Add to Buffer from your Mobile!

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Update: We have brand new email version ready for you! You can now include which account it goes into and customise your message a lot better than before.

You can find your personal details by simply heading over to Buffer Email Function


After lots and lots of you have checked in with us for when a mobile version will be ready, we have good news for you: You can now add to your Buffer via mobile.

How? “Add to Buffer via Email” is our first step towards making Buffer awesome to use on all mobiles.

How does it work?

(It’s super simple. Just send an email to:, where the subject is your tweet and the link you want in your tweet is in the body.)


Use it like the browser extension

It is very fast for you to do because you can now browse the web on your mobile and add tweets to your Buffer on the fly from there. Here’s how to do it:


1.) Be reading a cool article on your mobile:


2.) Hit “Mail Link to this Page” or similar. On the iPhone, this is in the menu when you tap “+”. Your mobile will automatically put the title of the post in the subject and the link to it in the body of your email. That’s perfect.


3.) Send the email to Send it from the email you’re using with Buffer.


You’re done and the tweet is now added to your Buffer.

Why did we do it?

Of course we are working away on fully fledged iPhone and Android apps as well as a mobile version of the site. However, we thought this feature is by far the easiest thing everyone could use to add tweets to their Buffer on the go via mobile.

What do you think about it? Let us know your thoughts below.

  • OoTheNigerian

    Awesome! Should be testing immediately. PS why not addto@buffer or to@buffer a subdomain seems a little complex.

    I have multiple emails can I register other emails besides wha I signed up with? I guess lot of people have seperate email addy’s besides the one the register web apps with.

    Nice one dude!

    • Joel Gascoigne

      Hi dude, thanks!

      Very good questions – is handled by Gmail so I’ve had to use a subdomain which I can let Sendgrid handle. I’m going to look into whether I can make it forward or something so we can switch it to or Will keep you posted :)

      Great point about multiple emails. Right now it just works when you send from the email address you registered with, but I can totally see the need for multiple associated email addresses.

      Let me know how your testing goes! :)

  • Stephen Robinson

    Amazing job guys.

    • Joel Gascoigne

      Thanks Stephen!

      Have you had a chance to give it a go?

      • Stephen Robinson

        Yep working great

  • Max Fenton

    Very clever. Excited to try that out.

    • Joel Gascoigne

      That’s awesome to hear Max, would love to hear how it goes for you :)

  • Paul Cleary

    This is something that I’m sure a lot of people have been waiting for. Thanks again for the continued support and updates. I do have one question. What about those of us who manage multiple “buffers,” one personal, and one business? Is there a way to differentiate?

    • Joel Gascoigne

      Hi Paul, great to hear from you. Very good question – right now as a first version we’re just letting you add to your default account, which you can change in the settings. In the future we definitely want to somehow allow you to specify which account the Tweet is added to. We’re not quite sure how we’ll do that yet, so if you have any ideas let me know!

      • Lyena

        You can have If no handle specified, the tweet goes into the default account.

      • Michael ‘MC’ Carter

        Hi Joel. As an example, Evernote provides a unique email address per ‘Notebook’ (folder) so a user can choose which Notebook to add to when adding via an email send. You could do it that way. Or you could allow each Twitter handle in an account to be associated with a particular email address. Either would work for me as a user. Not sure which would be easier to implement on your end. Urgently needed feature for those of us managing mutiple Twitter accounts. Otherwise you are inadvertently encouraging people to set up multiple free buffer accounts (rather than use your paid levels, which list managing multiple accounts as a benefit), to get this ability to email to specific Twitter accounts. Look forward to this feature, as it’s a missing link in an incredibly useful app.

  • Dino Dogan

    Why is everyone making me feel bad today. First I read an article about Foursquare. Then Yelp and now this.

    I really feel left out. I dont have one of the fancy smart phones so I cant use these types of services. I feel so 1998 :-(

  • BlazingMinds

    iPhone and Android! What about BlackBerry ;)

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi Karen, good to see you! :)

      Oh, haha, I am sure we will have BlackBerry covered soon by then! :)

      Fortunately the above mobile version works on any phone with email access. Have you tried it yet? Would love to hear if it works fine on a BlackBerry too. :)

      • BlazingMinds

        Hi Leo, haven’t tried it yet, but I do have the email addy in my address book to give it a try the next time I’m surfing on my BlackBerry ;)

        • Leo Widrich

          awesome, yep, definitely next time you are on the bus or waiting in a queue, just try it out!

          I hope it will all work smoothly for you :)

  • nealschaffer

    Wow! You guys are rocking it big time, developing killer functions at a rapid pace that even the bigger players don’t have! Keep it up – and we’ll try our best to help promote you!!!

    • Leo Widrich

      Neal, thanks a lot for your kind words.

      So glad you find these new functions useful, really helps us to know that the direction we are heading for is right.

      Awesome, that is so great to hear you will continue your promoting efforts, thanks a lot :)

  • Ben

    awesome, that’s in some ways better than an app !

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi Ben,

      Thanks for stopping by, indeed we thought simplicity is the most important part and in this way you don’t have to fiddle with an App or anything, but you can just do it on any phone! :)

  • Michelle MacPhearson

    Great addition – I was very much missing the ability to use Buffer on my iPhone / iPad!

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi Michelle, thanks for your comment!

      really glad this is now in place for you and you find it useful! :)

  • Hudey123

    I love it. It’s super simple and works super fast! I almost don’t need a native app with this in my arsenal.

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi Hudey,

      Awesome, really glad this works for you. Yep, hope it smooths things as far so that you can use it frequently.

  • @TechGuyLikesZen

    I was just thinking that you should do exactly this. SWEET! Thanks. :)

    • Leo Widrich

      Joshua, that’s so great to hear that this is helpful for you. Hope you give it a spin and try it out! Would love to hear if it all works fine for you.

      Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! :)

  • Alex Knight

    Sweet update guys.

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi Alex, good to see you.

      Glad you like it! :)

  • Jacob Creech

    This is AWESOME – just the feature I was looking for. Really impressed guys. Thanks a lot for the responsiveness. And kudos again for the awesome app.

    • Leo Widrich

      Jacob, thanks for your comment.

      Really glad this feature is helpful for you :).

      Yes, at the moment it will be the default Twitter account that the tweet is added to. Yep we plan on having a solution ready which allows you to add to both of your accounts or choose to which one, I will keep you posted! :)

      • Evan

        Any update on multiple twitter accounts?

  • Joshua Guffey

    Work with images?

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi Joshua, yes it will work with any link in the body of the email sent to if it’s an image as a link it will work too!

      In case you meant an email attachment, unfortunately no this won’t work at this stage. :)

  • Imagraphicx

    This is great! Now if only I can get easily on my mobile to shorten those links.

    • Leo Widrich

      oh, yes, well it is actually that we are using. The integration of is currently a Pro feature. So as a pro member you would have all details included even for the mobile version! :) Hope that helps.

  • Anonymous

    I started using this today and love it. Very easy to use. Great idea to use the subject as the Tweet— easily allows for editing.

    Now, If only there was:

    1. Rather than manually setting Tweet times, it would be nice to have rules like “send a tweet per hour, every weekday from 9AM to 5PM”

    2. Easily switch between multiple Twitter accounts.

    Fantastic job so far!

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi IDApostle,

      Thanks a lot for stopping by.

      Wow, that’s great to hear you enjoy using Buffer and the mobile version too.

      @1. Oh, yep it is high up on our list! I will keep posted on when it is live.

      @2. Yep, absolutely this should be possible as well, stay tuned on it.

  • Robert Clay

    Leo, you need to work with all the major Twitter mobile apps to get :”Add to Buffer” added as an option just as many of them also support instapaper.

    • Leo Widrich

      Robert, thanks a lot for your comment.

      You are absolutely right, that should really be our next steps. We were thinking about integrating it with Seesmic and Tweetdeck as a start and then take it from there.

      I will keep you posted on this! :)

      • Anonymous

        cool :) hope integration into Tweetdeck gets priority ;)

      • Geek for i

        Only priority should be Tweetbot as it is the best option for the iPhone out there!

        • Rockguy29

          Yes it is. Well worth the 2.99

        • Matthias Orgler

          Also support for Tweetbot for OSX would be great!

      • Lionel Faleiro

        Any progress on this Leo?

      • Matt de Caussin

        Agreed: Tweetbot should be a priority. It’s my default Twitter app, and I love how well integrated it is with Instapaper, etc.

  • Mark Kaigwa

    Fantastic. You’re on the ball yet again, Gazza & Leo!

    • Joel Gascoigne

      Great to see you here Mark! Thanks for encouraging us so much along the way so far :)

  • Michael Hoefler

    Thanks guys! I started using buffer 2 weeks ago, and since i do most of my research on the ipad, i was looking for a way to email into buffer. Thanks again for enabling this usefull feature.

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi Michael,

      Awesome, that’s great to hear that it is useful for you! Exactly our thinking, that it should be made easier via the ipad to use! :)

  • Anitawrites

    Thanks for Buffer App! It is changing my life and freeing up my time.

    • Leo Widrich

      Anita, thanks so much for the kind words! That is fantastic to hear Buffer helps you that much. Happy Buffering! :)

  • Dancingbob5678

    Can you ‘say’ Blackberry? What would happen if I tried
    your technique on my Torch?

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi @88de62d7ba114d5ab913755211583a4a:disqus , yes this should easily work on your BB too! :) 

      • Lionel Faleiro

        Yup it works fine for blackberry.

        For the iPad I made a bookmark using the bookmarklets coding and saved it as a bookmark so I do not need to move from the page to send to buffer.

  • Ian

    I’m guessing this only works to add tweets to the default Twitter account. That should be ok for me, although I do wish I could select the account. Perhaps tweets sent from the address of another registered user could go to another account (the other address would also be me).

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi Ian,

      Great to see you here. Yes, this works only with the default account at the moment, but hopefully with native mobile apps will get the full functionality soon. 

      That’s a great suggestion and I will defintiely put it on our list, I hope an Android or Iphone App will sort these things out though :) 

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  • Nathanael Padgett

    I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times; but you need an iPhone app! The email feature is usable, but if I have multiple twitter accounts, there needs to be an easy way to submit something to a certain account, without the email ‘from’ address having to be changed each time. Basic Example: Open App > Click Post New > Click From X > type text > Submit

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi Nathanael, 

      Thanks for stopping by, and yes, indeed, lots of people have gotten in touch already! It is high up on our list and we will definitely let you know once it is ready. :) 

  • @weisesarah

    Is this working still?  I just tried it and it’s not showing up in my buffer yet.  How long does it typically take? 

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi @826e23013d16b6a40e1b0d16dddb1d63:disqus thanks for stopping by. Yes, so it should still work normally. One thing, I could think of is that it needs to be the same email address that you have signed up with to Buffer, that you are sending it from. Is this the case?

      Hope to get this sorted quickly for you. :)  

      • @weisesarah

        Hi Leo – The email ended up bouncing back to me.  I’m using the same email address that I signed up to buffer with. Any ideas?

  • Anonymous

    Hi, do you have a plan to add “”?
    I want to see analytics of each tweets, so id like to use buffer for instant tweet too.

  • Geoff

    You are doing a great job, Buffer is an outstanding bit of kit. The mobile integration will complete it.

  • the ”BabyMum” blog

    I just used Buffer for my first update and it works great! It’s an awesome feature to use if you’re busy during the day and want to keep your twitter profile up and running while your doing something else.

    Buffer is going to be very helpful for me to manage my clients social media profiles.

    Just awesome!!!

  • Nathan Gilmer

    This is great. App integration and a dedicated app would be awesome but this is  great alternative for now. 

  • Felipebucaram

    You should also add the option to schedule a tweet. 

  • Bastiaan van de Werk


    love the app. Why not get it integrated into some of the bigger WP plugins? 


    • Leo Widrich

      Bastian, thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, absolutely, we definitely aim to do this. Do you have any thoughts on which plugin would be good?

  • Fausto Cepeda

    Super cool idea. Cant wait to have the iPhone app ready. Thnking to donate to this site. Its really excellent!!

  • Fausto Cepeda

    Keep up the nice work and congrats!!!

  • yogeek

    I like this. I like this option a lot. I do this a lot to send info to myself via the Reeder app on the iPhone. I send to as well as Evernote. 

    I don’t think you need a Buffer dedicated app, I think simply offering Buffer support for some key existing apps would be even more effective and efficient for folks. It’s hard to change workflow for some of us :) 

  • Javier

    imprescindible ,YA ,una aplicación para iphone.

  • Pwillemarck

    Since I hve 2 twittrr account, how can I make sure it’sent to th right one?

  • Mike Saunders

    I agree with Robert. Echofon integration would be great for me. I do most of my reading straight through its browser and not Safari on iOS.

  • Hpm1640

    How do I change my email in my account so that it matches my most-used email? Looks like I can change password, but not email…

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi @17358759b68f9ba7578184e6ddca606c:disqus , great to hear from you here. Could you shoot me an email to with which email you want to change to which? I will do  it right away for you! :) 

  • Allison Jones

    pretty cool , as long as we can still buff, we can still shine!!   lol@twitter-110821538:disqus

  • Karen Magno

    This will work great with my Ipad.  I use this same thing with Evernote and it works great!

  • Maylene Kuahiwinui

    I’d been using this for weeks, and I just realized that it has never worked for me.  Lots of sent e-mails that did not show up in buffer.  I originally signed up with a “+buffer” e-mail alias but even after updating my account (i.e. removing the alias), the posts are still not showing in the buffer.  Bummer– no posting from my iPod Touch.

    • Leo Widrich

      Hi Maylene,

      Thanks a lot for the heads up on this and sorry for the troubles. Could you help me clarify on two things first: 

      – are you sending emails to

      – are your emails sent “from” the exact same email (case sensitive) that is registered under ?

      Keen to get things working asap for you @facebook-1566764652:disqus .

  • Rick Grant

    I had no idea this feature was part of Buffer until recently – it’s something I have always wanted but I never realized was already available.

    In addition to its intended purpose, I use it with Zite on my iPad. Zite throws a lot of stuff into the body of the email in addition to the URL but Buffer seems to do an excellent job of dumping all of that and coming up with a clean Tweet.

    Well done Buffer

  • Lector D’Tuits

    I would love to see the bufferapp functionality added to the Twitter app for android, like an addon, perhaps. I makes so much sense to me. That is how I post to TW, always from the bufferapp.

  • Adam S

    I think buffer needs to be more iPad and iPhone friendly. I loved buffer when I used my PC a lot. Now that I mainly use my iPad, it is not nearly as easy as hoot suite or other iPad friendly apps. I am likely canceling my pro unless there is something for iPad coming.

  • Maris Antons

    Please do offer your services for “reeder” apps on mac, iphone, ipad

  • Carol

    Can’t wait to have Buffer on my iPhone and iPad :) …. Great work guys