Sarah Quinn of Wyzowl stopped by #bufferchat to share her insights on the best practices for using video to educate and connect. We had a wonderful chat all about how videos can be engaging, the best recording and editing tools to use, the elements to great video content, and more!

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bufferchat 11.4.15

Why is video such a powerful medium?

From Sarah:

  • A video is SO easy to watch & captures attention fast! It can be used to entertain, educate, and explain your offering.
  • Oh & let’s not forget, 74% of all internet traffic will be video by 2016 – it’s the future!

From the community:

  • “Say a picture is worth 1,000 words, then how many “pictures” are there in a video and how many words is that worth?” @j_rouser
  • “Video lets go of the impersonal wall b/w you & your audience. It introduces them to real people, and allows them to relate.” @margotcodes
  • “Video more than any other medium, communicates so much powerful info in a short time. Story, Visuals, Emotion.” @dubblebee
  • “Video requires focus. That focus allows viewers to connect with the visual and then it elicits an emotional response.” @ashleyatvest
  • “Multiple senses engaged, tons of possibilities, it’s familiar. Our minds enjoy the break.” @coupercox

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What are the elements to a great video?

From Sarah:

  • The very best videos are concise, engaging, benefit-led, informative & targeted to YOUR audience!
  • Our fav videos connect with emotions and tell a story, like the xmas ads:
  • Engage, engage and engage some more!

From the community:

  • “The story. Tell the story – stay real, stay human and that’s how people relate.” @lisettevdvalk
  • “Videos need to have a hook at the beginning, just like a written article. Otherwise, viewers will lose interest fast & skip.” @mktgInnovator
  • “Editing is king! Whether it’s a slo-mo, looping GIF, reverse — all the good stuff happens on the chopping board.” @mstopham
  • “Quality, creativity, transparency, clarity. I love watching videos that push the envelope and do things differently.” @v_dunne
  • “I think one key ingredient for great video is the same as for great comedy: surprise.”  @SageBolden

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What are your go-to video recording or editing tools?

From Sarah:

From the community:

  • “Being not as advanced in video, iMovie is my jam. However for I use PicPlayPost and Squaready!” @lafitara
  • “If you are on a budget then a simple tripod for your phone, a lapel mic and windows movie maker or imovie will be fine.” @EliteYouTubePro
  • “Audacity for cleaning the audio (something usually skipped) & Premiere for video. Honorable mention to iMovie.” @WhatJeffTweets
  • “For me it’s a GoPro or iPhone, then for editing I really like how easy Camtasia is to work with.” @caribou_chris
  • “InstaVideo to crop, slow-mo, doublespeed, Split videos (easier to use than iMovie) plus video collages can be quite cool!” @debbiediscovers

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How long should videos be on different social sites?

From Sarah:

  • The shorter the better on ALL platforms. Social moves fast, quite like this chat!
  • A video should be the hook, rather than the manual – especially on social.
  • Did you know we have shorter attention spans than goldfish?! Think about that with your video

From the community:

  • “Long enough to make your point – but not any longer than that.” @becca_stickler
  • “Instagram :15 sec, Vine :6 Facebook: under a minute and a half. Twitter – up in the air.” @CarrieKintz
  • “Hard to make an overall rec, though there are certainly best practices. Test (!!!) what YOUR audience responds to.” @cateelise
  • “Depends on content and purpose, but standard rule of thumb is 60-90 seconds. But I don’t like rules – do what you need.” @JonPepp
  • “Caveat to short and concise is best… live streaming breaks the rules… I’ve seen 2+ Hour Blabs, Periscopes.” @darcyschuller

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What are great techniques for engaging viewers?

From Sarah:

From the community:

  • “Relevant content, ask them to engage with you beyond just viewing the video, comments, shares, etc. Interactive features.” @WeintraubL
  • “Find out what your viewers and followers love, want, and need! Tailor your items to them.” @deirdreemme
  • “Engage as if only one person is watching. The depth that creates, plus the individualization, works wonders.” @beajumarang
  • “Your first few moments need to grab your audience or you risk being ignored. Be authentic and close with a call to action.” @Josewats
  • “Actually talking to people can be incredibly engaging. That’s why live streaming is becoming such a big deal” @Matt_Aunger

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What companies or individuals do video well?

From Sarah:

From the community:

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What is the most powerful video you’ve seen?

From Sarah:

From the community:

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Thank you so much to everyone who joined in on this great chat!

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