Introducing Buffer for LinkedIn Company Pages: The Easiest Way to Keep Your LinkedIn Page up to Date

schedule linkedin posts

After announcing the addition of being able to post and schedule to Google+ pages a few weeks back, we’re super excited to bring you another one of the most popular feature requests to Buffer this week: Buffer for LinkedIn Company pages.

Next to Twitter, Facebook profiles, Facebook pages, LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn profiles, Google+ Pages and this is now the 8th social network type you can in Buffer.

Especially as LinkedIn has become more and more content focused with @mentions, an amazing influencer blogging program and more, it’ll be exciting to see how Buffer might help to keep your stream flowing on your company page. Here is how easy it is to schedule Linkedin posts for your profile and now also company page:

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Introducing Buffer for Google+: The Easiest Way to Post to Your Google+ Business Page


An unbelievable 3,613 people voted on a particular item in our feedback forum for which feature we should build next.

It has been holding the #1 spot as most requested feature from our users for almost 2 years. We couldn’t be any more excited to finally unveil it to everyone.

Buffer is now available for Google+ Pages. Anyone can now easily hook up their Google+ page and start posting and scheduling great content through Buffer to keep your Google+ Page up to date.

Of course, you can easily schedule any update that you would be able to post to the other social networks Buffer supports (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and

To make this all super straight forward to get setup, let’s dig in and see how you can get setup:

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Introducing Custom Scheduling: The Easiest Way to Schedule Your Social Media Updates Into the Future

scheduling tweets, facebook postsWithout doubt, Custom Scheduling has been one of the most requested features for Buffer over the past few years.

We couldn’t be any more excited to finally launch this feature today to make more targeted timing of your social media posts possible.

Before we got into any details on how to get started, I thought it’d be worth sharing more around the story of Custom Scheduling. What our thinking behind adding this feature this late was and how we think about things going forward:

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Echofon and Buffer Partner to Give You the Smartest Twitter Client for Android and iPhone

Over the last few months, we launched a ton of new integrations for you to use Buffer with other tools, such as Feedly, Followerwonk and lots of others.

Buffer Echofon schedule tweets twitter client

One of the most important ways to use Buffer was still something that was very hard to do: Directly schedule Tweets and retweets via Buffer inside a Twitter client. 

So we are super excited to announce that with today, we have partnered with Echofon, one of the most established Twitter clients for Android and iPhone to help you Buffer your tweets from anywhere on the go.

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5 Key Elements for Your Content to Go Viral

cute cat - viral contentThis is the holy grail for every marketer, entrepreneur and any other professional on the internet: To go viral. At least, when I first started out writing articles and producing content, I could think of nothing else other than trying to figure how to get this post spread like mad on Facebook, Twitter and all the other important places. What I quickly found out is that it takes a little more than posting cute cat photos, although I keep questioning myself on that.

A few months back, we did some research on what it really takes for content to go viral. We analyzed an article that got well over 500,000 likes and then spoke with the authors about their strategy on how they did it. The good folks over at Social Media Explorer have now turned this piece into a wonderful infographic and I think it makes getting the insights easier than ever.

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A Scientific Guide to Writing Great Headlines on Twitter, Facebook, and Your Blog

copywriting tips for Twitter, Facebook and your blogEver since we started Buffer a little over 2 years ago, people have been asking us about one question very specifically:

How can I write great headlines for social networks and my blog?

The topic is a very tricky one, as the accuracy for what works best is hard to nail down. Whilst we have some specific techniques that we are using for our own postings and article headlines every day, I thought looking at the most cutting edge research is definitely required.

So I thought of combining all the research we’ve done for the Buffer social accounts and our blog as well as the best research out there and combining them into one comprehensive guide.

Without any further ado, here is a scientific guide to great copywriting on Twitter, Facebook and your blog:

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The Origin of the 8-Hour Work Day and Why We Should Rethink It

One of the most unchanged elements of our life today is our optimal work time or how long we should work – generally, every person I’ve spoken to quotes me something close to 8 hours a day.

And data seems to confirm that: The average American works 8.8 hours every day. At least, those are the official statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

average work time - optimal work time

And yet, for most of us it is obvious that knowing how long the average person works every day has little to do with how efficient or productive that pattern is. At least, that is what I personally found for my own productivity. So what’s the the right hourly rate?

With success stories from people working 4 hours a week, to 16 hours a day, it’s hard to know if there is an optimal amount. So instead of going with my gut, which often fails me, I thought of looking into actual research on work time and how to optimize it for your happiness and success.

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How to Share Your Tweets at Optimal Times: Followerwonk and Buffer Team Up

Ever since I’ve started blogging about topics on social media and especially Twitter, one of the questions that I have by far heard the most often is the following:

“When is the best time to Tweet for me to reach more followers?”

A lot of this requires a lot of data-analysis and whilst a ton of tools exist out there, they aren’t always terribly accurate. That’s why we’ve come up with this:

best time to tweet, optimal time to tweet

We couldn’t be any more excited to have teamed up with the folks from Followerwonk, an amazing Twitter analytics tool, to deliver the best times to Tweet for you. And from there, you can easily export your optimal Tweeting times straight into Buffer.

All that’s left thereafter is for you to find great article, links and more, add it to your Buffer and you are good to share at the best times to reach most of your audience.

Let’s dig in and see how we can get you all setup.

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For the First Time, You Can Now Schedule Retweets

schedule recurring retweetsIf you take a look at Buffer’s feedback forum, for probably the last few months there was one item that rose to the first page like nothing else:

Schedule retweets

We couldn’t be any more excited to finally release this for everyone today. Being able to schedule your retweets with Buffer gives you an awesome opportunity to show your support and engagement for other people’s tweets—without ever flooding your followers with too much content.

When we brainstormed this feature internally as part of our social media management suite of tools, we wanted to achieve something very unique: The ability to schedule a retweet, no matter which app, web or mobile client you are using. After many months of testing and tweaking, we are finally able to release this it to everyone.

Let’s take a look how you can make use of this:

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