Imagine this: You open your inbox, and there sit a dozen new articles that you’d be thrilled to share to social media. Simple as that!

This is all possible thanks to the rise of high-quality, curated newsletters, a format that’s flourished over the past few years. Expert curators across a wide spectrum of topics are finding and sharing the best content they discover—perfect for you to read, Buffer, and share with your social media audience.

We’re big fans of newsletters here at Buffer. They’ve been a key part to finding content suggestions, as well as part of our idea workflow (and they’re pretty great just for fun, too!). I’m happy to share some of my favorite newsletters here in this post, and I’d love to hear yours as well! I’m always interested in new ones to check out.

best newsletters list

For even more great content to share …

Newsletters are one of the many places we find inspiration for adding fresh articles to Buffer’s content suggestions. We’re happy to share our other sources with you as well. For more info, check out these blog posts.

  1. Always Have an Amazing Link to Share: 
  2. 17 Unique Places to Find Great Content

How to Start Your Own Expertly-Curated Newsletter

One of my favorite parts of curated newsletters is that anyone can start one!

What sets these newsletters apart from the rest is that all the content is hand-picked from a variety of sources by a real human person. There are some really great algorithm-based newsletters, too, as well as digest roundups from high-frequency blogs. (We’ve got one of those for the Buffer blog, if you might be interested!)

We’ve mentioned some of the algorithm-based newsletters and blog digests in the posts linked above. The newsletters you see below are all a one-man or one-woman show!

And here’s a quick overview on how you might start one yourself.

Step One: Curate content

At a super high level, curating content requires reading lots of stories and locating the best, most relevant ones. In most cases, this means reading tons—both a high volume of stories and from a wide selection of sources. It means being vigilant about the content you choose so that it fits the focus of your newsletter or audience.

And the great part: It gets easier as you go. You’ll learn where to look for inspiration, and you’ll have many go-to sources for new and fresh stories that you can pull from in a pinch.

Step Two: Organize it with a helpful tool

As curated newsletters have risen, so too have the tools built specifically to help—tools like Goodbits and Curated. You can also save the links you find with a tool like Point, or you can toss them all into a spreadsheet as well.

Step Three: Grow a newsletter list and hit send

Email services like TinyLetter give you a chance to both send your newsletter and host a home page for new signups. You can share signup links and archive links directly on social media this way.

twitter profile

Also, if you’re working through a larger website, you can use an email service like MailChimp or Aweber to manager your list and send your newsletters. Many website services like Rainmaker and Sumo Me have built-in list-building features as well.

20 of the Best Newsletters

1. NextDraft

next draft newsletter

The 10 most fascinating items of the day, selected by Dave Pell after browsing 75 news sites each morning. Sent every weekday.


2. NY Times: What We’re Reading

Recommended stories from around the web, hand-picked by New York Times reporters and editors. Sent twice a week.

3. MediaREDEF


A curated mix of media, technology, and popular culture articles and videos, curated by Jason Hirschhorn of Media Redefined. Sent every weekday.


4. Brain Food – Farnam Street Weekly


A weekly digest from Farnam Street’s Shane Parrish, sharing his latest articles, the books he’s reading, and a large list of interesting reads around the Internet. Topics typically include philosophy, psychology, and human behavior. Sent every Sunday.


5. The Ed’s Up

A once-a-week collection from science writer Ed Yong, featuring his latest writing and the best stuff he’s read online.


6. Ann Friedman Weekly

A set of featured stories and assorted links, coupled with a fun GIF and product recommendations, all curated by journalist Ann Friedman. Sent every Friday.


7. Further

further newsletter

A newsletter full of articles on how to live a better life. Sections include health, wealth, and wisdom, and the stories are picked by Copyblogger’s Brian Clark. Sent every Monday.


8. The Skimm

A daily email filled with links on top stories, interesting reads, and current events. Curated by a pair of former news producers.


9. SaaS Weekly

The week’s two or three best stories about business, product, marketing, sales, and growth, plus a helpful tip on startup marketing. Curated by startup founder/advisor Hiten Shah (he’s been so helpful in advising the team here at Buffer, too!). Sent once each week.


10. Austin Kleon newsletter

The most interesting links that author Austin Kleon finds every week, along with new art and writing.


11. 5 Intriguing Things

Links to five intriguing articles science, engineering, the Internet, wearables, and a whole lot more, hand-picked by journalist Alexis Madrigal. Sent every weekday.


12. Smashing Magazine

The best articles and resources for designers and developers, chosen by the staff of Smashing Magazine. Sent three times per month.


13. EWebDesign

ewebdesign newsletter

A collection of news, articles, tutorials, and tips all about web design and development, picked out by the team at EWebDesign. Sent weekly.


14. This.

this dot com newsletter

A new content app where users share one (and only one) favorite story each day. Founder Andrew Golis of The Atlantic curates all the links being shared into a daily newsletter with the best five stories from the day.

15. Casual Spectator

A sports newsletter for casual sports fans looking to keep up on the latest and greatest news and stories. Sent twice each week.


16. Charged

A look at what’s going on in tech—the best reads and the latest on new and cool startups. Curated by Owen Williams, editor of The Next Web. Sent every weekend.


17. Mattermark

A newsletter for entrepreneurs, investors, and those interested in startups. Stories are hand-picked by the Mattermark team and sent daily.


18. Remotive

A weekly email for remote workers, filled with stories and inspiration about productivity, distributed teams, and remote work. Built and sent by Buffer’s Rodolphe Dutel.


19. UX Design Weekly

A list of the best user experience design links of the week, compiled by Kenny Chen. Sent every Friday.


20. The Daily Water Cooler

A curated collection of links on current events, business, sports, politics, culture, and the latest viral content. Compiled by Phil Nguyen. Sent every weekday.


Bonus tip: Roll all your subscriptions into a single email

If you’re interested in subscribing to a handful of these—or if you’re just into cleaning up your inbox a bit—you can roll your subscriptions into a single email using The free service lets you condense your newsletters into one daily digest, and you can unsubscribe from email, too.

Which newsletters are your favorites?

I hope I’ve hit on a few of your favorites in the list here, as well as given you some good ideas on possible new ones to grab!

Which newsletters do you subscribe to? Which are your favorites? Which ones have you found to be most helpful with finding content to read and share?

I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

Image sources: IconFinder, Blurgrounds, Unsplash

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Written by Kevan Lee

Director of marketing at Buffer, the social media publishing tool for brands, agencies, and marketers. We’ve got a new podcast! ?

  • Many thanks for sharing this list Kevan – this is great.

    As one who already subscribed to NextDraft (great stories), Farnham Street (really neat roundup) and Ed’s Up (Ed Yong is amazing for both serious science-types like myself or the science-curious), would say that all these three are favorites.

    (Now I’m off to check out the other 17, other than UX all the others relate to my interests…)

    • Love Next Draft as well. I laugh so hard from some of the puns. I also love Now I Know. Can’t wait to check out some of the others on this list!

    • Hi there Dale! Thanks for the comment! So glad you enjoyed (and are enjoying) some of the ones on the list here. I’d love to hear how you find the new ones!

  • Alanna Kellogg

    Joy the Baker — especially since it’s totally off her blog topic!

    • Thanks so much for the tip on this, Alanna! Looks super interesting!

  • Loving Goodbits for curating weekly email newsletters. I previously saved links in a dedicated Trello board, creating individual cards for each link complete with the title, date, etc…all done manually.

    • Hi there Tony! Awesome to hear you’re a Goodbits fan. 🙂 Sounds like it’s saved you some time there, that’s amazing!

    • You’re awesome, Tony!

  • Owler Man

    Great Article, love great lists like these that help me discover other resources – A couple of these I hadn’t heard of before, several others I am a serious junky for (mattermark and the skimm). Wanted to give a plug to my company’s own newsletter. Owler produces daily curated/customized newsletters based on the companies a reader is interested in. Also we write a weekly round up of fun, pithy analysis on the biggest business happenings. Check em out at

    • Great tip! Excited to check out Owler. Thanks. 🙂

  • I put together a weekly newsletter featuring curated content about startups (ops, financing, marketing and sales)

    • Thanks so much for sharing this one, Mark!

  • Podster

    Great list, we also have a curated newsletter on Wants and Needs (gratitude).

    • Ah, looks like a great one! Thanks for sharing!

  • observingmyworld

    For me there is a glaring error in this story. It’s not the content. It’s the fact that when I click on a link to a recommended newsletter, it does not open in a new tab or window, thus forcing me off this page.

    • That’s a great one! Thanks so much for bringing it up. Sorry for the rough experience there. We can definitely look at getting that changed around!

      • This would be a great idea for another post – when do blog posts make you open links in a new tab, and when in the same one? I’m sure the etiquette + strategy combo has different outcomes.

  • Anil John

    Thanks for this listing Kevan. Really surprised that Brain Pickings by Maria Popova ( did not make the list! It is awesome.

    In addition, for those interested in enjoying worry-free adventure travel while managing food allergies, I would recommend my curated newsletter at

    • Agree on the value of Brain Pickings, it is very good. I wasn’t thinking of the ones I already subscribe to (and enjoy), more looking for new ones I hadn’t discovered yet.

    • Hi there Anil! Thanks for the comment! Brain Pickings is a super great one to add to the list here. It’s a neat case of curation, too – the site itself is an awesome source of curated books and thoughts, and the newsletter is a great add-on!

    • Megan Nichols

      Yes! Brain Pickings is a fantastic website and I appreciate receiving her posts in my inbox.

  • Kevan — I signed up for 10 new newsletters here! When am I going to have the time to read all this awesomeness? 😉
    And thanks for the Goodbits shout out, again! We’re definitely passionate about curated content and making it as easy as possible to share. As Community Manager, I would love to help anyone get started building their first newsletter. 🙂
    P.S. One of my favorite newsletters is GrammarlyBlog. Words. <3

    • Hi Lana! Thanks so much for the comment! Really happy to mention Goodbits here. 🙂

      And thanks for the tip on the GrammarlyBlog. I’d love to check that one out!

    • Mark-John Clifford

      Lana, I could I take you up on the offer to help me get my first newsletter going? You can reach me at markjohn1 at mac dot com.

  • Mark-John Clifford


    As always a great post with interesting information that came just at the right time.

    I was just trying to decide on starting a newsletter and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with content as well as how. I wanted to edit on my own and I know that takes more work.

    I saw in the comments where Lana Topham is willing to chat some about starting one. I would really enjoy that.

    Thanks again Kevan

    • Sounds great, Mark! Really glad the timing was right on this one!

  • Nice article Kevan and I really like the tool suggestions including

    I am just getting started with a curated podcast newsletter and appreciate the tips and examples of people doing this so well. I’m excited about continuing to figure this out as I grow. You can find me at if you’re interested in checking it out.

    Thanks again Kevan!

  • Jaina

    Curated newsletters are a great way to learn something outside of your norm or get the news you’re unlikely to get from TV/Radio. Not long ago, signed up for NextDraft – which I’m really enjoying getting every day. Intriguing Things is great too!

    Kickstarter do a great little newsletter which promotes a few of their projects, but also some interesting things gathered from the Interwebs –

    Just having time to read all of these great things is going to take some doing!

  • Malcolm Murray

    Some other great ones, that I get tremendous use from (but that you perhaps excluded since they mix their own content with that from around the internet) are Quartz, Mic, and FirstFT (Financial Times).

  • Thanks for this! I’m going to look into each of these for sure.

    I’ve thought about trying to do one myself too, so this is very timely.

    Some more that I like:

    – HASO (“Help a socialist out”) is Guy Kawasaki’s daily newsletter of links to social media tips
    – Quartz Daily Brief is a super helpful daily newsletter of business news, formatted into a nice to look at and easy to digest list with the important parts bolded for quick scanning
    – LinkedIn Pulse

  • Alessandro Avagliano

    Great article , i was just waiting for it! Please can you suggest me if Goodbits or Curated? I discovered Curated following Rodolph Remotive newsletter. Maybe he can tell us about his choise. Thanks all !

  • Kevin Callaghan

    The Daily Water Cooler (or DWC as we affectionately call it) absolutely kills it. It’s not just the content, but the humor in the writing is spot on. I love waking up each workday knowing that I have an email waiting in my inbox that delivers on its promise to “inform and delight”.

  • Robert Williger

    Great list here, subscribe to several of these and will be signing up for a few more. Another one I really like is ToughChit by Adii Peenar I am also working on starting up my own using Goodbits. Will certainly need to give a try to better organize these. Is Buffer going to start one up that would be awesome:)

  • pivotservices

    Great piece, Kevan. For what it’s worth, I publish a weekly newsletter for Product Managers called Pivot Product Hits. I recently shifted to Curated and am pretty happy with the service so far. You can check out the Newsletter here:

  • L.

    Wonderful list! I’m subscribed to a few of these already! I’m personally a fan of a new curated newsletter that just started this year called #TakeBlogAction. Each and every Saturday, you get branding and blogging tips and insight, as well as any of the latest news happening within social media space:

  • Amazing article! I think curated content and newsletters really are where we all need to focus more. You can only create so much content yourself, so why not share other peoples content with your audience? I’m definitely checking out the newsletters you listed here to build up the Scrubly email offering. Thanks for putting this together, Cheers!

  • Yoan De Macedo

    If you speak french, take a look at, a selection of french and english newsletters.

  • Yoan De Macedo

    Thank you for the list.
    I made a list too :

  • Alastair Humphreys

    I also recommend the Chicken Shed Chronicles from

  • Chris

    Please do check out our newsletters that includes 20-30 hand curated startup focused resources sent out every week. You can also access $60k worth of startup perks by joining:

  • Cool! Just signed up for Further and Ewebdesign.

  • News Smoothie

    Thanks for the article and the opportunity to mention other newsletters. Tim and Ben’s News Smoothie ( is a new player in the field. We try really hard to find content that no-one else is sharing. We also include exclusive articles that we either commission or write ourselves (for eg, our two-part piece on getting older and using a FitBit!). We’ve only just started (5 issues) but it is really wonderful to see how people are reacting. One thing we’ve learnt is that inboxes are sacred sites and that people really protect them, and you have to respect that. As I say, we try and do that by providing content that isn’t already being shared all over the place and by providing exclusive articles too.

    BTW, thanks to your article, we’ve signed up for Point, which looks great.

    Oh, and another newsletter we really love is Five Reads (

    Thanks again.

  • Jay Santana

    Great article. Amazing info! Thank you very much!!

  • Love this. Curators that love to share excellent content and maybe add a comment or link of their own – should check out we let you recap any page on the web – into a highly shareable mobile friendly slide show….and together your slide shows create magazines. We are affiliate link friendly and let you earn multiple types of ad revenue. Would love to know what anyone of you guys thinks. Check us out!

  • Ashley Fry

    Love this post! I absolutely love The Skimm! Thanks for the awesome list!

  • Thanks for this Article, Kevan. I’ll be launching my first newsletter next week and I couldn’t be more excited. 🙂

  • Excellent variety of content here. Just signed up for Mattermark now. I’m already signed up for a ton of design and web development newsletters. I agree that Smashing Mag is excellent. 2 other great ones I would add:

    Hacker Newsletter-

    • And btw, thanks for the tip of Amazing tool to help me organize my daily newsletter tidal wave

  • Imelda’Secret

    thanks for the article Kevan.
    We are a quite small and unique shoe company and we are trying to start engaging with a small community of social media followers. We are a “cloud” team and everyone has a job, so no much time to write quality contents. Should we invest on creating our own contents in a blog or should we use 3rd party contents?
    Meaning should we strive to create our own voice or be curators of good content? Thanks,

  • So

    Join the skim here ! the best way to catch up on the news every morning!

  • Andrea Pacini

    Thanks Kevan. That’s super useful.

  • Great article! There is a definitely a rise in curated email newsletters. It’s a great way to become a thought leader and add your own voice to the noteworthy content you are sharing. Often times these newsletter take time to curate and create. At we have made it incredibly easy for anyone to curate and publish a newsletter in minutes it works with nearly all third party email platforms. As marketers our plates are full and we have to find ways to create efficiency in our lives. Hope it helps you all curate amazing content in a fast and beautiful way.

  • Danielle O’Rourke

    I would say ProRata by Axios is a must read for anyone interested in the latest M&A, private equity and venture capital transactions. We just launched the ROND Newsletter which is a weekly curated newsletter for professionals, focusing on topics related to growing or improving your business. (