What $5 Per Day Will Buy You on Facebook Ads

If you want get your posts seen on Facebook, one of the most common bits of wisdom you’ll hear is this:

Pay for reach with Facebook ads. 

Paid advertising on Facebook seems to be one of the most immediate ways to impact the reach of your content. Though it’s not without its questions. How well does it work? What kind of engagement do you get?

And what can you expect for your hard-earned money?

We’ve been testing Facebook ads a bit with Buffer’s Facebook strategy, looking to see exactly what’s possible on a small budget. I’m happy to share our findings with you. Here’s what we found $5 per day will buy you on Facebook Ads.

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The 6 Easiest Video-Editing Tools for Small Business Marketers

The surge of videos on social media and content marketing channels has come quickly. In the past year alone, Facebook has averaged more than 1 billion video views each day.

Video has become go-to visual content for a huge number businesses and brands.

And I’d love to share how you can do video, too, no matter your resources or skills. 

I researched all the best and easiest video editing tools that are ideal for novice video producers with limited budgets and busy schedulesI tried each one out and am happy to share here how things went and what I ended up creating. I’d love if it inspires any thoughts or creations from you!

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How to Create Content That Your VIPs Will Love to Share

One of the worst feelings in the world of inbound marketing and enrollment is to write an incredible blog post, publish it, share it, and then … crickets.

I actually just shuddered a little bit thinking about it. (Because I have been there way, way too many times!)

It’s a lot better when the opposite happens: when you experience the thrill of seeing an expert in your space share and promote your content for you.

This post will give you a practical, actionable approach to writing and …

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How to Include Transparency in Your Business: A Conversation and #bufferchat With SumAll

What are the keys to including transparency as part of your business or brand?

We’re inspired by the efforts of many companies who emphasize transparency. SumAll is one of those on the cutting edge of transparency, sharing all the team’s salaries and much more.

SumAll’s Olivia Wainwright joined us for #bufferchat to talk about transparency and how this can be part of the brands that you manage, too.

Highlights from the SumAll #bufferchat are below, and you can catch the full recap here.

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How to Learn Social Media Marketing in 2 Minutes a Day: A Free Social Media 101 Email Course

We’re quite keen to always be learning new things at Buffer—new social media strategies, new languages, new skills and experiments. And we love learning together—with each other and with you.

One area that we’ve been fortunate to gain some knowledge and experience is with social media sharing, which can be a big one for those who are eager to get involved but not quite sure where to start.

We’d love to help people get started with social media.

We’d love to help with social media marketing, from square one.

Our newest idea: A seven-day email course that you can subscribe to for a lesson each day—each one just two or three minutes to read—on the very basics of social media marketing.

We’d love for you to join, try, and learn with us!

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The Best Typography, Colors, and Templates Used in the Highest-Converting Social Media Images

If you’ve been looking to supercharge your social media strategy, you probably know a lot about the benefits of using images.

But, how much do you know about actually creating scientifically shareable images?

Turns out, there’s tons of actionable, research-backed advice on how to create social media images that get shared—the ideal colors, fonts, text, and more, all leveraging what we know about design, psychology and the Internet to get more shares and engagement. 

By the end of this article you’re going to be fully aware of how to make images that your readers can’t help but share. All backed by science.

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Social Media Growth: The 5 Simple Strategies That Grew Our Social Traffic by 350%

When I joined Hubstaff a few months ago to spearhead the growth of the company, I noticed we weren’t utilizing the full potential of Buffer.

In order to increase our social media growth and take full advantage of this tool, we developed a few strategies that resulted in overwhelming success. The engagement teams at Hubstaff began to use Buffer to share engaging content at optimal times and frequencies based on real data.

Our results? After implementing these strategies, we gained 350% more blog traffic, earned more …

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Should You Be on Snapchat, Ello, or Vine? A Complete Look at Every Fringe Social Network

There are a stunning amount of social networks out there, offering some inventive, engaging ways for people to connect and share with one another.

Which ones should you be on?

Beyond the big six networks—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest—there are dozens more that are quickly rising in usage or are super valuable for particular audiences and niches. It’s a ton to keep track of. It can be a mystery to know where to spend your time.

I pulled up some numbers on these fringe networks to maybe help you decide where it’s best to spend your time. Here are the explanations, demographics, numbers, and details on 11 fringe social networks.

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How to Get Started on Pinterest: Marketing and Optimization Tips From Pinterest Expert Jeff Sieh

We’ve been excited recently to learn more and more about the best way to approach Pinterest marketing. And we’ve been inspired by tons of great Pinners who have shared their learnings already.

Jeff Sieh is one whom we greatly admire for his Pinterest presence. A social media consultant and speaker, Jeff has built a strong community on Pinterest and shared his best Pinterest tips and strategies with us at #bufferchat.

Highlights from the #bufferchat with Jeff Sieh are below, and you can catch the full recap here.

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