10 New Marketing Tactics to Try Today (They’re All In Your Buffer Account!)

Social media evolves every day.

We’re constantly learning more about how to connect better, empathize more deeply and create more lasting relationships.

At Buffer, we’re so grateful to be part of social media’s rapid evolution, and we’re so inspired by all the tactics and strategies we hear from you, our audience, on your social media journey.

As a result, we’re able to grow Buffer’s product and make it even more useful for you. Here are 10 new elements you can find in your Buffer account right now that we hope will move your social media marketing forward.

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The Advanced Guide to Mobile Social: Tools, Tactics and Inspiration

Ever since we wrote The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Social Media, we’ve been itching to dig deeper into mobile social strategies.

After all, the evidence that we’re only growing more addicted to our cell phones is undeniable:

So when our friends at bit.ly asked us to partner up for a webinar on the very topic of mobile social media, we were delighted to say yes. We’d love to invite you to join us Wednesday, Sept. 30 at 12:30 Eastern; 9:30 Pacific, when we’ll share lots of data about optimizing social for mobile and all the tactics you need to get started.

Here’s a preview of some of what we’ll be discussing. Hope to see you there!

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10 Times Animated GIFs Make Perfect Sense on Social Media (and How to Use Them)

How well do you know the humble GIF?

The Graphics Interchange Format (the GIF’s fancy, formal name) has been around for decades—it was introduced by CompuServe way back in 1987 and went on to become one of the first image formats commonly used on the web.

Today, GIFs are a big part of social media—and you can now share them directly through Buffer with Buffer for Video!

buffer for GIFs

In honor of this pivotal moment, let’s take a moment to praise the often misunderstood GIF, a pivotal and growing part of Internet culture. Check out these stats from the New York Times‘ fascinating exploration of GIF culture:

  • 23 million GIFs are posted to Tumblr every day.
  • Facebook Messenger sees more than five million pass through daily.
  • Slack counts more than two million GIF integrations each month.


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How to Make Sales on Instagram in 3 Easy Steps (Full-Strategy Infographic!)


Social media is constantly evolving. As soon as you feel like you’ve got Facebook and Twitter figured out, suddenly there’s Vine and Snapchat and a whole bunch of exciting new stuff to learn.

It keeps things interesting, and keeps social media managers on our toes.

Lately it seems like more and more social media managers are enthusiastic about Instagram and the opportunities there to engage with fans and share great photos and videos.

And the opportunities are big! With more than 300 million active users, Instagram …

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Introducing Buffer for Video: Upload, Schedule and Analyze, All in One Place

Social media has entered the video era.

In 2015 we’ve seen the addition of video on Twitter and a giant push by Facebook to make video a major component of the News Feed. Check out some staggering social media video stats:

  • The number of videos in Facebook feeds has grown by 360%
  • 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter
  • Globally, people are posting 75% more videos to Facebook
  • 50% of Americans who use Facebook on a daily basis watch at least 1 video every day

And today we’re excited to announce that Buffer customers can now upload, share, and schedule video from Buffer to all your social media networks.


Buffer for video button

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The Psychology of Social Media: The Deep Impulses That Drive Us Online

What would happen if you were to “like” everything you saw on social media?

The developer Rameet Chawla found out when he built a script that liked every photo that passed through his Instagram feed.

He grew his followers by about 30 a day
He got invited to more parties
He got stopped on the street by people who recognized him from Instagram
He got message after message from friends encouraging him to post more. He said it was “almost like they …

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The Psychology of Selfies: Why We Love Taking and Viewing Photos of Faces

How many photos of you are on your phone right now?

These days, humans take almost 1 trillion photos a year. (To put that into context, that’s more photos every few minutes than in the entire 19th century.)

And lots of these photos are selfies—self-portraits, usually taken with a smartphone. As of this writing, nearly 300 million Instagram photos had been tagged with the selfie label.

We love getting into the “whys” of social media psychology, so in this post I set out to discover why …

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How to Gain a Massive Following on Instagram: 10 Proven Tactics To Grow Followers and Engagement

It’s an exciting time to get to know Instagram. The popular photo-sharing app is fun, simple and growing—Instagram has more than 300 million users and sky-high user engagement levels.

And for marketers, it’s an especially interesting time. The company just announced that it will open its feed to all advertisers and begin testing a “Shop now” button that allows users to click on a link to buy a product advertised.

With such brand-friendly features on the way, it seems like marketers might be more keen than …

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This is Your Brain on Emojis. Here’s How to Use Them in Your Marketing

I have a confession to make: I’m a grown woman who peppers pretty much every text and social media post I send with smileys, hearts, stars and various other decorations.

Emojis have taken over my communication—and I’m far from alone. According to Swyft Media, 74 percent of people in the U.S. regularly use stickers, emoticons or emojis in their online communication, sending an average of 96 emojis or stickers per day.

All this adds up to a total of 6 billion emoticons or stickers flying around …

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60+ Fantastic Email Newsletters to Read and Share

It seems like there’s more great stuff to read today than ever before.

And still, finding the good stuff that’s just right for you or your brand can take a lot of time, according to this survey by Vertical Response:

When you’re sifting through the whole internet, it can help to have a guide. What if could open your inbox every day to find new, relevant, curated articles that you’d be thrilled to share to social media?

We’ve written before about the rise of high-quality niche newsletters, a format that’s flourished over the past …

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