You have most likely noticed our built in “Tweet Suggestion” feature, which is a set of quotes Joel and me have collected, which we found truly inspirational.

Now, how could it be otherwise, one of our users approached us with an amazing suggestion. Jonny Rowntree alias @JonnyRowntree sent me an email saying:



“Why not make this a crowd sourced project everyone can participate in?”


Hell yes, I thought. So here we are offering anybody and everyone the chance to suggest tweets we will make part of our Buffer Tweet Suggestions.

How does it work?

It works super simple, all you have to do is copy and paste a tweet you found inspirational, motivating, funny or outstanding in any other way. Then put it into the box below.

Quotes and proverbs with or without sources are most welcome. Also if you find a timeless article, that made your day, we strongly encourage you to put it in as well below.

Why should you do it?

It would be really great to see others participating in this and adding more tweets to our list of “suggested tweets”.

Every week we will pick 5-10 tweets. These will be wrapped up nicely in a post including your Twitter Username and a big thank you. Of course your tweet will then officially be added to Buffer’s “Tweet Suggestions” and others can find your contribution in there.

What do you say? Could that be interesting?

For now it is just a box here, but we want to have dedicated site and box available on the Buffer homepage for it soon, so you don’t have to go back to this post.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Or if you already have a great tweet ready, just insert it in the box!

Photocredit: Michael Heiss

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Written by Leo Widrich

Co-founder and COO at Buffer. I enjoy working on company culture, customer development and marketing. For more personal posts, check out leostartsup.

  • Thank you so much! Hopefully your users will like the new addition and I’ll be sure to use it in time.

    Love the service and I’ll contact you if I find anything new to add or improve.

    • awesome, that’s great, thanks for the Jonny, btw I received your email, will reply soon!

  • Ah.. an innovative way to crowd source. An interesting idea indeed! Hopefully it won’t turn into a ‘article submission centre’ though – where people just dump their articles in it and hopefully get some mileage out of it. If so, there will be a LOT of filtering to do weekly..

    • Jan, you are absolutely right. I think others will be very considerate and only put things for the general good in! 🙂

      We plan on moderating them of course so quality remains at a high level and you can continue finding interesting tweets in our tweet suggestions! 🙂

  • neat twitter tool gonna download it today.

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  • This is a nice move Leo. Will add some quotes as soon as I get them in my mind.

    • Hi Mani, thanks for stopping by.

      Sure, go ahead and drop a few quotes in when you get a chance! Looking forward to it! 🙂

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  • sandmaxprime

    Quite an innovative move Leo. Have bookmarked this page. Would be nice if the browser extension or dashboard had a link for users to suggest tweets and content

  • Field of Success

    WOW, this is very Cool! I was wondering how you guys pick. I love the App. Keep up the great work Buffer Team!