPoodle

    Another reason why your headlines are so important – read it and instant click! No doubt there – great read. Thank you!

    • Woohoo, thanks so much PIPoodle! Any blogs on the list catch your eye? 🙂

  • Great to see so many Buffer users loving Social Media Examiner 🙂

    • Yes, we were super jazzed to see you all up at the top! Congrats!

  • Cool list of amazing social media blogs to follow for my daily updates.

    • Super glad to hear this! Hope you might’ve found a new one or two to add 🙂

  • This feed list actually goes to show the popularity of the respective sites. Although my niche is copywriting, I do love the posts of Buffer and Social Media Examiner. Another great post, Kevin!

    • So glad to hear it, Ron! Thanks so much for checking this one out. I got a lot of inspiration myself, putting it together!

  • Jon

    Just another reason I love Buffer so much! You guys are always freely giving us value rich and useable information to help us do our job more effectively! Thank you Buffer team!

    • Thanks so much, Jon! This is amazing to hear. 🙂

      Oh, and love your product idea you shared. That’s definitely one I can pass along. I imagine that would save folks a ton of time!

  • Jon

    Here’s an idea you can pass along to the product development team.

    It’d be cool to be able to duplicate a list of RSS Feeds across multiple social profiles in Buffer with a few clicks.

  • Michael Ozeryansky

    I know it will sound like a shameless plug, but it works sooo well with Buffer feeds I just have to share it. You can get the aggregated feed of posts from all those blogs (and many more), filtered by your specific criteria in a single RSS feed, using our content discovery app – filtr8.com. It’s incredibly convenient to use it with Buffer, and many of our users do.

    • Oh wow – so you can get all 100 feeds into your Buffer! That’s really slick, Michael. Thanks so much for alerting us to this!

      • Michael Ozeryansky

        Glad you like the idea, Kevan! It’s a bit more than “just” getting 100 feeds into the Buffer. If you are interested in posts on highly specific subjects (let’s say “email marketing” or even more complex ones like “email marketing to millenials”, etc etc) instead of the full RSS stream from each blog – that’s what Filtr8 is for 🙂

        • Ah, makes sense. That sounds like a super useful flow!

    • Michael – That’s cool. I read on social media and content promotion a lot but my readers are athletes or parents of athletes, so curating a list of that type of content to use with Buffer .

      Thanks for sharing it!

      • Michael Ozeryansky

        Thank you Craig, there should be a lot of content on health and fitness. Give it a try and please let me know how it goes and what do you think (you will get the the welcome email from me).

  • Pandian

    Awesome list Kevan:).. Have you created this as a shared collection in feedly by any chance?

    • Oh that’s a really good idea, Pandian! Sorry, I’ve not quite curated this whole bunch. I do have a list of my personal ones, and there’s quite a bit of crossover there: http://feedly.com/kevanlee

  • You’ve got a great list here Kevan! I read a bunch of these and really appreciate all that the Buffer team does for the community. 4 cheers for all Bufferoos and I’ll be sharing this with my network today. 🙂

    • Hooray! Thanks so much, Steve. Great to hear from you!

  • V. Sam

    Awesome work Kevan. The list you gave here in bufferapp is so interesting to read and share. Many times we get in a dilemma that which blog is better or what we should be reading about. Here we can get everything under one roof. That’s a really nice idea by you. it also shows the popularity of many sites along with their number in the list of top 100. i was very amazed to see some blogs which i read very often, listed in your list of top 100. bufferapp is making blogging and reading so easy. one of the plus point is that not only the names of the blogs are given, links of the respective blogs are given. just a click and you are right there. http://bestvrheadsetapps.com/

  • A list like this is SOLID GOLD but it would go platinum if you released it as an opml file or twitter list…

  • T. Riedel

    Awesome post Michael. Ive been using Buffer for a long time and it helps a lot with my business.

  • dslr ninja

    Oh, wait. When I previously read this post there were a lesser number of recommended blogs? Updated?